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How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Shasta Daisies



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The cheerful shasta daisy is a classic perennial. It looks similar to the familiar roadside daisy but has larger and more robust blooms. Here’s how to grow shasta daisies in your garden!

Shasta daisies tend to bloom in clumps from 2 to 3 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide. They bear all-white daisy petals, yellow disk florets, and contrasting glossy, dark green leaves.

Like clockwork, shasta daisies return every spring or early summer and bloom until early fall. They are never invasive (like some consider roadside daisies to be) and they are terrific for cutting.


  • Grow in full sun.
  • Soil should be moderately fertile, not overly rich, and moist but well-drained.
  • Sow seeds in containers in a cold frame in autumn or spring. Divide perennials in early spring or late summer.
  • If you seed directly, expect blooms the following spring after one season’s growth.
  • If purchasing a plant in a container, plant in spring.
  • Loosen the soil to a depth of 12 to 15 inches, then mix in a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost.
  • Space plants 1 to 2 feet apart. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the container.
  • When placing plant in the hole, make sure the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface.
  • Fill around the root ball and firm the soil.
  • Water thoroughly.
  • Many of the taller plants need support/staking.


  • Water during the summer only if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week.
  • After the first killing frost, cut stems back to an inch or two above the soil line. (See local frost dates.)
  • Every spring, apply some compost and mulch to help control weeds.
  • Every 3 to 4 years, divide perennials again in early spring or late summer.


Aphids, slugs, earwigs, chrysanthemum nematode, and leaf spots may be troublesome. However, daisies are generally low maintenance.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

Black bees on the clover-heads drowsily clinging,
Where tall feathered grasses and buttercups sway;
And all through the fields a white sprinkle of daisies,
Open-eyed at the setting of day.

–Abba Woolson

Daisies are one of the April birth flowers. They are also said to symbolize innocence and hope. Learn more flower meanings here.

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Flower Garden

Is it too late in the season to start a flower Garden?

too late for a garden?

You do not indicate where you are but in areas that have a cold winter, it is getting late for annuals, but perennials could be trans/planted with success. As the days grow shorter you might see some bargain perennials for sale. With a plan in mind, you could plant perennials and fill in with annuals next year.

Daisy buds turn brown before opening

I recently bought a daisy that had lots of flowers, I deadheaded when they died, and there are lots of new buds, but the new ones turn brown and shrivel without opening. My thoughts are either too much water (it's near the drip line from the roof), or not enough sun day. Any advice is appreciated.

shastas not blooming

Shastas are drought-tolerant, which means they are relatively happy if they do not get watered, so too much water could be the issue. If they are to stay in place, make sure the soil drains quickly. Shastas need at least 5 hours of sunlight and more is better. so if that’s the case, that could also be the problem.

Can Shasta daisies be trimmed back

My Shasta daisies grow so tall that they fall over each other. Can they be trimmed back in early spring to encourage thicker shorter stems? I do this with chrysanthemums.

tall daisies

Are they reaching for the sunlight because they are not getting enough?? We are not familiar with the trimming method you suggest on shastas (mums, yes). You could try trimming a few stems but we do not think that this shasta’s habit is the same as the mum.

Shasta daisies

The flowers on my Shasta daisies curl downward. Why do they do that?

Wilting Daisies

If your daisies appear to be curling downward, they could be wilting due to lack of water. Feel the soil around their base and if it’s dry, give them a bit more water. Especially during the worst of the summer’s heat, daisies are susceptible to wilting.

Dead heading

Do you dead head daisies?

Deadheading Daisies

Hi Marie,

Yes, deadhead daisies to keep them blooming all summer long and into the fall.

how do you dead head and is it the same for dahlia and marigolds

I am a want to be gardener and do well with various flowers but not sure what to do when blooms are turning brown

Flowers have twin, partially split heads

Many of my daisies have "split" heads, where there are two fully formed centers that are connected in the middle (like if you split two eggs but left them a little conjoined). I thought it was just 1 head until I started looking and there are many of them. What is this?!

they are dying :(

I bought some full grown Daises a month ago, but all stems are yellow and pale now, the fully blossomed flowers dried out and fell. The weather is getting a bit hot here now but I water them daily and they are already in Compost soil. What should I do?

Shastas didn't lasta

Your shasta daisies were probably forced for spring-seasonal sales. These are typically late summer bloomers. Read above. By “return every spring” that means sprout. They would mature and flower later in season. As you can imagine, their seasonal cycle went haywire when they bloomed for spring. You can try to correct that, but it might take a year or two. Retrieve the plants from the compost (if the roots are intact) and put them into the ground or in a pot. Water them normally, not daily. Plants, unlike people, do not need constant hydration in hot conditions. Please understand that there is no guarantee that these plants will come back but you will never know if you do not try. (You can also purchase a new plant, one that is/was not forced.) We hope this helps.

No blooms!

We had a bed of shasta daisies planted (professionally although not sure that necessarily means correctly) two years ago. Beautiful flowers the first spring. The next spring I fertilized as I read I was supposed to, and only got a few random blooms and barely any stems at all. Now, in NC it has been warm, and there are no signs of shoots starting yet. Any advice? I don't think I have had them long enough to split them, but not sure why they only bloomed the first year. Thanks!!

shasta not coming back

There are, apparently, several varieties of shasta daisy. You might want to contact your professionals and ask what you have. The only other thing we can think of is pH. Sources vary; we’ve seen recommendations from 6.0 to 8.0; another suggests less than 7.0. Could it be that your fertilizer contained too much of the N, the P, or the K? As contrasted with, say, a balanced fertilizer? Does your soil have good drainage? They do not like to stand in water. Those would be our considerations …

Shasta daisies

A friend shared lots of Shasta daisies and black eyed Susans about 8 years ago. Every spring they returned and I had a glorious flower bed. 2 years ago the shastas did not return but susans did. I am heart broken to lose these wonderful flowers. Do shastas have a life span? I live in zone 7 and they were in full sun.

shasta daisies

If the central portion of the shasta daisy clump begins to die out, that’s a cue that it’s time to divide. Normally, this plant needs to be divided every few years to maintain its vigor. The best time to do this is spring, but this is a tough perennial so you could probably try any time of year as long as you avoid the hottest periods of summer.

Planting seeds in Houston

Is it too late already to sow Shasta daisy seeds in Houston (zone 9)? If not, is it better to direct sow outside, or give them a chance a germinate in pots first? Thanks.

shasta daisies

You should be fine. They’re not super picky. Sow Shasta Daisy seeds inside and transplant or sow seed outside in the early spring, after danger of frost has passed.


I plan on rolling out some chicken wire to protect my tulip bulbs from squirrels and want to plant my shasta daisies in the same bed. Can the daisies grow up through the chicken wire or should I find another spot?

Hi Erika,

Hi Erika,

Your Shasta daisies might grow through the wire but it could cause them stress. The better thing would be to cut the wire with wire cutters to fit over your bulb holes. Dig large holes and plant bulbs in groups (rather than individually), then cut the wire to fit over each hole. You will get  a better show of bulbs and your Shasta daisies will be able to grow freely.

Shasta Daisy

I bought 3 Shasta daisy plants from a nursery in the spring. They all had beautiful blooms on them which lasted quite awhile. When they were finished blooming I dead headed them. Soon after all the stems and leaves turned brown. I cut them all to the ground. They did not bloom or grow again. The plants look dead. Do you think they will come up again in the spring

Shasta disaster

Sadly, occasional problems with Shasta daisies include leaf spot, stem rot, and leaf minor. The first two are fungal infections and the third is an insect pest. Numerous reasons can be assigned, from too damp soil to poor soil to simply nature’s way. Let them be and see what happens next year. If they do not come back, you can plant something else.


Thank you for all the information .

Shasta Daisies

Our daisies needed to be dead headed so my husband offered to do it while I made dinner. To my horror he cut the whole plants down instead. It's only August 12th. What will come of these poor plants now?

Shasta Daisies

Hi Cathie,

Chances are good you will see some new growth before the season is over. Not to fear, it is very unlikely they will die–they are no doubt just a bit shocked!

All my flowers turned brown

All my flowers turned brown so I cut them off - deadheaded them. Now there is only greenery - no new flowers have bloomed, and it has been approx. a month since I deadheaded them. Why are they not reblooming?

Deadheading Daisies

Hi Cindy,

If, when you deadheaded, you didn’t cut down to a stem junction, that could increase the time it takes for the plant to set buds. In other words, snipping just the flower head off, rather than getting down to where a set of two leaves join. Try cutting back a bit more and fertilizing. There is still time to get another flush out of them.


Can I split my daisies now that they are done flowering. I did find out I should cut the dead flowers off, thanks for that bit of information.

Dividing Daisies

Hi Sue,

The best time to divide perennials, including daisies, is in the fall, when temperatures have cooled and there’s more moisture content in the soil.

shasta daisies

My shastas were doing great until they began flowering. Now the buds have this white crystal stuff on the yellow part. I am not sure if it is an aphid problem or a fungus. I have seen some ladybugs on the stems and am wondering if I should go buy some more to release on the plants.

Shasta Daisies

Hi Ann-Margaret,

That might be powdery mildew, which is a fungus. On the other hand, the presence of lady bugs could be an indicator that there aphids around, and the Hackberry Woolly aphid could be described as crystal like. Releasing more ladybugs is an excellent idea! Increasing their numbers should knock back the aphid population, in time.

Shostakovich daisy

Thank you, so informative!


My daises have die off already, should I snip off the dead heads, or did I do something wrong, I thought daises bloomed all summer long.

You should indeed deadhead

You should indeed deadhead the flowers once the bloom has faded; cut back to where they emerge from the foliage. This keeps the plants from expending energy into making seed. Deadheading will also encourage heavier and more blooming.


We planted four beautiful Shasta Daisy plants in planters on the deck this spring. They are about 2 & 1/2 feet tall now. Will they survive a New Jersey winter in the planters or should we plant them in the ground this fall?

Overwintering Shasta daisies

These plants will bloom until about the end of fall. You shouldn’t need to plant them in the ground; doing to at the end of bloom may not give them enough time to set up. So, after the first frost date (find yours here: ) cut the plant down almost to the soil. Lay on a couple inches of mulch. Transfer the container/s to a shed or garage or other cool dark room for winter. This plant does not need light or fertilizer in its dormancy—but it does need a bit of water, a few drops when the soil is very dry (yes, that would be under the mulch). Bring the plants back out after your last frost date, increasing the outdoor expose an hour or two a day. Remove the mulch when new growth appears and begin the regular maintenance. If you want to plant them in the ground, do it in the late spring.

Shasta daisies

If cut after blooming, will shasta daisies bloom again? In Colorado, zone 5. Thanks!!

Alaska Shasta Daisies and Becky Shasta Daisies

I have a large planting bed inside our courtyard near the front door. I planted 26 Alaska Shasta Daisies and 9 Becky Shasta Daisies. Unfortunately, the right half of the bed gets direct midday Arizona sun. The plants all wilt unless I go out and hand water twice during that time. The left half of the bed gets only an hour or two of sun and those plants are doing great. Will the plants on the right survive the hot sun over time or am I going to need to rip all of those out and replace with something else?

Do I cut my daisies?

I am accustomed to cutting/pruning my roses whenever they bloom. Now, I've planted some daisies and I don't know if I should trim back the stems of the daisies that have bloomed or just leave them sitting there?

pruning daisies

It helps to deadhead daisies, to encourage more blooms. Use pruning shears to remove any flowers that are starting to go by (starting to wither or yellow or brown), before they form seeds. Remove the flower and stem back to the point where a leaf or bud is along the stem.

Shasta Daisies Mutate?

I had 5 individual Shasta stems in a pot. I do not have a green thumb! After they died the first season, they just sat there stems and all in this little pot in my backyard. 3 years, doing nothing, just dead stems. Last year, those 5 individual stems became about 30 smaller bushier stems with hundreds of miniature shasta daisies. How does a dead plant all of a sudden come back to life and mutate like this?

Mutating flowwrs

Just be thankful, it's awesome.

White daisies jturning pink

Just planted some white Shastas in a pot about 2 weeks ago. The petals are turning pink. Any ideas?

Shasta Daisy Petals

Shasta daisies generally have white petals with a yellow center, so we’re wondering if it’s a different daisy variety. The Mexican Fleabane Daisy (Erigeron karvinskianus) has small, white petals that turn pink as they age and grow from 6 to 8 inches tall. 

Shasta daisies

I have grown Shasta daisies for two years. My problem is they will first grow on stalks with no leaves then have leaves for only about 4" before the blooms appear. The lower leaves then turn brown and below that the stem is bare. The flowers are beautiful but the rest of the plant looks dead. What am I doing wrong? I'd appreciate any advice.
Thanks - Theresa from Fredericksburg VA

Fungal leaf spot disease

Fungal leaf spot disease affects Shasta daisies sometimes. The leaves turn yellow and brown and then finally black, killing the leaves. Make sure that the soil is loose and well-draining and that there is air circulation around the plants.


All of my daisies, in various locations, have new growths of leaves. These leaves are much larger than usual but are the same shape. Are these really daisy leaves or something else. It is now fall here in Canada but we have had some quite warm weather .

These are probably daisy

These are probably daisy leaves. If you have removed the spent blossoms earlier in the season, this can have stimulated new growth. By deadheading regularly, you can extend the flowering season of most perennials.

I live in Arizona and shasta

I live in Arizona and shasta daisies
can be planted anytime of the year. But the thing that concerns me is that its late summer and all week long its been raining and its been cloudy. Is now a goodtime to plant shasta daisies?

An old rule of thumb is to

An old rule of thumb is to set wet and sow dry. This means if you were transplanting seedlings, the wet cloudy conditions would be perfect. Since you are starting seeds, it might be best to wait for the rain to stop so your seeds don't rot. You can plant Shastas from seed through October in Phoenix.

I harvesded seeds from my own

I harvesded seeds from my own plants. My plan is to plant them our at our cabin for a wedding next summer. We do get snow but not much the last few years. Should I put them in this fall or Waite till next spring. I only have one shot to make them look good for this wedding.I have a ton of seeds and was going to plant both this fall and next spring. I'm on the west coast north ca cabin inland 60 miles.

Depending on newly seeded

Depending on newly seeded perennials to bloom the first year for such an important event is too iffy. They may bloom later than normal since this is their first season and they have to expend a lot of energy growing into a large enough plant to be able to produce blossoms. By all means try planting some in a nursery bed this fall where you can nurture them, especially if your first frost isn't until later in the season. If the plants survive the winter, transplant them to their permanent location in the spring and hope for the best! It might be wise to have a backup plan.

I purchased Shasta daisies

I purchased Shasta daisies last month with in a few days they started drooping and now the flowers have all died . I planted in full sun . The soil has good drainage , everything else seems to be doing ok but not the daisies . What do I do now?

Drooping daisies? They will

Drooping daisies? They will wilt if the sun is just too too hot. They'll also droop if they get dry. When you water, be sure to avoid overhead watering and water at the soil level. It helps to let the hose trickle for 30 minutes so the water gets to the roots. Also, use mulch to hold in moisture. Don't forget to deadhead the blooms so they don't get too heavy and new flowers bloom.

The flowers on my daisies do

The flowers on my daisies do not appear to be growing as they should. The white portion is very short. Just planted the end of May. Should I deadhead the flowers in hopes they we will regrow larger?

Hi, Roberta, Deadheading

Hi, Roberta,
Deadheading keeps the plant from wasting energy on seed production in spent blooms.
You might instead try disbudding to encourage larger but fewer bloowms: remove the smaller lateral buds; this will force the plant to put its energy into the terminal (top of stem) buds. (If you remove the terminal buds and keep the laterals, you will have more but small flowers.)
Hope this helps!

i bought darling daises last

i bought darling daises last year and planted them in my small front garden. They are growing and blooming beautifully however they are too tall for that particular area of the yard and seem to be crowded My question is can I transplant them to another area of the yard and when is the best time of year to do this ? Please help I love daises !

they transplant very very

they transplant very very nicely I have done it several times

Hi, I bought two healthy

Hi, I bought two healthy plants and planted them in the ground as directed. We had severe thunderstorms and the petal all came off. What do I do so that they will start blooming again?

Hi Andrea, Cut the stems back

Hi Andrea,
Cut the stems back to the foliage at the base and the plants should start sending up new growth and new buds.

NEW QUESTION Hi there, sorry

Hi there, sorry couldn't figure out how to post a new question
i had a healthy shasta daisy plant the last time i look and today (after some decent rain) i noticed that ALL the leaves are spotted and shrivelled - brown spots some that are holes. the plant is still growing though and there are buds on it. is this a fungus and is there a way to treat it naturally?? i thought it was bugs because i saw quite a few green bugs with 2 black stripes on them but i can't imagine they could affect every leaf. also this seems to be spreading to a near by hydrangea.

It sounds like you have a

It sounds like you have a leaf spot fungus on the daisies. Rain water splashes spores onto the leaves where they germinate. Remove any debris from under and around the plants and try to keep the leaves as dry as possible. Please see link below for more information

I planted my shasta daisies

I planted my shasta daisies last summer and they grew like crazy but did not bloom. Now they are about 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall and still growing, but still no sign of blooms. They are not staked but show no signs of falling over. It is more like they are going to take over.

From earlier comments it looks like maybe I should have pinched them back this spring. But I didn't. So what can I do now? Can I just prune them back?

Thanks for any help.

Shastas grow best in full

Shastas grow best in full sun; be sure that your plants get at least 5 or 6 hours of full sun each day (in hot climates, part sun in afternoon is helpful). Soil should be well-drained and moist but not waterlogged.
Also, check that the plants are not receiving too much nitrogen, which promotes leaf growth over flowers.
Some gardeners pinch back stems of taller varieties in early spring, when growth gets to about 6 inches long but before buds develop, to encourage bushiness; this may delay flowering, so you might hold off on this technique until the flowering issue is resolved. If your plants do flower, remove the spent blossoms to encourage more to develop. In cold climates, prune the plant back to 1 or 3 inches tall in fall, after flowering.

Pinch them back and feed with

Pinch them back and feed with SuperBloom, it has a much higher Phosphate which will promote blooming. I use Scott's SuperBloom.

Birds are destroying the

Birds are destroying the blossoms on my daisies, picking the petals off to get at the seed, I assume. How can I stop this?

I have never had this

I have never had this problem, but IMO -- put out some bird seed for them.

I planted my shasta daisy

I planted my shasta daisy last yr i didn't mulch and cut it back 4 inch to the ground this early spring and i transplant it recently from part shade to the sunny part of the garden its mid may now here in denmark and im still not seeing any sign of life, did i kill my shasta daisy?

How tall do they normally

How tall do they normally get?

The height will depend on the

The height will depend on the cultivar. For instance, I have grown the cultivar "Alaska" from seed and they are huge, 36-40 inches tall. I also have the cultivar "Snow Lady" growing with my daylilies and it is about 18-inches tall (about the height of the fans of the larger daylilies). There is another cultivar I'm looking at for the edge of beds, "White Breeze" that is supposed to only grow about 12-inches tall. There are many, many cultivars now available on the market, seeds or plants, so you should be able to fine one (or several) that will be able to meet any need you have.

It is the end of winter in

It is the end of winter in upstate NY, the leaves of my shasta daisies are brown and look dead. Should I remove those leaves that look dead?

Hi Jack, Yes, prune the stems

Hi Jack,
Yes, prune the stems down to about two inches above the soil. We recommend that you cut stems back in the fall after the first fall frost.

how about planting daisies in

how about planting daisies in malaysia?

My flowers grew to 3 feet

My flowers grew to 3 feet tall then I fertilized them and they just died! what the heck!!!

It's hard to guess without

It's hard to guess without more information but it could be a pest or fungus. Do you see any chipmunk holes around?

I had an odd experience

I had an odd experience this year with my daisys....they started with a big plant beautiful green leaves with many buds, but the buds all dried up died before they bloomed. Later in the year like now being late October they have sprouted a dozen beautiful white flowers. Im confused as there has already been frost here in Canada. wondering if this is normal
Thanks Ed

Hi, Ed, "Normal"? Nature

Hi, Ed, "Normal"? Nature makes no promise to be normal. While it's not possible to be absolutely certain of the reason, but we can offer a few ideas:
• The plant might have gottten Botrytis blight, or another fungus from too much water. We can't explain its recovery unless—maybe—the frost killed/eliminated the fungus.
• The plant may have needed watering and discarded its buds as a result.
• Pruning some bloomers, like the shasta daisy, after the first bloom, sets the plant up for a possible second bloom. The frost may have affected that change, so the plant bloomed again.
Perhaps a reader has another (better?) idea?

My shasta daisies and bee

My shasta daisies and bee balm both lean over and will not stand up straight. What causes this?

Shasta daisies and other

Shasta daisies and other perennials sometimes do fall over, especially when they are heavy with flowers.  You can stake them with wood or bamboo as they grow or back against a fence or structure. Also, you can cut them back by half immediately after their first bloom and they will flower again and be more compact.

I've had no luck with

I've had no luck with shastas.planted some a few years ago,the green comes back but only a few daisies,so I took that plant out and planted 2 very nice ones(big and full) end of july.All the flowers turned brown and lost there peddles.They get about 50% sun.Is that whats wrong?HELP....

Hi, Jan: They need full sun,

Hi, Jan: They need full sun, so this could be the problem. Sounds like it could be a moisture issue, too, though, so make sure they get a good soaking once a week. Hang in there!

I just bought a bunch of

I just bought a bunch of shasta daisies on clearance as it is mid-August in CO...will they come back next year if I mulch or did I waste my money??

You can plant shasta daisies

You can plant shasta daisies in the fall in Colorado. If planting now, perhaps plant in partial shade; ensure soil is moist and well-draining. Deadhead your flowers to make sure the plant keeps blooming.

I have planted daisy seeds

I have planted daisy seeds several times. I used a starter tray and have planted directly outdoors. The seeds sprout, grow to about an inch, and flop over and die. What could be going wrong?

Daisies can be challenging to

Daisies can be challenging to grow from seed. They are extremely sensitive. We could go into all the reasons why, but suffice it to say that many folks are better off purchasing this type of flower from nurseries as transplants.

I planted daisy seeds indoors

I planted daisy seeds indoors using small clay pots. After about three months I took them outdoors in a sheltered area. They are growing nicely. I also used a starter tray at the same time as the pots but they did not make it past an inch as well.

I dont want my shastas 4feet

I dont want my shastas 4feet tall. Can I pinch them early in the season like I do with mums to keep them bushy and shorter?

Yes, it's a good idea to

Yes, it's a good idea to pinch shasta daisies early in the growing season. Pinching will make plants more compact and yield more blooms.

I just purchased 2 shasta

I just purchased 2 shasta daisy plants on a clearance rack. I live in Las Vegas. I replanted them in a ceramic planter and placed them on the front lawn. They will get plenty of sun. Should I water them at night? Should I cut the heads the are dead down now at the end of July? Many of them were dead when I purchased them last night. What is the best food to feed them and when? (time of day?)
I am very new at gardening and I am not having the best luck when I plant in the ground so I wanted to try this ceramic pot. I hope it will work. I will remember to divide them when necessary.

Thank you.

I am a newbee and dumb as a

I am a newbee and dumb as a rock but I'm trying for my first time and I really enjoyed all the comments..Sorry but I may have overlooked the answer but can I plant the deadheaded Shasta blooms directly back in the ground and them grow? it's July in Southern KY and HOT!! Thank you for your help!!!

Hi Fred, Gardening is always

Hi Fred, Gardening is always a learning process--for all of us.
If you wish to propagate (breed) new shasta daisies from the ones that you have, here's what you do:
Do not deadhead some of your flowers. Let your petals stay on the plant and dry out. This allows the seed heads to develop.  Once the petals are dry, you can deadhead them in early fall and put the entire flower in a paper back. Leave them for a week to dry further. Then just squeeze the dried heads with your fingers (over a paper bag) and the seeds will release and fall to the bottom of the bag. Once you collect the seeds, you can replant in the fall or spring when it is cooler.

I purchased the Daisies in

I purchased the Daisies in June in full bloom. We planted them as soon as we got them. They thrived for about 2 1/2 weeks and flowers slowing started to die. I deadheaded all the dead flowers now the plants are dying. We've been having a lot of rain here lately (NJ) and I'm wondering if that is the cause? I just read that I wasn't suppose to deadhead, but they looked so ugly! Is there any chance of recovery? Or have murdered my babies? lol!

Last year and again this

Last year and again this year, I've planted "dwarf" shasta daisies in an old horse watering trough (planting in May). Each year despite my best efforts they have died. I've been growing flowers in this trough for 26 years; it has rocks in the bottom and composted soil above. All things planted there have thrived, except the shasta daisies. Adjacent to the watering trough is a ground level bed which has thriving shastas. I have another flower bed with thriving shasta daisies. So, I am confident I can grow shastas on my farm. I bought these "dwarf" plants from two different local sources, just in case that might have been a problem.

Do you have any ideas as to my problem? Perhaps shastas don't like being a container, albeit a big one.

Thank you,

W How is the best place to

How is the best place to cut the flowers of Shasta daisy ? I planted so I could have fresh flowers in my house

When cutting your shasta

When cutting your shasta daisies for the vase, just cut the stems in the morning. Put the cut stems in water immediately. In fact, we suggest you take a bucket of water with you. You can re-cut the flower once inside to the size of your vase. Make the cut in the water on a sharp angle. Strip all leaves that will be below the water line.

Can I start plants from the

Can I start plants from the dry flowers? How will I know if the seed is any good?
Thank you!

You can divide the adult

You can divide the adult Shasta Daisy into new divisions (as described below) or you can save the seeds to re-plant. In terms of the latter, just deadhead (remove) the spent flowers in early fall and collect them in a paper bag. Let them dry a week and then squeeze out the seeds from the dried heads over a paper bag. See more below about storage.

I bought a shasta daisy plant

I bought a shasta daisy plant two years ago. Last year it grew to about maybe 12 to 24" tall. This year it has doubled it size...thinking close to 3' tall. I have gotten no buds on this plant. Wondering if it is a different plant but was labeled a shasta daisy. There are no buds on this plant. We are in south eastern Michigan near the Ohio border.

I would add a picture but don't see how I can.

How do you store shasta daisy

How do you store shasta daisy seeds? Are they to be kept in a cool dark place or in the freezer? Is there a specific way to store them if they are fresh seeds?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, Scottie: One of the most

Hi, Scottie: One of the most important things is to make sure that your seeds are as dry as possible before storage. Spread them out on a sheet of paper and let them air-dry for a day or two. Don't freeze them. Put them into a well-labeled envelope (use one from junk mail; or, some people save their original seed packet from the spring) and then keep it in a cool, dark, dry place. Two other things are: (1) Have a plan. In our house, the packets go into the shoebox on the shelf at the head of the cellar stairs. (2) Make sure that the envelope is sealed and labeled and that all family members know the plan, so that when the detritus on the back kitchen counter is getting "cleaned up" on a cold winter's morn, "somebody" doesn't pull out this mystery envelope from behind the old breadbox, say "What's this?," and dump a hundred seeds on the kitchen floor. If you know what we mean.

I have been attempting to

I have been attempting to plant Shasta daisies from seeds for about 8-10 years now and haven't had so much as a leaf. I have planted Black-eyed Susans with no problem. They come up annually. What do the seedlings look like?

The tips of my snow lady

The tips of my snow lady daisy plant have gone
Yellow, please can u tell me if I have done something
Wrong??? Many thanks

I live in northern Missouri,

I live in northern Missouri, I have had Shasta daisies 2 different times , but only bloom for 2 years , on the third they don't come up, are they bi-annual, or do I just need to divide on the second year ?

Shasta daisies are

Shasta daisies are perennials. Here's the basic care information. After the first killing frost in the fall cut stems back to an inch or two above the soil line. Every spring, apply some compost and mulch to help control weeds. Every 3 to 4 years, divide the daisies in early spring or late summer.

We just planted some Shasta

We just planted some Shasta Daiseys. We are in zone 7. How often do we water. Planted Sunday. Monday looked limp it got to 98 degree and windy. We watered twice that day. Tuesday In afternoon looked limp and watered again. 90 degrees today. Are we watering to much.

It will take a few days for

It will take a few days for the daisies to establish in their new location. Feel the soil a few inches below the surface. If it feels dry, water.

If you planted them in summer

If you planted them in summer or late spring you may need to shade them for a few days to maybe a week until thy are established. I use old folding lawn chairs to shade new plants.

I'm learning so much about

I'm learning so much about these plants! Seems I did kill my babies *sigh* I didn't know I was supposed to shade them @ first. I have a green thumb and I usually have great luck with plants. Even when I diss them sometimes! lol!

I split my daisy and now they

I split my daisy and now they both look dead! It's been 3 days, but it's been unseasonably hot.

I had the tree like ones last

I had the tree like ones last summer they were cur round. Now I look at them they all look dead. Will they come back. Shall I cut off all the dead twigs

Wait and see if you'll have

Wait and see if you'll have some new growth. You can then remove any dead branches.

I planted a large shasta

I planted a large shasta daisy plant last year. I didn't realize I should have cut it back to 2-3 inches in late fall. It is now mostly brown, but started having new green growth mixed in. Is it too late to cut back now in early spring, or will it grow through the old stuff?

You can remove dead or

You can remove dead or straggly stems. Also remember to deadhead the flowers during the growing season to get more blooms.


last summer and this summer I

last summer and this summer I did Dead head my shasta daisies and they never did rebloom. What Is Wrong. The First Bloom They Are Full And Nice.

If your shasta daisies were

If your shasta daisies were crowded or flowered very heavily, they soon become to weak to continue blooming regularly. If the clump is very large you may want to divide in the spring allowing the plant more room to grow.

I am going to plant hopefully

I am going to plant hopefully a bunch of these daisy's for my wedding(that is in August). I live in CT, and want to make sure I will not mess this up!! I plan on starting them from seeds. Any helpful hints that will make this a success?!?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!
Thank you!


A Desperate Bride! :)

Hi Teresa, Make sure to start

Hi Teresa,
Make sure to start the seeds as soon as possible indoors . If you direct sow in the garden the plants may not bloom this year. You may want to buy a few started shasta plants at the garden center and plant in your garden just to make sure you have enough for the wedding.

You say to start the seeds as

You say to start the seeds as soon as possible, but as soon as possible from when? I have saved the seeds from my most recent deadheading. It is now June 25. When (what month in north Texas) do I need to start them indoors? Thanks

Having lived in the Dallas

Having lived in the Dallas area (and now SW Arkansas), I'd say start indoors no later than late January. Seed can take anywhere from 15-30 days to germinate, then you want to give them time to grow a few inches tall before transplanting outdoors. Late January should allow you to transplant outdoors by late March/early April. Now, FYI, from my experience planting the seed outdoors, I started them about March of 2013. Seed sprouted but plants didn't grow that much the first year and NEVER flowered. Then in the spring of 2014 they showed signs of life with the first warm weather and took off, becoming 36" high and covered with flowers. I'd say if you're depending on flowers for an event, you might want to start seed early or consider purchasing some growing plants at a local nursery (even better if they have gallon pots of established Shastas as these should be old enough to flower if planted in the beds in March or April).

hi I have purchased daisy

hi I have purchased daisy plant couple of months ago
recently I have found some small green insects are sticking to the plant please help me how to get rid from those insects

I was interested in your

I was interested in your question and Googled for more information. For insects I found a Extension Agent that suggests Sevin or Orthene spray (should kill a variety of bugs). A more environmentally friendly option is to spray them thoroughly with insecticidal soap (follow directions). Another environmentally safe option is Neem Oil spray (again, follow directions) which has the added benefit of protecting the plants from both insects and fungal diseases.

I love flowers ! Up until

I love flowers ! Up until now I have always bought plants but this year I am starting from seed in doors. The
Shasta Daisy as well as Painted Daisy are among those I am starting. It is late February here in Georgia and I am just beginning. long does it take for these plants to germinate ? Once planted out doors will they bloom this summer ?

Hi, Mike, Both daisies

Hi, Mike, Both daisies germinate in 15 to 30 days, depending on conditions. Keep in mind that the optimum soil temperature for germination is 70 degrees F. Yes, they bloom in the summer and keep going if you cut the spent flowers back a lateral bud, leaf or stem. When there are no more buds, cut back stems to basal foliage. All the best.

do daiseys have tuberous

do daiseys have tuberous roots what do the roots look like can you show a picture of how to slice divide and replant? thanks for all the great input I love daisies Also i am new to planting daisies I planted shastas in the summer and although we have had several frosts i am getting new shoots on the stems, i plan to mulch them well before the next temp drop or what do you suggest? i have cut them down but maybe not far enough? we do keep getting warm spells I am in southern wv thanks for any time and or consideration terri lucas wv

Early spring when you see the

Early spring when you see the first green shoots or after the blooms have faded in the fall are the best times to divide and transplant shasta daisies. Dig up the entire plant, with the root ball, and make divisions using a sharp spade. Cut through the root ball making sure that each division has a couple of shoots with attached roots.

I am in zone 7b (Raleigh, NC)

I am in zone 7b (Raleigh, NC) and just received 7 grocery bags full of Shasta Daisies. Should I plant them now or wait? Can I cut the stems to 1-1/2" above the bulb and plant? Or since we have already had our first frost should I store in a window box (with or without potting soil) inside the house until around April 15th?

It's better for the daisies

It's better for the daisies to be planted in the ground now. Add some mulch and keep watering until the ground freezes. The tops can be cut back now or later.

I just purchased a shasta

I just purchased a shasta daisy... is it too late to plant it In Zone 8?

It's not too late. Plant the

It's not too late. Plant the daisy as soon as possible.

When I cut back the plants in

When I cut back the plants in the fall. How much do I cut? Stems: all the way to the ground? Foliage on the ground also?

Cut the daisies back to 2 to

Cut the daisies back to 2 to 3 inches above the soil after the plants stop blooming in the fall.

It is Oct 13 in Southern

It is Oct 13 in Southern Ohio. Can I transplant now or should I wait until Spring? tk you

Fall and spring are the best

Fall and spring are the best times to transplant Shasta daisies. You can transplant now. Water the daisy transplants daily for the first week.

After first frost, do I cut

After first frost, do I cut back both the flower stems and the leaves, and by how much?

After the first killing

After the first killing frost, cut stems back to an inch or two above the soil line.

I did not cut my daisies back

I did not cut my daisies back last Fall so this year they are very tall (three and a half ft.) and very full. The leaves are beautiful but there is no sign of a flower. They are four years old and have never bloomed until late Sept. They have the required amount of sun but perhaps I over watered them. Would that cause the delay in blooms?

It's not uncommon for shasta

It's not uncommon for shasta daisies to bloom in September. Other factors to consider: Ensure that your soil isn't depleted of phosphorus. Add bone meal to the soil. Don't crowd the roots. Shatas need to be divided every few years or more often.

I didn't cut mine back until

I didn't cut mine back until early spring (just didn't get around to it before snowfall). I just noticed my first buds today, so I expect them to start blooming this week. I'm not sure what area you live in, but here in NW Pennsylvania, they never seem to bloom before September. I am still waiting for blooms on my Rudbeckia, Its been a bush of healthy leaves all summer. But my mums, rudbeckia, asters and Shasta daisies all generally bloom late August/early September.

well my daisies were

well my daisies were agiantFAIL!!! lol not even a sprout oh well I tried and nowI know for next year at least.

my dasies, came as a plant

my dasies, came as a plant and I planted them. they grew, but never flowered. what do I do, it is fall know 10/31

sow the seeds? when is the

sow the seeds? when is the best time to sow this years seeds. Should i let mother nature take over or save them for next spring. i live ay 6500 ft in california. my garden is just starting to turn brown.

Sow seeds or transplants

Sow seeds or transplants outside in the early spring as soon as risk of frost has passed. You can start earlier by sowing inside if you wish.

It's getting close to fall

It's getting close to fall (late August zone 5), and I need some advice on overwintering my shastas. In years gone by I have both cut them all down at the end of the season, and ignored them until spring clean-up... nothing kills my shastas! But this fall I am heavily dividing my daisies, relocating quite a few, and extending a bed from 15' to over 40. What is the best way to help these new skinny guys through the winter? I read to only cut the foliage when it looks dead, to keep anything that continues to look green, is that a way to go? should I mulch them over winter to promote a warmer environ and encourage roots? Or will that promote suffocation and rot? thanks!

Guidelines for Shasta Daisies

Guidelines for Shasta Daisies are: Deadhead spent flower to prolong bloom. Cut down the plants down in early September to stimulate vegetative growth.

I made the terrible, terrible

I made the terrible, terrible mistake of cutting my daisies almost all the way. I'm thinking they will not survive for the next season. I'm I right?

You just got a head start,

You just got a head start, that's all. Cutting back daisies controls size. It can be done before or after flowering. If you live in an area with low winter temperatures, remember to mulch the daisies well this fall before Old Man Winter arrives. You will see them again next year.

I planted the seeds from the

I planted the seeds from the center of my daisies after the flower dried on the plan... I have gotten plants that have a furry top and no flowers look like giant weeds...what are they and why didnt it produce Shasta daisy plants

It really depends on the

It really depends on the variety. If the shasta daisy is a hybrid (as many are), it will not produce a plant that is true to parent. Even if it isn't a hybrid, the plants will not look exactly like each other. Also, it's possible that it did some cross-pollinating with other varieties.

This is my first time with

This is my first time with daisies.. well anyplant in fact lol. I just planted them it is now July 23rd. i know I was late planting them but still hopeful they will grow and bloom as it has been extremly sunny and hot in my town for a long while now.
I noticed alot of people over water the daisies...I watered them only after i had planted them from a seed now I'm wondering if maybe i put too much water. only time will tell.

Good for you! Gardening is an

Good for you! Gardening is an experiment for all of us. Shasta daisies often bloom through the fall so they should flower. You just need to water them thoroughly after planting and then water plants if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. One way to tell how much rain you got is to put an empty tuna can outside and measure the rainfall depth! 

My Mom took a piece of a

My Mom took a piece of a friend's Double daisies but the next year, they only had single blooms? Why?

I have onlyheard of double

I have onlyheard of double Daisy's cuz I have what I thought I name. It looks on same stem a spoon to other is lighter then spoon n its a mum looking so do u have pict. n I get many a blooms febuarry to Sept.would love to see uRS mies lavender n deep purple. Ty loi. Ponds and. Beyond midnight facebook for my pics in flower ty n I'm not promoting n e page
Justcwould elves to see ur blooms ty again

What is the correct way to

What is the correct way to deadhead my Shasta Daisys. Do you take just the bloom off or do you cut the stem down completely or somewhere in between? Thank you

Shata daisies produce lateral

Shata daisies produce lateral flowers along their stems, so you want to deadhead by cutting both the spent flower and its stem down to the next lateral flower, leaf, or bud.

Hello! I'm new to Shasta

Hello! I'm new to Shasta Daisy care and while I enjoyed the gorgeous blooms this spring, I didn't realize I needed to deadhead them. They are ALL brown and turning to seed. Several sites tell me to cut the stems down to the base of the plant but I want to be sure. I've already cut all the flowers off at the first leaf below the bloom. What do you advise and will they flower again this year? Thanks!

See comment above regarding

See comment above regarding deadheading. Some gardeners believe shasta daisies can be aggressively pruned to after first bloom by cutting back to the leaves at the bottom of the plant after flowering. Try it and see how it works.

I bought small starter Shasta

I bought small starter Shasta daisy's and planted them late May. It is now July and no flowers. How long before they get flowers? The Plant is growing, but no flowers. :(

The usual reason for lack of

The usual reason for lack of bloom: Sun.  Shastas need full, direct sun 6 to 8 hours a day!

My shasta daisies are, one by

My shasta daisies are, one by one, beginning to droop. They have been standing straight and tall and strong. Now, they are drooping....Why? Is there anyway I can prevent this?

Here are some thoughts: Tall

Here are some thoughts:
Tall varieties may need to be staked or they will fall over.  
Deadhead the spent blooms regularly to produce a bushier plant. 
When the daisies look fatigued or tired, with drooping foliage and wilting stems, cut them back by a third or more.
Has it been wet? Check the roots for rot. Shasta daisies are fairly indestructable but they can get root rot if the soil doesn't drain well or dry out. Add sand, peat moss and other organic materials to improve drainage, or plant in raised beds.  

I bought and planted 3 pots

I bought and planted 3 pots of these daisies. They looked great until we mulched, now each plant is dying! After reading these posts, I think I watered too much - everyday - but it's been in the mid 90's! We've also had lots of rain here in the NE in the past few weeks. The stems all turned black. Maybe I'll try again & water less.

Since you mention having had

Since you mention having had lots of rain as well as have been watering the plants, they may be getting too wet. Try pulling the mulch back from around them to allow the water in the soil to evaporate faster and see if this helps revive them. Then when things dry out again, you could be able to push the mulch back around them. I usually keep the mulch thinner around the Shasta Daisies than around my daylilies and roses. Also, make sure not to push much up against the stems (a good rule to apply to all plants). Allow a couple of inches or so between the edge of the mulch and the stems/trunk.

For the last 2 years I have

For the last 2 years I have purchased daisies for my front corner garden. Every summer they die. What am I doing wrong. They get a lot of sun. They turn brown and shrivel up. I didn't even get to enjoy any blooms at all this year. I live in Indiana and I know that others have great success with theirs. How do I care for them?

Shasta daisies are

Shasta daisies are susceptible to Blight, leaf spot, crown gall, powdery mildew, rust, rot, and wilt. Many of these issues are due to wet soil -- either from rain or a water-logged planting spot. Take a look at the roots and see if there is any rot? Bring a sample to your local county cooperative extension for a diagnosis.

The center of my daisies turn

The center of my daisies turn black - what causes this - too much water - not enough...

Only water daisies if

Only water daisies if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. They prefer well-drained soil and lots of sun.

I live at 6400 feet in

I live at 6400 feet in Colorado is it to late to plant container shastas this year and do deer like to eat them. They would be in full sun.

One of my daisy plants have

One of my daisy plants have tiny leaves. The leaves also look deformed. It has been raining a lot lately. Too much rain.....not enough sun?

Daisies don't like too much

Daisies don't like too much rain. Make sure that the plants are in a spot where the soil drains well. They don't like wet feet.

when the flowers are getting

when the flowers are getting brown and it looks like there dying do I cut them off and will new flowers appear ? is it necessary or will the plant do it by its self ?

Cut off the faded flowers.

Cut off the faded flowers. The plant will grow new flowers for you to enjoy.

ok Thank you this is my 1st

ok Thank you this is my 1st year with ~My Shasta Daisys ~ after I cut off will a new flower bloom right away ? or next year ?? ((hope not next year )) LOL : )

Does the SHASTA daisy do well

Does the SHASTA daisy do well in a POT??? I live in Ft. Worth, is MAY 7, 2014!
Many thanks, Gina

I was just pulling a flower

I was just pulling a flower off one of the stems of my Shasta and the entire plant came out of ground . I looked at the lower stem and the roots look rotted and the stem was brown. We have been getting lots of rain almost daily so I'm hoping that is the issue but did notice a lot of little spiders next to the plant also. Help!!!! I love my daisy and hoping its not dying.

The rain could have caused

The rain could have caused the browning of the stems. Check your plant for spider mites. Insecticidal soap spray will help with insect pests.

This the second summer for my

This the second summer for my two clumps of Shasta daisies. Prolific blooms last year. This year, LOTS of buds but the buds are not opening---can you tell me what to do to get the blooming started?! Thank you!

It's possible that they feel

It's possible that they feel overcrowded; shasta daisies need to be divided frequently. See the posts below as this is a common issue.

My Shasta daisy plant is

My Shasta daisy plant is huge!! I've staked it because it was leaning so far over. I'm wondering, I live in Kansas, if it will hurt the plant at all to divide it now? We still have until November to our hard frost. Will they root OK if they get divided?

Although some gardeners have

Although some gardeners have divided their Shasta daisies in summer with success, in general, it is recommended that the division take place in fall or spring. Dividing puts stress on the plant, and if you live in a hot climate, and divide in summer, the heat will add to the plant's stress, especially when it is spending its energy in flower production. If you absolutely need to divide now, be sure to keep up with the watering to help the transplants get established.

I am wondering why my Shasta

I am wondering why my Shasta dasies are blooming very small flowers. I cut back the first blooms after they died off but the new
blooms now are very tiny. What is the matter? What do I need to do?

If you want more vigorous

If you want more vigorous blooms, you need to separate your plants in the spring. Shastas should be divided frequently. Dig up the entire clump, keeping the roots intact, then slice through it with a sharp spade to make new plants. The shoots at the outside of the clump will be the strongest.

My shasta daisy plants were

My shasta daisy plants were transplanted in good soil this spring. I have numerous shasta daisy plants and many buds. However, like last summer, the buds have a crystal-like substance on them (and down the stem a bit & top leaves). The flowers that do open are deformed-- the petals curl. Help! Last year was the first year this happened, and I was hoping it was a one-time thing. Thanks.

By crystal-like, do you mean

By crystal-like, do you mean white? It sounds as if they have powdery mildew, especially since you mention that the petals are curling and that you have numerous plants. Shasta daisies need plenty of air circulation. Aerate by thinning. Also, spray healthy leaves on affected plants with a garden sulfur fungicide to prevent the spread of the fungus. Follow the instructions on the product label. Allow ample spacing between plants to promote air circulation and collect and discard all aboveground refuse in the fall.

My white daisy's are all

My white daisy's are all leaves and no flowers. Why?

Usually, shasta daisies do

Usually, shasta daisies do not bloom because they are not getting enough sun. Other reasons: too young, too overcrowded (need dividing), too much nitrogen, poor soil.

Hello. I have had a huge

Hello. I have had a huge shasta daisy near my driveway for the past three years. This year, the middle of it is not producing any new growth. I have a large but sparse ring of new growth and nothing in the middle?! Dying, time to split (and how)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, Shasta Daisy should be

Yes, Shasta Daisy should be divided frequently. Early fall is the best time. Separate plants by selecting strong pieces from the outside of the clump. Discard center portion of clump as this is usually dried out and/or less vigorous.


What would cause both my large and small Shastas to die out after only one year?

There are several

There are several possibilities why a Shasta daisy plant might die, including:

Plants might not have the right light, soil, water requirements. Or, they were planted in an area where they are not hardy [too cold over winter; not enough winter protection (insulation), such as mulch].

Animal/insect damage: Check for insects along the stems, under leaves. Nematodes (microscopic) may live in soil and feed on roots. Check if rodents have nibbled the roots.

Diseases: Make sure there is plenty of air circulation and that the soil is not soggy. Check for browning/yellowing leaves, wilting, or leaf spots--these symptoms may indicate a fungal/viral/bacterial disease. Verticillium wilt and stem rot are two possibilities.

Chemical damage (such as by herbicides applied nearby to control weeds, or too much road salt over winter, if plants are near a road/driveway).

When your plants show signs of failing health, you might take a sample to your local garden nursery or to your county's Cooperative Extension, who might be able to diagnose the problem. For your Cooperative Extension contact information, see:

shasta daisies

When you say 'keep removing fading flowers' do you mean just the flower or the stem too?

To deadhead fading blooms of

To deadhead fading blooms of Shasta daisies, use a knife or pruners to remove the flower and its stem down to just above where the next flower, bud, or leaf emerge off the stem. When no more flower buds appear, or the leaves look ragged, you can cut the stem down to the base of the plant, on level with any basal foliage.

Wont Flower

I planted my shastas by seed 3 years ago the Plants have been large and healthy but never flowered last year so I divided them and still waiting on blooms this April.I live in central Florida.What nutrient is missing?

Shastas need sun to bloom.

Shastas need sun to bloom. Make sure they get at least 6 hours of sun. Add a light application of a slow release plant food to the soil in the spring and topdress with some compost.

black dust mold!

There are some black dusty mold (powdery) on my plant wilting stem by stem :(! what do i do??

sooty mold

It sounds like your plants have sooty mold. This fungus develops on honeydew, a sticky, sugary substance that aphids, mealybugs, scales, or other insects secrete while sipping sap from your plants. The fungus doesn't harm the plants directly, but may inhibit growth by blocking out needed light to plant tissues. You can gently wipe the mold and honeydew off the plants with a damp cloth.

If you control the sap-sucking insects, you will prevent further mold from developing, and also prevent the plant from wilting. Check to see if there are lots of little insects attached along the stems and leaves of your plants. Mealybugs look like tiny white, segmented insects, sort of like mini-pillbugs. Aphids are tiny pear-shaped insects with antennae; the color can vary with species.

If you see aphids or mealybugs, you can wash them off with a strong spray of water; keep spraying plants every few days, and get the undersides of the leaves, too. To control heavy infestations, you can use insecticidal soap, according to manufacturer's directions. If they still don't go away, ask your local garden nursery for stronger organic options. There are also beneficial insects that attack mealybugs or aphids.

Scales, which look like bumps (various colors, depending on species) along the stems, are harder to control. There are some beneficial insects that attack scale. You can gently pick off each scale off one plant, for mild infestations, or use a soft toothbrush dipped in soapy water to gently rub them off the plant. For heavier infestations, ask your local nursery for products to control scale.

After they bloom

After they have seemd to 'peak out' and have turned brown will they continue to bloom if they are trimmed? It's only been about 30 days of blooming.

To extend the blooming period

To extend the blooming period of shasta daisies, you need to 1. keep removing faded flowers and 2. divide frequently. Select the stronger plants from the outside of the group and remove the plants in the center.

Shasta Daisies

How much water is too much? We just planted them. We live in southern CA and they are getting daily water but are looking droopy and the flowers are already turning brown. Thanks!

Water plants during the

Water plants during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. You can test amount of rainfall but putting out an empty tuna can and measure the level of water inside. If you have tall varieties, they may need to be staked to stand upright. Avoid overwatering which can lead to droopy daisies and disease.

Shasta daisies

Do you have to cut off dead flowers? Mine all turned brown and they are getting a twenty minute sprinkle daily.

Go for it. They will come

Go for it. They will come back next year!

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