Morning Glories

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Morning Glories

Morning Glory in Blue


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Morning glories are annual climbers with slender stems, heart-shaped leaves, and trumpet-shaped flowers of pink, purple-blue, magenta, or white. They have a beautiful shape before they unfold in the sun and romantic tendrils that lend old-fashioned charm.

In warmer areas, train climbers over a pergola or arch, or use as dense groundcover. The vine grows quickly—up to 15 feet in one season—and can self-seed fairly easily, too. Therefore, choose where you put this plant wisely!

The flowers bloom from early summer to the first frost. Their big, fragrant, colorful flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Note: Seeds are highly toxic if ingested.


  • Grow annuals in a sunny, sheltered site. They need a lot of sun.
  • Plant in moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Choose a site that is sheltered from cold or drying winds.
  • Sow Morning Glory seeds early in the season once the ground has warmed to 64°F.
  • File the seeds just long enough to break the coat and soak them for 24 hours before planting them. (They look like little worms.)
  • Cover lightly with ¼-inch of soil. Space about 6 inches apart. Water thoroughly.


  • Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer after planting and at monthly intervals.
  • Support climbers and trailing species with structures like trellises, pergolas, or arches.
  • Morning glories are low-maintenance. Water during dry periods.
  • Mulch to retain moisture and avoid weeds.


  • Pests: Aphids, leaf miner, spider mites, caterpillar (leaf cutter)
  • Disease/Fungus: Rust, fungal leaf spots, and Fusarium Wilt
  • Critters: Deer can be a nuisance.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

Morning glories are one of September’s birth flowers.

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Weedy annual

If you grow morning glories be prepared to do a LOT of weeding. The seeds come up all over the place. I would not recommend planting them. The new hybrid seeds revert back to the Wild morning glory and it is very difficult to control.

morning glories

can morning glories grow in phoenix, az (zone 9b)?

thank you, Claudia

morning glories are wilting in fill sun

OK so I have a well established morning glory plant that is potted in a hanging pot and the temperature has been in the mid 80s and also humid because I am in upstate ny. Everywhere I look says they enjoy full sun but when mine are in full sun for even 4 or 6 hours they wilt. They don't have any flowers yet but lots of runners. I put it in shade and the leaves perk back up and it seems to do a whole lot better. I'm sure it is morning glory. It's the heavenly blues.


My morning glories have no blooms but lots of runners?
Vines look bright green but a little yellow closer to the soil.

no blooms on morning glories

One reason might be that your plant is getting too much or too little water. Morning glories need well draining soil—neither too sandy, in which case water would run through it, nor too thick/composted which would cause water to puddle and not drain. (If you are using a container, does it have adequate holes?)  Morning glories are tropical plants, so they need a lot of direct sun. Is yours getting about 8 hours of sun?

Morning Glories

In Thailand, MG's are a staple vegetable prepared as a stir fry. We ate them every day and I have found recipes online. They are delicious. I know seeds are toxic and they only used the greens (no flowers). Do you know if all morning glories are edible or are there any varieties that should not be consumed? Are they nutritious?

Morning glory

My morning glory seedlings are about 3 inches high and they look very sickly like they're going to die. The past two weeks have been almost constant rain and colder than normal temperatures. My question is now that the rain has stopped and the temperatures are warming, Will they most likely come out of it and do well or should I go ahead and re-plant?

stay with them or start anew

Considering the change in the weather, we would recommend that you start again. See if the original plants pull through but the conditions you describe—the plants and the weather—may be a sign of dampening off, which will eventually cause the seedlings to fail (at least, it usually does). So replant when warm, dry weather returms to be sure that you have the success you desire.


My morning glory seedlings (started indoors 1st week of April live in new england) are so touch and go. Have transferred them all to individual peat pots. Some are doing so well, some are doing well then start yellowing. I suspected "damping off", and sprinkled cinnamon into the soil and it helped, but NOW, seedlings that were doing well, are yellowing, plants that weren't doing well have parts of their vines growing healthy and another seedling next to it IN THE SAME PEAT POT starts to wilt. I don't get it. They are kept in a portable outdoor greenhouse, I vent it during the day, I take them out and place them out into a sunny spot during the day (I take them out because they were getting too hot in the greenhouse during the day). I actually planted a few strong seedlings in the garden already as a test and the frost risk is very low at this point, they're doing great! My question is, what is the issue?!? I am allowing the soil to dry out now between waterings and they are getting more than adequate light, is it too cold outside for them right now?? They are kept in the greenhouse at night, with hot water jugs to maintain heat as it's still between 45 and 55 at night here right now. Help!!!

not to glorious . . .

Dampening off is one of the most common problem when starting seeds. It is caused by a fungus and develops when temps are above 68°F, because—typically—soil is too wet or over fertilized or seedlings are crowded. We are not familiar with the cinnamon cure—trick; it does not sound like it cured the condition. Professionals grow from seed (they sell potted seedlings!) but they may have worked out all the bugs. You might, next time, if there is a next time, use a grow light to get the seedlings started; you do not mention that here. So that once established, the seedlings could be acclimated in/via the greenhouse.

One last thing: So you know that you can direct-seed morning glories? If not, see above for guidance.

We hope this helps!

Morning Glories -planting soil and fertilizer

What is the best soil to plant morning glories? I found out the hard way that morning glories do not like fertilizer. I am planning to plant them in pots so they can climb and cover my deck railing.

what kind of soil do morning glories like

Morning glories need well draining soil—neither too sandy, in which case water would run through it, nor too thick/composted which would cause water to puddle and not drain. They like a soil pH of 6.0 to 7.5  (see that and more here:

Morning Glory Habits

I just read an article stating that another name for Morning Glory is "Bindweed," and that it is an invasive pest plant that will choke out nearby plants.
Now, I'm not sure whether or not I wish to plant the seeds I bought. :-(

are morning glories and bindweed the same thing

Wild morning glories (bindweed) are very invasive–and different than the annual Morning Glories that we plant by seed. Wild morning glories grow from both seeds and rhizomes and are very hard to destroy. If you have bindweed, be sure to get rid of it before it flowers and sets seed. 

Sunlight and yellowing of leaves.

I had recently purchased a morning glory fro my gardener which is young. We live in India,my plant is placed in plastic pot up in the terrace and get enough sunlight or lets say direct sunlight but recently I notice that the leaves are turning yellow and also seemed to crispy dried at the ends. I regularly water it and yesterday i fertilized it with some vermi-compost. The reason why I have not placed the plant in my balcony is because it has a shade which direct sunlight. Please help.

Hoping this reply doesn't

Hoping this reply doesn't come too late. From your description, it sounds like your morning glory has sun scald - basically a plant sunburn. If you live in the hotter part of India, direct sun might be too much for the morning glory. I used to live in a warmer part of the US - Oklahoma, USDA zone 7 if that helps - and I had to plant my flowerbeds on the side of the house that got the most shade. My morning glories did really well with only about 4-6 hours of direct sunlight.
Another trick I learned there, was to water in the evening or at night, never in the morning or during the day. High temperatures can cause the fresh water to steam the plants, which can cause yellowing and wilting, but I don't think it would cause the crispy edges like you'd find with sun scald. But, watering in the evening gives the plant more time to absorb more water, before it evaporates, so it also helps conserve water :)
Hope this helps! Happy gardening!!

Watering in the evening causes diseases

Hi Sara, I just wanted to mention that after 5 years of watering in the evening, I have finally discovered what has been causing my rust and disease outbreaks - Watering in the evening! It turns out that moist damp soil overnight is exactly what diseases, particularly yellow rust, need to have an outbreak. For the last several years, I've been spraying with Daconil, trying to clip every leaf that showed the disease, figured it must be coming from the surrounding trees. So this year, my schedule having recently changed, I decided to water in the morning. No more diseases. None. The only thing that I have trouble with this year is spider mites. I've tried everything on those and it only "helps" slow them down, not eradicates. My advice about watering is water in the morning before 10am everyday. That gives the soil and any incidentally wet leaves all day to dry out before the evening sets in and diseases try to spread. If it rains and your plants are new, they may can skip a day. If they are established, month or more, they may still need a little water even if it rains - depending on how much it rains. I let mine dry out a day if they got over 2 inches of rain in one day. Anything less, and I keep a watchful eye on the soil to make sure it doesn't dry out too much. The drying out is important as it triggers the plant to bloom more.


I have a spot for moonflower and the trellis is already set up but the area isn't very shady and barely gets any sun, only for like an hour in the afternoon. CANi plant these there? I really want these and have no other place to put it

Question + advice?

I decided to plant morning glory after seeing a neighbor's fence covered in bright flowers and green foliage last month. I've done some more research, and didn't realize the plant would die during the winter. Is that also true for warmer climates? I live in San Diego, CA.

We have a 20 ft wide by 6 ft tall west-facing trellis that gets sun nearly all day. Is there a quick-climbing, hopefully flowering plant that I should use instead of morning glory?

Many thanks!

Morning glories are indeed

Morning glories are indeed annuals and die off after one season. We suggest you try clematis or jasmine for beautiful vining flowers if you do not want to grow morning glories.

Starting MG from seed

So last year I harvested seed from the morning glories that were in the yard of our new house. I'd like to start new plants from seed but I don't understand the technique required to "nick" or "file" the seed before soaking and planting. What is the best way to accomplish this without damaging the seed?

You can use a razor or sharp

You can use a razor or sharp knife to nick the seed. But if you are worried about damaging the seeds, you can just soak them overnight.


that is not needed if you soak the seeds in lukewarm water over night when you see them in the morning most will have a root already with in 24 hours ever seed will have a root

Filing seeds

Hi Cathy,

I use an emery board to gently file down the area behind the "eye" of the seed. Just until you can barely see a little white. Not too deeply or you can damage the embryo. Then soak for 12 - 24 hours in a 50-50 warm water / hydrogen peroxide solution. When the seed swells and cracks, time to plant it about a half inch down under loose soil. Keep moist every day. In really warm sunny conditions, the seed can sprout within 3 days. In "normal" conditions it could take 7 to 10 days to sprout.

Length of morning glory tap root

I would like to start some Heavenly Blue morning glories in a pot where ground soil is not available but my father had always recommended direct in-ground planting because Morning glories have a tap root. How deep should my container be to accommodate this tap root? Thanks!

Length of Morning Glory Tap Root

Hi Susan!

Heavenly Blue morning glories will grow a taproot down to 3 feet deep in the soil. The pot does not have to be quite that tall, but too short and it could stunt the plant’s growth. Whatever you decide to do, pick either in-ground or pot, but don’t do both. Morning glories have delicate root systems that can snap easily when transplanted.

We hope this helps! 

Morning Glory

I planted well-established MG last year with great results. However, I did not cut them back in winter thinking I should wait for Spring. Now I have lots of buds popping on old wood as well as ground level. Q: Should I cut back to the ground, or just the barren vines?

Do morning glories need to be cut back in winter?

Morning glories are annuals so they actually die at the end of the growing season, which means they don’t need cutting back. Letting them linger must have given them time to set seeds. You can remove any dead foliage.

Morning glory

I grew a lovely healthy plant last year but didn't get a single flower, what am I doing wrong?.

no flowers on morning glories

Morning glories do not like too rich soil or too intense heat. It’s most likely that the heat did in the blooms on your plants. We had similar experiences here in New Hampshire and Massachuetts‚ and no doubt many other places last year.

I started my morning glory

I started my morning glory inside about a week ago. One of them is now about 5" and the first leaves are opening, the stem seems a little leggy. I don't have a shop light, I'm using a lamp. Anything I can do? This is my first time growing morning glory. Thank you!


Would you be able to add another lamp? Or perhaps, prop up the seedling so that it is closer to the bulb (but not too close to touch or get too hot)? Or, do you have a window that you can place it in, away from cold drafts, that might provide stronger light? If the plant is starting to lean, be sure to rotate it daily, so that it doesn’t grow only in one direction.

Morning goodies yellow leaves. No flowers. What's wrong.

Yellow leaves. No flowers. What's wrong?

morning without glory...

Hi, Jill, The issue you bring up is leaf scorch, and there could be several reasons. One reason might be that your plant is getting too much or too little water. Puzzling, huh? We thought so, too, but morning glories need well draining soil—neither too sandy, in which case water would run through it, nor too thick/composted which would cause water to puddle and not drain. (If you are using a container, does it have adequate holes?)  Morning glories are tropical plants, so they need a lot of direct sun. Is yours getting about 8 hours of sun? You did not say where you are, but it is early in the northern hemisphere growing season and, depending on your location, it may be that the Sun is still too weak to enable the plant to thrive.

We hope this helps!

Spring care

First year and with few blossoms, what can I do springtime for annual caring?

Morning glory care

Just make sure your morning glory gets wet once a day and it will thrive. Avoid fertilizing which creates more foliage than flower. Install trellis or stakes to support the vine. See more tips above.

Morning glory seeds

Why call them toxic? The seeds are medicinal and entheogenic.
People need to be educated correctly about plants and their properties; what they can be used for, what they shouldn't be used for, and why. Luckily, There are other sites which describe more accurately, what these can be used for.
Morning glories are beautiful flowers in the garden; can be a bit tricky to grow if conditions aren't just right.
If they will grow densely enough for you, can make a great seasonal shade arbor.
Interesting trick, girdling the stems to get blooms! Thanks!

Toxicity of Morning Glory

We mention the toxicity because there are seeds of some species that contain lysergic alkaloids, which, when consumed in large quantities are toxic. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists morning glory as a plant toxic to cats and dogs. And other reputable sites list it as toxic to livestock. It’s just a good thing to be aware of.

morning g prop

i didn't bother w seeds just took some clippings from an unsuspecting/gerous city and rooted now all over asssume is re-seeding as it's been 3 yrs

what if

during the winter season do you think that my morning glory will be okay inside?

Morning Glory Inside

Morning glory is an annual, which means it dies back at this time of year. Bringing it inside won’t change that. Consider harvesting and saving some seeds to sow next spring.

they wont grow

i have a morning glory seedling it has been growing for a while but stopped for some reason please help.

Morning Glory

In most U.S. climate zones, this is the time of year that annuals (like morning glory) and perennials die back, rather than grow. It’s normal that your plant has stopped maturing. It will likely die back soon.

when should i plant my

when should i plant my morning glories outside i live in Alamogordo, NM and it doesn't really snow much here. Wondering if i should plant in the fall or spring???

Plant them in the early

Plant them in the early spring. They will bloom mid- to late summer (sometimes into the fall).

Collecting seeds

At what stage can I preserve seeds for next year. Can they be taken from the plant green or do they need to stay on plant?

Morning Glory seed saving

With morning glories, you want to cut their stalks when most of pods are brown. Otherwise, the pods will shatter in the garden. Dry until crisp. Then rub or beat until most of pods have broken up. Store seeds in dry, cool and dark conditions in moisture-proof, airtight containers such as jars, foil or waxed packages.

cont. morning glories taking over other plants and trees

Sorry, technical difficulties with previous post.
To sum up: will them MG take over other plants? What should I do to preserve mg, grape vine and pear tree?

Morning Glory

Your morning glory sure sounds happy! It will grow up any available climbing structure but it is not likely to smother out other plants. You can trim it back a bit or redirect its course by providing an alternative trellis.

morning glories taking over other plants and trees

My morning glories have never looked more beautiful! I live in north Texas. My concern is the vine has grown over to my grape vine trellis, which was healthy this year too. Now I'm even seem some purple flowers up my pear tree, which sits in

morning glory

here we are in october12 and my plants are full of flowers we have had two days at sero when do you think they might die of i want them seeds i live in guelph ont
there is no blue ones thy are in my nabor,s yard
I get pink she gets blue go figer

Morning glory color

The difference in flower color depends on the pH (acidity) of your soil: Morning glories contain an anthocyanin called “heavenly blue anthocyanin” which changes from purplish red at pH 6.6 to blue at pH 7.7. (pH famously affects the color of hydrangea blooms, but many other plants are affected too.) You can change the pH of your soil; see here for more on that: You can prepare your soil now for next year’s planting.

As for the seeds, you want to wait until the plant dies from frost and the seed pods dry naturally. Check your first frost date here (scroll down for Canadian provinces and follow the prompts to your city; note that this is an historical average):

morning glorys

I purchased seeds of morning glorys when is the best time of year to plant them I live in Indiana

Stimulate Morning Glories to Bloom

As several others have posted, my morning glories have not bloomed this season. Even the plants where morning glories have grown and bloomed for several years past. I tried an experiment--- I girdled the stems on 2 of the 3 plants. I used a razor knife and scraped off the first couple of layers of the stem. It's now a week later and the two plants I cut don't look like they have been harmed but they are now forming hundreds of flower buds. The other plant I left untouched has no sign of a flower bud. I'll let you know if they end up blooming. Hopefully soon---frost is not far off!

Morning glories not blooming

I had the same problem this year. We had to wait to plant this year in the northeast due to late frosts. So this may have had something to do with the really late growth. Mine didn't even come up til late in the summer. When they flowers. I went on the internet and found out I made a big mistake. I fed them with plant food when I fed everything else. I did finally get flowers by September.

Zone 5 survivors

So I live about 30 miles west of Chicago in zone 5. I bought a house during the summer 8 years ago that had beautiful morning glorious growing all along the back fence. I know they are annuals in my zone so I was sad to see them die off in the winter. But then to my surprise they came back! They have been coming every year bigger and better. I've tried to plant other varieties in the yard but those die off in winter and never come back. Any thoughts about how these special mg's keep surviving the harsh chicago winters?

growing morning glory

if i bring my potted morning glory plant inside before the frost, will it live and grow inside as a "house plant" ?


having mg in pots outdoors? what about inside house? how deep do the roots grow?

Morning Glory

Do Morning Glory plants need to be cut back during winter months or just let them go?

Morning Glory

Hi Gary,

Morning glories are annuals so they actually die at the end of the growing season, which means they don’t need cutting back. Letting them linger late into the fall gives them time to set seed before you remove the dead foliage.

I have no flowers on my

I have no flowers on my healthy, leafy morning glory vines. I wonder if something was done genetically to the seeds to deflower them. The flowers have hallucinogenic properties and I think something was done to the package I bought so they dont flower. My husband says I am silly to think this, but I do.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

I just read a post about morning glories not blooming this year. I have successfully planted and enjoyed my plants for years. I have done nothing different and honestly can't remember when they bloomed in the past but I am sure it was much earlier in the summer. I am from Windsor Ontario Canada and wonder if the barn burning summer we are having has anything to do with my healthy fully developed vines that are producing no flowers. Any advise or insight would be appreciated.

No glory from the morning glories

Hi, Cathy, You’re on the right track. Morning glories do not like too rich soil or too intense heat. At least one of your editors had a similar situation—thriving foliage but no flowers. It was a disappointment here, too.

Better luck next season!

flowerless morning glories

Hi, Campsie, The morning glories’ failure to bloom is not nearly that‚ er, complicated: Morning glories do not like too rich soil or too intense heat. It’s most likely that the heat did in the blooms on your plants. We had similar experiences here in New Hampshire and Massachuetts‚ and no doubt many other places…including Canada; see below.

Better luck next season!

No flowers this year

I live close to the NY-Penn border. My vines just naturally re-grow each year. Mine started late. We had a moist early spring and then went towards drought. I grow four clusters on my south facing sun room and they grow from the ground to my roof. I count the blossoms most days and did note the count was lower this tear with only a few days reaching 100 blooms. Because of our drought, I watered them once or twice a week or when I saw them wilting in the hot sun. they are drying out now, only 9 blossoms today. Some rust hit in mid season, but only slowed things a little bit. I'm harvesting seeds for my sister now to send to Raleigh, NC.

picotee blue morning glory

This spring I planted some picotee blue morning glory- the vines took off and they are very beautiful. However the flowers have recently started blooming and they're all very pink. There is no blue on these flowers at all. Any suggestions on how I get the blue color I so coveted? I am in Central California. It's been very hot recently, and I'm just not sure what I need to do to get these flowers to be blue.

Morning glories

This is my first year planting mg and I would Ike to see if they might reseed next year. Are there any tips that might help, eg., cutting back the dead foliage at end of season or not...protecting from cold...water and/or fertilize. Thanks!

Morning Glory Seeds

From the flowers that have died, remove the small black pods. Bring them into the house and leave them to harden. Once dry, crack them open. you will find little black seeds. Spread them out to dry for about a week. Once they are dry, store them in a zip-lock bag until spring planting time.

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories Are Not Blue!

I have planted Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds in my garden for several years. The flowers are lavender and white. I live in the high desert, in Albuquerque, NM, and my soil is fairly neutral, sandy and well drained. The vines get plenty of sun. Do you think I need to acidify the soil? What other suggestions do you have?

Best time to fertilize & water MG

Hello, when is the best time of the day to fertilize & water MG plants? At dusk & early morning or any time? Thanks.

Morning Glories

My Morning Glories have beautiful leaves, but so far only 1 flower. We haven't added any fertilizer, but did use a nutrient rich potting soil. Is there anything I can do to help them grow some flowers?

Direct sun & Shade, pest

1- Under Planting section, 1st line, you wrote: "Grow annuals in a sunny, sheltered site. They need a lot of sun."
A: Do you mean direct sun or indirect?
B: What do you mean with "sheltered site"; like what?

2- I planted the dark purple Morning Glories (MG) seeds few months ago, next to the west wall of a 4 level building. They grow and have some flowers. Although, the front area of them is open & get a lot of light but they get no direct sun in the morning. They get direct sun after noon. In the morning, flowers open & leaves are firm & happy but in the afternoon, when they get exposed to direct sun, flowers close, & leaves kind of wilting. They don't seem to like direct sun. The next day morning, they are happy again.
C:What do you think is the problem?

3- My favorite spot for MG is near the 6' metal fence near the north of the building, in front of my window (since I have no window to the west). But the problem with this side is, I have a big tree with a lot of shade - some sun for short period of the day. Every attempt I made in the past with MG seeds on this side was not successful. That's why I plant them this time on the west side, & when they grew, I moved most of them within last few days to the north side, hoping they continue to grow, climb the fence, & flower. Plus, it's not possible to put anything on the west side for them to climb, which I feel it must be painful for them & tangle to each other.
D: Do you think this would be OK for them, & they will survive & flower?
E: Anything I can do to help them?
F: Should I fertilize them? I have a "All Purpose Plant Food, Water Soluble 20-20-20 with Micronutrients" package. The package suggests 1 tablespoon per gallon water for outdoor. Would that be fine for my MG? Or should I go with less or more? If yes, how often should I fertilize them with this one?

4- Since I moved my MGs to the north side, I see some holes in the leaves of some of them. I haven't seen any insect on them to know the invader but there are some ants on the ground as usual. I've seen some tin web which is probably from spider mites.
G: Do you have any idea what's causing it?
H: Is there any easy & natural way to prevent it without pesticide? I read info about Aphids & spider mites control under your page - they are very good. A solution of water, few drops of dishwashing liquid, a little alcohol, & a pinch of cayenne pepper powder would be OK without any harm to MG plant?

5- Have you ever heard of squirrels damage MG? I saw a squirrel damaged some of my MG plants by eating the stems & buds, & dig to the root & pull them out.
I: Any solution?

Thanks for your help.

Morning Glory Cutlrual Needs

Hi Orion,

1. They like full sun, but will tolerate dappled light.

2. A trellis that is tucked into the landscape rather than in a wide open exposed site constitutes a sheltered site.

3. If they are planted in a place where air circulation is limited (say, up against a wall) and they are experiencing hot afternoon sun, they might be responding to the heat more than the light. Try providing a bit of shade at that time of day (perhaps with an umbrella).

4.  A north-facing site is not optimal, as they won’t likely receive enough sun, but they should live and flower–just not as vigorously. Biweekly fertilizing is always a good idea with annuals. Follow instructions on the label.

5. Holes in leaves typically suggest a chewing pest like Japanese beetles. Mites cause stipling. Go out at dusk or in the early morning to see if you can spot beetles. If so, pick them off and drop them into a bowl of soapy water.

6. The only real protection against squirrels is netting.

Hope that helps!






Thank u & a Qn

Hello Almanac Staff,
-Thanks a lot for ur great info. Today I checked my MG plants; many of them were massacred from stems (near or above ground), leaves cut from its far-end stem (=> a lot of leaves on the ground),... I was almost crying, especially with so many hours, energy, & effort I put to move them (hurt my back & legs...); & now I even feel guilty to cause their death & suffering because I moved them. They didn't have this problem at all when they were in the west side, which is ~20 feet from north side. Do these insects avoid sunny & hot area (like my west side), & more attracted to shady & damp & cooler area (like my north side)?
-I'm going to check for Japanese beetles, as you suggested at dusk or early AM, although I've never seen them there during the day. I read your great page about Japanese beetles control. Do you think the water+dishwashing detergent+alcohol solution would be OK?
Thanks a lot again.

Morning Glories

I have a Morning Glory plant that was doing great, climbing the trellis and now the bottom leaves are turning yellow and looking droopy. It's it a pot, shall I put it in the ground or larger pot, we did not think we were overwatering but we have had a lot of rain lately?

over watering -> Yellow leaves

Hi Betsy, according to some comments here, including the one below:
"Submitted by Anonymous on May 17, 2013 - 2:38pm
Yellow leaves are due to over watering, if you have a plastic pot it's probably not getting a good enough drainage. Only water when soil is dry. I have found if you water it to religiously, you will get vine growth but no flowers."

Morning glories NOT blooming yet green is prolific

Please help me maybe my soil is too rich or I over fertilized with organic fertilizer but I have no blooms and I want them .....this has never happened before but my garden is better than it ever has been except for this

Over Fertilizing

Hi Susi,

You are right–over fertilizing can lead to disproportionate green growth and a delay in bloom time. Lay off the fertilizer for now. Chances are they will bloom, just a little later than expected.

Buds not coming up.

I have beautiful Morning Glory vines and also climbing beans. However, neither have a blooms on them. When I lived in Georgia I grew everything. I miss my flowers.

Morning Glory

Hi Michelle,

They might benefit from quick-release fertilizer applied once a week.

I have a very healthy Morning

I have a very healthy Morning Glory vine, but had only a very few flowers, and rich now none! What is going on with it and is there anything I can do?

why morning glories won't bloom

The usual reason that morning glory flowers do not bloom is overfertilization or too much nitrogen in the soil. This results in lots of leaves and few flowers. The prefer full sun, of course, as well. Do not fertilize them nor even water them. They do not like rich soil nor to be nurtured. Then, by late summer, we hope you’ll see some blooms.

Morning Glories got weed-whacked

The lawn-mowing crew was here yesterday. They weed-whacked the morning glories. There was a bare patch by the steps. For the last two or three years the landlady and my wife had been debating what to do with it. A few weeks ago I finally went to the store and bought some flowers and ended the debate. They were planted late in the season, but the morning glories were just beginning to vine. I looked this morning--AND THEY'D BEEN WEED-WHACKED!!!!! I e-mailed the land-lady. The vines have been cut and the leaves stripped. Are they apt to recover? Will they re-grow next spring?

Morning Glory Vines

Hi Allen,

What a shame! The thing is, morning glory vines are annuals, so they don’t typically return the next year. Perhaps you can see if a local nursery has some of a good size–you could get them in the ground now, and with a little TLC, you could enjoy them for the next two-plus months.

I bought a well started

I bought a well started Morning Glory this early summer & it had a few blooms at first. Now it is very tall, but there are no blooms at all. Do I fertilize more or what may be the problem. The plant is in the sun for most of the day & we live in N. WI. I've had Morning Glories for a number of years started from seed & have never had this problem.

Morning Glories Not Blooming

Morning glories generally like poor soil, so we would not recommend fertilizing more. If you have already fertilized, this might be why the foliage is growing but the blooms aren’t. Be sure that the plants are also getting full sun and that you only water when the soil is very dry. Good luck!

what happened to my morning glories

I planted 50 morning glories from seed and they all came up but they all disappeared except for four, what happened to thethe other 64? did I do something wrong?

do something wrong?

Yes: your math.

Morning Glories

I would like to give a friend some cuttings of my Morning Glories. Is this possible? How do I do it ? Pull up some of the roots or cut them?

Morning Glory Cuttings

Take some cuttings and root them in water.

Planting Morning Glories

Is it too late to plant morning glories or moon flowers in Oklahoma?

Too late?

Hi, Amanda, Better late than never! It’s still a few weeks before the days began getting shorter and the weather may be favorable, so try it. Don’t dismiss the season already.

morning glory

We had beautiful morning glories last year . We were told they would come back this year, but the vines look brown and dead to me. Help!

morning glory failed to "come back"

Morning glories are annuals (one-season plants) but they often self-seed. So it’s the not same plant but a seedling that might make the come back. Note that there is not rule or guarantee that seedlings will appear the following year. A variety of conditions have to be just right. And it sounds like they were not in this case … But may they are! Look over the area surrounding the plant, even a few feet away. You might see some sprouts. Butif you want a guarateed plant, it would be advisable to buy another one. 

We hope this helps.

Morning glory

I live in an HOA community that is being over run by Morning Glory. How does one kill it, control it? If we let it grow does it kill every other shrub it wraps around? Thanks

Hello! I am planning to

Hello! I am planning to purchase morning glory seeds. I want to grow them in pots? But the problem is I am living in flat where there is no full sunlight and it is shaded. Can morning glory grows in such conditions and pots?

My morning glories come back

My morning glories come back every year they're not annuals explain that

They're annuals, but they

They're annuals, but they reseed themselves incredibly easily.

Are annual morning glories safe (non-invasive) for my garden

I have seeds for morning glory "Heavenly Blue" and also "Blue Enchantment" convolvulus. I would love to have them climbing on my fence, but not if they are going to take over any part of my yard and garden. Do you recommend I forego their beauty for this reason?

Morning glory seeds that you

Morning glory seeds that you buy at the garden center are not going to choke your other plants if you can control them a bit. As they climb your fence, remove seedlings too close to your other plants.

Morning glories over climbing rose

I'm ready to plant the Heavenly Blue morning glories I started indoors. The sunniest spot in my garden already has an old climbing rose on a trellis against my garage. Was wondering if I can plant the morning glories to climb over it as I've read you can do with Moon Flowers.

Hi Mollie,

Hi Mollie,

Sure, you can plant the morning glories next to the rose. Just make sure that the morning glories don’t strangle the rose bush. You can guide the morning glory vines up the side of the rose or put up another trellis next to the climbing rose.

MG Issues..

I started my MG seeds far too early this year, but they were doing wonderful under my Gro-Lites for almost 10 hours each day.. but when I tried to start hardening them off {slowly and carefully!} they developed large, chunky white patches through the entire tissue of the leaf's surface.. Perhaps they are not getting enough sun now?? Maybe the Gro-Lites were a bad idea? They got spoiled...

I plan on starting new seeds this weekend. But I want to learn from my mistakes.

Also.. if I plant too many young plants in my container (say 9 plants in a 6"x 2' container..) will the roots suffer??

The white patches could be

The white patches could be cold or dry damage. If the seedlings are too crowded in a pot they may not get enough moisture from the roots. Thin the seedlings and make sure to keep the soil moist. You can also mist the leaves with water. Also check for small sucking insects on the underside of the leaves. Thrips, aphids  and other tiny insects can cause the white spots.

Lawn mowers...

We got a young morning glory a week or two ago and we put it in a pretty bad place, so it was accidentally ran over by a lawnmower and now all the leaves are gone. I put it in a safer place now, put more soil in the pot and watered it a bit, but I'm not sure it will keep growing. Do you think there's a chance it can recover or will we have to buy a new one?

If it was a healthy specimen,

If it was a healthy specimen, there is a good chance it will come back. Give it some TLC and see what happens.

Morning Glory PLant

Hello :) We purchased a Mornin Glory plant yesterday at a plant sale. It was a local universities Horticulture Sale. They failed to have a lot of information out for people. I guess they assumed everyone shopping there knew absolutly everything about the plants they were selling. We purchased a Moon Flower Morning Glory plant. It is in a pot and is already 3 feet high. We live in Michigan and left the pot on our front porch over night. Our porch is covered, but when we got up this morning, we had several wilted leaves. It was obviously too cold for the plant :(
When will it be safe to be outside? Currently we are high 50's to mid 60's during the day but often between 35-40 overnight still.
Thank you

wilted morning glory

Sounds like it got bit by “Jack Frost.” You do have to be careful; morning glories are tender plants, but if it shows signs of life, it will probably come back. You want to plant it, and other tender plants after the last frost in your area. There is a chart for determining when that is ON AVERAGE (nothing is that certain in nature), just put your zip code in for the date:

35°F to 40°F is still too cold. Generally speaking, you want the ground to be at least 64°F, in sun and in well-draining soil.

Listen to weather forecasts for frost warnings as we get through the spring. A lot of people figure it’s safe for just about anything on/after Memorial Day…but you just need to check the forecast to be certain.


morning glory

Are the nights still to cool here in SW Ct. to put my Morning Glory's outside? They are about 4-5" long and are quite leggy.
Hope you can help,

Morning glories are sensitive

Morning glories are sensitive to cold. Check our frost calculator to see when the average last frost is for your location. It will be safe to put them out after that date.


Morning Glory

I am currently growing Morning Glory in my yard. I am wondering how long it takes to bloom and how long it takes to sprout. Hopefully, you will answer my question. Many thanks!

Glory Days

Hi, Joanna: Hopefully, you nicked your seeds and soaked them (see the text above) before planting, which will expedite the growing process. In general, though, it can take 2 to 3 weeks for the seeds to sprout (depending on soil temperature, among other things), and then usually at least another 2 ½ months for the blossoms to bloom. Thanks for asking!

Moon flowers

Hello, I want to plant moon flowers surrounding my rose bush. I believe I bought the seeds that produces a vine instead of the bush. My question is, when i plant the seeds; can i use a tall piece of wood so the vine will wrap around it and not my rose bush? This will be my first time planting flowers on my own. I had help with my rose bush, but this time I want to plant these on my own.

If it is a vining plant you

If it is a vining plant you need a trellis or you can construct support using wooden stakes. If you use stakes place them a couple a few feet apart and wind some string between the stakes to add support for the vine. Good luck.

When to plant

Hi! I just purchased the packets of morning glory seeds, the Heavenly Blue and the Sunrise Serenade. I will be planting these around a cemetery stone for my grandparents, my grandmothers birthday is coming up. I've never planted any seeds or grew flowers before. This is my first time. It doesn't say on the packets when to plant. I also bought the Starting Mix Soil. I don't know where to begin. What do I do? I live 75 minutes from my grandparents grave

Wait until mid April when the

Wait until mid April when the temperatures are mid 60's to low 70's continuously. Dig the dirt up around the spot you want to plant them to loosen the soil and allow the roots to spread. Mix your starter soil in and spread the seeds. Cover them with a little more of your planting soil and saturate the area. You may want to water a little heavy since you won't be back to water them again right away (or ideally choose a week with a lot of rain in the forecast). You might add a small trellis or something for them to cling behind the grave stone. When you visit, water and direct the vines to grow how you want them to. Once the frost hits in late fall, cut the vines down. They often grow back the next spring/summer.

Thanks Deb for some good

Thanks Deb for some good advice. You can also start morning glories in containers and then bring the containers to the grave and place them on either side of the grave stone. See planting information at the top of this page.

Morning glories are going to

Morning glories are going to completely cover a gravestone, and probably a few of the surrounding ones too. Maybe not a great idea. Buy some flowers.

I live in Louisville, ky

I live in Louisville, ky what months can I plant my seeds?

Morning Glories

I have moved to a high desert in So.Cal. with elevation around 3,400 feet. I want to continue growing Morning Glories so I need to know the best way to be successful. The soil of course is on the sandy side but grows fruit trees too. Will the whole vine die back till the next spring or just stop blooming?

Morning Glory

Can I plant my MG seeds in a 20 gallon soft pot(specifically for planting) and will they continue annually? Reason is balcony growth great sun.

Hi Lisa,

Hi Lisa,

Morning glories will grow fine in a pot. They are annuals and will die back in the fall but you may have plants sprouting next spring from seeds that the plants may drop into the soil.

Annual? Perrenial?

I grew Scarlett O'Hara variety in 2014, and last year, they came up again, by themselves, even thicker! This was even after being roto-tilled. I am hoping that they will come up again. I live in mid-coast Maine.

MGs & Raintrees

Hi there,

I live in Singapore, tropical climate. Its known as a garden city commonly with Raintrees, Yellow flame trees providing shade to most of our roads and parks.
The Raintrees in front of our houses are consider small. 2-3m in circumference w/ some reaching 10 floors in height approximately 30 to 40m tall.

My question is, are MGs able to climb on these raintrees? either by wrapping or vertical climbing.
Else would growing a vine type that climbs concrete walls act as a guide/support for the morning glories growth up/around the tree?

Season 3-4 months dry with occasional light showers, followed by 3-4 months of monsoon.
the months are no longer fix, they tend to shift drastically by a month maximum. Maybe global morning.
Temp is usually 30 - 32 degree Celsius in the day.
Sunlight is partially or fully blocked by the trees' canopy. Its still bright though, at times we have to squint our eyes even under shade.

Yellow morning glories?

Has anyone ever heard of yellow morning glories? I think they sound beautiful but want to know more about them...

Morning Glory Seeds

Hi Deb, Yes, there are yellow morning glories but they aren’t common and hard to find. “Yellow Trumpet Morning Glory” or Ipomoea hederifolia var. lutea is a rare morning glory species. It is covered with butter-yellow flowers from mid summer to fall. The trumpet-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds. If you search on Google to buy these seeds, you should see some seed-sellers pop up.

Morning Glory Grow Time

How long will Morning Glories typically take to sprout and flower?

morning glory days to maturity

It depends on the variety, but take the popular “heavenly blue” variety: It usually it takes 7 to 21 days to germinate and it takes a full 110 days to maturity.

Planting MGs near concrete wall

I wanted to grow MGs up the back wall of my garage. There are concrete walls there. Is there any way of counteracting the alkaline pH before I start? Or should I plan to plant in pots?

Morning glory likes a soil pH

Morning glory likes a soil pH of 6.0 to 7.5  (see that and more here:

As it says on that page (link above) Acidic (sour) soil is counteracted by applying finely ground limestone, and alkaline (sweet) soil is treated with gypsum (calcium sulfate) or ground sulfur.

Get a soil tester kit from your local gardening store and treat the in-ground soil accordingly. We would consider bringing the pH to the top of the level, because it may disappate with rain and watering. You might also check the level mid season. MGs are annuals; you should be able to support them for the season, if you prep the soil and give them proper sun and water and the like.

My two morning glory plants

My two morning glory plants have died within 2 weeks. Before I went on holiday there were beautiful blooms, now they have completely died. Does this usually happen?

Morning glories are annuals

Morning glories are annuals in most regions. They will not survive the winter. You can start new plants from seed in the spring.

Morning Glories and Ivy

I planted a couple seeds in the pot with my ivy plants. Will that be ok or should I re pot them? My ivies are very important to me and I don't want anything to happen to them.


Hi, Stacy: The morning glories will not do anything to your ivy, but the bigger question is whether they will do well at all. MGs need at least 5 hours of full sun per day, and they often end up getting shaded out by ivy. So it is not what they will do to the ivy, but what the ivy might do to them. Thanks for asking!

morning glories

I planted morning glories on my cats grave at the end of March 2015. A couple of weeks after we saw a big blue morning glory on the same vine as all the purple ones. We thought it was pretty cool. Then last month in September all month all the morning glories were all entirely light blue and entirely white. The purple ones just stayed closed up and looked sad. Well now its October. And we haven't seen any of the blue or white morning glories. They have been purple for a couple of weeks now. But today on October 5th 2015 we saw big white morning glories. No purples bloomed today just 3 big white ones. And here it is 8:30 at night And they are stilled bloomed out and have been all day. What could be the reasoning for it? Me personally feel like animals have souls and my cat is a part in the colors. 1 reason why I think that is because all September when they were all white and blue we found out my mom's dog had cancer and he was sick all month and died at the end of the month. After he died the flowers turned back to blooming purple again.

My blue and purple morning

My blue and purple morning glories are now blooming with pink and red blooms on the same vines!! How is this possible?!

Hi Deb, The pH of your soil

Hi Deb,
The pH of your soil can have changed. Try adding sulfur or aluminum sulfate to the soil and see if the flowers turn back to all blue/purple.

My Grandpa Otts seem to have

My Grandpa Otts seem to have taken over my Heavenly Blues. This is the second year where the GO's are prolific, and seeded themselves, but my HB's were healthy, potted plants when I planted them, and they started to take off, but they seem to be strangled by the GO's and they did not bloom like they did in the past. They used to love this location! Do GO's have a tendency to dominate?

Grandpa Otts are known to be

Grandpa Otts are known to be very easy to grow and they do reseed themselves. To control them a bit remove as many seedpods as you can before the seeds hit the ground.

What results would I have if

What results would I have if I planted moonflowers and morning glories now? (August 25). I live in zone 7 (Virginia).

Thank you!

I started morning glory right

I started morning glory right after July 20th and they are maybe 8 inches tall by now with no signs of blooming. I don't have any experience with them, but doubt they will bloom. I also live in Virginia.

I have had morning glories at

I have had morning glories at two different houses I've lived in. The first house I had them growing along a side yard fence. They died at first frost and I left the dead vines where they were afraid if I pulled them they wouldnt come back. The next spring they grew back over top the dead vines and there were two different colored blooms instead if just the one the year prior. At my new house now I have discovered them in my backyard and have been training them along my fence and back of my that I've read here they are annuals, what do I do to make sure they come back next year? At my old house I did nothing and they grew back in abundance. So I am confused. If they're annuals why were they coming back year after year at the old house?

Morning glories selfseed and

Morning glories selfseed and some of the seeds that drop to the ground in the summer and fall will survive and start growing next year. You can collect these seeds from your vines and save them for next spring. Morning glory seed pods are small and round. Usually it's better to let the seed pods mature and dry on the vine before collecting the seeds.

They are annuals but reseed

They are annuals but reseed themselves. The old plant dies not come back. After the first frost I go out and take all the seed pods and sprinkle them on the ground where I want them to grow.

I planted two morning glory

I planted two morning glory plants--one pink and one blue.They have grown very well with long tendrils and many leaves. Plants are very healthy. But, there are no blooms. Maybe four blooms a few weeks ago. I am so disappointed. What to do?

Two common problems may be at

Two common problems may be at work here - not enough sun and overly fertile soil. Morning glories need full sun all day to bloom really well. If the soil they are planted in is too rich they produce lush growth but few or no blossoms. Next year try to plant them in a sunnier spot with poorer soil that has not been amended.

well is there any slugs or

well is there any slugs or snails,when I plant my morning glory plat I am pretty worried about that planting is my only hobby so if there any slugs or snails pls tell me now

I grew my morning glories

I grew my morning glories (Heavenly Blue) from seed. Indeed, they
have produced prolific vines, but so far, no flowers! They get enough
sun & water. Now the leaves are spotted and they turn brown, then fall off. Any suggestions?

You may have leaf spot

You may have leaf spot disease. Remove the spotted leaves and rake and discard the leaves on the ground. Try not to get water on the leaves when you water and make sure there is enough air circulation around the vines (it's OK to prune some of the vines if they are too close together).

My morning glories are having

My morning glories are having 2 different problems. The first is some of the leaves are a very pale pokadotted light green with dark green veins on them. And the other problem I'm having is one of my plants is growing like it is mutant. Really small leaves and small flowers and will not vine they just are growing in a cluster while all the rest in the same bed are growing fine

Mrs. Dr. They's favorite

Mrs. Dr. They's favorite flower! She plants them every year or In her 80's and still doing her own garden stunts!

I planted blue morning

I planted blue morning glories from seeds about 2 months ago. They are growing really well. I placed an old metal headboard against the house from they to wrap around. How long will it take before they start to bloom? I can't wait to see them. This is my first attempt at growing them.

Hi, Chere, The maturity from

Hi, Chere,
The maturity from seed to flower is estimated at 75 to 110 days. It's important that the plants have full sun and moist, well draining soil. They benefit from aged manure and/or well composted soil, too; ideally the soil was amended before you planted. IN addition, consider adding a balanced fertilizer two to three times during the growing season.

Planted Morning Glories X2.

Planted Morning Glories X2. Every time they seem to take off birds clip the vines. wouldn't mind too much if they ate the vines however, they are just left to die. Didn't have this problem last year. Any suggestions

There are odd looking little

There are odd looking little black bugs eating the leaves on my MG. They don't really move unless you touch them and then they have some kind of "hood" they raise, any idea on what they are?

This was a bit of a

This was a bit of a challenge, Sarah, but we think we've got it: We're betting on the Tortoise Beetle, based on your comment about the hood (could it be the shell?). They prefer sweet potatoes—and morning glory is in the same family! Here's more information:

Growing MG round a tree will

Growing MG round a tree will be okay?

I just planted some MG in my

I just planted some MG in my garden, but I did not soak them or file them (read that a little to late) will they still grow? I am in North Carolina and they will get half day sun. Thank you. Kristi

Can they be planted as late

Can they be planted as late as mid June in Minneapolis?

I think that's a good time to

I think that's a good time to plant them honestly Minnesota weather is crazy I know because I live there. We usually have long hot summers so I'd try it. Good luck.

I'm about an hour and a half

I'm about an hour and a half (almost) straight east of Minneapolis. We waited until June 1 to start planting anything. My Glories just started blooming here and there a couple days ago. You should be fine, just a week or so behind mine, maybe.

(I also planted Moonflowers for the first time that I'm really excited to see!)

I planted a morning gloryplat

I planted a morning gloryplat but suddenly the roots looks like it is wilting after a month.why is that possible?

If your plant is wilting it

If your plant is wilting it may need more water or you may have watered it too much. Please read our planting and care tips above.

Will the morning glory vine

Will the morning glory vine attach itself and grow up a wood fence?

Sure will!

Sure will!

Hi there. I've ordered some

Hi there. I've ordered some morning glory ( 3 shades of blue I think they are ) should I plant in round pots or large rectangular pots ? What support should I put in the pot for climbing ? Thank you Fran

oh yes! They grab on to

oh yes! They grab on to anything and take over!

hi. just a quick question: a

hi. just a quick question: a neighbor recently planted morning glories at the base of every tree on the property where we live - common areas and some personal gardens areas. he says they won't harm the trees, but i am not so sure. there is no way this man will maintain them once they take off and i am very concerned about the trees. should i be?

thanks so much for your help -


Hi, Arcadia: The trees

Hi, Arcadia: The trees themselves will not be harmed, but morning glory left to itself will more likely than not spread to areas where it is not wanted/intended -- and be very hard to constrain. Good luck!

This might be true in warmer

This might be true in warmer regions but in colder areas like Connecticut where I'm from this wouldnt happen.

I grow Morning Glories every

I grow Morning Glories every year, last year I took the seeds from the pods and now have a bag full. I will be planting some but I want to wait to see if any seeds that dropped are going to grow. I don't want that many MG's since I have planted Honeysuckle and Bleeding hearts next to them. I see from the comments that they will choke other plants, so I guess I will have to pull any unwanted MG's. The bag I have I guess I have to disperse to family members I don't want some teenagers getting a hold of so many that they would eat them and get sick because they want a high. One tip I would like to share is that in the early stages and transplanting I used Kelp and the wilted transplanting ones came back to life. This Kelp is fantastic for any flowers or vegetable plants whether starting with seed, reviving or want more growth. Will my honeysuckle and bleeding hearts (which are in the middle)get choked out if there are MG's growing on each end?

The wild morning glory or

The wild morning glory or bindweed is very invasive. The morning glory seeds that you buy at the garden center are not going to choke your other plants if you can control them a bit. Put up a trellis that they can climb and remove seedlings too close to your honeysuckle and bleeding hearts.

Please don't just give to

Please don't just give to people who don't know what to do with them,as they lay dormant and spread.

Send some my way! I live in

Send some my way! I live in Canada and have to buy plants that are already growing....

Morning Glories start easily

Morning Glories start easily indoors at least 6 weeks before the last frost. A 24 hr soaking of the seeds is required to soften the seed shell.

This is my first time growing

This is my first time growing blue morning glories. Do you need to plant them one by one or in little groups?

Plant the seeds individually,

Plant the seeds individually, about 3 inches apart.

Thank you for your advice

Thank you for your advice

What is best for mg vines

What is best for mg vines that appear dry and break off easily? Should I have been pruning them?

This is a puzzle, Andrea,

This is a puzzle, Andrea, because morning glories (Ipomoea purpurea) are generally pretty easy care.
It may be something about your soil. It likes a mid-range (6.0–6.5) pH. It also like well drained soil, but lots of moisture. Could yours be dry?
Finally, we are thinking that since morning glory self seeds,could it be that you have a crowd of them and so one or two are struggling to make it?
Hope this sheds some light . . .

I have planted mg each year

I have planted mg each year on a stockade fence then pull the seed pods at the end Nov. each year.(Oklahoma)It used to be all black seeds but now I'm getting about 30% white seeds also. Are these different color for next year or are they inert?

I planted a heavenly blue

I planted a heavenly blue morning glory plant in a fairly large pot with fencing behind it to trellis. I'm having some problems.(1)It's not really growing that fast or well. There are a few long pieces that have taken hold on the fence. But the leaves on the plant itself in the pot continue to die. I didn't realize it had to be full sun and it's probably getting 1/2 day if that. I don't know if I need to move it but I hate to disturb it and it's in an area that needs a lot of background foliage. (2)When I try to move a vine that's trailing on the ground or wrapping around another plant to put it on the fence, no matter how gentle I am, the vine almost always dies. I don't want to lose this plant. Also, I'm not sure since it's in a pot, how often to water it. Finally, if I could put it in the ground, I would, but it's a concrete back yard so I have to pot it. What should I do? Is there any way to save this and get it to grow? Thanks.

Okay , I had the same

Okay , I had the same problem, this us what I did and it worked for me. store bought soils are always on the acid side (PH), thus your plants look sad and grow slow. When I use soils from Lowes or home Depot always mix some garden lime (powered form)
To moderate the soil acid in the pot. After plant comes up I place something in the pot so Water won't evaporate so quickly, and Water with half strength miracle grow and of course full sun.

I suggest to get some Kelp

I suggest to get some Kelp for any problem plant, Kelp will revive it and help it grow. Forget the Miracle Grow and add some good garden soil.

I just got seeds to plant so

I just got seeds to plant so I'm looking up care for MG. I just read that they do not like to be transplanted. That site suggest starting them in a peat pot and planting the entire thing. That's probably why they die even if you're gentle.

I have wild morning glories

I have wild morning glories that pop up each year at different places on my property. This year, we allowed a vine to grow on our stair railing. We are getting ready to hang Christmas lights so I had to pull it down. Normally, I pull it down from wherever it's grown after it has died so I have never seen this before, but it is full of large pods. I've searched and searched and everything shows the pods as being small and round, but these are about 4-6 inches in length, smooth and a light green. Are these also seed pods? And if so, how can I use the seeds from them? Do I have to wait for them to dry out? Are they already ruined now that I've ripped the plant up?

Morning glory seed pods are

Morning glory seed pods are small and round. It sounds like you had a different vine growing among your morning glories. Ususlly it's better to let the seed pods mature and dry on the vine before collecting seeds. The light green pods are probably immature. You can try to hang a few of the vines with the pods still on them in a dry warm location and see if they will mature.

Thank you. After seeing your

Thank you. After seeing your response, I decided to search "seed pods on the vine images" and was immediately rewarded with a picture of a climbing milkweed pod. I do believe that is what was hitching a ride on my morning glories - or, perhaps, it was the other way around. :)

My husband planted morning

My husband planted morning glories to surprise me when I returned home from breaking a leg. They were planted in high nitrogen soil, a 12' run, full sun and windy area. We live in Southern California and had very high temperatures this summer even though we are at 4ooo'. They didn't bloom of course for a stretch of time just leaves, I decided it was from so much nitrogen. Now they have so many flowers the leaves are harder to see but the amazing thing is they are blooming 24hr. All night and day. They are, what look like
the Heavenly Blue variety. We arrived home from a trip at 2am in the morning and there they were in complete bloom, the temperature was around 45-50'. Is this normal? I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere or on any of the sites I have visited.
Just curious.

Most morning glory varieties

Most morning glory varieties open in the early morning and start to fade in the afternoon. There are some morning glories, such as Ipomoea muricata, that bloom at night. Moon flowers are related to morning glories and also bloom at night.

Please, Please be careful

Please, Please be careful where you plant morning glories!!!! My next door neighbor planted the perennial one (purple blossoms) on the chainlink fence we share. I have measured it growing almost 4 ft a week. Yes almost 4 ft a week. It has created so much work for me. I didn't want plants growing through the fence. When I saw that my neighbor had bought it and before he planted it I asked him to put it someplace else in his yard because I knew it is invasive and I told him that. I see this variety when I drive the freeways in So Cal. and it chokes trees to death. I have seen it take over my friend's yard. It killed their trees and they have been trying to get rid of it now for years. It is a great plant when you want it and you get to maintain it completely but please do not force this plant on your neighbors. It is a great way to create enemies. I have had to move all my plants away from that side of my yard, so I am losing part of my yard. I have put up black plastic on a frame I attached on lattice that I hung on the fence to cut down my work but it still grows over and under it. Please be considerate of your neighbors. I don't like other people deciding that I have to manage their plants. It takes up my time and energy and it isn't fair. Today I discovered the morning glory's roots are growing several feet into my now I am worried they will start spreading in my yard from the roots. I don't know what to do about it but I will tell you I am not happy about it at all. Please be considerate.

The roots r in ur yard on ur

The roots r in ur yard on ur property, go rip them up.

Late @ night, spray Round Up

Late @ night, spray Round Up on them then act surprised when they die.

This really doesn't sound

This really doesn't sound like a problem to be so emphatic about. I move a lot and I've had many issues with various neighbors planting trees or invasive plants too close to my property. All it takes is a gallon or so of gasoline on the soil around the plan base and not only will it kill whatever was there but nothing will ever grow there again. Yes it's a bit unneighborly, but people who plant trees 1 foot from your fence are just as unneighborly in my opinion.

Please don't use toxins like

Please don't use toxins like gasoline or roundup. Just pour hot saltwater on them.

Why do you feel that you have

Why do you feel that you have to maintain this plant for this person? Take the other suggestions and spray some Round-up, and dig up the roots. Good grief.

Can I propagate morning glory

Can I propagate morning glory from the vines? My sister has had them for 15 yrs and they grown bigger and spread out farther each year. I have access to the growing vines but not the roots. I'm not sure where to "cut" the vine or if it matters. Most of the "new/baby growth it way up an electrical pole)
Can I just soak the vines in water (after crushing or slicing the stem) like I do for mint? Will roots grown if the vines are soaked in water?
Thank you for your help!

Morning glories are pretty

Morning glories are pretty easy to propagate from stem tip cuttings. Take a small section of the vine with maybe one or two leaves. Put it in water. After some roots have formed plant it in a pot with sterile soil and place in the shade. Keep it warm and moist until you see new growth. Then put the pot in a sunny spot.

Just to be clear, typical

Just to be clear, typical morning glories we plant in the garden are tender perennials - not true annuals. In most zones they are treated as annuals simply because they are so tender. Now they are a fast growing for us in northern zones. But for those in zones 10 - 11, morning glories are grown as a perennial. Due to their ability to produce many seeds, they can become an invasive problems.

As an aside, there are very few garden plants that are truly annual. A better term to use for these type plants is "treated" as an annual.

For next summer I am thinking

For next summer I am thinking of planting mg beside a new climbing hydrangea (planted this year). Will the mg strangle and kill the hydrangea?

If you plant the morning

If you plant the morning glory next to the hydrangea you should put up a trellis for the morning glory to climb on. Don't let it climb on the same support that the hydrangea uses.

We just moved into on a house

We just moved into on a house with gorgeous morning glories in bloom, I want to keep them but they look like they are dying. I trimmed them way back and have slowed down with the watering. Is there a chance they will come back next year. We live in the dfw area of texas

Hi, Pam, As noted at the top

Hi, Pam, As noted at the top of this page, morning glories are annuals. That means they grow for one season and then die. To have more next year, you will need to plant the seeds or seedlings. See above for advice.

I planted Grandpa Ott morning

I planted Grandpa Ott morning glories this year and they were beautiful. This is my first experience with morning glories. With our recent dry hot spell they started to look pretty shabby so I cleaned them out of my flower bed. I have to be honest, I had no idea seed pods had formed and as I cleaned them out, seeds went everywhere! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a few vines next year, but my bed and under the deck is littered with tons of seeds. Am I doomed to have prolific growth of morning glories taking over my garden next year? Is there anything I can do? Can I kill the seed? Should I remove my perennials and cover the bed to kill the growth next year? I'm worried sick that I've ruined my flower bed for years to come by my ignorance. I'm a zone 5/6, although we had a zone 4 winter last year. Will they even survive? Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Some of the seeds may survive

Some of the seeds may survive the winter and start growing next spring. You can pull the seedlings when they first appear and then add mulch around your perennials.

The best way to ensure that

The best way to ensure that your yard isn't taken over by mg.s is to take the seeds out. Preferably with a semi-auto pistol of high caliber. You'll be trading seeds for lead but it's the only way to be sure. You wouldn't want to be inundated with those low-class hoodlums always making babies and not lookin' after them! The next thing you'll know is stuff will start to come up missing. If and when it does look for them inside the MG patch as soon as possible because they may not have hawked them yet. They like to hold on to "hot" items for a while so they can't be so easily traced back to the scene of the crime.

I live in the Atlanta, GA

I live in the Atlanta, GA area and my daughter planted Morning Glory seeds as a Mother's Day project last May. These things have really taken off and are covering my deck. They are in an 8 inch pot. My son planted his own seeds in an 8 inch pot. My question is: will they come back if they are left in a pot? Do I need to transplant them to the ground? My kids really love these and want to see them next year and for years to follow. Georgia is a very warm climate, however we did get a few snow days last year and I'm wondering if that will affect them. All in all, I am curious what's the best avenue to take in order to save these beautiful plants! Thank you.

Morning glories are annuals,

Morning glories are annuals, they will not overwinter. In the spring when the soil is warm, turn the soil, water it well, and seed again.

I have morning glories on my

I have morning glories on my fence. I rip out the vines after frost kill and the vines return every year. Don't understand why you keep saying they must be replanted each year?

I had a house in Chicago with

I had a house in Chicago with a fenced in back yard. MGs grew up the fence every year with me doing nothing more than ripping down the old vines. This went on for 20 years. Hence, I thought they were perennials.

Is it possible that the seeds would drop and and germinate without interference?

This a little bit of help but

This a little bit of help but mines growing in a pot and planted on august 12
so I do not know how to take care of it.

It's fine to grow morning

It's fine to grow morning glories in a pot, however, you'll need to set it near a trellis or balcony or fence as it has vines that will need support. You could even try placing a teepee of bamboo in the pot by placing the sticks on the sides and tying together in the middle with twine. Do not add too much fertilizer or you will get huge vines with few flowers. Otherwise, just follow the directions on this page above. In a pot, your soil will dry out more quickly so keep an eye on it.

I have Morning Glories

I have Morning Glories growing along the bottom of my fence, they get morning sun only and are planted in very little soil. Recently, almost all of the leaves have begun to have silvery/white colored splotches all over them, and someof the leave have holes in them. I do not see any bugs on the underside of the leave though. The flowers are perfect and the vines are growing fine. Do you know what might be causing this?

Hi, Kris: Unfortunately,

Hi, Kris: Unfortunately, there are many possibilities here, including insects and mites that you just can' see without a magnifying glass, not to mention white rust and powdery mildew. Start by really, really checking for wildlife -- well, bugs. Could be leaf miners, spider mites, etc. If you find something, search out solution on our pages here. If not, try gently cleaning your leaves with a weak solution of soap and water. Spray on if possible, but in any event, wipe softly with a cloth or tissue. Painstaking, yes -- but you care, right? The next two days, spray thoroughly with plain water. On the fourth day, apply an organic insecticide in a weak solution (consult with your local garden center). Good luck!

I have beautiful, crazy,

I have beautiful, crazy, gorgeous Morning Glories except... they are white not blue as the package photo showed they were to be. I've tried this twice (with the same brand) and they also turned out white. Is it my soil? Is it the brand?

I live in Kelowna BC with lots of hot weather and the vines are incredibly healthy and long. The plants are both in one large pot and in the ground in a shady area and grow up into a sunny area.

Sounds like you have moon

Sounds like you have moon flowers they are a night blooming glory

I live near Seattle, WA. I

I live near Seattle, WA. I bought MG seeds and wonder whether August is a good month to plant them, since I read they will blossom until first frost?

Morning glories will grow as

Morning glories will grow as long as there isn't frost and your soil temperature is between 65 F to 85 F.
The nice thing is you'll know soon enough as they only take 4 to 7 days to emerge!
Before planting, nick the hard-coated seeds with a file or soak overnight in warm water.

We are moving to Medford,

We are moving to Medford, Oregon from California. Will they do well there and can I get a start from mine here in LA?

my mgs are blooming very

my mgs are blooming very nicely, they are planted around my mailbox. Now i find the leaves at the base of the mailbox are growing extremely sparse and the remaining leave have lots of holes in them. I cant see any insects on the leaves, but what to u think about stoping this and restoring back to the way they were.

Hi, Stuart: Assuming that

Hi, Stuart: Assuming that your plants are not getting dried out or shaded out, and that you indeed have no insects (well, none that you can discern), start by removing the hole-y leaves (you may need some holy intercession here, too, by the  way) and giving the remainder a good spraying of soap and water (say, 10:1). Do this again 3 days later. Three days after that, spray heavily with a good organic pesticide. Follow the directions for the pesticide. Good luck!

Thank you, Stuart!

Thank you, Stuart!

I have my morning Glories in

I have my morning Glories in a small pot on my deck. They are healthy and trailing beautifully. I planted them in June. So far, I have no blooms or buds. Because I live in NC, the temps are in the 90's, yet they only get about 6 hours of direct sunlight beginning in the early afternoon. I am in an apt, so there is no way to give them more light. I have to water them at least twice a day due to the heat and the small pot, as the leaves begin to wither when it dries up.
My question is this...if possibly they need potassium, could I dissolve one of my potassium tabs and feed it to them little by little? I have no idea what soil has or is lacking.
thank you!

Regarding the size of your

Regarding the size of your plant pot, "small" is relative, but too much water and too much fertilizer will produce more foliage than flowers. Let the plant get dry or close to dry before watering and don't add anything to the soil. Blooms should begin to appear.

I bought Star of Yelta

I bought Star of Yelta (fairly new variety) this winter and planted them, along with Moon Flower and Black-Eyed Susan, each in its own planter. I used the same type of soil for each of them, and they get the same amount of sun, water as needed and food every two weeks. The Morning Glory leaves are developing so many holes they're starting to look like lace and new, and even existing leaves, are growing warped and deformed-looking. I have grown Morning Glory under these same conditions for years and have never experienced this. There are no pests on them. I'm wondering if the seeds were blighted and if there's anything I can do about this.

I live in Bodfish, CA. We are

I live in Bodfish, CA. We are a zone 8 or 9 (depending on the source). I have a morning glory that is a deep purple. I can not seem to get it to grow much. It is still pretty small (4-5 vines that are no more than 12 inches long). It is growing on an old wire hanger shaped into a heart. I have had maybe 6 blooms. It sprouted about 8 weeks ago from a seed. The soil is a mix of peat moss/compost/top soil. (left over from my garden). What could be the reason for so little growth and few blooms? I water once a day mid morning when temps are below 100 and twice a day when between 100-110. I will water the 2nd time when the heat is peaked. What am I doing wrong?

You seem to be doing all—or

You seem to be doing all—or at least a lot—of the right things ... Some sources suggest that MG blooms best in (needs) 8 to 10 hours of sun (although some sources say it will do fine in partial sun). At least one other source suggests that MG does not like too much water; "average" is recommended, which generally means letting a plant dry between waterings; others say MG soil should not be soggy. Also, MGs seem not to like high temps, such as you've described, so it may be resting.
We hope this provides some answers.

I harvested my morning glory

I harvested my morning glory seeds late last fall because I wanted to relocate them this year. Unfortunately the work in the yard is taking longer than expected. Are my seeds ruined? Can I still use them later?

Hard to tell if the seeds

Hard to tell if the seeds will germinate and grow after such a period. It rather depends on the conditions in which you stored them. Sealed containers are recommended (this can include cereal box "bags" made airtight, with storage in a cool place. That said, it's a bit of a gamble as to whether seeds that are more than or near a year old will set. (It might hvae been best to start them somewhere, anywhere, just to have a growing season.)

we have morning glory growing

we have morning glory growing like wild fire in our yard. Nothing seems to kill it w/o killing the grass.
Please help

Wild morning glories

Wild morning glories (bindweed) are very invasive--and different than the annual Morning Glories that we plant by seed. Wild morning glories grow from both seeds and rhizomes and are very hard to destroy. If you have bindweed, be sure to get rid of it before it flowers and sets seed. The best method is to cut the plants off at soil level as soon as you see them. You need to do this several times until the plant stops growing. Or, you can cover the area with black plastic and leave it for the enitre season to kill all the plants. This will also kill your grass.

To kill the weed - type MG I

To kill the weed - type MG I use jet setting on my hose and spray directly on trimmed down plants. Do this during the hottest time of the day and they will burn quickly. I do this for many weeds that vine or spread.

I live in Central Ohio and

I live in Central Ohio and planted 2 Heavenly Blue morning glories Mother's Day weekend. They have grown and fully covered a 5 foot wrought iron trellis ~ but my plants are all flowers, not even a bud. It was a hard winter here and the ground temperature is probably a couple weeks behind where it normally might be. But, it is almost the 4th of July and I was sure I would have flowers by now. I watered with Miracle Grow to establish my new there something else I should be doing?

Morning glories usually

Morning glories usually thrive in "poor" soil and don't need fertilizing. If the nitrogen level is high in the soil they will just grow leaves. Temperature and day light hours can also cause delayed blooms. Some morning glory varieties may take 1 1/2 months or more before they bloom.

I also live in Ohio. I had

I also live in Ohio. I had lots of seed pods but no flowers. I pruned off some of the seed pods, and two days later I had more flowers in one day the I had the whole season so far.

Can I keep my morning glories

Can I keep my morning glories in a pot or should I plant in the ground? My daughter planted one at school for Mother's Day and it's growing tall but it didn't come with directions!

You can grow morning glories

You can grow morning glories in pots. If the pot is small you may want to transplant into a bigger pot. Just remember to water often as plants i containers dry out quicker than plants planted in the ground.

I'm getting married in Sept

I'm getting married in Sept and we just planted morning glories hoping they would cover our arbor. We had to plant on each side of the dock and the ground is pretty moist will they do ok or should I put them in a planter and let them climb that way?

Since morning glories need

Since morning glories need moderately fertile, well-drained soil, it would be best to plant yours in containers.

I live in Minneapolis, MN. Is

I live in Minneapolis, MN. Is it too late (June 19th, 2014) to plant morning glories this season?

Morning glories are fast

Morning glories are fast growing plants, so go ahead and sow seeds now.

Is it possible to prune/clip

Is it possible to prune/clip the ends of the runners to control growth? Or will that cause the plant to die?

Pinching the vines when they

Pinching the vines when they are young promotes a bushier growth. If you pinch them when they are tall they will get top heavy.

I just bought perennial

I just bought perennial Polish MG from a that such thing? ? I have been researching about it. Not Info available ..please help ..I live in zone 6b

We have never heard of Polish

We have never heard of Polish morning glories. Maybe your neighbor can give you some more clues about where the plants came from. Perennial morning glories can be very invasive.

I have a "Polish Spirit"

I have a "Polish Spirit" Clematis vine - maybe confused with this?

Can I replant my newly potted

Can I replant my newly potted from seed and now flowering MG's on a north vinyl fence? I'm in Florida. The fence is 6 feet tall. I know I will need string or wire for it to climb- but is the north face an issue? it gets bright sun most of the day till about 1-2 pm.

I am growing heavenly blue

I am growing heavenly blue morning glory in a pot. I have lots of blooms but few leaves. Last month, I applied a balanced water-soluble fertilizer. Wondering what I should add to create more leaves. Should I use fish emulsion (4-1-1)? Or, coffee grounds? Thank you.

Nitrogen promotes leaf

Nitrogen promotes leaf growth. It is the first number of the fish emulsion you mention, and the highest number, so it is the highest percentage nutrient in the fish emulsion. So try that, yes.

Coffee grounds work the best

Coffee grounds work the best for lush, leafy growth. To really give it a "green boost" moisten the grounds with normal household bleach before liberally applying on top of the plant's base. Before long you'll have so many leaves that you'll be sweeping them up on a daily basis. Happy gardening!

My morning glories went

My morning glories went straight to seed. Looks like lottle undeveloped seed pods. Not all are doing this just a couple? Looked online and can't find any info on this. We're in our 5th year of never having to sow morning glory seeds, and usually they make fantastic flowers, but this year one side of the porch is only making seeds, the other half look very normal, fuzzy thick stems

So happy to find you! Live

So happy to find you! Live in Southern California. Sun perfect daily. 2 Weeks Ago: planted MG seeds 4" apart in a 12 ft long bed up against a cement cinder block wall that's 6 feet high. I want them to climb the wall and over the top. Cute 5" tall skinnies with 2 leaves going one way and 2 the other. Sprinkler waters complete area 5 min. daily.

Question: Will they have runners or feelers to grab onto the wall or should I purchase net or wire or ?

Thank you.

Hi, Joni, and thank

Hi, Joni, and thank YOU!
Morning glories need something for tendrils to grap on to; a cinder block wall does not provide that. So, yes, get net or wire, or set strings up from the ground. Lots of people do that: a few inches or up to a foot from the wall, depending on where the seeds are. Then brace/secure the string at the top. The vines will climb the string, one per plant.

I planted my seeds in a 3'

I planted my seeds in a 3' planter in moisture control mg a week ago and nothing. Should I start over?

Though morning glories grow

Though morning glories grow quick, they do not grow that quick (1 week). Your patience will pay off.

Sounds like it. Are they

Sounds like it. Are they getting sun (even in the pot)?? See above: they need sun, and note that temp of the soil matters, too. How deep are the seeds? See above: should be 1/4 inch. Three weeks is a long time. If you don't want to try these measures, then, yes, start again.

I used a Miracle Grow

I used a Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix to grow my Morning Glory from a seed. It has grown rapidly however, I still have no blooms. After reading a lot of your responses to questions about MG's I noticed that you state they thrive and bloom best in poor soil. I am growing mine in a container outside…so my question is how do I transform the potting mix I used into "poor soil" to achieve blooms?

The best thing to do is not

The best thing to do is not fertilize your soil often. Miracle grow has a set fertilizer for up to 3 months. Once past that it becomes a lower quality soil. But sometimes you don't get a lot of blooms because there's elements missing in your soil; calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, etc. A lot of people recommend adding a tablespoon of epsom salt to 2 quarts of water and gingerly water your plants. I live in an extremely deserty place, so this always produces amazing results as our soil is sooo bad. Good luck <3

I just moved to Mesa, Az and

I just moved to Mesa, Az and I loved growing morning glories at home. I'd really like to grow them here on have them cover our block wall fence.....can I grow them here and when is the best time and area to plant them for success?

I want to grow morning

I want to grow morning glories in hanging pots on my pergola and train them to grow over the top. I was thinking about placing a rod in the pot so it can grow up the rod onto the top of the pergola. Is this going to work? I also have a dog and I'm afraid of him ingesting the seeds

Hi! The best way to prevent

The best way to prevent your doggy from ingesting seeds is to deadhead wilted flowers, this prolongs the life of the plant and doesnt allow the plant to go into seed pod stage. Once the flowers on a plant wilt, the seed pod starts forming to drop seeds. So cutting just below the flower and the pod it grew out of will prevent seeds from dropping.

You can easily get your MG to climb upwards by providing something to aid their climb. If your hanging basket is the chained kind, it will climb the chain. Anything that drops over just loosely loop around the chain and it will climb on it's own. You can put a plastic rod, they sell at lowes for 6 bucks in it and it will climb it. They are climbing plants and only fall over hanging baskets or ground containers when they have no way to climb up.

Happy Gardening :)

I planted my Heavenly Blues

I planted my Heavenly Blues and in two days they were poking their little heads out of the soil. About two days later they were getting leaves......but... the stem is about three or four inches tall. Anyone ever have that happen before?

Yeah they grow quickly like

Yeah they grow quickly like that

Hi there, I picked up a few

Hi there,
I picked up a few packaged Morning Glory seeds from a botanical center that were giving them out for free. I have Heavenly Blue, Pearly Gates, Blue Stars, Tall Mix, and Grandpa Ott (all Burpree brand) When I got home I noticed the back of the packaging read "packed for 2013, sell by 11/13. Will the flowers still bloom passed the sell by date?

- thanks

Many seeds remain viable for

Many seeds remain viable for years, but it's probably best to call Burpee for an accurate answer about their product. See:

I've planted 'expired' seeds

I've planted 'expired' seeds and they grew just fine.Soak the seeds overnight to help them along.

I have seeds that I have had

I have seeds that I have had for 12+ years that are still viable. It depends on the conditions of how they are kept. I keep all my seeds in the fridge.(one drawer totally dedicated to seeds).which is like keeping them dormant indefinitely. Your seeds should be just fine.

Many of the seeds will still

Many of the seeds will still germinate. I've had seeds for a decade, filed and soaked them before planting. They flourished.

i live in cambridge in the uk

i live in cambridge in the uk i tried to grow morning glory last year uk thay never grew i have planted some more this year at the moment thay are just showing what care should i take of them thanks

so i just ate about 200 seeds

so i just ate about 200 seeds ground up because i heard that it improves memory and relieves back pain. was this a good idea?

No, it's not a good idea.

No, it's not a good idea. Their are several potential dangers of ingesting the seeds.

Have a good trip!

Have a good trip!

Morning glory seeds contain

Morning glory seeds contain Lysergic acid amide, a hallucinogen similar to LSD, but with 1/10th the power. Many states in the US have created ways to monitor bulk purchases of the seeds and to screen teenage purchasers for intent to ingest.

I loved growing these in

I loved growing these in California where they kept blooming and growing all winter. Now I'm in Denver, CO now. If I grow them in a large container, can I keep them alive and growing over winter?

If you're speaking of the

If you're speaking of the morning glory that is an annual, it will not overwinter. In the spring, when the soil is warm, turn the soil, water, it well, and seed again.

im in NM I have brought them

im in NM

I have brought them in the house for the winter they seem to love it mine grew up the walls over curtain rods

Can you grow Morning Glory in

Can you grow Morning Glory in Los Angeles CA?

My morning glories bloom and

My morning glories bloom and then the flower dies the next day! What can I do to prevent this?

This is the nature of a

This is the nature of a morning glory!  Nothing is wrong. Each flower will bloom in the morning and close by noon or so. Each flower only opens once, but there will be others the next day!

It is their nature, but if

It is their nature, but if you pinch off the dead flowers, it won't set seed and that encourages more bloom.

When I was young (in the

When I was young (in the 1950s & 60s) we had some wild morning glories growing on a wire fence beside our yard. They were multicolored with blue, pink, yellow and white growing, seemingly, on the same vine. Is this possible and if so where could I find some seeds?

Hmm. We aren't aware of a

Hmm. We aren't aware of a native morning glory that is multicolored. We have heard of cultivated varieties that come in several colors in a series. Also, blue flowers sometimes fade to purple, pink, or white as they age. Could the plant from your yard back then have been an escaped cultivated variety, and could it be that several vines were intertwined?
If you're interested in multicolored morning glories, you might check seed catalogs for the Ipomoea variety mixes or series, such as from Burpee.
There is also a dwarf morning glory, which is Convolvulus tricolor. It is related to Ipomoea, but is a dwarf vine, growing only about 12 to 18 inches. Its flowers have a yellow center, white around that center, and then blue, purple, or pink at the edges of the petals. These are a little harder to find, but a search online will give you a few seed sources. Be sure to get a series, rather than one cultivar (which may be just one color of petal at the edge).

Are you to cut them back

Are you to cut them back after first frost or just leave them .they look all dryed up .this is my first time .i hope they come back their so pretty .thanks

Morning glories don't

Morning glories don't tolerate frost. They are annuals (i.e., they only grow one season) and should be discarded once frost hits. You can plant again in the spring once you're past all danger of frost.

We have recently bought a

We have recently bought a house and on one side the front porch there is a BEAUTIFUL vine of morning glories, the problem is it is twined around a tree that my husband is going to cut down, I want to transplant the morning glory to the back yard to cover the fence for our gas tank. I have never had morning glories before and I don't want to loose them in the transplant, what do I do to transplant them, and when should I do it. My husband wants to cut the tree down ASAP. We live in NC

Many morning glories of the

Many morning glories of the genus Ipomoea that are found in garden centers are annuals, so after a frost or two, they will die. For NC, it looks like your first average fall frost date is in October or November, depending on where you are. If you want to save the morning glories for now, you can certainly try to transplant them gently into their new location, and they might last until the frost hits. Their roots usually don't like disturbance, so handle very gently--keep a lot of original soil around the roots. In the new location, make sure there is plenty of sun; add some compost to the planting hole. Keep the soil moist in the new location, but not soggy, for the first week or so.
Or, if you allow some of the flowers to form seeds, you can collect them and plant them next year at the new location.
If you think that your vine is a perennial type, the same advice would still apply, as far as transplanting and site preparation.

we have already had our first

we have already had our first frost is it to late to transplant them? can I just clip some of the vines and transplant or do I need to transplant at the roots? or should I try to save some of the seeds?

do they self seed if grown

do they self seed if grown indoors

Morning glories need very

Morning glories need very bright light to even bloom indoors. If you succeed in growing them indoors than yes, they'll seed.

my husband started growing

my husband started growing morning glories this summer and has done awesome with them now we see all the seed pods on them how and when can we take the seed pods from them to keep the seeds ready for spring!!

Morning glories are a great

Morning glories are a great seed to save--easy to identify and gather. After the seed pods have fully dried to brown, collect the seeds on a dry, sunny day. Let them dry and store in a sealed container until spring!

This my 1st yr growin ne

This my 1st yr growin ne thing i grew mgs & they went crazy. i planted 4. they took awhile to bloom but once they did they bloom like crazy. they're beautiful. i didnt fertilize or water all summer. i was so tickled as this is my 1st yr growing anything. i grew aster marigolds sunflowers(which my mgs choked to death) nasturtiums and a couple others that grew. i had about 5 i grew that never came up but i feel successful just because of the mgs alone. this is a great flower for a beginner because it doesn't require much care. i had 2 white ones & a bright pink 1 and purple 1 that grew together. they are absolutely beautiful. glorious!!

Tanya, Thanks for sharing

Tanya, Thanks for sharing your beginner experience and congrats on your beautiful morning glories!

I recently bought a home with

I recently bought a home with a massive amount of morning glories. They are beautiful but they are everywhere. How can I tell if I have an annual or perennial flower? I read that I should cut them back at the end of the summer so it's that time but don't want to if it's an annual. If it's a perennial, do I cut them back almost to the ground or should I leave some of the vine intact? Thank you.

The morning glory vine is an

The morning glory vine is an annual and will generally die after frost. You can cut down in the spring. Up the plant can self-seed profusely. If you want to avoid this, gather all the seed pods and dead vines after the first frost, put in a bag, and give away or discard elsewhere; try not to let the seeds scatter.

One morning there were five

One morning there were five blossoms on a vine of MGs and the temperature was very cool that day....those blossoms did not close until the next afternoon...and we checked for spent blossoms...none! Until the second day...?

my niece brought a morning

my niece brought a morning glory home and it had 2 little leaves on it now it has 8 it is in a little pot and I don't know if I can plant it outside now I live in Pa.and the weather is cool

Plant the morning glory in a

Plant the morning glory in a bigger pot and put it outside in the sun. Bring it into a sheltered location if the temp. drops below 40 degrees.

Has flowers, losing leaves.

Has flowers, losing leaves. Recently my morning glory is losing most of its leaves, although it's still flowering nicely and sending out runners. This is its second year, and last year it didn't start losing leaves until it got cold. It hasn't been cold, actually it's been hot. I thought maybe it needs more water, but I see the advice here not to water too much. This is in San Francisco.

Hot weather can also cause

Hot weather can also cause leaves to drop. Check for insect damage on the leaves that have dropped. Don't soak the plant. Give it some water right before the soil is totally dry. Add some mulch around the plant to cool the soil.


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