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Patty's Papaya Salad

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Patty Sanders
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A very simple, colorful, unique fruit salad for the holidays or any time! Papaya helps with protein digestion after big meals. Perfect for a dessert!

Thank you to Almanac contributor Patty Sanders, a nutritionist with Purdue University Extension. As Patty describes in the video, the papaya seeds are medicinal, the papaya peel can be used for a facial, and the fruit can also be used to tenderize meat. 

1/2 Medium Size Papaya
2 T. Goji Berries (or Cranberries)
1/2 Lime
1 T. Black Cumin Seeds (or Black Sesame Seeds)
Honey, to taste

Peel papaya and cut into small squares.

Soak goji berries in hot water for 15 mins. (Optional: Cranberries soaked in honey overnight.)

Add lime juice and goji or cranberries.

Sprinkle black seeds for contrast.

Drizzle honey to taste.

Toss, serve, and enjoy!