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Potato Crafts: Potato Stamps to Make Cards & More!

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Great activity for the young--and young at heart

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Use the humble spud to make potato stamps! Just use cut potatoes to stamp paint designs onto note cards, wrapping paper, and more! It’s a fun and easy craft for the young—and young at heart!

Making Potato Stamps

If you’ve got some extra spuds, you can use cut potatoes to stamp paint onto paper or fabric. We especially like making DIY note cards. Potato-printed cards are something different—and thoughtful versus store-bought cards. 

You can also use potato stamps to make fun prints on wrapping paper, especially around Christmastime. Just find some cheap brown kraft paper (which comes in rolls) and get creative!



To make note cards, you’ll just need a few potatoes, white or colored note-card paper, and paint (use poster paint, acrylic paint, or water-based ink). Pick some different sized potatoes that might fit the size of your card.


  1. Cut a large, clean potato in half with a sharp knife so it’s a clean cut. Dry surface with a paper towel.
  2. Put one half of the potato in a plastic bag while you work on the other half.
  3. Use a paring knife to cut out a relief design into the potato, cutting down about 1/4 inch. For example, try heart shapes for Valentine’s Day. Or, if you have a metal cookie cutter, you can try pressing it into the potato flesh. When the cutter is deep in a potato half, take out all of the potato around the outside of the cutter so you can press out the shape.
  4. Dry off any excess moisture on a paper towel.
  5. Now comes the fun part! Dip the potato in a shallow dish of the paint. Test the design on a piece of paper before printing on your cards. You could also brush the end of the potato to ensure coverage.
  6. Try using different designs and colors! You don’t have to cut out a relief. You could just leave the potato end flat and stamp circles with different colors to create penguins, snowmen, eggs, and silly monsters.

That’s it! A potato stamp can be kept for several days wrapped in plastic and refrigerated.

If you’re making note cards, perhaps you need to write a thank you letter? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips on how to write a proper thank you letter.

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