Universal Dream Themes

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Dreams can have a profound effect on people. There are several different themes in our dreams that leave us wondering what they mean. Here are some of the most common themes and their interpretations…

“Dreams…have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they’ve gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind.” - Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte, English writer (1818-48)

Universal Dream Themes

Dream: You meet someone famous
Interpretation: You may receive unexpected assistance in trying to attain your goals.

Dream: You can’t remember the answers to a test or the words of a speech.
Interpretation: Failure often indicates the opposite - success.

Dream: You fall off a cliff or roof or into a huge hole.
Interpretation: Fear, such as losing a job or financial concerns, dominates your life. The height from which you fall, the way you land, and how well you recover may offer additional insight into your fears.

Dream: You find something unexpected, like a room in your house.
Interpretation: You may discover something about yourself, such as your goals and desires.

Dream: You are late for school, work, or an important event, like a wedding.
Interpretation: You may be feeling unprepared or unqualified for an upcoming situation.

Dream: You are unable to find your classroom, office, or home.
Interpretation: You may be uncertain about your life path, or you may be trying to fit into a new situation or job.

Dream: You can’t run or yell in a dangerous situation.
Interpretation: You feel “stuck” or unable to make desired changes in your waking life.

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