Natural Remedies: Curing Bad Breath

Help for Halitosis

June 2, 2016
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Handy tips for a fresher mouth!

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How to get rid of bad breath? See these tips and easy remedies to keep your breath smelling fresh.

If you are younger than middle-aged, your tongue could be causing the problem.

If you are middle-aged and older, your gums could be giving off the unruly scent.

If you have sinus problems you may be prone to having bad breath.

If you have diabetes, your breath might smell like acetone.

Preventing Bad Breath

Is your mouth rude? Here’s how to get fresh with it:

  • Brush your tongue. Your whole mouth needs complete brushing, not just your teeth. With your toothbrush, brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth every day to get rid of plague buildup which allows bacteria to thrive.
  • Flossing. Daily flossing leaves your teeth and gums feeling fresh. When food particles are left in your mouth, they can rot and also collect bacteria. By cleaning your teeth and gums, your breath will be left smelling good.
  • Watch what you eat. Examine your diet. Eating carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal can cause bad breathe because carbohydrates digest quickly and proteins tend to digest slowly leaving a rotten smell. Foods and drinks such as garlic, onions, cheese, orange juice, and soda cause bad breath all on their own.
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco products, of course.

Some people believe, To get rid of garlic breath, chew on a coffee bean!

If you keep up with your flossing, brushing, and this advice, you should be odor-free. Add your own tips below!

Note: if you have bad breath all the time, despite all efforts, you should speak to a dentist to ensure there aren’t unusual other medical conditions.

  • Seeds freshen breath. Fennel, dill, and anise will help leave breath fresh. Peppermint leaves will always sweeten breath as well.


This article was originally published in 2011 and has been updated.

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Bad breath can be due to a

Bad breath can be due to a number of reasons. If it's not your mouth then it can be your stomach. You must see a dentist to know the actual problem. You can follow these simple tips to prevent bad breath or halitosis.

1. Brush twice in a day
2. Daily flossing can help to prevent bad breath
3. Use of good mouthwash also helps a lot
4. Clean your tongue
5. Visit your dentist regular basis and get regular dental checkup
6. Smoking can also be a big reason of bad breath
7. Drink enough water but it should be filtered or boiled
8. Chew sugar free chewing gums
9. Avoid garlic, onion and some sort of spicy foods

Make sure your Vitamin D3 is

Make sure your Vitamin D3 is normal, otherwise you might develop bad breath.

Chronic halitosis can also be

Chronic halitosis can also be an indicator of a systemic yeast infection of the esophagus that has gone undetected. There is a simple test called a spit test that can help you determine whether or not yeast is the culprit. Go online and you'll find info on how to do the test that involves nothing more that observing what happens when you spit into a glass of water.

Try using chorophyll

Try using chorophyll

Using clorophil

Please tell me more

bad breath remedies

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Despite media hype, Chlorophyll has not been proven to help with bad breath in humans.  However, vegetables with chlorophyll are certainly good for you so if it causes everyone to eat more vegetables, it’s a good thing! 

mouth odor

how do i get rid of bad breath

GERD may the most serious

GERD may the most serious medical condition causing bad breath.

cure bad breath

GERD cause bad breath what do you use for that.