Learn How to Grow a Vegetable Garden


Grow Your Own Food With Our Step-by-Step Series

A very warm welcome to our new “Learn to Garden” hub! If you want to grow your own fruit and vegetables, you’ve reached the right place!

Here, all in one place, is our FREE online series of step-by-step guides! Think of it as a “Gardening 101” masterclass with your trusted Almanac gardening experts as your teachers. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been helping millions of gardeners grow their own food since 1792. We are passionate gardeners and we’re on a mission to bring “gardening for everyone!” This is why the entire series is free to anyone who is ready to discover the joys of gardening!

Our “Learn to Garden” guides will walk you through all the important steps of starting a garden, including understanding your gardening space, planning out garden beds, choosing the right vegetables to grow, keeping plants healthy and pest-free, and storing your hard-earned harvest.

As we have designed this series to be a step-by-step guide, we do recommend reading through the guides in the order that they are presented; you’ll see optional videos and related articles along your journey if you wish to “dig” deeper.

It’s easy to garden when you know how. We’re here to inspire you every step of the way and show you just how satisfying it can be to grow your own delicious and nutritious crops! So, let’s get started!