How to Make a Fall Nut Wreath

Make a Festive Fall Wreath!

October 20, 2020
Nut Wreath With Acorns

Beautiful handmade wreath made from fallen acorns, nuts, and pinecones. 


It’s nut season so we created this natural nut wreath for our front door. Use any hard-shelled nuts you wish, even acorns from your own yard. (Don’t worry. There are PLENTY left for the squirrels.)  Here are directions on how to make this festive wreath.

Gluing on the nuts can take time but you’ll end up with a wreath that can go from autumn all the way through Thanksgiving and even Christmastime.

nut wreath

Nut Wreath Materials

  1. A wreath form. You can use straw, grapevine, or a wooden form. Another option is a foam ring but we would suggest wrapping it in burlap first, securing with hot glue. Choose a size that works for your door, between 10 and 24 inches.
  2. Mixed nuts. You can use any nuts you wish. A 24-inch wreath would need one bag (1 pound) of mixed nuts in the shell (almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans) and two bags (1 pound each) of walnuts in the shell. However, you could also use natural walnuts, chestnuts, seed pods, and acorns from your yard!
  3. Hot-glue gun
  4. Ribbon
  5. Optional: Acrylic varnish or sealer.
  6. Optional: Loop of wire if you need it for hanging
  7. Optional: Small grape leaves or pine sprigs from your trees.


  1. Optional: To give the wreath a special sheen and longevity, paint the nuts with varnish and set them on a wire rack to dry. Another option is to spray the wreath afterwards with a sealer. 
  2. Optional: Attach a loop of wire to the back of the wreath form for hanging it when complete.
  3. Glue the nuts onto the frame you have chosen, working slowly around the wreath, making sure they are all secured. Start with the largest nuts (such as walnuts and chestnuts), and use the smaller nuts to fill in around them.
  4. Using a glue gun, attach the greens or leaves to the wreath form in between the nuts.
  5. Tie the ribbon into a bow and secure it to the wreath with glue or wire.


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Nut Wreath for Squirrels

I think I will try making this without the varnish to hang outside on our large oak tree for the squirrels and maybe add unshelled peanuts and sunflower seeds to the mix.


I use acorns and small unopened pine cones as fillers instead of the expensive nuts.

Nut wreath

I've made several of these wreaths starting in Fall. I use nuts, acorns, pinecones, and dried fruit like preserved orange slices. It always turns out looking nice and makes a nice gift, too. Love the painting!

Nut Wreath

Nice idea ... if nuts weren't so darned expensive!