Fall Foliage Map 2018

Peak Times Across America!

September 21, 2018

See our new fall foliage map for peak times across America. Help us add to this foliage map with your own report!

Just click the Make a Foliage Report on the map graphic above, enter your ZIP code, and select on the photo that best matches your area.

What’s Typical

Below is an animation of the progression of color-changing, based on on past foliage report from our readers. This map can give you an idea of when leaves may start to change across the country.

Animated Map for 2017 Foliage Reports




Reader Comments

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defective web form?

When I click "Send Report", nothing happens. Is there supposed to be some kind of acknowledgment that the report was submitted/received?

peak report

Sorry Warren county PA is not at peak. Will be maybe be about the 15th.

Fall foliage reporting

The Editors's picture

We rely on our friends from all over the country to report color. If the area you live in hasn’t been updated to the current status, please help keep the map updated by making a report!