Dreaming of a White Christmas? | 2018 Christmas Forecast

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December 5, 2018
Snowy Fir Tree
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For many folks, waking up to a blanket of fresh snow on Christmas morning is what truly makes for a picture-perfect holiday. Should you expect a white Christmas this year? Find out in our Christmas weather forecast!

Snow in the country—snow in the town,
Silently, silently sinking down;
Everywhere, everywhere fast-falling snow,
Dazzling the eyes with its crystalline glow!

–Jennie E. Haight, Canadian poet, 1864

Are You Dreaming of a White Christmas?

The peaceful imagery of a snowy Christmas morning is hard not to dream about at this time of year, and depending on where you live, it looks like your dream might just come true! Our winter forecast calls for a chance of snow the week of Christmas in the Northeast, Appalachians, Lower Lakes, Deep South, Heartland, Texas-Oklahoma, High Plains, Intermountain, and Desert Southwest regions, as well as in Alaska.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic Corridor, Southeast, Ohio Valley, and Pacific Southwest regions should prepare for a rainy Christmas week, while folks in the Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest should expect a sunny, yet cold holiday. 

(Not sure which region you’re in? See our Long Range Weather Forecasts page for a map of all the weather regions.)

Christmas in Canada

In Canada, where a frigid winter beckons, our forecasts predict a snowy holiday for nearly all of the country. In addition, below-normal winter temperatures are expected throughout most of the nation, except for in Pacific Canada, the southern two-thirds of Ontario, and Atlantic Canada regions, where temperatures are expected to remain normal or slightly above average.

Into the New Year and Beyond

As we move into the New Year, expect above-average winter temperatures in most regions of the US. Higher-than-average temperatures are expected in the first week of January in the Atlantic Corridor, Southeast, Florida, Lower Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Texas-Oklahoma regions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should shed your winter coat quite yet—just that there may not be as much ice to scrape off of your windshield!

Along with milder weather, there is a greater possibility of rain in lieu of snow. In fact, this winter season will bring above-normal precipitation to the Northeast, Atlantic Corridor, Appalachians, Lower Lakes, Ohio Valley, Deep South, Heartland, Intermountain, Pacific Northwest, and Desert South regions, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Below normal rainfall is expected in the Southeast, Florida, Upper Midwest, Texas-Oklahoma, and High Plains.

Overall, most places that usually see winter snow will experience less of it this year. The exception to this rule will be in the Intermountain region, parts of the Southwest, and the nation’s midsection, which we predict will see greater-than-average snowfall.

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