The Almanac Chefs

The Old Farmer's Almanac Editors

Under the guiding hand of its first editor, Robert B. Thomas, the premiere issue of The Old Farmer’s Almanac was published in 1792 during George Washington’s first term as president.

Today, the Almanac team consists of:

  • Carol Connare
  • Sherin Pierce
  • Judson D. Hale Sr.
  • Jack Burnett
  • Heidi Stonehill
  • Sarah Perreault
  • Tim Goodwin
  • Catherine Boeckmann 
  • Jennifer Keating
  • Colleen Quinnell
  • Stacey Korpi
  • Janice Edson

Meet our Editors and Staff!

Spinach Pie

Grape-Nut Pudding


Basil Pesto

Apple-Rhubarb Crunch

Dad's Meatloaf

Summer Squash Pickles

Vanilla Ice Cream

Rhubarb Sauce

Pink Dandelion Wine

Campfire Fish Recipe

Pickled Okra

Easy Cranberry Jelly

Red Radish Soup

Blueberry Jam

Caprese Bruschetta

Basic Apple Jelly