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Halloween Spider Cookies

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Making spider cookies is a fun Halloween activity to do with family and friends. Kids really get a kick out of making these critter cookies and then munching them up! 

black licorice, cut into 1-inch-long pieces
chocolate sandwich cookies
chocolate frosting
miniature chocolate-coated candies

You just need Oreos (or any chocolate sandwhich cookie), black licorice for the “legs” of the spider, 8 mini-M&M’s (or similar candy) for the “eyes,” and chocolate frosting or something similar to get the eyes and legs to stick.

  1. Take six to eight pieces of licorice (depending on the size of the cookies) and push them into the sides of each cookie.
  2. Dab a small amount of chocolate frosting on miniature chocolate-coated candies and stick them on the cookie to look like eyes.
  3. Makes 1 critter per cookie.
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