Plastics Recycling Chart

The Meaning of Those Numbers on the Bottom of Your Bottles and Containers

This plastics identification chart should make recycling and sorting your plastic a little easier. It also shows some of the common plastic items in a home that are likely to leak chemicals into our food and bodies, so that you know which plastics are safe and which to avoid.  Please feel free to print and share.

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Plastic containers like Tupperware, etc.

Visiting a friend recently I noticed her large collection of plastic containers, many decades old. What is the rule for usage after certain dates and what codes (if they exist!) should be discarded.

Geriatric Containers

Hi, Sue: This really depends on the exact types of plastics and quality of manufacturing, but there is no reason that most plastic containers can’t be used for decades (and many, many are). Thanks for asking!

how are tubes recycled? For

how are tubes recycled? For example, toothpaste tubes and tubes that contain facial cleansers... they don't always have a number/triangle on them. can they be recycled?

You should try to empty the

You should try to empty the containers as much as possible before putting them in a recycle bin. If the item is not recyclable, it will be discarded at the recycle center.

I work for a production

I work for a production company and we would like to use the Numbered Household Plastics Chart you have on your website on our television show. Could we get permission to do that?

Hi Bryant, Thanks for

Hi Bryant, Thanks for writing. Please contact Ginger at regarding this request. Thanks, the OFA staff