How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Pansies

Purple Pansies


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Pansies are the colorful flowers with “faces”! Here’s how to keep your pansies growing and blooming.

Pansies have one of the widest ranges of colors and are good for containers, borders, and as ground cover. The pansy is treated as an annual due to its leggy growth and is hearty in cool weather.


  • You can start pansy seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before you plan on transplanting them.
  • Plant seeds in late winter for early spring and summer flowering, or plant seeds in the summer for winter flowering.
  • Plant in moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting
  • Pansies like sun, but cooler temperatures.
  • Space the plants about 7 to 12 inches apart. They will spread about 9 to 12 inches and grow to be about 6 to 9 inches tall.


  • Remember to water your pansies regularly. One of the most common reasons pansies fail is because they are not watered enough, so if your pansies are not doing well, try watering them more.
  • You can use a general, all-purpose fertilizer around your pansies to help them grow.
  • Remove faded/dead flowers to prolong blooming and encourage more flowers to grow.



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In this weather !

Hi, I got Swiss mix pansy seeds and I just sowed them last week (late May) I live in Saudi Arabia - hot weather, but I have them indoor, how much water do they need in this weather and how can I let them germinate and then protect them to stay happy and beautiful all the time in such weather ?? Thank you.

Hi maha i am in saudia too

Hi maha i am in saudia too and i planted my pansies today outdoor but in shade. Keep updating abt your progress.

Growing Pansies Indoors

Hi there,
I am having the most terrible luck with my little pansies. I live in a little north facing apartment and have so far encountered all sorts of problems with growing pansies in pots, in doors. I have a whole of one successful plant!
A couple of few of them came with slugs from the nursery and I have one that is currently battling aphids.
My apartment faces due North and the outside wall is one long window, so there is plenty of sun. I leave my windows open and a fan on during the day to dissipate heat. I water my pansies everyday and I have the situated them and arranged my curtains such that they get sun in the morning and are in what constitutes shade there after.
Do you have any tips for growing these pretty little things indoors?

Heat resistent flowers

I live in zone 6b in Arizona and plant pansies every spring from the local nursery. I do not germinate seeds. They always take off well but as the summer heat arrives they die off. They are planted in pots and get afternoon sun. They are also on a drip system that waters every other day. Should I put them in the shade so its cooler? Can you also recommend a more heat tolerant flower that can take full AZ sun?

Pansies in Hot Weather

Pansies do well with lots of sun in spring and early summer but the heat of high summer can be too much. Ideally, you would situate them such that they get full sun until that time and dappled light thereafter. A few ideas for heat-tolerant annuals include: portulaca, petunia, and nicotiana.


Whete exactly do I pinch or

Where exactly do I pinch or cut off dead blooms of the pansies?

Pinching pansies

Hi, Jack, You want to deadhead/pinch/cut back right above (just above) where the flower stalk (or stem) meets the first set of leaves. So, remove all of the flower head plus a portion of stem. Just trying to be exact!

We hope this helps!


I live in zone 5. I plan to plant tulip bulbs in containers and leave them in my unheated garage over the winter. I want to have pansies in the same container to flower in the spring. Should I put established plants in the container or can I sow seeds along with the tulip bulbs? If sowing seeds, do I water and fertilize when sown and then just leave over the winter, or do I water more often? When can I take the container from the garage?


Pansies germinate in 7 to 15 days in complete darkness at between 65 and 70 degrees F. I started mine this year (2016) on August 22 (zone 7a--northern Virginia) indoors and cranked down the thermostat on the AC for two weeks. I use a Metro wire shelving system with six, 48"x18" shelves, which support 20, 10"x20" flats that have 15, 4" pots in each flat. I reuse the pots, and soak them in bleach solution between uses. My growing medium is Miracle Grow house plant mix with moisture control. I've tried soil-less mixes before, and they tend to harbor molds. I have not ever sterilized my soil by baking, because the thought of putting soil in my home oven is something my wife isn't eager for me to do. I'm growing Frizzle Sizzle this year in several colors and a mix. I planted 2,500 seeds in 300 pots. I like robust growth that I can thin, if necessary. I covered each row of flats with black contractor plastic bags until day 8, when I approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the seeds germinated. This means some might not germinate, which is one of the reasons why I plant 2,500 seeds. I then removed the covers and turned on the grow lights. My lights are 6500s that are 4' long, 2-tube florescents. I suspend two parallel fixtures from the bottom of the next higher wire shelf, using lengths of wire coat hangers, which allow me to raise or lower the lights by moving the hooks on the coat hanger wires in or out on the next higher wire shelf. The lights are suspended about 2-3" above the tops of the 4" pots right now. Today (9/10), after almost three weeks, most of the seedlings are up with their first set of "true" leaves. I anticipate being able to transplant these 300 pots into my garden by mid to late October, immediately after I plant my bulbs. These pansies will be placed in the ground above the bulbs. Unless we have a very harsh winter, we can expect blooming throughout the winter, with a robust flush of blooms beginning in early spring, until we lift and dispose of the pansies to make room for next year's summer annuals. BTW: I plan on beginning snapdragons in late winter to plant with the pansies in early spring. The pansies will be my border plants, and staggered heights of snapdragons will be planted behind them. I've never tried this before, and I'm looking forward to a promising bloom this spring.


Can you direct sow pansy seeds in Central Texas for a winter bloom? When is the best time to sow? Zoo you sow and thin or sow in groups?

pansies in winter

Pansies are a great choice for Central Texas winters!  A good time to plant is usually Oct. 15 to Nov. 1 but it really depends on the soil temperature. Plant pansies when the soil temperature is between 45 and 70 degrees F.  If you plant too early–when the soil is above 70 degrees–you’ll wind up with leggy plants, yellowish leaves and few flowers. 

will winter pansies grow in shade

can someone please advise if winter pansies will flower in shade, and if not, can you suggest something that will (in a basket)

Pansies in Shade

Yes, pansies can take shade and should continue to bloom for you.

How much should you water the

How much should you water the seed and how often should you water them

Watering Pansies

Pansies need about 1 inch of water per week during the growing season. Water on days when you don’t get rain, preferably in the evenings. Try to make sure that the soil is damp but not soaked.


I used this for my project and got an A. Thanks!

Do rabbits and Quail eat

Do rabbits and Quail eat pansies? Live in Henderson, NV, and it is hard to find flowers/plants that rabbits and Quail don't eat. Thank you.

Rabbits will eat pansies. You

Rabbits will eat pansies. You could try Mexican marigold. Most animals do not like the aroma of this flower.


Is it best to pull the pansies out of the bed and discard it, or leave it in the bed and recultvate it back into the soil? Once re cultivated will the flower reproduce the following fall?

What to Do When Pansies Die

As mentioned below, pansies are technically perennials but are generally treated as annuals because they tend to get leggy when they bloom in the second year. It is therefore best to remove them and plant new ones next year.

What to do when pansies die

Since they are so hard to kill, They live here in North Carolina under a six inch blanket of snow and still are blooming happily when it melts,
we just wait. If they ever do die here is what we do: Everyone on our block gardens and we are of many varied backgrounds, so we have a
short non-denominational service, followed by a gala pot-luck dinner. Then we dig them under and plant petunias. Aged chicken or cow manure
is often side served (for the petunias, not the pot-luck) and it all works out.


Are they deer resistant? Everything I plant the seers eat before they even bloom. All I have left are stubs.

late summer pansies


I'm hoping to grow pansies from seed for my late summer wedding. When would be the best time to plant them?

Thanks for your suggestions!


Pansies don’t like heat–preferring the cool spring and fall temperatures; they often fade in summer. But in general, you can start pansies indoors about 6 to 8 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Keep up with deadheading, watering, and place in partial shade if you live in an area with hot summers, to try to keep the plant going until cooler weather sets in. If these are to be wedding favors, or in a flower arrangement, you might try growing them completely indoors as houseplants in order to try to maintain that cooler temperature (daytime around 70F; nighttime between 55 and 65F) – indirect sunlight, but lots of it. They take about 7 to 14 days to germinate, and then about 65 to 85 days to bloom – so about 72 to 99 days total – check the days to germination, and days to maturity/bloom on the seed packet for your particular cultivar. Or, perhaps consult with a local garden nursery about alternatives that might do well in your climate in late summer. Good luck - and best wishes for a beautiful wedding!

that's great, thanks for your

that's great, thanks for your help! I'll try indoors, I have a spot that is light and not too warm

Thank you :)


Do you have to plant pansies annually? If not, how often?

Planting Pansies

As mentioned in the comments below, pansies are generally treats as an annual because they get so leggy. This means that most folks plant them early in the season, and plant new ones next year.

My Pansies

I brought my pansies on Dec 20/15; they bloom amazingly well and are still blooming, not so profusely now but still beautiful. The problem is the plants are getting bigger but the flowers are still same size. I don't know if is time for change the plants or what. Can you please help me, I don't want throw them away but if it is time, it is time... :(


To encourage flowering, be sure to pinch or snip off the spent flowers. This way, the plant won’t waste nutrients into forming seeds. In spring, you might also try adding a little fertilizer. Pansies like it cool, and will fade as it heats up in summer. If they are out in full sun as the weather warms, you might put provide partial shade, which helps them to last longer. Keep up with watering, so that soil is moist but not soggy. Over winter, the plants may cease to bloom, but should start blooming again as the soil warms.

I purchsed several small pots

I purchsed several small pots of pansies. Looks like maybe 3 per pot. Do I separate them before planting in the ground, or space each pot full 6 to 8 inches apart? thanks

If you can easily separate

If you can easily separate the plants and space them 6 inches apart it will give you more bang for your buck! If you would rather have a planting that has a full look then by all means plant each potful as far apart as you want.

Hey, today I bought a small

Hey, today I bought a small pot with a pansie plant in it at my school's fair. It's a princess series - purple and has one flower with lots of leaves and a small pod about the size of a pinky nail. I was hoping anyone could tell me the best way to look after it :) thank you!

I plan on using planted

I plan on using planted pansies for the centerpieces at my early October wedding which is about thirty days away. I felt like I had to buy them now since the greenhouse won't be getting any more in. They seem very leggy but if I cut them back (more than dead heading) I am afraid they will not be blooming for my wedding. Is 30 days enough time for them to produce new flowers and is there something I can do to keep them from getting leggy again?

I planted pansies in large

I planted pansies in large containers this year and they went crazy, beautiful but crazy big. One of the containers the pansies out grew and started losing color and vibrancy. I cut them back thinking they would just bush out again. So far it kind of looks like my lawn, like cut grass. Will they come back into bloom?

Pansies are an annual

Pansies are treated as an annual (one-time) flower that can bloom like crazy and have lots of energy that sometimes just lasts a short time. The best way to keep them blooming is to "pinch." This means to remove the flowers (and the stem) once they wilt by pinching them at their base.If they get "leggy," with extra long stems, you can pinch back these roots, too, so the plant looks more compact and neat. We've never cut down our pansies as you did, but we're not sure they will grow back. 

I bought pansies and put them

I bought pansies and put them in a pot. They have grown and done so well, I didn't know I had to dead head them but will. Can I transplant them in the ground? It is now almost July and they are beautiful. If I can't transplant them I understand I could take them into the house if they survive the heat in Chicago. Thanks so much for the wonderful information here.

Syvia, Deadheading is easy:

Syvia, Deadheading is easy: Just cut or clip off spent blooms. The reason is to stop the plant from directing its energy to making seeds in the old bloom. You want the plant to use its energy on new blooms.
As for planting in ground...yes and no. Pansies do well in ground—but in or out of ground, they thrive best when temps are from about 40°F at night to about 60°F during the day. That's why we see them so often in spring.
You can certainly bring them indoors but do not be disheartened when they eventually get leggy and then fade away. They just do. Can't be helped. Enjoy them while you have them!

I live in zone 7 and have a

I live in zone 7 and have a planter of pansies since mid April. They were beautiful till now, but have become leggy and the blooms look wilted. I have been pinching off the dead blooms and watering it every evening, but it hasn't helped. Any suggestions?

I live in zone 7 and have a

I live in zone 7 and have a planter of pansies since mid April. They were beautiful till now, but have become leggy and the blooms look wilted. I have been pinching off the dead blooms and watering it every evening, but it hasn't helped. Any suggestions?

I live in zone 6b I think.

I live in zone 6b I think. On the mountain. I planted a mix of pansies in September last year. Didn't do anything special for them, except weed around them this spring, and they have been blooming ever since. Even bloomed during all the snow and ice.

While deadheading today, I

While deadheading today, I managed to break off a healthy stem with 2 flowers in bloom, and two buds. Is there any way I can start a new plant from this, or do you have to start from seed? Thank you in advance for your help, hope it's not a stupid question, but I'm a gardening newbie.

Yes, you can grow new pansies

Yes, you can grow new pansies from seed or cuttings (or division in the spring or fall). Cut just below the a leaf joint and remove all the flowers and leaves except a few leaves at the very top. Dip in rooting hormone. Plant in fertile soil up to the top of the stem. Water well.

I'm in Zone 5a. I planted my

I'm in Zone 5a. I planted my pansies in early spring the first week of April and they have been blooming beautifully until last week. I water them any day it doesn't rain and I fertilize them every two weeks. Last week I noticed that all the pansies looked like someone literally stepped on them and flattened them, but no stems were broken. I fertilized them and they perked up within hours and all stood straight up again and looked beautiful. Two days later, they all fell over again. I am guessing they are wilting and I don't know why. They are in full sun and temps have been in the 70's-80's the last couple weeks. Should I move them to the shade? Are they dying? I had always thought they should last until fall.

The pansies are reacting to

The pansies are reacting to the warm temperatures. It would be good if you can move them into a shadier spot or at least protect them from the hot afternoon sun. Keep watering and deadheading and your pansies should bloom all summer.

I started my pansies from

I started my pansies from seed indoors during January. They are just starting to set some flowers (mid May). They are very healthy plants just no flowers. I bought some flats of pansies to get my fix of early spring blooms. When do I need to start my pansy seeds to get march flowers? Or am I doing something wrong with the lighting inside? I used two florescent tubes to grow them under. How do green houses get such early flowers?

So your seeds have already

So your seeds have already sprouted? If you've gotten that far congrats. Growing pansies from seed can be challenging and doesn't always have a high success rate. If they've germinated, then it's only a matter of time before flowers come. Pansies from seed just take a long time to mature and to flower no matter who you are. We start seeds 10 to 12 weeks before the last frost date. 

I have two questions. 1. Can

I have two questions.
1. Can I plant pansies in the fall over tulips? I live in upstate NY, zone 6. I saw some mixed beds in France of tulips and pansies that were very striking. Can I use regular pansies for that?

1. I have some pansies in pots and window boxes. They seem to be doing fine, then all of the sudden they start to wilt. When I give them a tug, they come right out of the soil, and it appears something has chewed through the root at ground level. Cutworms? How do i get rid of them?

Hi James, Yes, you can plant

Hi James,
Yes, you can plant hardy varieties of pansies in the fall. Icicle pansies have been bred specifically for northern regions and other varieties that grow well in the north are Skyline, Universal, and Crystal Bowl. A new variety on the market is Snow Angel. Plant the pansies in Sept./Oct. and add some mulch. Cut worms do attack pansies sometimes. Check the plants at night and remove the worms by hand if you can or repot the pansies in new fresh soil.


Is there a perennial pansy?

Is there a perennial pansy? Mine are on their second year and are blooming non stop and getting bigger. I am from Magnolia, Delaware and we went through a very cold winter. I have 12 very large clusters in deep planters. Clusters approx 15" diameter.

Interesting question. Most

Interesting question. Most people don't realize that pansies are perennials. Due to selective breeding, most pansies are treated as annuals and bloom in the first year; they tend to get too leggy in the second year so people tear them out and start again.

Hello, I would like to plant

I would like to plant some carrots from seed in a deep pot. Would it be safe to plant pansies around the edge of the pot to make it pretty? Would something else be better? Will the pansies likely die before the carrots get going because it will be too hot for them later in the season? Do you have other flower/veg combos you can recommend that are safe to grow very close together?
I live in South West Michigan.

Hi Jai, Pansies will be fine

Hi Jai,
Pansies will be fine in a pot with carrots. Marigolds and nasturtiums are good companions to carrots and keep some pests away. Sage repels carrot flies, as do chives, which improve the flavor of carrots. Parsley is also a good companion herb to carrots.

How much water do Pansy seeds

How much water do Pansy seeds need (Measurment)

We have good light in spring,

We have good light in spring, but once everything leaves, mostly shade or filtered sun. Will pansies bloom for me in the summer with those conditions?

Hi I live on Long Island ny

Hi I live on Long Island ny want to plant pansy for my daughters graduation party I found the color of her school widen to plant for July party

Hi there...Pansy are my

Hi there...Pansy are my favorite flower...they look happy. Is there anyway I can have them in a bouquet for my wedding in March? Maybe camoflaged in a vile of water...covered in burlap? Whats your recommendation?

Pansies have short stems so

Pansies have short stems so you need to combine them with taller flowers for a bouquet. For some ideas search for  "pansies wedding bouquet" in your browser.
Pansies are great for center pieces and for decorating the wedding cake.
Good luck!

I Live in Atlanta, Ga. I

I Live in Atlanta, Ga. I planted my pansies in late
December which is late for zone 8. And temps may
drop into teens. What should I do after a late planting to save new plants?

Hi Roger, Pansies are hardy

Hi Roger,
Pansies are hardy but you should protect the plants with a 2-inch layer of mulch if temps. dip into the teens.

do we water them every day or

do we water them every day or once a week?

Pansies should get one inch

Pansies should get one inch of water a week during a growing season. If you don't get enough rain, supplement by watering. In the fall and winter, only water after dry periods.

Planted pansies in week 2 of

Planted pansies in week 2 of Nov. and are expecting temps to drop to between 30 and 29 degrees over the next week. Should I cover them?

Pansies are hardy plants and

Pansies are hardy plants and can typically withstand low temperature for a short period. Cover pansies with sheets or blankets if a cold snap is expected for just a few days. Remove the covering when the cold weather passes.
If the temperatures dip into the 20s for more than a few days cover the plants with straw or pine needles.

I live in Springfield, MO,

I live in Springfield, MO, zone 7
I have an entire gooseneck trailer of pansies that I bought for $50.00 and wanted to know if I either plant them or mulch around the sides, will they rebloom in early spring here so I can resell them? I'm trying to decide whether to bother or to trash them.

Kelli, It would be better to

It would be better to plant the pansies in the ground and then add some mulch to the top for winter protection. Or, if you can park your trailer indoors in a barn or garage you can add mulch around and on top of the containers.

How you doing? Can I plant

How you doing? Can I plant Swiss Giant Pansies in pots in my basement? Basement is about 65degress. Can the pots be covered with a box for darkness? What about watering and fertilizing? Any thing else I need to know? Thank You, Russ

Pansies need full sun, so we

Pansies need full sun, so we are not sure a basement will be the best environment for them. If you are starting them from seed, the basement may be a good place to start because they require complete darkness to germinate. Perhaps wait until the new year to start seeds, then you can move the seedlings outside come spring.

I live in Tucson, Arizona &

I live in Tucson, Arizona & bought pansy seeds 3 weeks ago. I soaked them in water & put them in damp towels wrapped in a black plastic bag...They have been in the fridge for 15 days now. I have root riot pods for them & a 72 cell "mini greenhouse" to place in. I was going to cover with black bag and set in a cool area till I see seedlings. After I see 2 leaves, I was going to replant in 3 inch pots. Is this a good idea for Tucson, AZ? The highs are around 90 degrees & the low in 65. Any suggestions?

Hi Denise, Pansies thrive in

Hi Denise,

Pansies thrive in cooler temperatures. When the seedlings start growing try to keep them in the shade until they have produced more leaves. Pansies should do well during the winter months in Tucson.

i don't agree because they

i don't agree because they would get to hot

i got some seeds for Pansy

i got some seeds for Pansy swiss giant red, and I'm planning to plant them in september.
i live in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. should i plant them inside or outside?

the weather her is hot and dry.

i was planning to plant them in my balcony in the first floor. some sunlight in the morning up to noon. but not direct sunlight.

i need your expert advise, where is better to plant them? and when?


You would be better off

You would be better off starting the seeds indoors. They should thrive and live until the weather gets really hot. Pansies are slightly difficult to raise from seed but I think you should have a go.. Use a fine compost with a little grit to improve drainage in trays, sprinkle the seeds and cover with another thin layer of fine compost. Then ideally cover with a black bag and place indoors in constant temperature of 59-65F (15-18C to help germination. However don't forget to check on them every day after a week had passed. ) Transplant in your pots when big enough to handle. Place the pots in a morning sun position. Good luck

I draw a lot and I have some

I draw a lot and I have some ideas with flowers and stuff so i was just wondering if you know any flower that represents


Very thankful for answer :)

You would probably love the

You would probably love the book "The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It is a novel but includes the meaning of all kinds of flowers and even lists them for you at the end.

You would love that novel. I

You would love that novel. I just read it and it is wonderful!

What's the difference between

What's the difference between dead-heading & pruning? And can dead flowers be used as next years seeds?

"Pruning" means removing

"Pruning" means removing growth from a plant to promote health and vigor. I suppose "deadheading" is a form of pruning, but just refers to removing the spent flower itself; if you leave the dead blooms on the plant, it will spend its energy producing seeds instead of growing the plant. 
The seeds are not in the spent bloom. After you deadhead that bloom (or it falls off), a new seed pod develop where the flower used to be. Pick the pods just before they open. Lay the pods on a paper towel covered lightly by another paper towel. The pods will dry and pop open. Let the seeds dry completely and store in a cool dry place such as an air-tight container in the back of your refrigerator. 

Question: Where is the best

Question: Where is the best place to deadhead, just the head or further down the stem to just before next leaf growth?
Thank you

what are water requirements

what are water requirements for pansies in summers ?

Water on a daily basis in the

Water on a daily basis in the evening.

I live in Ohio what should I

I live in Ohio what should I do this winter bring them in or leave them outside?

Spring-planted pansies

Spring-planted pansies usually become straggly during the heat of summer and may not recover in fall to overwinter well. Instead, some people plant a batch of pansies in early fall to overwinter; success will depend on the cultivar (some, such as 'Icicle', are hardier than others), and the conditions over winter (severe or mild). Choose a wind-protected site that is in full sun over winter but shady in summer. Protect the plants from heavy snow and severe cold, as needed, such as covering them with evergreen boughs (remove the boughs temporarily during a warm spell in winter, and permanently in spring), or scattering leaf mulch around the plants. Deadhead regularly, to keep them blooming throughout fall. In cold climates, sometimes people also pot them up to place them in a cool garage over winter, with a little light watering over the season (but keep the soil well-drained), and perhaps some cold protection, such as leaf mulch; sometimes they will perk back up in spring to plant back out after hardening off.

My landscaper suggested that

My landscaper suggested that I set out pansies during the current month of May. I live in North Texas (Mansfield, Texas)in the Dallas metroplex where the temperature can easily rise up to the mid 90's to 100 degrees throughout the summer. I set out pansies in my landscape in early December and they are doing great. Should I replace them with a more heat tolerant flower for the summer?

They will die out in the heat

They will die out in the heat I live I'm ft worth mine did

Hi, I am in zone 6b,and my

Hi, I am in zone 6b,and my garden is very sunny. Is it a good idea to plat pansies? thank you

Pansies love full sun! Sun

Pansies love full sun! Sun increases flower size and numbers.
However, pansies prefer the cooler temperatures of spring and fall and may not make it through a hot summer. The  ideal temperature range for growing pansies is from about 40° F at night to 60° F during the day.

I have planted pansy seed

I have planted pansy seed last week and how long it is take to come out the plant.

I live in NE Pennsylvania and

I live in NE Pennsylvania and the temps at night are still in the 30's..would it be okay to plant my pansies?

well thank you for all the

well thank you for all the information on pansies!!! i live in the northeast georgia mountains, and was concerned about my pansies freezing and dying....but apparently they are hardier than i thought, and i can sleep worry free tonight...knowing they will survive!!

Can pansies grow in tropical

Can pansies grow in tropical countries like Indonesia?

I doubt it Calvin. Maybe

I doubt it Calvin. Maybe indoors with tender loving care in a very bright, cool location if you keep the ground moist at all times. If you use natural ventilation inside, you'll need to refrigerate the seed for a month or so before starting it. Having lived in the Panama Canal Zone, tropical weather is not unknown to me. When it goes into a 2-week rain with no sun, what are you going to do? The pansies will get leggy like mine here in the foothills of Alabama's northeast Blue Ridge that are under the shade of a red maple. We did Wave pansies this year, and they are stellar right now where the sun shines on them . But come June, the heat will wilt them. Nah, I wouldn't bother. There are so many bromiliads or salvia and other shade plants that would do well in Indonesia, that unless you like giving bonsai-like care to plants, you don't need to fuss with pansies. However, my doubts are always surprised by nature and man's respect for natural habitat. You can do it if you want I'm sure.

I live in S. Western SD and

I live in S. Western SD and love Pansies. When should I plant them and how long do they last in the Summer months?

In SD, you plant pansies in

In SD, you plant pansies in ground or pots in March. Pansies grow best when temperatures are between 45 degrees F at night and 60 degrees F during the day. Frankly, pansies will keep growing as long as it's not too hot or too cold. Be sure to remove spent blooms to keep your plant going as long as possible!

I have two rows of Pansies;

I have two rows of Pansies; the front row were purchased as larger plants and are thriving. The second row is not blooming at all but are healthy. I have been fertilizing with the liquid fertilizer once a week initially, but still no blooms. Should I pinch back the leaves to encourage growth?

If your pansies aren't

If your pansies aren't blooming, there could be a number of reasons:  the variety may be a late bloomer; they are getting too much nitrogen and need a 1:1:1 liquid fertilizer every 10 days; they are too crowded; they weren't watered in well at planting (which is critical for establishment); the soil is infertile and needs amendments with organic matter. You don't need to prune pansies; just pinch back if they're exceptionally leggy and be sure to deadhead.

It's Dec 2 in Texas zone 8b

It's Dec 2 in Texas zone 8b where I live. I want to plant some pansies now, but wanted to know is it safe to do so this week?? Temps do go up and down here. Highs expected upper 70's for next three days then soring down to 40s or below for the high rest of week with rain. If I get them planted on a warm day and the next day high temps r 30degrees less with rain and possibly some sleet will this shock them? Need your expert advice please.

Hi Cynthia, Plant the pansies

Hi Cynthia,
Plant the pansies as soon as possible in a sunny spot in well drained soil. Water and add some mulch around the plants. They will do fine. Pansies are known to adapt to the weather.

i am in south alabama about

i am in south alabama about 80 miles north of mobile. I have planted some tulip bulbs and want to fill space with pansies. Today is Nov 15. When should i plant the pansies.


Pansies grow best when night

Pansies grow best when night temperatures are below 65 F, which makes them ideal for fall gardens in Alabama.  You can plant starting in October for blooms that last until hot weather starts in April. Pansies can survive temperatures as low as 2 F in the winter.

We are further north in

We are further north in Alabama near Mt. Cheaha. Pansies here do wonderful all winter. They will bloom through snow. We use a mix of the natural chirt/clay soil with bagged garden/flower soil from the big box stores. Critical to our success is using Osmocote or slow-release fertilizer around the crown of each plant. Critical is the use of moisture-retaining granules at the root level, about 3-inches under the crown. This virtually ensures success, as Alabama can get hot and dry in October and November sometimes. Pansies do not like to dry out, but the soil should drain within an hour or two. We also use starter fertilizer by dipping each plant into a solution of starter/transplant fertilizer. Pansies can take a surprising amount of dappled light and still bloom like crazy until June in Zone 7b here in the Blue Ridge foothills.

I live in Raleigh, NC - if I

I live in Raleigh, NC - if I vuy pansies and plant them now will the still be blooming by the end of March? I am getting married married march 29 and want them to be planted in our yard and blooming. Thank you!!

You can still plant pansies

You can still plant pansies in NC and they should last through winter and then pick up in spring with nice color. Apply a mild fertilizer at fall planting and every four to five weeks in spring. Be sure to pinch off blooms that fade. See more from your NC cooperative extension here:

planted pansies in New Mexico

planted pansies in New Mexico in mid-October. was still pretty warm. most of the blooms on the store-bought pansies wilted or died but plants look ok. but they don't seem to want to bloom again. Suggestions?

Pansies like it cool so with

Pansies like it cool so with the colder weather in Nov. they may set new blooms. Did you remove all the old blooms? You can also cut back some of the longer stems to encourage new growth.

I just purchased a small pot

I just purchased a small pot of pansies from my school. I want to keep them in my office (since I live in an apt. and nowhere to plant them). Will they survive indoors? What sort of lamp/lighting should they get?

Never could figure out if I

Never could figure out if I should dead head pansies below the spent blossom or at the bottom of the stem. Always assumed one way would supply longer stems and the other a bushier plant. Your expert opinion, please.

Deadheading can simply be

Deadheading can simply be pinching off any dead blossom. However, for best results, we would advise removing the spent flowers back to a set of leaves as this keeps the plant from spending energy making seed.

I live in Los Angeles and my

I live in Los Angeles and my outdoor flower bed gets about 8 hours sun everyday. When is the best time to plant Pansies (no seeds, just flowers from Home Depot or nursery) directly outdoor?

In Los Angeles, pansies are

In Los Angeles, pansies are best planted during your cooler seasons. You could set pansies out in the fall--early October.

i have panies growing in a

i have panies growing in a pot in Ireland they are growing great the only problem is they are not up right they're hanging over the pot what am i doin wrong ?

Can I keep pansies in a

Can I keep pansies in a tropical region like Philippines? do they survive?

I live in northwestern

I live in northwestern Pennsylvania. I planted some pansies that are starting to get tall/leggy into 8" pots for a baby shower in mid-July. Any tips for how to make them grow fuller in the pots and keep them blooming until the shower?

Feed your pansies regularly

Feed your pansies regularly using a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10. If they are getting leggy, prune them back by about 1/3. Be sure to leave some foliage behind in order for the plant to obtain energy for re-growth. Deadhead (remove spent blooms) regularly.

My pansies have gotten tall

My pansies have gotten tall and are falling over . There are still blooms . Can I cut them back so they will bush out?

Pansies enjoy full sun in

Pansies enjoy full sun in cool weather. They get tall when it's too shady or they're facing the heat of summer. Cut back the plants by one third will stimulate new growth; pinch back spent blooms (deadhead) to encourage more flowers.

Do pansies bloom all

Do pansies bloom all summer.I'm in Wells Maine the plants are in part shade with some afternoon sun they seen to like it and are doing well but someone told me they're a spring bloom plant.

They produce their best

They produce their best flowers in the spring when the weather is
mild, then fade and are usually discarded when really hot weather arrives. In cool areas, pansies may last longer! In areas where long periods without frost are common, strong pansy plants will bloom in the fall and even in the winter.

I bought already planted

I bought already planted pansies in a beautiful planter, My parents seem to think they may die from it being over crowded. I believe as long as I keep removing the dryed out dead stuff it should be fine, is it really necessary to re-plant or when should pansies be re-planted

My pansies are in the sun

My pansies are in the sun most of the day and are looking like they are almost dead. I water them daily. What am I doing wrong? Also how do you deadhead the pansies?

It sounds as if you are

It sounds as if you are overwatering--and their roots may have rotted. Pansies only need about 1 inch of water during the growing season; water if it doesn't get this amount in rain. It's a good idea to deadhead to encourage longer life and blooms; just pinch off spent flowers.

pansies in the summer

I planted pansies in a windowbox in March (I live in ky) and they have been doing beautifully, but I do not think they will hold up for the summer heat, there. Any suggestions?

pansies and heat

Pansies, as you've suspected, like things cool. When the heat of summer comes, they get scraggly and blooming slows or stops. If you keep up with watering, deadhead the flowers after they fade, and shear the plants back hard after most flowering has stopped, you might keep them alive until fall, when they sometimes bloom again. Otherwise, you can replace them with summer-bloomers. Also, when selecting pansies, look for more heat-tolerant varieties, such as the Panola series.

Container planting

I want to use containers for my pansies. How many plants and distance apart is appropriate? I'm using rectangular planters approx. 6 inches high by 18 inches wide.

How deep?

How deep do you plant them when they are seeds?

pansy seed planting depth

Plant pansy seeds about 1/8-inch deep. They need the soil to be about 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and they need darkness to germinate.

Pansy leaves are turning yellow white

Lately my pansy leaves have been turning yellow white around the bottom of the plant. Is this normal?

Mine do that, too. I think

Mine do that, too. I think it's from getting wet & then the sun bleaches them.

zone 5

Can you tell me what the white w/ purple pansy is called. And please which group does it belong to, like Joker, Princess etc. Thank you

This pansy variety is "Pansy

This pansy variety is "Pansy Colossus" and the white color with the purple is called "Pansy Blotch White Colossus."

companion planting

I want to plant pansies in my veggie garden to add color, and because I've heard they are edible. Are there any specific companion planting do's or don't regarding interplanting pansies with vegetables or herbs?

The edible pansy is called

The edible pansy is called "Viola x wittrockiana" and is an annual. Growing edible flowers is essentially the same as growing flowers for ornamental purposes in terms of sunlight, soil, water requirements, and so forth. Do not use chemicals since you'll be eating it. Pansies add color in cooler months and good companion plants are ornamental kale and cabbage--and snapdragons for a taller backdrop. We have tips on growing edible flowers in the Garden-Fresh Cookbook. Here is a blog about growing edible flowers:

What is my hardiness zone in RI

What zone am I in Portsmouth, Rhode Island?

How to revive pansies

I live in southern Ohio and bought a flat of pansies in late Feb because it was so warm tend because they were bred to go to 29 degrees. Well I've spent the last month moving them in and out of the garage as temps went to 20 some nights. But they looked good until I made the mistake leaving them outside for the past four nights when temps dipped to 26 at night and 44 in the day. They look pretty bad. They are in pots.. The good news is this is the last cool night and then highs of 60 and lows of 40! Will they make it? Should I cut back? Thank you!

Pansies are quite winter

Pansies are quite winter hardy. They can even freeze solid and then defrost to slowly bloom again. They protect themselves in cold weather by temporarily wilting. That said, they do not like it when there are extremes from hot to cold. When it warms up, give them a shot of fertilizer and hope they will bounce back.


can i trim the dead leafs or do i leave them alone?

You can safely trim dead or

You can safely trim dead or yellowed leaves.

Planting Pansies

Is it too early to plant my pansy seeds? Southeast VA.

Pansies aren't easy to grow

Pansies aren't easy to grow from seed; start indoors in potting soil in a plastic flat about 12 weeks prior to last heavy frost, then harden off and plant outside after frost. Here are frost dates:
You may be interested in our list of best flowers to start indoors:


How was water should I give them? Should 1 cup a day suffice?

Normally, you'd water pansies

Normally, you'd water pansies about 1 inch per week. However, in the winter time in pots, just water when the soil is dry below the surface. Put your finger in the dirt up to an inch below the surface--the first knuckle. When it's dry, water.

pansy and zinnia fall planting

zone 8b north florida can i now plant pansies by seed or should i by plants. also can i plant zinnia seeds now for fall flowers

Now is a good time to plant

Now is a good time to plant pansies and zinnias in Florida. Pansies like the cooler weather and will bloom for several months. They are a little hard to start from seed and require complete darkness to germinate.

New Orleans

I am moving to NOLA at the end of August. Is that too late to plant Pansies? When should I expect them to bloom?

August is too hot for

August is too hot for pansies. They don't like the heat of summer. In the South, try planting in September and they should be able to overwinter if it doesn't get too cold--and you'll have blooms through spring!

What hardiness zone am I in?

What zone am I in? Boksburg, South Africa.

Depending on how near to

Depending on how near to Johannesburg you are, you are most likely zone 8. If you are located more north of Johannesburg, then you are zone 9.

Thank you for your interest in the Old Farmer's Almanac and our Web site.

annuals mean re-planting?

Can I use the seeds to re-plant? Or will they not produce blooming plants? So hybridized?

Saving pansy seeds

Yes, you can save some seeds to replant next season as long as it's a pollinated (heirloom) variety of pansies.

How to trim pansies?

My pansies grow fast and high. Do I need to wait till the flowers dies to trim them down? If I trim them now, I'll lose all the flowers.

how to trim pansies

Hi, you don't have to wait for the flowers to die. If your pansies have grown too fast, pinch off the top 1 to 3 inches of each growing stem. Use small shears or your fingers. If your pansies are super overgrown, then prune off the top one-third of the plant. Always leave at least 2 sets of leaves on each stem so the plant will grow back. Always water and fertilize after severe pruning.
On a regular basis, trim any flowers that seem wilted--cut at the base of the stem. Pinch off any spent blossoms and leaves where they meet the stem.

What about deer--are pansies among their favorites?

Do deer eat pansies?

deer and pansies

Yes, deer eat pansies and most every flower! However, here are suggestions on plants that are most deer-resistant:

Deterring Deer

If you have deer, try scatting human hair around your plants to deter them. See more suggestions on our deer pest page here:

what hardiness zone am I in

What zone am i in Lethbridge alberta

According to our hardiness

According to our hardiness zone map found at you would be in zone 3 and 4. Which means you could certainly try to grow pansies in your area!

Botanical Name: 

Viola x wittrockiana

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Sun Exposure: 

Hardiness Zone: 

Bloom Time: 

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