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Best strategies to make vacation enjoyable!

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Planning any travel this year? Let’s find the best strategies to make your vacation enjoyable, not stressful, by taking a look at your personality and zodiac sign.
Have you ever traveled with a friend and felt they cramped your style? Or how about this scenario: you go on a cruise because you heard it’s all the rage, only to discover you’re more of a landlubber than a sailor. While travel is the spice of life, it can make you salty, especially if your vacation hideaway is not a good fit.
But what if you could figure out simple travel strategies tailored to your personality? Enter astrology, your best GPS system for navigating vacations like a pro!
Each zodiac sign has unique personality quirks, which means they’ll approach situations like traveling differently. For example, an Aries is ready to hit the trails first thing in the morning, while Pisces is content to lounge around by the pool. Once you understand what suits your sign as well as your fellow jet-setting companions, you’ll be able to make better decisions. Result: happier getaways for all!

Beach fun. Credit: A1clickz

The Four Elements and Travel

Here’s what you need to know to make your journeys the best for your zodiac sign.
First of all, you’ll want to consider your element before booking your trip. There are four elements, and each sign falls under one. Your element can steer you in the right direction for the type of trip you’ll enjoy.
Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Fire signs need action, adventure, and plenty of Sun. Tropical vacations snorkeling with the sharks, hikes in remote locations, and treks through the jungle suit them well. 
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Earth signs enjoy being in nature. Forest bathing, sunning on the beach, and remote cabins appeal to their grounded personalities. However, they’re practical, which means they might want a hybrid of city and country so they can get their coffee fix.
Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Air signs are thinkers, so cities are their cup of tea. Museums, restaurants, and dancing all night at the hot clubs are the way to go if you’re one of these airy folks. While they don’t mind being outdoors, it’s better if there is concrete underneath their feet.
Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Water signs love beaches, cruises, or jet skiing around a lake. If you fall under one of these signs, ensure an ocean, lake, or pool is nearby - and always pack a swimsuit.

Air Signs love to travel! They’re creative, social, and like to have fun. Credit: Shutterstock.

Vacation Strategies by Zodiac Sign

Even though the elements can indicate shared interests, each zodiac sign has other characteristics unique to them. 


If you’re an Aries, you’re adventurous and impulsive, so it’s best not to pack your schedule with too many activities. Instead, keep it loose so you can see where the road takes you. Physical activity is a must.

Hiking, wandering city streets, or dancing at outdoor concerts suits your fiery nature. You can be a “last minute” type, which means you’re often at the airport minutes before takeoff. 

A bit of planning will lower your tension as well as the stress levels of your travel companions. Keep other people’s needs in mind. Not everyone wants to run around at your breakneck pace.


You love to feel comfy, no matter what you’re doing. Soft clothing, cashmere wraps, noise-canceling headphones, and plenty of snacks keep you calm. While you adore nature, a beautifully appointed cabin works better than a tent. An indulgent getaway at a spa is always a good bet, too. You like to eat well, so research restaurants before you go. Don’t forget to sleep in as much as possible. After all, you’re on vacation! 

However, this can be taken to the extreme, which could mean missing out on the sights. Set your alarm so you don’t miss out on the fun. Those who must travel with Taurus quickly discover they take forever to get ready. Even when they’re off the clock, they want to look good. Don’t bother trying to rush them. Instead, find something else to do until they’re ready to make their entrance.

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A Gemini in a city is a sight to behold! You’ll happily flit about from one shop to another, buying souvenirs and chatting with all the locals. 

You might be bilingual, so you should visit places where you can practice your language skills. Visits to bookstores are always on your agenda, no matter where you travel. You’re also keen to learn everything about the destination and are known to pester tour guides for the “real” story. 

Because you need room to breathe, cruises are not your best bet. Trapped at sea gives you anxiety. You can get fidgety, especially on long plane rides. Be sure to bring plenty of reading material. Lastly, make time to rest. Your busy mind needs downtime. You don’t have to be “on the go” constantly.


You have a reputation for being a homebody. It’s true you love your home. However, you do enjoy traveling, provided you’re in control. You enjoy planning, packing, and organizing your brood, but that can quickly turn to nagging if things don’t go your way. If you can find a way to create a sense of order without micromanaging, everyone will have a better time. 

Beaches, camping, cruises, and “staycations” appeal to you. Cozy cabins are also on your favorite list because it feels like home. 

Comfortable beds are a must, and kitchens are a plus. Special note: Cancer children can become anxious when they are too far from home. Pack a favorite toy to calm their nerves.


If you’re a Lion, you like to live large and travel in style. Leos are the maximalists of the zodiac. It’s no surprise that you tend to overpack. While your loved ones prefer carry-ons, you must resort to check-in because you need plenty of outfits and hair care for your famous mane. Even if you learn to pack light, you’ll never show up at the airport looking like a slob. After all, the world is your runway! 

Four-star hotels, all-inclusive resorts, or sunny destinations make your big heart happy. If you say yes to camping, it needs to be “glamping” with all the creature comforts. Because you’re a fire sign and an extrovert, you’re always up for adventure and often the life of every party. That person grabbing the mic at the island karaoke bar? Yep, it’s probably a Leo. 


You’re the practical type, so planning is right up your alley. You love to organize all the details and seem to find the best deals. Because order is important to you, your packing skills are unmatched. Like a Tetris game, every item will be carefully put away, preferably in packing cubes. Itineraries soothe your nerves. 

However, you lose your cool if your travel companions are late or the plane is delayed. Remember: not everything runs on your schedule. Create some breathing room, or bring a book to occupy your mind. Many Virgos prefer work vacations so they can feel productive and get a tax write-off. While that’s admirable, it might be wise sometimes to plan a trip with nothing to do at all. Give your busy brain a break!


You are a wonderful travel companion. You’re charming, considerate, and always up for a good time. No wonder everyone wants to hit the road with you! While beautiful cities like Paris are your fave habitats, you are also open to long walks on the beach. As long as the environment isn’t too dirty or unsafe, you’re in! 

Scenic views of dramatic golden sunsets in Maldives appeal to Libra’s sense of beauty. Credit: Horia Mercia

Regarding packing, you tend to bring too much, especially your favorite grooming products. After all, appearances are important to you. Instead of bringing the whole kit and caboodle, take only what is necessary. Same with your clothes. A capsule wardrobe will keep you looking fab and prevent those baggage fees.

Watch out for a tendency to stifle your needs to keep the peace with others. If you don’t want to go on a ten-mile hike through the mountains on a humid day, say it. It’s perfectly fine to let everyone else go off on those adventures while you do something more fabulous.


You don’t mind staycations or trips to remote places. In fact, you prefer being away from the rest of civilization as much as possible. However, you don’t mind big cities. You can get lost in the crowds, moving around people undetected like a secret agent. Bring as many black clothes as possible to keep that cool allure. 

You never mind traveling alone. In fact, you prefer it. Scorpios are the best solo travelers of all. Research is your jam, and you are known to scour the internet for interesting, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Dangerous parts of the world appeal to you, too. While that could set you up for thrills, it could also lead to trouble. Satisfy your curiosity about the underworld by choosing hot spots like New York, which perfectly blend glam and grime. 


The open roads and friendly skies are always waiting for you. You’re the most adventurous traveler and probably have more stamps than any other sign on your passport. You’re especially fond of the outdoors.

Trips to gorgeous landscapes, skiing on the Swiss Alps, long hikes, meandering through ancient cities— yes, please. If you travel with others, please remember not everyone will keep up with your pace. Slow down, and you might discover many new things along the way. 

Traveling light serves your free-spirited nature. Spontaneous road trips are always good, especially when you feel too tied down. If you travel with a Sagittarius child, give them space to run around. They don’t fare well on long journeys where they are forced to sit.

Capricorns enjoy history. Credit: Elesi


Next to Virgo, you’re the most organized traveler. You never go without an agenda and map. History appeals to you, so traveling to ancient locations such as Egypt or Rome satisfies your need to know where things originated. 

Quality is essential, so nice hotels and beautiful luggage matter. (The best-dressed person at the airport is usually a Capricorn.) 

While you don’t mind traveling solo, group excursions help you feel less lonely. However, because you’re so capable, you might take the lead. Learn to sit back and trust your tour guides. 

Early morning flights will keep you calm, while long train rides give you an excuse to work while whizzing through gorgeous landscapes. 


You love seeing how the rest of the world lives, so traveling to parts unknown will satisfy your curiosity. You’re also intrigued with outer space, so perhaps a rocket ride is in your future? 

Even if you never get to the moon, you’ll be someone who’s seeking the more exciting destinations. Always up for a good time, you can mix with people from all walks of life. This means you’re versatile and an excellent travel companion. 

You’re also adept at mixing with the locals, which allows you to get invites into places other people never see. Technology is your friend, so download the latest travel apps. It will make your travels more efficient.


Oceans should always be part of your travel plans. If not oceans, some body of water. Pools count, too. It’s good for your soul. Not just because you’re born under the sign of the Fish but because you’re sensitive. 

You can be nervous in loud cities, but you can recharge if you have a water source nearby. A long cruise to Alaska to see the whales should be added to your bucket list. When it comes to packing and planning, you are not the most organized. Bring a Virgo or Capricorn along and let them handle the details. 

Watch out for a tendency to get conned by people who play on your sympathetic nature. Learn about scams in the place you intend to visit before you set sail, and you’ll stay out of trouble. Lastly, you tend to get lost, so be sure always to have your GPS turned on. 

Enjoy learning about you and your zodiac sign. See the perfect houseplant for your personality!

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