How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Zinnia Flowers

Growing Zinnia Flowers


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Zinnias are one of the easiest plants to grow, as they grow quickly and bloom heavily. Zinnia flowers make a massive burst of color in your garden, and they attract butterflies.

Zinnias are annuals, so they grow for one season and make great cutting flowers, but do not come back in subsequent years. They have bright, solitary, daisy-like flowerheads on a single, erect stem. The most common zinnia is “dahlia-flowered” and grows up to three feet tall. Other types are “cactus-flowered.”

Use in an annual or mixed border garden. Smaller zinnias are suitable for edging, windowboxes, or other containers. The narrow-leaf zinnia also works well in hanging baskets.


You should really grow zinnia from seed, as they do not like to be transplanted as nursery plants and do not often thrive. From seed, they will grow very quickly in the right conditions.

  • Do not seed until the last frost has passed. See your local frost dates.
  • Choosing a location that gets full sun is essential. Zinnias can stand a minimum daytime temperature of 60 degrees F, and a range of 74 to 84 degrees F is preferred.
  • Zinnias are adaptable, but the ideal soil is nice and fertile, humus-rich, and well-drained. Soil pH should be between 5.5 and 7.5. If soil is amended with compost, the flowers will grow more quickly. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting.
  • Sow zinnia seeds only ¼-inch deep.
  • Space plants 4 to 24 inches apart, depending on variety. (Many common varieties are planted 6 inches apart within the row and 2 feet in between rows.) See back of seed package for variety-specific advice.
  • You’ll see zinnia seedlings in only 4 to 7 days for most varieties.
  • When seedlings reach three inches tall, thin them so that they’re 6 to 18 inches apart to maximize air circulation.
  • Sow in succession for a longer flowering display.


  • Deadhead zinnia flowers to prolong flowering.
  • Maintain moderate soil moisture and fertilize lightly.
  • Zinnias are annuals and will die with the first frost.


  • Bacterial and fungal spots, powdery mildew, and bacterial wilt may affect zinnias. Minimize wetting of foliage to avoid disease.
  • Caterpillars, mealybugs, and spider mites also cause problems. Avoid spraying and tolerate some leaf damage unless the situation is uncontrolled.
  • Luckily, zinnias are deer-resistant, so they might help keep nearby flowers from being eaten.


  • Zinnias generally take 60 to 70 days from seed to flower (though it depends on conditions).

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

  • The small, narrow-leaf zinnias make nice dried flowers, too.
  • It is said that zinnias symbolize thoughts of absent friends. Learn about more flower meanings here.

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My Zinnias all grow tall and

My Zinnias all grow tall and the stems are big and healthy but they twist and fall over. I use steaks but is that the only option?

State Fair zinnias

Our zinnias are a variety of colors with large, well-formed blossoms. We do have trouble with Japanese beetles and have sprayed insecticide to kill them. We do not have many bees and butterflies, compared to the coneflowers nearby. Is our insecticide a contributing cause?


Insecticides could be a factor, though most insecticides work by killing insects upon contact or ingestion, rather than by repelling them outright. It could be the case that the coneflowers are simply more attractive to the pollinators right now!

zinnias stop growing at cotyledon stage

I've been trying to grow zinnias from seed for several years, and they always stop at the cotyledon stage. This year I tried wintersowing them in seedng soil, sowing them outdoors in the garden in June, and sowing them in potting soil at the end of June, and in every case they have come up to the cotyledon stage and then never gotten their true leaves. They aren't damping off; they just sit in the cotyledon stage, looking healthy, for weeks - in the wintersown case, for months.

Other plants in the same pots and soil, with the same watering regime, seem to do fine.
I've tried three different brands of zinnia seed, and it's always the same thing.

Any advice?


Zinnia growth

Just a few thoughts:  Do the zinnia have enough warmth and light indoors?  Check their potting mix. Is it too acidic for them? (You’d need a pH meter.) Perhaps use an aged compost. Also, are the seedlings’ roots too wet so the roots are oxygen starved? Add perlite to your mix for better drainage.

Hard rains

Any suggestions on preventing my zinnias from flattening out after hard and heavy rains? They pretty much all "bow" down leaving a big gap in the middle. Staking? Tying twine around them? I would post a pic but not sure I can.

support for zinnias...

Welcome to the club, Tim. One of our editors tried staking single plants a year ago because they appeared to be weak. They stood up, more or less, and bloomed, but it would have been a better idea to improve the soil earlier in season instead. It’s a little late for that now for you—but not impossible. You could “sprinkle” compost around the plants to help them (don’t scrape/cultivate it in because you could harm the flowers’ roots). She tried that, too. Another alternative: could you protect the plants from the rain easily—say, with a “sandwich board” type of cover?? Generally speaking if the plants are healthy and their sun and soil conditions are favorable, they will spring back after rain.

We hope this helps!

Potted zinnias

I just bought. 4 beautiful small pots of blooming zinnias. I was planning on repotting them into larger pots but just read that they won't do well. Should I just leave them in the pot hoping the pot will be large enough? There are between 6-8 plants in maybe a 7 inch pot. They are beginning to bloom now.

transplanting zinnia

It’s better to sow zinnia into the ground once it’s consistently warm. That said, people do transplant successfully, especially if you’re translating from a good-size pot so they are not root-bound. Some varieties are easy and some are more temperamental. It’s better to transplant before they bloom. If you’re worried, perhaps you keep some in pots and sow more in the ground. They take off so quickly–which is the other reason people don’t usually bother with transplanting risk.


I started zinnias in the house, and they are about a foot tall. Can I put them outside in the ground without losing them?


Zinnias do not tend to transplant well. Gardeners have done it successfully but many more have found that the zinnias cease growing. At this stage, we might suggest keeping them in pots. They do seed very quickly if you want to plant some more outside! You’ll see seedlings in a few days!


I have been growing Zinnias for almost 20 years . Love them. Over the last few years, however, I am no longer getting the big, snowball type of flowers. They are more...not sure what word to use to describe them but they are no longer the huge, multi-layered round "snowballs". Same yard for past 13 years. Any idea? I get my seeds from the same place every year and the same kind (Parks Picks form Park seed). Thanks!

Small Zinnia Flowers

Our guess would be that the zinnias have used up most of the soil’s nutrients in that spot. Before you seed next year, mix one or two inches of compost into the soil to add nutrients and loosen the soil a bit, which the zinnias should also appreciate. For this season, try adding some balanced fertilizer and see if that improves blooms.

Busted Buds

My roommate accidentally mistook my zinnia's for basil, and removed the beginning buds. Will they persevere and flower anyway?

Zinnias Re-Blooming

Most zinnias respond very well to the removal of old flower buds (deadheading), which can encourage them to bloom again. Now, in your case, the deadheading was a bit premature, but it will probably have the same effect. All you can really do is wait and see!

When to sow seeds

The temperatures in summers is too high as the maximum temperature recorded in Rajasthan,India is about 122 degree F in summers. So can i plant the Zinnias i August and still get good flowers. There is no frost here due to extremely high temperatures

Yes it can our temperature is

Yes it can our temperature is about 90 to 125 Fahrenheit it's blooming flowers all day water it twice or thrice a week


Zinnias are far from deer proof; I've had firsthand experience for more than 25 years. Matter of fact, almost no plant should be labeled as deer-proof. I've had deer munch/destroy daffodils, which are known to be toxic. And, yes, deer were the culprits; the proof was in the hoof prints.

zinnias and deer

We agree. There is no such thing as deer-proof.  That said, some plants are deer candy and preferred by deer to other plants. Zinnia are considered deer-resistant.  Of course, in bad weather, deer will eat anything, including holly!

Early planting

We run a fall corn maze and are looking into opening up for a spring flower picking event. We are in Zone 8B in southeast Alabama and have had an unseasonably warm winter so far (maybe 3 days below freezing, most days 70+ degrees). I would like to plant zinnias, sunflowers, and wildflowers so that we have blooms for flower cutting the last week of April and first week or so of May/Mother's Day (actually April 22 but I think that may be pushing a little too much). We have underground irrigation if needed. When would you advise planting the zinnias to potentially best hit this window? Is it even possible?


The best idea might be to start seeds indoors to get a jump on bloom time. But since zinnias don’t like being transplanted, sow them in peat pots that can be directly transplanted into the garden. Zinnias generally take 60 to 70 days from seed to flower so sow accordingly.  


Another question

In this area the temperature barely reaches 40 degree F in winter during night while during the hottest part of summer it goes more than 113 degree F. Do you think my zinnias may die in the intense heat

Zinnias in Hot Summer

As long as you keep them well watered and the heat wave doesn’t persist for too long, they should be okay.

No frost here

Hello. I am just a beginner gardner starting with 2 to 3 pots. I live in Rajasthan, India and here is no frost. Do you you think that my zinnias will die in winter or stay alive till their lifespan ends.

Issues with plants

HELP!! my plants look terrible and I am not sure what I'm doing or not doing. Leaves are brown and some leaves have a resemblance of like a snail track through them although I've looked the plants all over any see nothing. They rarely bloom and just look shabby. Doesn't matter if I use a miracle grow, water or don't water they just look blah....sadly.

zapped zinnias

Ah, …it’s November 22. A month from the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter, wherever you are north of the equator. Two months into fall. Your plants—zinnias and others—are trying to tell you that the season is over. What’s more because they are zinnias they are never coming back; they are annuals (they grow for one year/season). Next year you need to plant more/again. You should thank these plants for whatever small pleasure/s they brought you (even the anticipation should be appreciated), promise you will aim to do better next year, and pull them from the soil so the soil can rest.

As for why they failed to thrive…a few thoughts. See above: Zinnias want full, all-day sunlight. Not part sunlight or morning sun or late afternoon sun or under the tree sun. Full in their face sun. They like soil with a pH or 5.5 to 7.5. In the spring, do a soil test (go to a garden supply store; it costs only a couple dollars) and amend accordingly. See here about that: http://www.almanac.com/search/site/pH

Make sure you have rich, composted soil (just adding fertilized soil is not enough). Set the seeds in warm weather (see above); they will not germinate in cold/cool soil or temps. And see above again for other details.

Let us know how it goes next season! Happy holidays!

Frost is expected so I cut my

Frost is expected so I cut my remaining blooms and buds. I am wondering if the buds will bloom after being cut, as with my roses.

Lucky you! Most plants have

Lucky you! Most plants have been bitten by the hard frost. You could put them in water to see if they bloom. We can’t promise you a rose garden effect but it’s worth a try. Good luck, Anne!

First encounter with zinnias.

I bought a fund-raiser "butterfly planting" which consisted of a mat of
white, soft flannel-like material imbedded with seeds which were supposed to attract butterflies. Only trouble is, I did not use it for several years. Finally decided to try it around the bird bath in the garden. Voila! Zinnias grew from those seeds to a beautiful array! I was dumbfounded by their beauty all summer. My first encounter with zinnias--I am surely going to try them again from seed next year. Where should I get seeds?


Hello, My 89 year old Mom has had excellent results with her Zinnias. They started the season limited to orange, red, pink, purple...the basics. Now as frost is near they are stunning. Several colors on the same plant. Some actually seemed to have polka dots of other colors in the garden. They are single, double, large, small, petite...and we have so many new colors & shades of the originals. I assume they have cross pollinated from the bees & butterflies, would that be correct? Praying for another wonderful season next year. We did not realize how much we would enjoy the beauty of these flowers both inside & out.

Hooray for Zinnias!

Yes, zinnias are known to develop interesting variations when left to reseed. You are right—they can be a real joy!

violet zinnias

how do I get the seeds from a dried zinnia, not sure, when dry, what the seeds actually look like

Harvesting Zinnia Seeds

Wait for the flower head to dry and for the petals to drop off. There will be a central seed head. When it is completely dry, break it apart and separate the seeds from the chaff (the seeds are dark and pointy like small arrowheads). Dry them some more by laying them out on a screen, then store them in a cool, dry place until spring.


I never put water on my zinnias! Some of my zinnias are almost 3 feet tall and I had to stake them with tomato stakes. But my problem is I have the white fungus on them. What is the possible cure for that?

Powdery Mildew on Zinnias

That is probably powdery mildew. One fairly effective treatment is to apply a baking soda spray: In a gallon of water, mix 1 heaping tablespoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon horticultural or vegetable oil, and ½ teaspoon plain liquid soap. Mix well and transfer into a spray bottle. Late in the day (so the plant has all night to soak up the mixture) spray both the tops and undersides of the leaves as well as the stems. Apply two to three times a week as symptoms persist. Powdery mildew is not easy to control; luckily it is not fatal. The best method is prevention, which means removing diseased plants, replacing them with healthy new plants, allowing a lot of air circulation, and making sure the plants receive as much sunlight as possible.

Powdery Mildew on Zinnias

Zinnias are prone to powdery mildew, which is most likely what yours have. There is no sure cure but try spraying plants once a week with a solution of 1.5 tablespoons baking soda, 3 tablespoons horticultural oil, dissolved in 1 gallon of water. 

giant green zinnia

Greetings do you know a professional supplier of Zinnia seeds for large quantities?
thank you Stephane

transplanting Zinnias

apparently, my Zinnias do not know that they do not like being transplanted.
I replanted a flowering Zinnia after I pulled it out accidentally....and there,....continued to bloom. I have been moving young Zinnia seedlings here and there, ...and they just go on growing.

What Ate My Plant

My Zinnias are in pot and growing nicely. I looked at them 2 days ago and something ate all but one flower. I put some moth balls around the pot to deter further damage. That did not work. Checked on it this morning and the last flower is gone. What ate my plant? This has never happened before.

zinnias lost their zing

Hi, Sandra, Zinnias have lots of enemies: aphids, earwigs, leafminers, spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, and a few others. Earwigs, common in summer, are especially harmful to a number of plants, including zinnias. To confirm that it may be them, you need to go out at night and examine the site with a flashlight. It’s most likely earwigs. If there is any good news, it’s that they are natural enemies of aphids and mites (so you would not have these in the same vicinity as earwigs). Earwigs are attracted to dark, moist places such as under plant pots. If possible in future, put a tray or the like under your plant pot. It might deter the earwigs.

Where are the seeds within

Where are the seeds within the flower,, can I get the seeds from my Zinnias for next year?

when it's time to "deadhead"

when it's time to "deadhead" each bloom, grasp the center and pull gently away from the wilted petals. Voila! Seeds for next year. Just put them into a small envelope or baggie and store for next year.

Zinnias what do I need to do for fall

This was my first year growing zinnias from seed they have become my new go to! They are a fabulous and hearty flower. Aside from dead heading what do. Need to do to prep them for fall? I have seen a few of my plants (3-5 feet high)turn brown and basically die. Is that just how they NC the growth cycle?

Thanks for the valuable tips

Thanks for the valuable tips about Zinnias. I planted seeds in early spring and they are in full bloom at present. Beautiful flowers. Unfortunately I have not seen any butterflies yet. Hopefully they will come before the summer ends

Plant doesn't grow...

My zinnia will not grow... The plant is the same height and width as when I purchased the seedings. All the other zinnia seedings have grown around them, some more then other but in this location two years in a row the plant didn't grow.


My tall zinnias got blown over in a rain storm. Should I try and stand them back up with ropes through them to help hold them up? Need for a wedding

zinnias down, could rebound

Hi, Sherry, That’s a darn shame! You could, should try to prop them. “Ropes” sounds heavy weight but you know what you’re dealing with. We might suggest string…or narrow-diameter bamboo poles or the like, with string, lightly tied to the plant and the pole. If the plants still have roots in the ground, they may very well “come back.” If the roots are exposed, toss a bit of soil on them, once the plants are upright. That might help them to get a grip. Here’s hoping they rise to the occasion!


For the second year in a row, I purchased multicolored zinnias (different varieties, different brands) and they are 99% pink/lavender. I have them in three different beds. I think I had one orange and one white plant. All the rest pink/lavender.

Zinnia colors

My zinnias are mostly the Cut and Come Again variety. Although the colors represented on the packets are vivid reds, yellows, oranges, pinks (also white) , when blooms appear they are mainly a washed out mauve. What's going on?

flowers do not match the pic on the seed packet

It may be that the proper seeds did not get put into the proper seed packet. We asked around and have no other reason, such as soil quality, for example. If you think of it next time you’re in a nursery or the like, ask. And if do find out, let us know—


I have had a beautiful bed of Zinnias for two years; planted from seed! They have come back each year reseeding themselves! This year, not a sign of one zinnia!!! What is up???

zinnias did not self seed

Apparently, Janice, some types may self-sow each year, but not always.

Zinnia seeds not sprouting?

I've grown zinnias for past 3 years. Always from seed. Every year they've gotten powdery mildew in the fall when the light in my garden is drastically reduced.
The first year my zinnias were amazing- some taller than me. The second year they were ok, but not nearly as impressive. Last year they grew, but took longer (I think I planted them a bit later), and did not live nearly as long before getting powdery mildew. Some of the varieties I planted, like candy cane (I think that's what it was called- it was a striped flower), only made one or two plants, and those made maybe one flower.
Two weeks ago today I planted several rows of zinnias. I marked each row to keep track of what isn't successful. So far the thumbelinas have sprouted, but only in one area. And there are a few sprouts of regular zinnias (nothing fancy. I think it's the one with "cut" in the name.)
None of the giants or fancy ones have sprouted. In my experience, most seeds have usually sprouted within 2 weeks. We've had warm, sunny weather and I water every day. I also planted with dried fish emulsion, as directed on package.
What could be going on here? The seeds are dated for this year's planting.

Update on non-sprouting zinnia seeds

Now been over 3 weeks and there is still no sign of the majority of the zinnia seeds I planted. I have no idea what's going on. Each variety was from a different seed packet, and there were different brands. I have a hard time believing that 4/5 packets were bad seeds!
From past experience I know that most would have sprouted by now. And I planted much more than I've ever planted before, so I can't imagine why my luck is SO bad this year!
The thumbelinas are thriving in one area, and alyssum and wild flowers are coming up fine.
I prepped the whole bed- dug up/loosened soil, put in dried fish emulsion per the instructions (supposed to add with the seed)..

What could have happened??

Zinnia seeds will not grow

I have planted zinnias for years from seeds and had wonderful results. Last year they barely broke through the soil. No blooms. This year the same thing has happened. I planted on Easter Sunday and the shoots showed up within a few days on some of the seeds- not all of the seeds came up. But it is now the end of May and the tallest plant is only about 3 inches tall. No signs of blooms. What could have happened?

odd zinnias

I keep getting some odd looking zinnias in my garden - they have no petals

Dying seedlings

Hi planted some green zinnias that grew into healthy 6cm seedling I potted them into 3cm pots and after about for days they have started to drop over and die. What I'm I doing wrong??


My Thumbelinia zinnias grew to 3 feet last year. The problem is I wanted short plants. Other zinnias I have planted grew to 7 feet over shadowing even my Knockout Rose bushes. And yes, I have photos to prove the 7 feet growth. What can I do to get short spreading plants?

My zinnias are too tall

I have the same question--how can I make my 30 inch tall zinnas be short spreading plants before they get too tall without loosing their blooms

Try a variety such as ‘Cut

Try a variety such as ‘Cut and Come Again.’ ‘Jazzy Mix’ is pretty. ‘Candy Cane Mix’ is something different. To have bushier-shaped zinnia plants, you need to pinch off an inch or so from the tips of the main stems while the plant is still young.

Transplanting Zinnias

Hi from Zone B.

I would like to give these Tall Zinnia Seeds a head start inside, by using the little Peat Pellets that swell when you water them. I have heard that Zinnia Seeds do not get as stressed when transplanting if you do use these. Um, also I was wondering can you plant them a little deeper like you do with tomatoes, up to the first set of True Leaves or so. TY

growing zinnias

We’ve tried peat pellets to start zinnias and they work well, however, you are right in saying that they hate transplanting. You need to either use peat pellets and sow them very close (2 weeks) after germination or direct sow. 

In terms of depth, we have never tried more than the recommended depth. When you sow zinnia seeds, you cover with a fine layer of soil or light mulch such as vermiculite and water very lightly.

Zinnias getting dry and colorless

I bought zinnias last week and put then under sun.They got dry and colorless.I really have no idea what might be the reason.I am watering them daily to keep the soil moist but is 40 degrees where i live.Can you help me save the flowers?

Sometimes flowers change

Sometimes flowers change color or fade when stressed. This can happen if it has just been transplanted. Give your zinnias some time to adapt to their new home. Also, only water from the bottom. Do not get the petals or foliage wet.

love zinnias

Im replanting for the first time from seeds last year all i got to do is buy my soil. Wish me luck. They were awesome last year. I got so so many compliments. They do need more water then other plants i have. Good luck to u guys. One question how many seeds per hole? I got alot. Ty

seeds per hole?

Good plan, Cheri. Seeds per hole…you could do one each and plant them closely and then thin them as they get larger, transplanting the ones you pull up. That would be better then two or more per hole because you would disturb the roots of any/all in the hole if you thin them. Zinnias are such happy flowers, aren’t they?! We love them, too.

Though Zinnias love sun, I

Though Zinnias love sun, I live in Oregon. It's not even March yet, and it's pouring rain at least every other day. Is there any way to grow it indoors? A lot of people are saying there's no chance, but I want to know if there is, since I have a variety that can thrive in part shade. Also, can you remind me of the planting season? it's late winter, right? Someone please respond to this quick, because I have to grow these quickly for a project.

You are not going to have a

You are not going to have a lot of luck indoors, even with a grow light. They are bound to be spindly and generally weak specimens. And that’s even if you have proper pH and soil, light, heat, etc.

Hello, I have grown

I have grown successful zinnias from seed packets for awhile now. Recently they have become very tall and have fallen over. Once the initial stem falls, the new flowers grow upright and look great. How do I keep them looking lush in an upright position rather than having dead "inital stems" laying in my bed. They are beautiful but they are very wild.

Holy smokes! I'm having the

Holy smokes! I'm having the exact same problem and would love some advice.

Your comment that your

Your comment that your zinnias are "very tall" may mean that they are reaching for sunlight? competing with nearby plants? And if they are competing, are there too many in a space allowed?
It may also be "dampening off"—too much moisture, too cool temps. The plants collapse, then, sometimes, recover as you have described. This is soil-borne condition caused by—you guessed it—dampness and high temps, in which conditions plants may grow too rapidly at first, collapse, then recover as yours do (not all plants recover from dampening off). Your tools and pots could be infected; wash thoroughly. Only use good potting soil, and do not plant seeds too deeply.

Hello! I'm new to gardening,

Hello! I'm new to gardening, I started growing Zinnias. They have grown quite a bit and are a bit droopy. I water all my plants twice a day. I live in florida so I figured if I watered them they wouldnt suffer moisture loss. Is there something im doing wrong? Do I need to transplant them into a larger pot? I would like to show a picture if that would help to determine what I need to do. My email is karaveillette@outlook.com if you could help I would be greatful! I dont want anything bad to happen to my flowers :(

It is natural for leaves on a

It is natural for leaves on a heat stressed plant to wilt a bit during the hottest part of the day but the whole plant should not be collapsing. It definitely needs more water. It is not unusual to have to water container plants several times a day in extreme heat. Your plant sounds like it would benefit from being moved into a larger pot with more soil mass. Next year pay attention to the spacing requirements on the seed package. If the varieties you are growing need to be planted 4 or 6 or 8 inches apart, plan for a large enough container to accomodate them.

I was given zinnias in a pot

I was given zinnias in a pot in June and it is beautiful. Our weather is much hotter this summer with less rain. It seems that each sunny day all of the flowers and stems wilt and when watered they pop back up. I've used an outdoor umbrella to shade them and it helps a bit. This isn't normal, is it? The soil does seem to dry out each day. Could the pot be too small for the plants now? To grow zinnias next year, how do I determine pot size to use? Thanks!

I have planted zinnea seeds

I have planted zinnea seeds in a nursery . all seeds sprouted but most of them wilted after a few days. what may be the reason and remedy. Please give a tip.

Your seedlings may have

Your seedlings may have succumbed to a fungus called pythium that caused them to keel over after germinating. The condition is called "damping off." The best remedy is to start the seeds in a sterile potting mix.

My zinnias have some type

My zinnias have some type disease, not sure what type. Can the seeds be saved or will they be diseased too?

Hi, Dell: The stronger the

Hi, Dell: The stronger the plant, the stronger (more viable) the seeds are likely to be. Seeds from a diseased zinnia are not so much likely to transmit/continue disease as they are just to produce weaker plants. So go ahead and save them and see. The greater danger, which many people overlook, comes from disease that remains in the soil and then rejuvenates when replanted upon. So it is important to make sure that you clean the bed first. Thanks for asking!

i am looking for a flower

i am looking for a flower that does not require much maintenance or watering. I am gone, away a lot and need a flower i can have outside on my balcony that will stay alive and pretty all summer. Is this a good choice for me?

Zinnias do need to be watered

Zinnias do need to be watered during dry spells. Globe Amaranth is a carefree annual for full sun locations. Cosmos is also very easy to grow in dry conditions and begonias do well with minimum maintenance.

I noticed you said to

I noticed you said to deadhead zinnias. When do you know it is time to deadhead. Flowers stay nice forever. Should I save what I cut off for re-planting next year.

You remove the flower when it

You remove the flower when it fades (turns brown). If you leave the faded flowers on the plant they will develope seeds that you then can collect and save for next year.

We have raised a great crop

We have raised a great crop of Profusion Yellow Zinnias for several years. This year our plants grew rapidly and produced great blooms. Suddenly the plants are not growing foliage and not producing buds and the blooms are turning brown. We had a lot of rains in June(about 13 inches) very unusual for Oklahoma. I believe the location is pretty well drained. Maybe the constant moisture is causing the problem even though the drainage is ok. Is there any hope for these plants. Is there anything I can do except wring my hands? By the way, I do not see much evidence of insect damage .

I love zinnias I plant them

I love zinnias I plant them every year, thinking I will have good luck every time I plant them. But every year they get brown spots and dry up, can someone please help me figure this out. I wood like to have healthy plants.

It sounds as if you have a

It sounds as if you have a fungal leaf spot. You should be able to control this by spraying them every 7 to 14 days with a fungicide which you can get from your local garden store. When you see this fungus, cut off the affected parts of the plant and throw in the trash. Keep the garden bed free of weeds and dead plant debris.

Hi, my different varieties of

Hi, my different varieties of zinnia seeds just arrived in the mail. I planted some in the soil and some in pots and need to plant the rest. Is it too late in new mexico?

Sure, you can still plant

Sure, you can still plant them. We'd suggest getting the seeds in before July though.

I have received some dried

I have received some dried zinia heads from a neighbor I do not know which type they are are there any surefire ways to tell and would it be to late to start the I'm in ohio

It will be hard to tell what

It will be hard to tell what type of Zinnia seeds you have. If the heads are fairly big you know that the Zinnias will grow big. Find the seeds in the head and plant as soon as you can. They should germinate soon and you will have some flowers later this summer.

we planted a small field (1/4

we planted a small field (1/4 acre)of zinnias some of which are starting to come up... tonight a frost is expected a do we need to cover them?

Zinnias are easy to grow we

Zinnias are easy to grow we live in OK and each year at the end of the blooms when they get brown we cut the flowers and let them dry out then next summer we just sprinkle them where we want them and they come back they are the easiest to grow low maintenance beautiful blooms. I got the starts from my mother-n-law and my sister's boyfriends mother that have been growing for over 20 or more years. We love them!

I planted zinnias at the end

I planted zinnias at the end of summer. That's when they were sold to me. Then the lady who sold them told me they like heat. Great. So why didn't she day that before I planted them? Now the cold weather is coming and they are heading for an early grave.

I always plant Zinnias and

I always plant Zinnias and love them. I live in Northwest Ohio. This year they are all coming back. I usually leave the dead stalks to help catch leaves and provide cover during the winter. As I was cleaning out the leaves and dead stalks this weekend I noticed the plants were coming back. They have never done this before. Has anyone else had this happen? Will the bloom again?

Hi, Toggs: Zinnias quite

Hi, Toggs: Zinnias quite often will self-seed and come back. Lucky you!

It seems that whenever I

It seems that whenever I plant zinnias outside, the slugs get to them the minute the seedlings come out of the ground. So I have tried starting them indoors with a light, heating, and all. But now they get leggy, wilt and die. Help!

Usually, leggy zinnias mean

Usually, leggy zinnias mean that they haven't had enough direct light as they were starting out.  Grow lights need to be very close (two inches) from the seedlings. 

I've had the same issues with

I've had the same issues with slugs. Not sure if you mulch your gardens or not, but removing the mulch cuts down on the slugs. I also found a product called "sluggo" that is a life saver. You put it around the base of your plants then sprinkle around the rest of the garden and the slugs will eat it and die.

Hi my zinnia was wilted this

Hi my zinnia was wilted this am I watered it an it basically looked dead this am but with in a few hours u couldn't even tell .

I have problems with slugs as

I have problems with slugs as well this probably sounds crazy but if you put a small dish of beer in your garden the slugs will be attracted to it. It must be deep enough for them to fall in and drown.You will either wake up the next morning with a dish full of dead slugs or a drunk racoon lol

All the zinnias I've planted

All the zinnias I've planted have grown so tall they just fall over. They flower beautifully, but look terrible all over the ground. I plant too many to stake. Last year I bought seeds which said the plants would only grow to 30 inches but they were almost four feet high. I don't fertilize. What is a good variety that will reach a moderate height, but won't need staking?

There are many varieties of

There are many varieties of medium-size zinnias that are still tall enough for cutting flowers. "Cut and Come Again" is a popular variety. "Jazzy Mix" is pretty. "Candy Cane Mix" is something different. To have bushier-shaped zinnia plants, you need to pinch off an inch or so from the tips of the main stems while the plant is still young.

I grow zinnias every year.

I grow zinnias every year. Liliput varieties will stay below 2 ft tall, so I definitely recommend Lilliputs. Thumbelina varieties grow to 6-8 inches. I have had success planting several "cut and come again" variety plants per pot - keeping roughly 2 inches between each plant. As the zinnias grow, they support each other. I like to keep about a 3-4 inch lip from the top of the pot to also help with support. For the shorter varieties, I use smaller pots and stick to 2-4 plants per pot. Each plant will produce several flowers as the summer goes on. Best of luck!

Zinnias generally do not need

Zinnias generally do not need staking. It sounds like you are planting the seeds too close together. They shade each other so they are growing too tall and weak trying to get to the light. Read the spacing information on the seed pkt carefully and conform. Unlike Marigolds which you can just sprinkle and rake lightly, zinnias must be carefully spaced.

Hi, I have planted zinnias in

Hi, I have planted zinnias in my pot and they get full sun everyday almost everyweek. my problem is, it's only about 3 inches high when the first flower bloomed (with only 3 sets of small leaves) and the stem is very thin. is this how zinnias grow at first? what should i do to better my zinnia plant?

Another reader, below, was

Another reader, below, was attempting to grow zinnias in winter, too. As George responds there, you're not going to have a whole lot of luck indoors, even with a grow light. They are bound to be spindly and generally weak specimens. And that's even if you have proper pH and soil, light, heat, etc. (see above; do you have all the recommended basic growing conditions?).
Zinnias are a sun-loving summer annual. If you are starting them for summer planting, you may be just a little early (you do not say where you are). If you can keep them going until your area is consistently warm, you might be able to transplant them; if you do, make sure you minimize the disturbance to the roots. Zinnias generally prefer to be sown: grown from seed in soil in the ground or in pot.

Is it safe to reuse pots with

Is it safe to reuse pots with soil that was infested by mealybugs? They couldn't be saved from insecticides so I removed the plants, let it dry out in the sun for months without watering. Soil's like sand now coz it's so dry. I know I sound like a cheapskate but I was wondering if I should bother saving the soil and not worry about mealybugs still being there.

I planted Zinnias seeds on my

I planted Zinnias seeds on my balcony here in the Dominican Republic. Within 30days I have growth but no blooms. What I have discovered is that in the early morning there are many small yellow blooms. However, within an hour or so, they close up. Question, when can I expect to see full blooms? Am I close?

Are you certain you planted

Are you certain you planted zinnia seeds? I'm asking because zinnias are native to Mexico, so hot and sunny weather shouldn't be an issue. Also, zinnias take about 60-70 days to bloom, so your plants seem to be flowering early. I have never seen zinnia flowers open and close, so I'm wondering if you have actual zinnia seeds. Hope this helps your question!

Yes I agree. I would make

Yes I agree. I would make sure that they were really Zinnias. I also have never heard of them opening and closing. I know this is only my 2nd year gardening. But I seen to have a pretty good green finger. And Zinnias seen to be my favorite so far..

I purchased a box of zinnia

I purchased a box of zinnia seeds that were closed out for $1 at our hardware store. Wow!!! My fence line is filled with zinnias of all colors and all sizes! Just beautiful. We actually have had 40s and 50s temperatures so far in Minnesota and they are still going strong.

I have a question. I'm new to

I have a question. I'm new to gardening and had a great summer with success and beauty. I just received zinnia seeds. I plan to get started next spring. Can one grow these indoors in pots in winter months?

Even with a grow light, I

Even with a grow light, I can't see picking zinnias to grow indoors in the winter. Zinnias are the definitive summer plant which LOVES real, direct, full Sun.

We live in South Central

We live in South Central Missouri and planted zinnias for the first time this summer. I don't know which variety we got but they are nearly 6 feet tall. Twice the height we expected and they have been blooming like crazy. When I deadhead them, I cut them at the base of the individual flower stem which seems to make them happy.

I have planted green envy

I have planted green envy zinnias for my daughters wedding and they were doing fine until flowering. The buds are there ready to open then the "support" to the bud (1/4" below) turns brown and wilts and the bud doesn't open. Help please!

If zinnias suffer, it is

If zinnias suffer, it is usually lack of full sun or nutrient deficiency. Zinnias are heavy feeders and need lots of potassium. We can only guess they needed to be fed more? 

how do I feed potassium to my

how do I feed potassium to my zinnias as you suggest

You can find fertilizers at

You can find fertilizers at garden centers that are high in potassium (K). Muriate of potash is pure potassium and can also be found in garden centers. Follow the directions on the bag or box.

I grow the Benary Giant

I grow the Benary Giant Zinnias for sale to florists, and I, too, had the same problem with the Green Envy Zinnia, altho' never with any other Zinnia. It is not a nutrition problem but some sort of pest that burrows into the swelling of the stem just below the bud. Sometimes the blossom will open only on one side and be disfigured, sometimes it withers and dies completely.

What to do if it has root

What to do if it has root mealy bugs? I've tried neem oil & the garlic-soap treatment but they're still there. I feel like it's a waste if I just dump the whole thing.

Try combining 1 cup neem oil,

Try combining 1 cup neem oil, 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper, and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Add about 1.5 tablespoons of this mixture with 16 ounces of water in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray the infected plants. Apply weekly. You can also try adding food-grade diatomaceous earth to the soil around and under the zinnias.

What is the best way to

What is the best way to collect Zinnia seeds? I wanted to collect after the flower becomes totally brown, but most of the petals go off with the wind. And Every petal has the seed.
So now I collect them after the flower is old and starts to become dull in color. Then I dry them for 3-4 days and collect the seeds.
Will I be able to get new plants from these seeds next yr?

You can see the answer to

You can see the answer to saving zinnia seeds lower on this very page.

Can you replant & get flowers

Can you replant & get flowers from the dry zinnia seed

As my flowers turned brown id

As my flowers turned brown id pull them off and throw them in the flower bed. I forgot all about it and the last of September first of October I got a whole new crop of pretty zinnias!

After an initial bloom my

After an initial bloom my zinnias stopped blooming. The buds are there but they will not bloom. I have some in the garden and some in containers and both seem stalled. I had zinnias last year and had so many flowers! Why won't the buds bloom??

Try cutting them back. In

Try cutting them back. In fact, the more flowers you cut, the more the plants will produce for a long season of bloom. If a zinnia bloom is spent (has died), deadhead it -- pinch it off; this will also encourage more blooms.

How much of the flower stem

How much of the flower stem is needed to be cut, when pinching or cutting back. Tyvm

My zinnias have really small

My zinnias have really small flowers (from being cut/deadhead a number of times). Will they get bigger if I add a bloom fertilizer tube?

Pinching back our zinnia

Pinching back our zinnia flowers actually creates bigger blooms. Perhaps you have a smaller-size zinnia variety?

I don't know the type but

I don't know the type but it's similar to the E-card pic but with fewer & shorter petals.

I have the exact same problem

I have the exact same problem! The plants seem to be healthy and tall, but have very small blooms; around an inch in diameter. The soil in my pot seems to get fungus-y every few days and temperatures where I live can go up to 40-50 degrees Celsius (around 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit). I covered my Zinnias with netting, so the suns rays are somewhat dimmed. Does anyone know if I'm doing anything wrong?

My zinnias are doing really

My zinnias are doing really well. The flowers are reaching heights I did not expect. When I deadhead the flowers, if I remove the stem down to the nearest branch, will I encourage the plant to stay shorter?

Pinching your zinnias makes

Pinching your zinnias makes them have many more flowers, rather than long stems.

Hi i planted zinnia in a pot.

Hi i planted zinnia in a pot. My worries is at this time it is rainy season here in the philippines, will zinnia be affected of too much rain?



Can I sow zinnia seeds in

Can I sow zinnia seeds in July in NE Texas zone 7B? Is it too late & hot?

If you still wish to plant

If you still wish to plant flowers in July in East Texas, your best bet is probably zinnia or marigolds. They do well in summer heat.

I planted four pots of little

I planted four pots of little Lilliput Zinnias in early May.
One of the pots is just fine, but the other 3 are pale and skinny. can you help. I planted the seeds at the same time and they are in the same area.

Thank you

Ann Robinson.

Hi, Ann: Assuming that the

Hi, Ann: Assuming that the seeds were OK, that there are no pests, that the soil is OK, and that they have had the same water, it sounds as though perhaps these other three are somehow getting shaded even though they are in the same area. Without full sun, zinnia will definitely get pale and skinnia. Good luck!

Last year I started a new

Last year I started a new garden and planted zinnia seeds. The zinnias grew, but started to get ugly brown spots all over the leaves. I saved the seeds from the zinnias and planted them again this year. The small seedlings are already getting these brown spots on the tiny leaves. I've read about not getting the foliage wet when watering, but how do you water hundreds of seedlings, without getting the leaves wet?

Is there anything like a fungicide or something I can put on these seedlings to save them? (I readily admit I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to gardening. The green thumb gene that they rest of my family possesses, skipped me!) I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

It sounds like leaf spot

It sounds like leaf spot fungus. Spray with a fungicide recommended by a local nursery two or three times during the season.

I've been growing Zinnias for

I've been growing Zinnias for years and have converted many of my friends to do the same. Unfortunately I have something that eats the baby plant. We start them indoors in separate peat pots and plant them once the threat of frost is gone. We always have more on hand then we need because of this mysterious insect (I think)that seams to eat them before they have a chance to grow big and strong.

I have planted zinnias last

I have planted zinnias last month and now they are at least 2 feet tall however one of the plants lower leaves became brown and is now wilted and is spreading to the top leaves. Im afraid it has a disease...will insecticide and fungicides work?

Mildew is a common hazard

Mildew is a common hazard with zinnias that results in the conditions you describe.
Click through on the word "powdery mildew" in the text above for more advice.

I bought some zinnias and

I bought some zinnias and transplanted them into big pots and they now look like they are almost dead. What can I do to make to live as I noticed above in reading that it says they do not like to be transplanted.

Thanks so much

I am a retiree and live in

I am a retiree and live in Lahore Pakistan. I have a small garden and spend quite some time in growing flowers in it, specially the annuals. Two years back I planted seedlings of Zinnia and within a week the birds eat them on the second try the same thing happened. Can some one tell me how to save seedlings from birds.
If I keep them indoors for how long do I wait.
Thanks and regards

What a dissapointment, Aslam!

What a dissapointment, Aslam! Cover your plants with a screen or the like that allows sunlight and adequate water but not birds.

try "row cover", very light

try "row cover", very light fabric that keeps insects out but lets light and rain through. after the plants get strong you can remove it.

Zinnias is very attractive

Zinnias is very attractive flowers that I have planted in our garden. ......

What type of zinnia seed do

What type of zinnia seed do you buy if you want to keep seed for the next year and how do you save them?

Just avoid saving Zinnia

Just avoid saving Zinnia Seeds from hybrid varieties as they do not grow true to the parent. Any open-pollinated variety of seed will do. For example, Profusion is hybrid. Green Envy, Persian Carpet, and Lilliput are popular open-pollinated varieties. Allow the seed to mature and dry as long as possible on the plant. Spread seeds on a screen in a single layer in a well-ventilated area for more drying time. Package in envelopes and store in a cool, dry location.

I live in Great Britain and

I live in Great Britain and bought Zinnia seeds from Buchard gardens in Canada. The seedlings are growing well in peat pots indoors. What I need to know is do I pinch out to make them bush out?

I'm going to try and grow my

I'm going to try and grow my first Zinnia Peppermint Sticks from seeds for the first time. I plan on putting them in planters in my back yard. How big do they grow? I live in Ashcroft, British Columbia Canada and it gets hot in the summer. Right now its just the beginning of spring and I'm eager to plant.

Sounds colorful! Peppermint

Sounds colorful! Peppermint Stick Zinnia grows to height of 2 to 3 feet. 

I understand that Zinnias are

I understand that Zinnias are not easily transplanted. I'm starting mine in a pot until they are big enough to transplant. I'm trying to get rid of the weeds in the soil in my garden out front so it will be easier to manage.

my girls planted their

my girls planted their zinnias in a jiffy green house container and there were sprouts within 3 days they are about 2-3inches in height
and still growing the girls are excited and cant wait to have flowers...started them indoor then gradually moved them outdoors since they are still small should i be watching for colder temperatures to keep bringing them in or will they be alright outside in colder temps?

Zinnias are best when they

Zinnias are best when they are directly seeded in the ground as they grow fast. 
Zinnias actually don't like being transplanted. If possible, it's best to sow seeds in peat pots that can be directly transplanted into the garden.
Transplant after all danger of frost is gone. Here's our frost chart for your local: www.almanac.com/content/frost-...  Just keep in mind that frost dates are averages based on the past; every year is different!

i live in denver,colorado and

i live in denver,colorado and where i can plant my flowers
is kinda shady when should i plant ?

Zinnias are sunlovers so full

Zinnias are sunlovers so full sun is prefered. Maybe you can plant them in containers in a sunny spot. Wait to plant until the minimum daytime temperature is about 60 degrees F.

I'm looking for Creeping

I'm looking for Creeping Zinnia, Gold braid sanvitalia. Can't seem to find the Gold Braid variety anywhere. Also, is it true impatiens have a desease now that is making them all die?

Yes, impatiens have suffered

Yes, impatiens have suffered from disease and recent years and downy mildew problems still crop up, though it seems to be getting better n 2014 as growers learn ways to fight back this disease. You may wish to consider alternative shade plants to be on the safe side.
We don't sell seeds. (Maybe we should!)  However, if you type "Gold braid sanvitalia" into Google, we see a couple seed companies as well as eBay options. All the best.

I started 50 Zinnias from

I started 50 Zinnias from seed a few days ago on my large lighted plant stand. I need them for a fundraising luncheon that will be held in 47 days. Is there a way to get the Zinnias to bloom within 47 days?

Hi, I planted zinnia's from

I planted zinnia's from seed in my house & sat them in a south facing window. It gets 10 hours of sun per day. The Zinnias have gotten long and leggy. I now realize that I must buy a grow light, but it might not be in the budget - so my question to you is: is there anyway to save these plants? I have about 20 in pea pods. I was thinking of transplanting up to the leaves - like you do tomatoes, but didn't know if this will work for Zinnias. thanks for any help you can provide!

You could transplant the

You could transplant the seedlings into bigger containers that can be put outdoors during warmer days and moved back indoors at night. The only problem may be space!

Thank you. I have plenty of

Thank you. I have plenty of larger containers, so I will try transplanting them.

PEA PODS????? WHAT?..Do you

PEA PODS????? WHAT?..Do you mean Peat Pots??

Hello, I'm relatively new at

Hello, I'm relatively new at gardening. I had to grow marigolds last year for a science project and I've recently started my own garden in my room at the moment since we're still getting snow here in PA. I planted Zinnias two weeks back and I'm happy to say that they're growing rapidly! But my one Zinnia sproutling has three brown spots on it's leaves. Is it sick? Can I fix it? I will admit that the one time when I was watering the soil a drop of water hit it since it was late popping out of the soil. I tried to wipe it off and I guess I made it worse. How do I make it better and will it die? All the others are healthy, so does that mean this sick one will affect the others?

Hi, we love colorful zinnias!

Hi, we love colorful zinnias! Zinnias do not like moist soil You want the soil to dry out between waterings because soggy soil promotes fungal disease. Water only at the base of the plant, too.
The bigger issue for you might be lack of warmth. Zinnias LOVE hot weather and full sunlight--as well as lots of air circulation. This comes from being outside. If the zinnias do not survive, it is simply because they need to get outdoors in the sun and it's too early for them. You can seed again!

My grand-daughters planted

My grand-daughters planted zinna seeds on the side of my house, in full sun but poor, heavy, soil here in southern Arizona. I have been sprinkling them daily to keep them moist till they sprout. My question is what fertilizer should I use to make sure they will flower?

Zinnias love that full sun

Zinnias love that full sun and hot weather as they come from arid regions. Keep watering regularly. They really aren't that fussy about soil, but we like mix in 2 or 3 inches of compost before planting. Fertilize at least twice during the growing season. Use a balanced granular or water-soluble fertilizer, for instance, one with 20-20-20 on the label.

I am also attempting to grow

I am also attempting to grow zinnias for my wedding, the green envy variety. My wedding is in June, so I know that I'm pushing it, but I thought it would be fun to try. We have a large South-facing greenhouse window in the kitchen that gets full sun and stays warm. I started my seeds about a month ago in jiffy pods. They came up beautifully and I have been transplanting them into pots over the last week and a half (everything I transplanted is 2.5" - 4" and has done well so far).

My questions are:

I planted 3 envy zinnia pots per 10" pot... will this be ok or should I thin them out more?

The pots are crowding my greenhouse window for now, but I'd like to put them outside when I can. At what point is it ok to start hardening them off and moving them?? I can move them inside again if the weather turns cold.

How many blooms can I expect if I take good care of them? I have 14 pots with 3 envy zinnias each right now. How can I encourage more blooms? I plan to deadhead religiously but I am unsure of the correct method of cutting to encourage more flowers. I don't need a long stem like for cut flowers (I plan on floating the flower heads in shallow bowls of water with some floating candles).


Robin- Congratulations on

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We love the idea of floating zinnia heads in water as centerpieces.
Zinnias like to be spaced about 8 to 12 inches apart, so check your pots and see if they come close to that measurement.
Zinnias do not like temperatures below 60 degrees, so when your area warms up, you can begin to harden off the seedlings. It should take about 10 to 14 days to finish the hardening off process.
We can't say for sure how many blooms you will have per plant, but deadheading is the best way to keep the blooms continuous. When flowers wilt, cut back to the nearest leaves on the stem.

hello we are planning on

hello we are planning on using zinnias for my wedding decorations and have bought around 500 seeds in shades of pink, and a few called green envy. we have no limit to planting space and can either start indoors or can do a direct sow but what is your advice so that we can have a maximum amount of Blooms towards the end of August. Would you suggest planting indoors or a direct sow after the last frost, and how long after the last would you suggest?

As mentioned above, zinnias

As mentioned above, zinnias prefer to be seeded in the ground and not transplanted. Just back out the maturity dates from the back of the seed pack, and stagger the plantings so you have a chance of hitting your dates.

what are the best vitamins

what are the best vitamins for zinnias

Regular applications of a

Regular applications of a complete fertilizer will aid in growth and flower development. (A complete fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in equal amounts such as a "10-10-10." Speak to your local nursery.

I'm using zinnia seeds for my

I'm using zinnia seeds for my science fair project and its -12 outside and I'm growing them inside could i use lightbulbs that act as sunlight instead of normal lights and we keep the house at 72 F so I'm guessing it would be fine and how much water should I feed the flowers daily?

I'm using zinnias for my

I'm using zinnias for my science fair project too! Woah, what a coincidence! It's pretty cold where I live too but I have this window sill that's working great for me. You should put the zinnias near a window where the won't be harmed. Just set up a little table out of books, papers, etc... Just make sure It's pretty stable so that if you touch it or something it doesn't fall over or anything. Light bulbs should be the very last thing to consider. They're not as effective as sunlight which will affect the growth. Water the zinnia once every other day.I hope this helps and I still can't believe we're both using the same plant for a science fair project! Good luck on your project. :)

I am growing zinnias for a

I am growing zinnias for a science project and I would like to know what a good amount of water would be per week for the plants to receive. Thank you in advance for your help!

Grew my 1st zinnias and they

Grew my 1st zinnias and they did marvelous! Infact they survived a couple of frosts and were still in full bloom when we got a freeze. My question is will there be any seeds from the frozen plants? Only a few flowers had went to seed over the summer and I'd love more seeds. Thanks

Yes, your flower seeds should

Yes, your flower seeds should be fine if they were fully developed before being exposed to a freeze.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much

I live in Georgia. What is

I live in Georgia. What is the best time to plant Zinnia seed?

Plant zinnia seeds outdoors

Plant zinnia seeds outdoors after frost danger has passed, or indoors 4 weeks before the last spring frost. To germinate, the soil should be at a temperature of 70 F to 75 F. Also, be sure to give zinnia space; crowding encourages disease.

Hello, my daughter is growing

Hello, my daughter is growing zinnia's for a science project. We are growing them in the window sill with three different types of water to see which one will help the zinnia grow the tallest. We are unsure of how much water to use daily. We live in Central Florida and its still 85 degrees out. Can you recommend a certain amount that might work? Thanks!

I have three large Zennias

I have three large Zennias that husband gave me from Lowes this summer. They are about feet tall and I really want them to live through the winter indoors and put them back out after the first frost. What are the chances of this happening? I like to try things with my flowers and I am thinking of bringing them in for the summer. Any thoughts? Thank you!!!!

Stephanie Burnes
Bessemer, Alabama

Zinnias are annuals which can

Zinnias are annuals which can bloom through fall and even early winter in some regions, but they really don't last through winter. They need lots of direct sunlight and won't thrive with indoor light.  Enjoy the bright blooms as long as they will last!

Hi, I bought 2 Zinnia plants

Hi, I bought 2 Zinnia plants and they died, less than a week. they are all brown. What can I do so they can be as pretty when I bought them.

Thanks much for the help.

Unfortunately, your zinnias

Unfortunately, your zinnias may have a disease: leaf spot fungus or early blight. Can you take them back to the place where you bought them and ask them to diagnose and perhaps a refund if you just bought them? If you have these problems, you may need to discard of them in the trash; do not throw in your compost or yard as the disease can spread. Tips: Buy disease resistant hybrids, use a fungicide for the two problems above, and avoid watering on the leaves; water at soil level.

Love this site!! Very

Love this site!! Very informative. I have a butterfly garden here in the east side of Phoenix metro and decided in early Spring to try zinnia seeds for the first time. Holy mackeral!! I hit the motherlode. The seeds (all of them it seems!) germinated overnight practically and very quickly sprouted up, grew about four feet tall blooming all the while. Actually, it was a bit frightening as they kept growing UP! LOL. So they stood tall like a forest and just bloomed and bloomed and bloomed (no kidding!). One of the wild duststorms whirled through and the zinnias bowed to it, and stayed that way, but kept blooming. Now more branches have sprouted vertically from the horizontal stalks and are again blooming. What a bonanza. The butterflies, the bees, the hummingbirds,the wasps, even some strange looking critters with dragonfly like wings have enjoyed the zinnias. It is sheer joy to have such success and as it is only mid October, I'm hoping the blooming will last a few more months. It's still in the mid 80's daytime, very sunny, blue sky! Thanks for your website and Good luck with your zinnias everyone!

Where can I buy zinnia hybrid

Where can I buy zinnia hybrid seeds?

Next summer my son is getting

Next summer my son is getting married on July 19th. The bride is excited about having zinnias as table decorations. I have plenty of garden space and I am happy to try and grow some flowers for her. If I don't do a good enough job for the wedding decorations I will simply enjoy the color and use them for my home when guests arrive. I have studied your tips and I will follow the directions on the seed packets. Do you have any names of zinnias that make better cut flowers for table decorations. Please give me information on proper cutting, storage and making sure they are bug free for decorations. Thanks- Robyn

Zinnias are perfect cutting

Zinnias are perfect cutting flowers! We have a huge cutting garden of zinnias right down the road here in New Hampshire and go all the time. "Pumila" or "Cut And Come Again" is an old favorite for cutting and offers an almost continuous bloom for several months which may make it more likely that you hit her wedding date. They have a lovely rounded blossom form and many stems for cutting. Just back out the "days to maturity" and stagger your plantings to have a chance at hitting her date. We're glad to hear you're realistic about it all!

I have learned a lot by

I have learned a lot by reading the info. on this site. I have just started working with Zinnias and so far so good. I am expecting the first blooms in two weeks (Is the end of August and I am in the high deserts of Southern California).

Many thanks, Oscar. Wishing

Many thanks, Oscar. Wishing you colorful, plentiful zinnias!

I did everything wrong in my

I did everything wrong in my zinnia bed. Now they are really tall and blooming but the leaves are all "rusted" and wilted because I watered them incorrectly. I think they were a little too crowded, too, but I had planted them in a huge circle and somehow they all ended up washed to one side of the tree. Also it is so humid here. I want to cut them back for better fall blooming, but I am wondering if they will indeed "come again" when all the leaves are dead at the bottoms.

For winter do I cut back to

For winter do I cut back to ground level?

Zinnias are annuals. Remove

Zinnias are annuals. Remove the plants at the end of the season and replant next spring.

I love this article so

I love this article so helpful for my zinnias!!!

i am new to flower planting

i am new to flower planting here.this is August 12 now, can i grow &get blooms from zenia seeds now.

Zinnias generally take 35 to

Zinnias generally take 35 to 60 days to bloom, though it depends on the variety. Your seed packet should tell you the days to maturity.  Then back out the days to find out when to seed. They won't grow or bloom after the first fall frost. In most regions, mid-August would be too late to plant. However, if you start in spring next year, you could stagger the plantings through mid-summer and have zinnias blooming most of the season!

I was wondering how to

I was wondering how to harvest zinnia seeds from the flowers. I have taught my children how to gather marigold seeds and sunflower seeds but I have no idea when to harvest zinnia seeds. we do this to to keep planting our favorite flowers. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Wait until the flower petals

Wait until the flower petals have dried and fallen off. Pick the seed head when it is dark brown and dry and rub it between you fingers to remove the flat dried seeds.

I live in central Tx. Last

I live in central Tx. Last year I had a beautiful bed of zinnias that attracted so many beautiful butterflies. This Spring I built a butterfly garden and I transplanted more than 30 seedlings from last years bed and they are just as beautiful as they were last year. Perhaps it is just my green thumb or luck but transplanting zinnias worked great for me!!

My zinnia plant has LACEY

My zinnia plant has LACEY LEAVES. Whats the best "all in one" pesticide I can use to kill whatever bug is bugging my pretty plant?

You need to identify the

You need to identify the pest. Lacey leaves are often the work of a Japanese beatle. They are easy to spot. It's best to just pick these off with gloved hands. Or, just fill a coffee can with some dish soap. Tap the leaves so that the bugs fall into the can. Otherwise, Sevin (Carboryl) will control them if sprayed regularly. 

When the flowers die, do I

When the flowers die, do I cut them off? Will new flowers come out?

Zinnias are great cut

Zinnias are great cut flowers. Yes, after you cut a flower, the plant will bloom. In fact, the more flowers you cut, the more the plants will produce for a long season of bloom. If a zinnia bloom is spent (has died), deadhead it -- pinch it off; this will also encourage more blooms.

My zinnia apparently has been

My zinnia apparently has been eaten by a pest. Do you know if rabbits like to eat zinnias? I have a few inches of green stem left and am hoping they will grow out.

Zinnias are actually one of

Zinnias are actually one of the flowers that rabbits do not like. Look for slugs? We have a pest and problem library once you identify the culprit. http://www.almanac.com/topics/...

My rabbit loves to eat

My rabbit loves to eat zinnia, flowers, leaves and all.

I grow Zinnias from seed -

I grow Zinnias from seed - have for 6 years now. This year, for the first time, I have one plant with numerous magenta flowers and ONE BRANCH THAT IS DEEP ORANGE. Can you please explain how this happens.

One zinnia plant can have

One zinnia plant can have different colored blossoms. Zinnias can even have more than one color on each petal!

I have had wonderful success

I have had wonderful success in the past five years with zinnias...big, colorful, thriving plants and abundant blooms... However, this year, the leaves are curling and the limited blooms I DO have are completely washed out. I consulted a local nursery about the situation and was told that, due to repeated planting of zinnias in this flower bed, the zinnas have now contracted a bacteria and this bacteria is not only killing the zinnas, but everything else in my garden as well. I have tried to find more information about this on the internet but haven't really been able to get much of an answer. I would love some input and/or suggestions. Thank you.

It's difficult for us to

It's difficult for us to confirm a diagnosis online. You may have zinnia leaf curl virus or it could be a mite or other insect. To confirm, we would suggest that you submit plant samples to your local cooperative extension. You didn't mention where you live but here is a list of cooperative extensions across the country: http://www.almanac.com/content... We would love to hear what you learned. All the best.

How far down the stem do I

How far down the stem do I cut when I am cutting off a dead bloom? Just the flower itself or after the firat leaves or farther down?

In general, prune just above

In general, prune just above the point where the dead flower and its stalk meets the first leaves or buds (as you go down the stem from the flower). Be sure not to damage the leaves/buds when you make your cut.

Hi! Im a super beginner with

Hi! Im a super beginner with planting like anything...will this be an easy starting plant that probably wont discourage my want for planting things??



i am planting zinnias bought

i am planting zinnias bought from a nursery in a 3x3 bed with a purple fountain grass in the center and zinnias around it. do i need to add anything to soil prior to pkanting to ensure healthy plants

Ordinary garden soil is fine.

Ordinary garden soil is fine. Just make sure your soil is well drained and do not crowd them as zinnias need good air circulation. Also, avoid overhead water or splashing water on their leaves. Wetness and crowded conditions can lead to disease.

Zinnia Questions

I am in New Orleans and my Purple Prince Zinnias are about 6" - 8" tall right now (May 1). There are 3-4 sets of leaves.
If I cut them back will they have better support and be bushier-as I prefer to not having to stake them?
Also-Any idea when I will see blooms?Will cutting them back delay the blooming?
Thanks! I really enojy lurking in the Almanac forums :)

Expect blooms in late

Expect blooms in late spring/early summer. You can pinch 'Purple Prince' zinnia plants to encourage branching, which is desirable, unless you are growing them for cut flowers.


I transplanted approx. 10 Zinnias after 2 weeks and they all survived, I was careful to not damage the roots.


Any & all flowers I grow from seed, I start them in a cardboard container(Toilet paper tube/paper towel tube that has been cut short, etc) so that when the time comes to plant it in my flower garden, I just plant the whole container with the plants inside...that way, the roots never get disturbed in any way, & as for the cardboard container, eventually it will decompose which also feeds the plant.

thinning zinnia seedlings

I want to thin my zinnias but would like to try and save them. Can i just separate them at the roots with sharp scissors to transplant or will this kill them?

After you thin your zinnias

After you thin your zinnias to recommended spacing for your variety, you can certainly try to transplant the extras. However, know that zinnias prefer not to be transplanted. They like to be sown in the ground and grow very quickly that way. If you try this out, be sure to limit root disturbance and transplant shock. Loosen the soil all around the root and use your hands to gently remove the roots and limit the exposure to sun.

First Bud

My Zinnia's are just starting to produce buds(Dahlia Variety.) Should I pinch out these first buds to encourage stronger ones later?
Jim, Western Australia.


we grow from seeds in wi how far do you space the lil sprouts in a outdoor setting?

Space plants 4 to 24 inches

Space plants 4 to 24 inches apart depending on variety. Usually, the back of seed package will advise. (Many popular cultivars are 6 inches.)

Flimsy shouts

I used a starter kit and planted my zinnias inside. After the sprouts were 3-5 inches I transported them to a 6 in pot. I have 12 little flowers but the stems are little and flimsy and the higher they grow the more they start to fall over. My tallest shoot with the biggest flower is 10 or so inches and this week it has drooped over. Is my pot too small or do I need to tie them to little sticks to keep them from falling over?

Zinnias don't like being

Zinnias don't like being transplanted. Sow seeds in peat pots that can be directly transplanted into the garden. It's ideal to just sow seeds directly in the garden when the soil is warmed above 60 degrees, they germinate in just 5 to 7 days and, once germinated, they grow quickly. If seedlings are flimsy or falling over, it's often due to lack of sunlight and/or not enough air circulation/crowding. They are sun lovers who need lots of direct sunlight.

What should/can I do so they

What should/can I do so they aren't so flimsy? I'm guessing it may be because they are too close together since there are around 20 shoots in a 7 inch pot. I NOW know I should have spread them out when planting the seeds. I also have learned they don't like being transplanted. Is a 7 in pot too small for zinnias? Would it be better to just pull out the ones that are falling over or replant them in a bigger pot? Thanks

Your pot is too small for so

Your pot is too small for so many seedlings. Remove some of them carefully and try to replant them in other pots. You may loose some of them. Then replant the ones in the 7 inch pot in a bigger pot trying to disturb the roots as little as possible.

Flimsy shouts

Zinnias need room to grow, you have WAY too many in that small pot! I use a 20" pot for 2-3 zinnias that will grow about 36" tall and YES, they will need to be tied up.. I usually just tie them to the deck rail!

Flimsy shoots

You also may not have given them enough light as they were starting. Without enough light, seedings get "leggy" (long, spindly stems). Did you have your plant light about 2" from the seedlings?
You can try transplanting them a little deeper than they were in their pots.


i have found that zinnia seeds collected or dispersed from my plants germinate quickly but are not like the nursery plants. They shoot up quickly but do not branch out. they remain thin and lean and actually never flower.I was actually wondering if only the store-bought seeds work.

Zinnia seeds

It may be that the original zinnias that you had planted were hybrids. In this case, you will not usually have offspring from these plants looking/behaving like the parents--in other words, they do not "come true" from seed. Instead, each seedling may exhibit different combinations of traits. Some of these traits may not be as good as the original hybrid, or they might be more desirable. For example, vigor may be less than the original hybrid, while flowers might bloom earlier.

For seedlings to look/act like the original hybrids, you'll need to buy more seeds of the same zinnia variety.

Also, in general, look for open-pollinated varieties. Unless there is cross-pollination with another variety, they should come true from seed if you'd like to save seeds for next year.

Sowing Zinnia Seeds Zone 8A

The weather is so beautiful here today in North Texas and I really really want to sow my zinnia seeds, but I am not sure if it is too early, today is March 15th! Should I wait 2 more weeks or do you think it is safe?

planting zinnias

Zinnias should be planted outside after the last expected spring frost. For the northern part of Texas, this can be in early April to early May. We'd suggest that you find the last expected spring frost date for your specific area by contacting your county's Cooperative Extension. You can find the contact information at: http://www.almanac.com/content...

It sounds like it is too early for your area, in which case you could still start the zinnias indoors four to six weeks before the last spring frost and transplant them outdoors once the threat of frost has passed. Hope this helps!

when should a zinnia plant be

when should a zinnia plant be transplanted from seed bed.

According to our friends at

According to our friends at Burpee, "Zinnias don't like being transplanted. Sow seeds in peat pots that can be directly transplanted into the garden. Place zinnia seeds on soil surface and lightly press into the surface. Cover with 1/4 inch of soil. Lightly water and cover with clear plastic or glass to keep seeds from drying out. Seeds should germinate in 4 to 7 days. Once up, remove cover and keep soil evenly moist."

zinnia seeds

i save my dead heads and and crunch them up ,put them in a paper bag and plant them outside the following year..i have had mixed results.but some years they grow well,any tips on storing these dead heads and sowing the following year??

Here's a tip: Save the seeds

Here's a tip: Save the seeds while they are still on the plant, not after you deadhead it. Instead of deadheading all the dying flowers, let some just dry out. The seeds will be attached to shriveled petals and they are ready to harvest when they darken and become dry. Let the seeds form, mature and dry on the plant before you collect and store them. Some plants distribute their seed when their seedpods explode, flinging the seeds away from the parent plant. Make sure to harvest before this occurs or fasten a fine mesh or paper bag over the seed heads to catch the seeds.

Easy Zinnias

Wow I'm shocked at how much trouble some have growing zinnias. I bought one pack of Giants years ago, planted them in a wide row in my veg garden. After they were several inches high I fertilized with a small amt of 10 10 10. I cut flowers often to use in the house. Any dead flowers I cut back to the next branch and dropped stem and all,
they came back for many years with out me replanting! Finally a late frost got them. Zone 7 Georgia.

Zinnias. The easiest flower to grow

7 years ago I bought 5 packages of zinnia seed for my grandchildren to plant in my flower beds. I have never replant a single seed and I have the most lush beautiful zinnias every where every year. They simply reseed themselves all over my flower beds and even my lawn. My problem is I have a hard time pulling out the ones which come up where they aren't wanted. I love my zinnias!!!!

Brown on leaves

Why is there some Brown on My zinnias leaves.
The marigolds dont have any brown and are grown in the same soil(peat moss).Do they need more potassium and phosphorus that marigolds ?

If it is the bottom leaves

If it is the bottom leaves that turn brown it's normal for zinnias. If you have brown spots on the leaves it could be leaf spot disease. Try not to get water on the leaves. Keep them dry.

flowers not developing

Many of my zinnias do not reach even near the stated size and also doubles are singles and some only have petals part of the way around. Purple prince and others that look true bluish purple in ads are really only at best magenta or off pink. I have read others having similar problems - what am I doing wrong? They have full day of sun and are fertilized and watered.

zinnia troubles

It is possible that your plants have a virus; if so, you'll need to remove the plants. Viruses can create strange effects sometimes, such as twisted leaves or flowers, flowers with little or no petals, etc. We'd recommend asking your county's Cooperative Extension service to see what diseases are prevalent in your area that might be affecting your zinnias. They might also be able to diagnose your plant if you give them a sample. For contact information, go to:


Be sure that the soil is not highly alkaline. Zinnias like a soil pH of between 5.5 and 7.5. Check the level of boron--a lack can cause stunted growth and bud blasting.

Hope this helps!

Powdery Mildew

Our Zinnias seem to get the nasty mildew toward the beginning of fall both where we used to live in the Pacific Northwest and now in South East Australia.

Keeping the leaves as dry as possible doesn't seem to prevent it.

Any organic solutions that won't harm nearby perennials?

Avoid overcrowding of plants

Avoid overcrowding of plants and provide good air movement. Then spray the plants with a mix of 1 quart of water and 1 teaspoon baking soda. Or try spraying with a 50/50 mixture of low-fat milk and water once a week. The "Profusion" series of zinnia is very resistant to powdery mildew if you can find the seeds in Australia. Good luck!

Indoor Zinnias

I am a beginner in flower planting. I bought a packet of zinnias seeds in the late SEP and planted them in a pot. My question is can I keep them until the spring and will they ever gonna bloom?

Zinnias like hot weather and

Zinnias like hot weather and they are height-of-summer flowers. You can grow indoors, but you will need lots of intense light and heat via grow lights and heat lamps for germination and growth. It would be best to seed closer to spring.

zinnias in pot in autumn

Why not try? But probably, zinnias grown through the winter without much light will become dwarfed or stunted and will not take off and bloom in the spring.
So seed more zinnias indoors or directly in garden at the appropriate time in spring.

Is it good to plant zinnias

Is it good to plant zinnias in november?

Zinnia planting date

Zinnias love warmth, and will not survive for long after a frost. If you live in an area that gets frost, then it is best to sow seed directly outdoors after the last expected spring frost. Or, you can start them earlier indoors, but set them out after threat of frost is past. In Zones 10 and 11, you can plant a second crop in September or October for autumn flowers. November is likely getting too cool at night for the plants to thrive.

After the first frost.....how far to cut back?

As expected, my zinnias are dead after the first frost. Should i completely remove the plants? or cut back the thick stems low to the ground? Will they bloom again next year? New Jersey climate

We hope that you enjoyed your

We hope that you enjoyed your colorful zinnias! They will not bloom next year. Zinnias are annuals. They generally do not survive frost, so it is time to remove them completely. Next spring, start seeds outdoors after frost danger has passed, or indoors 4 weeks before the last spring frost.

How do I get new blooms when deer bite off the tops?

Zinnias are supposed to be unpalatable to deer, but those in my yard haven't gotten the memo. After the tops of my zinnias have been cleanly bitten off and I just have a stalk there, can I cut down past the leaves or something to re-bloom? Thanks to anyone who can help! (Also, I'm used to dead-heading petunias, but not zinnias - do I deadhead the entire bloom?)

You are correct: On paper

You are correct: On paper (and in other media), zinnias are deer-resistant. Maybe, as you say, nobody has told the deer. Sources we checked suggest that this idea is not necessarily guaranteed; in fact, no plant is absolutely deer proof. When deer are hungry, they will eat almost anything.
Apparently earwig have a taste for zinnia flowers; we're not sure if their little mouths can bite the tops clear off, as you say.
Deadheading (aka disbudding, pinching back, heading back, cutting back and thinning) of zinnias should result in new blooms; deadheading is essentially clipping the tops clear off...like the deer apparently did. It should not be necessary to clip the stems below the leaves.
We hope this helps! –Almanac editors


hey ur flowers are pretty

Brown Leaves

why does my zinnias leafs turn brown and dry?Also do u water them from bottom like u do african violets?

You'll want to water from the

You'll want to water from the bottom. Avoid getting the foliage wet; it will help prevent disease.

cut flowers

my zinnias wilt within 48 hours when cut and start to deteriorate about an inch from the top and bend over. many of my cut flowers do the same no matter if i use tap water or distilled water. any ideas? tx for your help.

We love zinnias, too, but

We love zinnias, too, but they and other flowers can be finicky. Imagine: cutting a stem is a shock to a plant, so be kind: Do it early in the morning or in the evening, when the any dew or moisture has evaporated; essentially, do not cut them during the high heat of the day. Use clean tools. Be careful when handling; try not to crush the stems. (This advice applies to most cut flowers.)

It may be that you are cutting (harvesting) your zinnias too soon in their maturity. These flowers do not continue to bloom after they are cut; only harvest them when they are fully open—and remove all of the leaves; the foliage does not last. Plunge the stems into warm (one source recommends about 100°F) water immediately.

Bring them indoors as soon as you can after cutting. Some sources suggest cutting the stems again, at an angle—if you have not already—to encourage water to travel up the stem.
Some sources suggest using floral preservative in the water in the vase with zinnias; other absolutely do not advise it. Use a clean vase and change the water frequently (once/day) to avoid algae.

About the water: It is possible that your water is too “hard” (has an alkaline pH of 7 to 10 or so) or too soft (has an acidic pH of about 4 to 6). You could distill your water or buy deionized water. Or collect and use rain water—and see if it makes a difference.

Keep you arrangement in a cool place; avoid sunny windows/sun and other warm places. Also, some plants are sensitive to ethylene gas that is given off by most fruits and vegetables—especially apples. (To be sure, some decaying flowers and stems give off ethylene gas, too.) So display your zinnia (and other flowers) at a distance from any fresh produce.

That’s about all we know, and we hope this helps!

Propogate zinnias from cuttings?

I have searched many web sites and I have yet to find any information to grow zinnias any other way than seeds. Is this a possibility?

No, zinnias do not continue

No, zinnias do not continue to bloom once cut. They're an annual that germinates from seed in only 5 to 7 days. Very easy and quick grower.


I have 2 orange & pink zinnias, which r fully
bloomed. They r short plants 8inch in hight. Can I propogate them by seeds and how to collect those seeds.

For a pure seed, you'd want

For a pure seed, you'd want to grow one zinnia variety at a time (or, they need to be 1/4 mile apart). Seeds are ready to harvest when the blooms begin to turn brown and dry. The seeds are contained in the very center. When the heads are completely dry, gently crush the heads between your hand and then carefully winnow away the chaff.

i have red and white

i have red and white verigated zinnias in a pot. they r almost 4ft tall and have lots of blooms. tho some of the blooms resemble cone flowers and are kind of turning brown. why is that? also should i dead head my zinnias. if so, what is the best way to do so.

Reseach shows that

Reseach shows that deadheading zinnias keeps them blooming. to deadhead, just pinch off the flower along with the seed receptacle beneath the flower's base (i.e., not just the petals). If the flowers are starting to turn brown, they are probably just old blooms. Be careful not to splash the leaves when you water and give your zinnias liquid fertilizer once a month to keep them blooming.

Buds, no flowers

I have a zinnia that has numerous buds on it but none of them have ever flowered. They turn brown and die. Now many of the leaves are brown. Any idea why this is happening and how to solve this problem?

Do you have evidence of bugs?

Do you have evidence of bugs? Look for tiny bugs or honeydew. If so, spray with insecticidal soap. That is a possibility though browning foliage is usually powdery mildew which can be treated with a fungicide spray. Also, ensure that zinnia get LOTS of sun for blooms and never get watered from overhead; wet leaves causes the mildew.

First timer black thumb !

My son attends daycare weekly and Friday he brought home a zinnia planted in a small foam cup it's about 6 or 7 inches tall with a few leaves no blooms should I transfer to a pot ? I really want to keep it alive sad to say but it's my first plant ever and I want him to be as proud of it as I am any tips would help thank you all !

Zinnias are the perfect

Zinnias are the perfect beginner flower! They do prefer to have their seeds sowed directly into the ground, but it's possible to transplant in the ground (or pot) if you don't disturb their roots. On a cloudy morning, gently remove the entire contents of the cup and place in the ground so it's level with the soil. It's best to put mix organic matter or a slow-release fertilizer in the hole first (ask your garden center). Water deeply, but don't let it get waterlogged. Then just water and weed! Water when the soil is dry to the first knuckle of your finger and then water deeply so it gets to the roots (5 inches down). Then wait between waterings until the soil dries out. It's best to water infrequently and deeply. They should get a total of 1 inch of rain/water per week. How to tell what 1 inch is? Put out an empty tin tuna can and measure the rain! It's fun for kids.

SMall flower heads

My zinnia heads are tiny. Any idea why? Thank you.

Small zinnias

I have two different plants and one of them has small blooms and the other is massively big i have used the same amount of miracle grow on them and they are still the same size. The more sun they get the bigger they get too.

Zinnas need LOTS of sun for

Zinnas need LOTS of sun for full flower heads. They can also take a while to fully flower; some varieties are late summer bloomers.

My Zinnias

I have never grown flower outdoors because where I use to live everything planted outside got eaten by deer and other critters. However since I have moved to a gated area my garden is going crazy. I have Zinnias with green bloomage are they just not old enough to turn color yet?? oh and can I put them in a pot with other flowers.

Assuming they have lots of

Assuming they have lots of sun, some zinnia varieties are just late bloomers (August). They are fine in containers. Plant 6 inches apart. Zinnias are great companions for many annuals and also vegetables--from pole or bush beans to squash! They deter many insect pests and attract pollinators.

Green Blooms

There are varieties of zinnias that have green blooms. They are a unique variety and I am planting quite a few this summer.

Potted Forever?

I have just planted my adorable little lilliput zinnias in a small pot and plan to transplant it into another pot that is slightly larger. Are these plants alright if they stay potted? And if so, how many seeds should I put in the pot to prevent too many blooming flowers?

Yes, you can keep zinnias in

Yes, you can keep zinnias in containers. Just be sure to keep them well watered and moist since containers dry out more quickly. They'll still need lots of sunlight (6 hours a day). Feed the plants WEEKLY with a full strength, 5-10-5 fertilizer. (No timed-release fertilizer.) In terms of pot size, plant 1 zinnia per 6-inch pot, 3 zinnias per 10-inch pot, and 5 zinnias per 14-inch pot.


I have newly baby zinnia and its about still in the 60's during day am I able to put the pot outside in the sun for little bits at a time as long as it doesn't get too cold so I'm guessing does anyone know what the temp gauge is on these zinnias?

Zinnias are ready for

Zinnias are ready for production in full sun with a minimum daytime temperature of 60°F.

Botanical Name: 

Zinnia elegans

Plant Type: 

Sun Exposure: 

Soil Type: 

Hardiness Zone: 

Bloom Time: 

Special Features: 

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