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Herb Growing Guide: How to Grow Herbs

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Learn When to Plant and How to Grow Common Herbs!

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Growing herbs is not difficult to do! Our helpful chart will take you from seed-starting to the kitchen table.

Herb Planting Calendar & Growing Guide

Herbs are a great addition to the garden. Not only do they complement your home-grown veggies in the kitchen, they also make for excellent companion plants in the garden itself. 

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For more planting and growing advice for a specific herb, see our library of Herb Growing Guides!

How to Grow Herbs


Start Seeds Indoors (Weeks before last spring frost) Start Seeds: Outdoors (Weeks before / after last spring frost) Height / Spread (Inches)


Light** Growth Type
Basil* 6–8 Anytime after 12–24/12 Rich, moist   Annual
Borage* NR ‑ Anytime after 12–36/12 Rich, well-drained, dry   Annual, biennial
Chervil NR ‑ 3–4 before 12–24/8 Rich, moist   Annual, biennial
Chives 8–10 3–4 before 12–18/18 Rich, moist   Perennial
Cilantro / Coriander NR ‑ Anytime after 12–36/6 Light   Annual
Dill NR ‑ 4–5 before 36–48/12 Rich   Annual
Fennel 4–6 Anytime after 48–80/18 Rich   Annual
Lavender, English* 8–12 1–2 before 18–36/24 Moderately fertile, well-drained   Perennial
Lavender, French NR ‑ NR ‑ 18–36/24 Moderately fertile, well-drained   Tender perennial
Lemon Balm* 6–10 2–3 before 12–24/18 Rich, well-drained   Perennial
Lovage* 6–8 2–3 before 36–72/36 Fertile, sandy   Perennial
Mint NR ‑ NR ‑ 12–24/18 Rich, moist   Perennial


6–10 Anytime after 12–24/18 Poor   Tender perennial


10–12 3–4 before 18–24/6–8 Medium-rich   Biennial


8–10 Anytime after 48–72/48 Not too acid   Tender perennial


6–10 1–2 before 12–48/30 Well-drained   Perennial


6–10 2–3 after 20–48/12–14 Rich, organic   Perennial
Summer savory 4–6 Anytime after 4–15/6 Medium rich   Annual
Sweet cicely 6–8 2–3 after 36–72/36 Moderately fertile, well-drained   Perennial
Tarragon, French NR ‑ NR ‑ 24–36/12 Well-drained   Perennial
Thyme, common* 6–10 2–3 before 2–12/7–12 Fertile, well-drained   Perennial
*Recommend minimum soil temperature of 70Β°F to germinate
** full sun partial shade
‑ Not Recommended

Click here to open an expanded version of this chart in a new tab: Growing Guide to Herbs

Do you grow your own herbs? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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