Top 5 Sun Discoveries #5: The Dynamic Sun

This video contains a short history of the observation of the sun, from Galileo’s telescope to today’s innovative technology. The dynamic sun shapes the way we live.

Credit: NASA

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Paul Belliveau

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devin (not verified)

10 years 2 months ago

what is a milky way?

Paul Schlund (not verified)

14 years 2 months ago

While today's video :"The Dynamic Sun" is indeed interesting and informative, some statements made therein are in error. One statement states that by studying the sun we might be able to discover how our solar system formed. As a Lutheran Christian believing that The Holy Bible is the true inerrant Word of God, I already know how our magnificent solar system came into being. The first chapter of the first book of The Bible; Genesis, will give you an accurate account. May God bless your day and may you enjoy basking in the sun He made.

Schlund, You act as if the bible and science are in conflict. Get off your highhorse sweetheart. As a real Christian I can tell you that it makes sense to study real life outside the book because when you do the subtleties of his creation become clear and the Masters plans evident. We all agree that if it were you in charge we would still be living on a flat Earth with all the stars revolving around the Earth. Great going there Einstein. P.s. Loved you in the movie Office Space... I gots your stapler! XOX El Diablo Ursa Blanco