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Garden Style by Zodiac Sign

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What to Plant Based on Your Astrological Sign

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If you’re struggling to find your gardening style, consider your zodiac sign. If anything, it will help you reflect on your personality and make your garden a true reflection of you!

If you walk through any neighborhood, the varieties of gardens are endless, from carefully plotted vegetable gardens to colorful landscapes filled with wildflowers. They are a sight to behold!

If you’re a seasoned gardener, you have preferences. For example, my husband loves organic landscaping in the front and herbs for cooking in the small backyard plot. The proof of his gardening style is evident as soon as you walk out the door.

But what if you’re new to gardening? Or maybe you want something different but aren’t sure which way to go or what to plant?

You could consult with the experts at your local gardening center. Or, for a more personalized approach, you might want to try astrology! It’s a unique way to understand your gardening style based on your zodiac sign.

The Four Elements

Astrology is deeply connected with the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These elements, like those in gardening, play a significant role in our lives. The sun (fire), soil (earth), rain (water), and pollination (air) are essential not only for growth but also for our overall harmony.

  • Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are the natural gardeners of the zodiac. Folks born under these zodiac signs tend to do well with any garden, from veg to floral.
  • Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) love unique, eye-catching landscapes. They tend to focus on beauty more than practicality.
  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) do well with desert, tropical, and wildflowers. However, they are also adept at growing vegetables because they love self-sufficiency.
  • Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) have strong green thumbs like Earth signs. However, they need water elements such as ponds in their gardens.

The 12 Zodiac Signs

Each sign also has unique qualities that can help determine their ultimate garden style.

Aries Gardening Style

Bold Aries need plenty of color to make their garden world go round. Bright flowers need to be included, even in simple vegetable patches. A border of pretty marigolds keeps the rabbits out and adds a touch of gorgeous orange, which pleases those born under the sign of the Ram. For Aries who live in urban areas, rooftop gardens are an excellent choice. They’ll enjoy the view while toiling away!

Taurus  Gardening Style

Earthy Taurus finds calm digging in the soil. Any garden style suits these grounded Bulls. However, because they are ruled by Venus, it’s essential to ensure everything is beautiful. This means you’ll want to plan the plot carefully for a pleasing aesthetic. Flowering shrubs around the perimeter add an elegant touch. If possible, clear a spot for a bench or small tea table.

Gemini Gardening Style

Gemini is known for being flighty. Therefore, they’ll do well with a butterfly garden. This means choosing plants that attract butterflies. Include phlox, milkweed, purple coneflower, sunflowers, black-eyed Susans, and lantana. Be sure to pick colorful blooms because these winged creatures are drawn to bright colors (just like Geminis!). Trees such as magnolias or eucalyptus are also a good bet. See our list of the best plants and flowers for butterflies.

Cancer  Gardening Style

The Moon rules Cancer, so it makes sense for those born under this sensitive sign to focus on “Moon gardens.” Moon gardens feature flowers that seem to glow in the moonlight, such as Shasta daisies, white lilacs, and silver sage. These white or silver flowers will shine brightly if you ensure they are placed where the Moon can illuminate them. Nighttime flowers such as night-blooming jasmine, which blooms in the evening and releases a beautiful fragrance, are also an excellent addition. See how to grow moonflowers.

Leo Gardening Style

Leos are flashy, so they want a showpiece, even if their means are modest. If you’re born under the sign of the Lion, you’ll want to get the very best, even if that means a more miniature garden. Think: stunning containers for plants, various rose bushes, flowering trees, and solar-powered stake lights to brighten the edges and walkways. Leos are ruled by the sun, so every garden should include a burst of sunflowers.

Virgo Gardening Style

Gardens, gardeners, and garden implements all fall under Virgo’s realm. Therefore, it’s no surprise to discover many green thumbs belong to Virgos! These practical folks love every aspect of gardening, so you might find them tending to well-manicured lawns, carefully planned vegetable patches, and a stunning array of flower beds around their homes. Virgos love to cook, too, so a bed of herbs is always a wise choice.

Libra Gardening Style

Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus. However, Libra is an air sign, and they prefer creating designs in their pretty heads rather than getting their hands dirty. Formal gardens suit these artsy folks. Symmetry, a thoughtfully curated color palette, and strong patterns are the ideal Libra landscape. Roses are the official flower for Libras, so a rose garden is another option.

Scorpio Gardening Style

No one loves a mystery more than a Scorpio. When it comes to gardens, mazes are the perfect fit! Picture walking through a labyrinth garden with winding paths, flower beds, and hidden nooks with benches for reading, all protected by tall, neatly trimmed hedges. For privacy-loving Scorpios, it’s the ideal retreat from the rest of the world.

Sagittarius Gardening Style

Freedom is vital for Sagittarius, so wild is the way to go (or grow). While other zodiac signs might enjoy perfection, Sagittarius revels in the natural beauty of a not-so-carefully planned garden. This means focusing on plants native to the area, with an eye on what might attract local wildlife. Weeds and trees may play a role, too. It’s okay for Sagittarius to be a little lax in upkeep, provided they don’t let it get too out of hand. A rock garden is always a good idea if this seems too much work. Instead of tending to the garden, Archers will be free to roam! See more about native plants.

Capricorn Gardening Style

Capricorns are traditionalists, so English gardens are a fantastic option. They love the structure of these high-maintenance gardens and don’t mind the upkeep. In fact, Capricorns love a challenge, so this is precisely the kind of hobby they enjoy. English gardens are a thing of beauty with neatly clipped hedges, pretty flower beds, gently curving paths, and even topiary. Another choice for Sea Goats is a Shakespeare garden, which contains all the plants mentioned in William Shakespeare’s books. Learn more about DIY Garden Paths and Walkways.

Aquarius Gardening Style

Aquarius is concerned with the collective, which means no one is better to start a community garden. A community garden, also referred to as a collective garden, is a parcel of land shared by a group, usually neighbors. Sometimes, each individual has a plot in the garden, while other versions do not divide the land. In some cases, the gardens serve to create produce for low-income families or charities. These gardens are usually vegetable and fruit-focused, although flowers are common. Aquarius would be an excellent steward for a community garden.

Pisces Gardening Style

Sensitive Pisces loves to spend time in nature. They’re also highly creative and might find multiple garden styles appealing. No matter what they choose, there should be a water element. A pond surrounded by flowers is the haven they crave. Add in some koi fish, and they’ll feel right at home. Songbirds especially love water for drinking and cleaning. Learn more about gardening and birds!

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