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Gardening Advice

June 25, 2015
In many parts of the country demand for water has already exceeded the supply leading to bans on car washing and watering lawns and gardens. The need to conserve water has made xeriscaping a popular concept in gardening. From the Greek word “xeros” meaning dry, combined with landscaping it is a commonsense approach to gardening using less water. Mother Nature can't be relied upon to…
May 31, 2015
After I have planted every square inch of my garden I always find that there is something I have forgotten. Wait a minute where are the potatoes going? How did I manage to leave out chard? No room for kale? Can't I squeeze in one more eggplant? I only have so many large pots to grow my extra veggies in and they fill up fast. Time To Get Creative! Anything that holds soil can be used…