What's An Almanac?

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The Definition and Mission of an Almanac

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An almanac, by definition, records and predicts astronomical events (the rising of the Sun, for instance), tides, weather, and other phenomena with respect to time. In recent years, we’ve expanded the Almanac content—but always with an eye on keeping things fun and practical.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac can be defined as:

A Calendar of the Heavens

The Almanac features calendrical and astronomical articles and data (Sun/Moon rise/set times, length of day, tide times, and celestial sightings, and the like).

A Calendar of the Year

Readers are updated on annual and seasonal events, including civil and religious holidays; daily astronomical events; astrological “best” days and cycles; agricultural/gardening and gestation days, and more.

A Time Capsule of the Year

Stories in the Almanac capture the mood, spirit, habits, trends, and/or esoteric interests of the times. (One goal is to produce a “snapshot” of the issue year so that readers looking back in 2, 20, or 200 years will understand and appreciate what life was like.)

A Reference Book

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is renowned for offering tips and advice on a variety of topics, often expressed through a feature article, such as the 2005 features, “How to Be a Genius, or at least a little smarter than you are now,” which also commemorated the 50th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s death, and “How to Win at Pet Shows and County Fairs.” (This also explains why the Almanac is often found in the “Reference” section of bookstores and libraries and why we feature many “how-to” or instructional articles.)

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About The Author

Carol Connare

As the 14th editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Carol Connare works with writers and other editors to develop “new, useful, and entertaining matter” for the annual Almanac as well as books, calendars, and other publications. Read More from Carol Connare

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