What Is My Moon Sign? And What Does It Mean?

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What Your Moon Sign Reveals About You

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Most people know the answer to this question: “What’s your sign?” This refers to your astrological Sun sign.  But what if that doesn’t sound like you? Here’s the scoop: You are more than your Sun sign. Here’s how to find your Moon sign, and what it reveals about you.

Your astrological Sun sign is determined by your birthday. For example, if you’re born on May 2nd, you’re a Taurus. Taurus are typically laid-back, slow-moving, and security-focused. However, the Sun isn’t the only energy source that influences each of us. 

Your Astrological Profile

Your astrological profile, or natal chart, is a snapshot of the skies on the day and the time when you were born. Astrologers use this information and your birthplace to determine where the planets were at the precise moment you came into the world and what that means for you.

Each planet represents a different facet of your personality or life, and which sign they’re in will determine how you express that energy. This is why you might run into someone who shares your Sun sign, but you’re nothing alike. Your other planetary placements might be different, which creates your own unique astrological signature. 

What is My Moon Sign?

The Moon is one of the most important parts of your natal chart. It gives insight into your emotional makeup and what you need to feel happy. It also indicates how you nurture and connect with other people in your life. 

While the Sun signs reflect more of your sense of self and identity—which you project in life—the Moon signs reflect the inner you! 

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How to Find Your Moon Sign

Unlike the Sun, which changes signs every four weeks (about 30 days), the Moon shifts gears every two and a half days.

You need to calculate your day, time, and place to find where it was when you were born. Thankfully, some free astrological calculators do the work for you. Simply put in your information; it will do the math for you.

Here are a couple to try:

If you wish, you can also purchase astrology software:

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What Are My Moon Sign Traits?

Aries: You’re an emotional firecracker. In other words, you’re passionate, hot-blooded, and quick to anger. You have no trouble expressing your feelings because you don’t have a filter. While your candor is noble, it can sometimes turn nasty when you’re mad. When that happens, you’ll burn every bridge. But you also cool down as quickly as you heat up. Excitement and adventure are necessary ingredients for your happiness. If you’re bored, you’re on to the next thing without a second thought. You’re independent and don’t like to be told what to do. Instead, you’d rather find out on your own.

Taurus: The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it’s considered the best placement. You’re steady, grounded, and placid if you have this Moon. Not much disturbs you. When times are tough, you always come through. Although you’re slow to anger, once you’re mad, you stay that way. No one holds a grudge longer than you. Comfort food, pretty things, money in the bank, and a cozy home are essential for your emotional well-being. Luckily, you attract the good things in life. When you’re in love, you’re more likely to put up with poor behavior than most other zodiac signs. But once you’ve had enough, it’s done, and there is no going back.

Gemini: This is a light-hearted placement for La Luna. You’re witty, clever, and talkative if you have a Gemini Moon. In fact, you need to talk, especially when you’re trying to sort out your feelings. Therapy or journaling helps you make sense of your emotions. Sometimes, you second guess yourself, even though you’re remarkably intuitive. A busy social life and many books are the antidote when you feel blue. Some Gemini Moons struggle with commitment. It’s not that they don’t like relationships; they fear being tied down. If that sounds like you, make sure you don’t promise more than you can deliver until you are absolutely sure you are ready to stay put. Otherwise, you risk leaving a string of broken hearts in your wake. Lastly, this Moon tends to be restless, which can make you come off as anxious.

Cancer: The Moon rules Cancer, so she’s in her element. If you have this placement, you will love your home and family deeply. Caregiving comes naturally for you, so you’re often found playing that role. Your loved ones turn to you when there is a problem because they know you’ll have their back. Some say you’re the peacemaker. Others claim you’re a busybody. But one thing everyone agrees on: you’re sensitive. You own your tender side, too. Instead of stuffing your feelings, you allow them to flow like a mighty river. Like the Moon, your emotions are changeable, which means you have a reputation for being moody. Sometimes, you’ll resort to emotional eating when you’re upset. When hurt in love, you put on a hard shell, and no one gets access. You’re a devoted parent and protective of the people you love. Being in your nest, cooking a big meal with your favorite people or critters by your side, is your happy place. Watch out for a tendency to fixate on the past. Let that stuff go.

Leo: You’re proud and fierce with a heart as big as the Eiffel Tower. You wear that heart on your sleeve, which means your emotions are right on the surface. You cannot fake your feelings. When you’re in a joyful mood, you’re radiant like the Sun. But when you’re unhappy, your face becomes dark and sulky. You can bring the energy in the room down with a thud. This leads to a reputation for being a “drama queen.” You love to be the center of attention and often seek the limelight. Your generosity is legendary, and your loyalty is unwavering. However, if someone humiliates you, it’s over. You’ll shake your glorious mane, straighten your spine, and walk away without a second glance. When it comes to parenting, you’re a mother lion. No one touches your cubs.

Virgo: This is not considered a great placement for the Moon. It’s too fussy and analytical, so they say. But what some miss is your dedication to service, attention to detail, and ability to discern. You won’t waste emotional energy on situations or people who don’t pass your keen eye. However, if someone does make the grade, you’ll go into full-on servant mode, taking care of their whims without complaint. This Moon produces the best therapists. You know how to listen and are a whiz at providing common-sense solutions. Meaningful work is vital to your soul. But you can love your job too much. When that happens, your family life suffers. Finding the balance between making your mark and making a nest is one of your biggest challenges. Once you achieve the middle ground, all is well. Virgo Moons can be prickly. When you’re cranky, it’s best to get out in nature. Suppose someone pushes your buttons when you’re in a sour mood. In that case, they can expect a vicious critique delivered with impeccable timing.

Libra: You love being in love. Actually, any partnership makes your heart skip a beat. That’s because you need to connect. Some might say you’re a “people person.” You’re easy-going, kind-hearted, and a lover of harmony. Charm oozes out of your pores, and conflict makes you wilt. However, if you find yourself amid drama, you get busy trying to fix things. Sometimes, you even seek out disharmony so you can make things right. People pleasing gets you in hot water. When you suppress your emotions to keep the peace, it might work temporarily, but eventually, resentment sets in. Some Libra Moons have trouble expressing their needs and resort to passive-aggressive head games. Don’t be that person. Find the courage to ask for what you want, and a surprising thing happens: you get it.

Scorpio: According to astrology, this is the worst placement for the Moon. Don’t buy that hype. Scorpio Moons are deep, loyal, sexy, and psychic. What’s not to love about that? You also have a way of keeping folks guessing. While others run their mouths, you give only a glimpse. People have to earn your trust before you spill your guts. Scorpio Moons are the best secret-keeper of the zodiac. People will reveal their darkest desires to you, and it goes into the vault, never to be exposed. When angry, you lose your cool or become colder than an iceberg. The latter is a sign someone really messed up. Many Scorpio Moons admit to being emotional extremists. They love and hate with red-hot intensity. There is no middle ground. If you have this Moon, guard against jealousy, vindictiveness, and brooding. These tendencies will wreak havoc on your relationships.

Sagittarius: This is a breezy placement for the Moon. It creates a jovial, idealistic, and happy-go-lucky personality. You’re probably popular because who doesn’t want to be around someone like that? You’ll look for the bright side or exit when life gets tough. You don’t like hanging around Debbie Downers for too long because it wrecks your vibe. Sagittarius Moons are also emotionally restless. This means you need freedom. It’s hard to settle down, so it’s best to sow your wild oats before committing. Travel, exercise, and the great outdoors are the cures for what ails you. Spiritual practices keep your hooves on the ground and your idealism intact. One thing to watch out for is a need to be “right.” This can lead to self-righteous behavior. So uncool!

Capricorn: The Capricorn Moon gets a bad rap. You’ll often hear that this placement means you’re stiff or rigid. While you can be uptight sometimes, it’s because you’re emotionally cautious. You need to feel things out before your heart opens up. Once it does, you’re steadfast and loyal. Often, you’ll be in charge of situations because people know you’ll follow through. Because you’re a Cardinal sign, you don’t mind taking the helm. Responsibility gives you a sense of purpose. Structure and routines help ground you. So does a healthy bank balance. You morph into a curmudgeon if you spend too much time around flaky types. Sometimes, you struggle with depression. When that happens, you must seek support. It’s never easy to ask for help, but you can heal those dark feelings when you do.

Aquarius: If you were born with an Aquarius Moon, you’re known for being tolerant, cool-headed, and friendly. You’re always willing to give everyone a chance, so it’s unsurprising that you have a wide circle of friends. Although you’re often in the middle of every cool social setting, you can be aloof. Heavy emotional displays are not your thing. Instead, you prefer to detach yourself when it seems to be getting too intense. This may lead to a reputation for being cold. Although you’re not the sensitive type, you are sympathetic to humanitarian needs. You’re also remarkably intuitive. Because you’re a Fixed sign, you’re capable of long-term commitments. But there is a catch: you need plenty of freedom to do your thing. If you can’t get that, you bolt like a deer.

Pisces: You are a big old softie. It’s easy for you to get in touch with your feelings. Sometimes, you can be “overly emotional,” but is that such a bad thing? Not really. Your empathy and compassion are unmatched. You can feel what’s happening with others and never hesitate to take in every stray. Because you’re a Mutable sign, your emotions are constantly in flux. One minute, you’re serene; the next, you burst into tears because something hurt your feelings. People sometimes take advantage of you because you’re kind-hearted. Therefore, you need to be ultra-careful with your boundaries. It’s too easy for the edges to get blurred, and you end up in uncomfortable situations when that happens. Even so, you’re quick to forgive. You’ll make great sacrifices for the ones you love (and sometimes for complete strangers). Be careful of tendencies to escapism. You might look for ways to drown your sorrows when it gets too tough.

How Does Your Moon Sign Impact Your Sun Sign?

Now that you know the attributes of your Moon sign, you can see how it can add nuance to your Sun sign’s persona. For example, a Scorpio Moon adds depth to Gemini’s flighty nature, while a Gemini Moon lightens up a Scorpio Sun. 

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