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5 Ways to Control Potato Blight

The Editors

Potato blight first shows itself as brownish-black spots on leaves, but before long the potato foliage can completely collapse and the potatoes themselves will rot.

Unfortunately, in many areas potato blight is inevitable. This persistent disease can ruin potato crops in next to no time so it's important to take steps to limit the damage before it’s too late.

In this short video, we share five ways to deal with potato blight when it strikes, helping you to limit damage and ensure you still get a crop of delicious potatoes:

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Jennifer (not verified)

1 year 9 months ago

I had trouble with blight last year, so at the first sign I sprayed with this mixture:

2 T baking soda, 3 drops dishwashing soap, 3 T veg oil – in a gallon of water.

Then I kept a close watch and sprayed again when the plants started to look bad. I dug up one plant, but there was no damage to the potatoes, so I just kept up the watching and spraying when necessary. Now the blight is gone!

Cristie Kellar (not verified)

1 year 9 months ago

So... there isn't anything that can be added to the soil to help reduce the chance next season? Does changing the pH level help? Baking soda? Any other natural helpers?

Ann King (not verified)

9 months 1 week ago

In reply to by Cristie Kellar (not verified)

I'm so glad someone answered you! Possibly use the same techniques for tomatoes - don't plant in the same place for 3 years.