Nature Knows

By Samantha Jones
July 20, 2017
A Wolf
Doug Kurtz

Animals could be nature’s true meteorologists. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids, Volume 5, the actions of animals could be the best predictors of what the weather will be!

Nature Knows

When horses and mules are lively without apparent cause, expect COLD.

When dogs eat grass, it will be RAINY.

If a cat licks itself with its face turned toward the north, the WIND will soon blow from that direction.

When cows bellow (a deep, loud cry) in the evening, expect SNOW that night.

A goat will utter its peculiar cry before RAIN.

Before a STORM, sheep become frisky, leap, and butt (or box) each other.

When foxes and wolves bark and utter shrill cries, expect violent WIND and RAIN within 3 days.

Hogs rubbing the sides of their pens in winter indicates an approaching THAW.

When the field mouse makes its burrow with the opening to the south, expect a SEVERE WINTER; when to the north, expect much RAIN.

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