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Honeybees and Climate Change

Bees, plants, and weather are all interrelated. Is honeybee pollination moving earlier each year? If so, will plants and pollinators get out of sync? NASA ponders this question.

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Note: Although the following video may contain information that does not necessarily agree with The Old Farmer’s Almanac long-term weather predictions, we hope that you find its core message “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor.”

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ekgek2 (not verified)

11 years ago

Who's to say that the bees birthing cycle won't also adjust? As the flowers are ready for pollination earlier, so too may the pollinators be ready. It's certainly something to watch, but if this planet has had multiple cycles of heating and cooling during its entire measurable history as science suggests, then I think we are severely short-changing Mother Nature this round if we are to forecast its demise this time. Flowers and plants are pollinated by the wind as well as other insects. In fact, some plants such as magnolias were being pollinated by insects such as beetles long before the first bee ever flew on this planet; if we are to believe modern science. I am not a betting man, but if I were, I would put my money on Mother Nature.

Patricia Anderson (not verified)

14 years 6 months ago

In our region we have had so much rain that the harvest season has already come and gone. Plants were to 'leggy'-tall and not as much production.But I'm just a country lady.Not a scientist.