Container Gardening Essentials Webinar

Learn how to grow a bountiful, beautiful container garden!

Want to start a garden, but don’t have anywhere to put it? Try container gardening, which is perfect for those with little or no gardening space! More and more of us are living in apartments or homes with limited outdoor space, and it has become more popular than ever to grow plants in containers such as grow bags, hanging baskets, or traditional pots. A balcony, small side yard, or even a driveway can be the perfect place for a productive container garden of vegetables, herbs, and flowers!

Join Chris Burnett, the Almanac’s Associate Digital Editor, as he sits down with Dick Zondag, President of Jung Seed, to discuss tips and tricks for starting and keeping your container gardens growing this summer.

Watch this free webinar to learn all about:
• The advantages of container gardening
• Choosing the best locations for containers
• The many different types of containers and what to use
• Filling your containers: base materials, soil, and soil additives
• Which plants grow best in containers
• Tips and techniques for maintenance: watering, fertilizing, and pruning

About The Author

Christopher Burnett

Chris is an avid gardener, maintaining a small vegetable garden for himself and his family, a variety of ornamental flowers and shrubs, and a diverse collection of houseplants. Read More from Christopher Burnett

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