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5 Steps to Transform Your Patio or Deck into an Oasis

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Imagine the coziness of your favorite comfy indoor nook. Now, add fresh air, sunshine, and the stress-relieving joy of being surrounded by lush, vibrant plants. Mix it all together, and you’ve got yourself your own outdoor plant room! The key to creating a green getaway space you’ll love is to style it with plants and other personal touches that will transform it into your own personal happy place. Just follow these five steps:

1. Choose Your Space 

Pick a sheltered but sunny area where you feel comfortable outdoors. It could be a screened-in porch, a section of your deck, a balcony, or even a corner of the yard. Be sure the area receives enough sun to support the plants you want to grow (more on that below), is somewhat protected from the elements, and is close to a water source. 

To ensure your space is protected from the hot afternoon sun, consider installing a sunshade sail overhead if the area doesn’t already have some coverage. 

2. Sketch It Out 

First, ask yourself whether this will be a solo space or more of an outdoor living room to entertain friends and family. Next, think about what kind of style you’d like to convey—cozy? Minimalist? Spa-inspired? 

Consider what kinds of furniture you’d like to put there and what spaces you can create for plants, such as the floor (or ground), tables, and hooks for hanging. Sketch it all out on a piece of paper (don’t worry—you won’t lose points for stick figures).

A contemporary outdoor patio space featuring a comfortable sectional couch, armchairs, decorative pillows, lush green grass
Your outdoor plant space can be anywhere!
Photo: Danielcc/Shutterstock

3. Select Your Furniture 

Whatever style you decide on, make your outdoor plant room inviting. Choose chairs and sofas that are both comfortable and weather-resistant—and think outside the box! Consider a hammock or hanging chair if that’s your thing, and make sure there are plenty of surfaces for plants, beverages, snacks, books, candles—whatever you think you’ll want to bring into your space. 

Tables and other furniture should be weather-resistant as well—try a wood sealant if you’re moving an indoor piece of wood furniture outdoors. Love pillows and throws? Add a rain-proof cabinet or container to store them.

4. Pick Your Plants

What kinds of plants make you feel happiest—flowers? Lush greenery? Potted veggies or fragrant herbs? A little bit of everything? As you choose your plants, keep in mind the amount of sun your space will receive, and remember that outdoor rooms on the south or west side of your home will receive more sunlight than those on the east or north (the north receives the least). 

Pick a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to create visual interest in your room, consulting the plant tags to confirm your space’s light matches their needs. Learn how to plant your pots properly.

5. Personalize With Accessories

What could you add to your outdoor plant room to plus-up the style factor and, at the same time, make it even more “you”? Think about weather-resistant rugs and throw pillows, one-of-a-kind plant hangers, unique pots, twinkly lights, solar-powered lanterns, wind chimes, or other mobile sculptures, and maybe even some wall art for protected spots. 

Whatever your personal style choice, the goal is to turn your outdoor plant room into a welcoming, magical place you’ll gravitate to again and again.

One final bit of advice: Keep an eye on things. Since all those beautiful plants can’t care for themselves, that bit of work is up to you. Set aside a time each week to walk around and look at each plant. Does it need a drink of water? Has it been a while since you gave it a dose of plant food? Does it need to be pruned for size or to get rid of some old growth? Are there problems that need to be nipped in the, um, bud, like fungus gnats or spider mites

If you regularly take time to maintain your plants, they’ll reward you with a thriving, inviting outdoor personal space you’ll never want to leave.


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