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What Your Venus Sign Reveals About Your Romantic Style

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Plus, how to find your Venus love sign

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Most people know their Sun signs thanks to horoscope columns. But you are much more than this! Every planet lines up into a zodiac sign when you’re born, which is why you might be a Taurus but feel like the typical characteristics don’t fit. To understand your romantic tendencies, look to Venus. 

According to Louise Edington, author of The Complete Guide to Astrology: Understanding Yourself, Your Signs, and Your Birth Chart, “Venus reveals your love nature, your earthly desires, your core values, your aesthetic tastes, your intimacy style, and your need for connection and emotional expression.”

Knowing how your Venus operates lets you express your needs and help your partner understand what makes you happy. Of course, this works both ways. Edington adds, “For example, if your partner’s Venus is in an Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, they are more likely to enjoy physical affection or acts of service. Whereas, an air sign, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, is more likely to respond to words of affirmation and intellectual or social interaction.”

Look to Venus to tell you about love. Credit: Pushish Images

What is Your Venus Sign?

To find your Venus, you’ll need your birth chart.

  1. You can get one here: https://astro-charts.com/
  2. Plug in your birthday, time, and place. Then, hit “create chart.” 
  3. Scroll down to see the planets’ signs at the time of your birth. Look for Venus. Which zodiac sign is Venus in?
  4. Next, read the descriptions below to understand your romantic needs. 
  5. While you’re at it, check out your partner’s Venus. 

Then, get ready to merge in the best way!

Venus Signs and Your Romantic Style


You like it hot. That’s no surprise since Aries is a fire sign. Your love life needs plenty of spice, or you quickly lose interest. This means your partner must be independent, passionate, and ready for action at all times. Dating you is an adventure. However, you can be impulsive, which might frustrate your partners, especially when you’re off chasing the next exciting thing. This impetuousness may lead to a reputation for being more about conquest than commitment. You will settle down, but only once you’re good and ready. Venus in Aries can indicate selfishness. Learning to give as much as you get will ensure everyone is happy.


Venus rules Taurus, so she’s right at home in the sign of the Bull. If you have this placement, you’re earthy, sensual, and affectionate. Because Taurus is a fixed sign, you’re also loyal. This makes you an ideal and much sought-after partner. Comfort and luxury are important to you. You like to spend your means to achieve the finer things in life. You’ll also splurge on your loved ones because you adore spoiling them! Despite all this, you’re not in a hurry to settle down. You prefer to take your time to ensure you make the best choice. But once you say “I do,” it’s for keeps. When hurt in love, you’ll nurse a grudge for a lifetime.

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You are the flirt of the zodiac. You’re friendly, chatty, and always up for a good time. Is it any wonder so many people are fascinated with you? You derive great pleasure from meeting and interacting with new people. Sometimes, that could mean many suitors waiting in the wings or large numbers of casual affairs. Settle down? Only if they can capture your mind. Because that’s the secret for folks with this placement: mental stimulation wins your heart. Long conversations, wit, and intellectual debates will fire you up more than a dozen roses (although you like those romantic gestures). It’s often said that Venus in Gemini people are shallow and fickle. That can be true, but only if someone doesn’t keep up with your keen mind. Once they do, you’re capable of being a devoted, albeit quirky, long-term partner. Psst… it’s best to sow your wild intellectual oats before you put a ring on it.


Emotional security is a must for Venus in Cancer folks. If you have this placement, you must feel safe with your partner before opening up. Otherwise, you’ll remain in your shell. You’re quick to retreat to it when you feel hurt, too. So, it’s essential to have someone sensitive to your feelings. Once you’re in love, you are devoted, romantic, and caring. You love to have someone to fuss over! However, you can be clingy at times. This is due to a deep-seated insecurity. When that kicks in, you can become suffocating, and that could cause the other person to flee. This can be avoided if you pick a partner you can trust. Hence, take your time before making a commitment.


This is a sexy placement for Venus. You’re hot-to-trot, amorous, sociable, affectionate, and big-hearted. Generous to a fault, you’ll spend lavishly on your loved ones. So it’s no surprise that you’re in demand. After all, who wouldn’t want to be with someone as fine as you? Because you’re a fixed sign, you prefer long-term commitments. However, you’re also susceptible to flattery, which could leave you wide open to users and scandal seekers. You can also be jealous and dramatic to the point of theatrical, especially when you’re not getting the attention you feel you deserve. Despite those tendencies, you’re a creative lover, loyal to the core, and big-hearted.


Venus in Virgo isn’t considered a great placement. Many astrologers view it as prim or uptight. While you can be fussy, it’s not due to frigidity. Instead, you’re a perfectionist. You want to get it right before you give your heart away. Therefore, you’ll take your time until you examine the details closely. Impatient types will get sick of waiting for you to give them a passing grade and slink off to find someone less persnickety. But those who stick it out and pass the test are in for a treat. You are earthy, stable, and loyal. In fact, you’re one of the best bets for a long-term partnership. Acts of service is your love language, which makes you happy as can be doing little things for your partner. You’ll also handle all the details for dates. Intellectual compatibility is a must. You’re a smarty-pants and don’t do well with dullards. If they’re a hard worker, it’s a huge turn-on!


Like Taurus, you’re ruled by Venus, so romance is your happy place. You adore peace, luxury, and all the beautiful things. Courtship must include wining, dining, and plenty of shared activities. Someone who wants to win your heart cannot skip this part. You won’t put up being treated as an afterthought. Rudeness is also a no-no. Obnoxious types don’t have a chance. Harmony is essential to you, which means you’ll sometimes bend over backward to avoid an argument. When that happens, you can lose yourself in the relationship or slip into codependency. Guard against this tendency by asserting your needs and boundaries. It’s better that way…for you.


Venus in Scorpio means depth, sensuality, and passion drive you. You won’t settle for superficial love affairs. You want it all. Because you’re an ace at seduction, you’ll be able to attract many options easily. But once you set your sights on a particular partner, you’re all in. You’ll commit wholeheartedly and be a steadfast and faithful partner. Loyalty is essential. If trust is broken, it’s never the same, even if you forgive. In extreme situations, you could turn vindictive and seek revenge. You may also possess a jealous streak, which can sometimes be irrational. This intensity brings an exciting but volatile energy to your romantic life. Of course, there will be many admirers who find this irresistible. Even so, finding balance is vital if you wish to avoid a soap opera scenario. You are also excellent at keeping secrets. Kiss and tell is not your thing. If someone exposes details about you, it’s over.


Your love life is a rom-com at times. Adventure and fun turn you on, so you’ll enjoy a lively social life with many romantic possibilities. Like fellow Fire sign Aries, you can be impulsive, which could put you into interesting and sometimes sticky situations. For example, you might make two dates on the same night. Whoops! Even so, you’re an idealist. Deep inside, you want the perfect relationship and worry someone might not live up to your ideals. This could mean you keep it casual until you’re sure you won’t be disappointed. You’re also a free spirit and don’t like to be tied down too much. If you have room to breathe, there is always room to grow the relationship. Of all the signs, this Venus is most likely to remain friends with an ex. Psst…your candor is lovely but can be wounding. Learn to deliver your truth without the brutal part. You’re welcome.


Romance is serious business for you. Venus in Capricorn folks want long-lasting relationships, so when they’re on the market, they play for keeps. You have exacting standards, which puts a cautious air around your romantic style. Instead of rushing in, you’re okay waiting it out. You’re prudent and practical in forming any relationship, both business and personal. Settling for second best won’t do. Ambition is also tied to your choices, which means a desire to achieve higher social standing may figure into your requirements. For example, you may want to “marry well.” You’re protective of the ones you love and are a solid bet for a long-term anything. Some say you’re a control freak. That may be true, but you know what’s best for others…and yourself.


Friends first might be your romantic motto. Many of your love affairs begin via your social circle. After all, shared interests are your love language. Intellectual compatibility matters more than emotional attachments. Once you commit, you’re a lifer. That goes for friendships as well as love connections. Even so, there is an element of unpredictability in your relationships. People may come and go, often suddenly, only to reemerge at a later (sometimes inconvenient) date. You like to experiment, which could lead to unconventional partnerships or predilections. This is no surprise nor a problem since you’re the zodiac’s nonconformist. One of the most significant issues is your aloof nature. Interested parties may interpret this as disinterest and quickly “friend zone” you. Bring your passions forward, and this misunderstanding will be less likely.


Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, so lucky you if you have this placement. It means you express the best qualities of this planet. You’re tender, sensitive, highly romantic, and compassionate. No sacrifice is too great for the ones you love. However, you must use great discernment in choosing your connections because dubious types easily prey upon your sympathies. This could lead to addictive, toxic relationships or codependence. Because you’re a Mutable sign, you tend to go with the flow, which could make you somewhat wishy-washy about commitments. One day, you’re gung-ho, while the next finds you swimming in a different direction. But while the relationship is happening, there will be a great deal of emotional intensity. Despite some of these tendencies, you’re the dream lover and most forgiving of all the zodiac signs.

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