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February Horoscope 2023

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At-a-Glance Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Celeste Longacre
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What’s in store for your zodiac sign in February 2023? All the planets are moving forward now! Read “at-a-glance” horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs, courtesy of longtime Almanac astrologer Celeste Longacre.

Planet Mercury is no longer retrograde but neither are any of the other planets. All of the planets are moving forward now. This is fairly rare astrologically. What it means is that there are some ideal days to initiate for success. If you want something to grow (like a bank account), February 22, 23 and 27 look ideal.

Planet Saturn will be leaving Aquarius and entering the sign of Pisces next month. As Saturn is a testing influence, there may be some challenges ahead for those born in early Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius. Saturn will be asking you how you are doing on the job. This is actually a good time to research alternatives and/or fix problem areas with your current one. With Saturn, it’s all about structure and form. If the basic building blocks of your present employment are fine, you may not notice this at all.

We have a Full Moon at 1:29 PM EST on the 5th. We will then be working out way towards a new Moon at 2:06 AM EST on the 20th.

February Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Not a good day for an argument with your honey on the 4th. Conversation flows and you are able to have a good time with your friends on the 22nd. You sparkle and shine on the 22nd & 23rd.

Taurus: Friends bring you some lovely changes on the 8th. Dreams are lovely but be sure to separate them from reality on the 15th. A change in philosophy can bring some positive happenings into your life on the 19th.

Gemini: A dream could bring a message of how to make more money in your career on the 6th. You can have an excellent time traveling with friends on the 17th. Expect the unexpected on the 21st.

Cancer: You can have a lovely time with friends on the 2nd. Much fun can be had with your significant other on the 17th. Travel becomes much more interesting to you after the 18th.

Leo: Expect something unexpected from your partner around the 3rd. Authority figures are not in good moods on the 16th. Money becomes more of an issue for you after the 18th.

Virgo: Creativity is yours on the 6th. Children may give you a hard time on the 10th. An idea to improve your work environment is yours on the 17th.

Libra: Avoid an argument with your partner on the 4th. Creativity is yours on the 15th. Journal work can reveal some pretty interesting hidden motivators on the 19th.

Scorpio: Words and writing flows for you on the 10th. Creativity increases for you after the 18th. Unique changes made on the 19th could bring some lifelong benefits into your life.

Sagittarius: You are especially dazzling on the 14th. Creativity is yours on the 17th. A strong desire to be home manifests itself after the 18th.

Capricorn: This month it feels like you are making some final changes. Money issues surface on the 16th. Writing becomes of greater interest to you after the 18th.

Aquarius: Expect the unexpected on the 3rd. An intuition about making more money is yours on the 8th. People are very inclined to see things your way on the 18th.

Pisces: Creativity is yours on the 15th. You sparkle and shine on the 21st. An idea to bring more money into your life is yours on the 22nd.

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