How to Save Your Tomato Seeds Successfully


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Growing heritage or heirloom tomatoes helps preserve this fantastic diversity of fruit for future generations.

In this short video, we explain which kinds of tomatoes you can harvest seeds from and demonstrate how to prepare, dry and store your seeds to give them the best chance of germinating when planted.

Learn more about saving seeds here.

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Replanting for fall/winter crop

I just emptied a potato raised bed,wonder what i can plant in a northern michigan climate?

Saving seeds

Can you save the seed from the tomato that you purchased from the grocery store?

Saving Tomato Seeds

If the tomato is an heirloom variety, you can save the seeds. However, most grocery store tomatoes are “hybrids” and not suitable for seed saving. The best bet is to find a farmers’ market or a friend who is a gardener or even a seed-swapping forum. Hope this answers your question.


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