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8 sandwhichs guys . 16 sandwhichs gals .
Preparation Method
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This is something a friend and I came up with . It can be great for a day of watching football .

4 Sub Sandwhich rolls . Torpedo rolls work as well .
A half of pound of roast beef deli sliced .
Pre made works well .
A half pound of cooked ham deli sliced .
Pre made works well .
8 slices of American cheese .
8 slices of Cheader cheese .
2 tomatos .
1 pint of coleslaw .
1 jar of Kosher Dill Pickle Slices .
1 bag of frozen french fries . Shoe string style .
Hint . With the exception of the french fries and rolls , most
of the ingredients can be bought at your deli counter or produce section .

First pre heat your oven to to the temperature called for on the bag of frozen french fries . On a flat tray place your french fries and spray with a light oil such as Pam . Place the fries in your oven and bake following the maker’s instruction . Carefully slice length wise the rolls . Slice each tomato into slices . On the bottom half of each rool , place 2 onces of roast beef . Next add 2 onces of the ham . Now place 2 slices of American cheese and cheader chesse over the meat . Now carefully spoon and spread the cole slaw over your meat and cheese mixture . Now place between 2 to 4 tomato slices over the slaw . ( Optional is to place the tomato over the meat and cover with the slaw . ) Next add the pickle slices . By now the fries will be done cooking . With a pancake type spatula place place the fries on the piles . Dont worry about left over fries . Serve them as a snack . Now add your top half of your roll . Please cut each sandwhich in 2 or 4 . With your flipper place the sandwhichs on a platter or a tray . 1 full sandwhich is almost a gutbuster for most people . Serve with cold drinks . Beer , ale , or soda . Soup for a lunch type meal . To the ladies . I said 16 sandwhichs for you to help keep your figures . I know you can handle them the same as most guys .

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