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The Perfect Houseplant for Your Zodiac Sign!

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Fun with houseplants! Match plants to your astrological sign.

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These days, houseplants are all the rage. Scroll through any social media channel, and you’ll find many folks showing off their gorgeous indoor greenery. Which leafy roommate is best for you? Let’s have fun matching your sign with the best houseplant for your personality!

Each astrological zodiac sign has an elemental nature: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. These elements have different characteristics that indicate how you operate in the world—and relate to nature.

  • For example, Fire signs prefer warmth and plenty of sun. This means plants that love direct sunlight are ideal for these fiery folks.
  • Water signs do well with succulents, which store water in their leaves. 
  • Breezy Air signs fare better with plants that don’t require a lot of tending.
  • Earth signs can work with just about any type of greenery because they are the natural gardeners of the zodiac.

The other thing to remember is that each zodiac sign is also associated with a quality, which gives further details into the sign’s quirks.

  • Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) like to get things started. 
  • Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) prefer to sustain and maintain. 
  • Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) thrive on change. 
Take care of leafy friends! Credit: Newafrica/Shutterstock

When you put this together, you can get a sense of how each sign operates. Keeping that in mind, here are suggestions for the best houseplant for each zodiac sign: 

Best Houseplant for All 12 Zodiac Signs

1. Aries Houseplant (March 21 to April 19)

The feisty Ram loves a challenge. They’re not content with the status quo. Instead, they want to be first. This means they are willing to take risks. Orchids  (Orchidaceae) are an ideal houseplant for Aries. They love to be in the sun and require some effort to maintain, two things that appeal to Aries, who is more than up for the job. The spectacular flowers make it stand out amongst other plants.  

If you’re bringing an orchid home, make sure you know how to take care of this beauty. Credit: N. Polted

2. Taurus Houseplant (April 20 to May 20)

Taurus loves to create a cozy environment. Thick blankets, comfort food, and soft music are their happy place. They’re also concerned with security. This can manifest as an interest in financial affairs. A Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) adds beauty to their home. It’s also rumored to symbolize luck and prosperity, something Taurus adores.

Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)
Pachira aquatica. Credit: Midtrandesigner/SS

3. Gemini Houseplant (May 21 to June 20)

Gemini is always on the go, flitting about from one thing to another. They’re social creatures and don’t like to be tied down. This means they should have a houseplant that doesn’t need much care. Air Plants (Tillandsia spp.) require no soil. These strange plants are known as epiphytes, which means they grow on other plants instead. Special glass terrariums make these funky species quirky decorations, perfect for Gemini’s trendy tastes.

Air Plants (Tillandsia spp.
Air plants. 

4. Cancer Houseplant (June 21 to July 22)

Sensitive Cancer loves nothing more than having someone to care for. They are excellent parents and caregivers, which makes them natural plant people. Sometimes, these kindly souls talk to their plants, mostly because they want them to thrive. Succulents would fit Cancers well, such as Echeveria (Echeveria spp.), which forms delicate rosettes. Although they don’t require much care, you can be sure Cancer will spend plenty of time fussing over them. 

Echeveria (Echeveria spp.)
Echeveria. Credit: Joe Kuis.

5. Leo Houseplant (July 23 to August 22)

Leo is known for being bold and showy. When they enter the room, heads turn. They invented swagger. They also rule the heart, so the String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii) plant is right up their runway. Put this beauty in a sunny spot, and the leaves become a deeper, richer green. Hang it high, and the vines grow as long and lush as a Lion’s mane. 

String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii)
Chain of Hearts. Credit: Job Narinnate

6. Virgo Houseplant (August 23 to September 22)

Health falls under Virgo’s realm, so it’s no wonder many enter the healing industry. Acts of service are their love language. The Aloe Vera (Aloe vera spp.) is ideal for these down-to-earth folks. This plant has medicinal properties. It’s also a tad prickly, which matches perfectionist Virgo’s persnickety temperament. Learn more about caring for Aloe Vera plants.

aloe vera plant
Aloe Vera. Credit: Sunwand24/Shutterstock

7. Libra Houseplant (September 23 to October 22)

Lovely Libra desires harmony. They will do whatever it takes to create peace, even if that means sacrificing their own needs. Beauty is also vital to them, which makes the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) a natural fit. This easy-to-grow plant requires little fussing, but the blooms are stunning. It is also one of the best plants to clear the air, something Libra likes to do when an argument ensues. 

peace lily
Peace Lily. Credit: Georgina198/Getty

8. Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. They’re loners at heart, but that’s because they want depth. No one is more loyal than a Scorpio; however, when hurt, they can sting. They are tough, so the hardy Snake Plant (Sansevieria spp.) is an excellent fit because it’s fairly indestructible. Scorpio appreciates the Snake plant’s ability to flourish in various conditions. The spiky green leaves say, “Don’t mess with me.” 

Snake Plant (Sansevieria spp.)
Snake Plant. Credit: DimaBerlin.

9. Sagittarius Houseplant (November 22 to December 21)

Sagittarius loves to explore. The Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is the perfect houseplant for adventurous Sagittarius. They are easy-to-grow plants, which means Sagittarius is free to roam. Plus, the name is a nod to the centaur, the mythological half-man half-horse which represents Sag. This plant loves to be in a sun-filled location, the same as this fiery Archer.  

Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)
Ponytail Palm. Credit: Renata.Ka/Shutterstock

10. Capricorn Houseplant  (December 22 to January 19)

Some say Capricorns have a spine of steel. They’re brave and ambitious, which means they are often found in leadership roles. When they’re in charge, everyone benefits. Of course, the cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is an excellent bet for these resilient folks. It’s sturdy and can grow in harsh conditions, much like a Mountain Goat.

 cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior)
Aspidistra elatior. Credit: Endah Kurnia P

11. Aquarius Houseplant (January 20 to February 18)

Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac. They are unconventional, so they seek unusual experiences. They run from run-of-the-mill anything. The ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) is fine with little care, just like these independent Air signs. Left alone, they grow beautifully with shiny leaves. They can flourish in many lighting conditions, perfect for Aquarius, who is always willing to try something new. 

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)
Unpretentious and popular ZZ plant. Credit: Simol1407

12. Pisces Houseplant (February 19 to March 20)

Pisces is a water sign represented by the Fish. So it only makes sense for the String of Dolphins or Dolphin Necklace (Senecio peregrinus) to be their official plant. This sweet trailing succulent resembles a group of dolphins jumping in a line. How cute is that? Although this plant is easy to care for, it requires warmer temperatures. It’s not a cold fish! Neither is Pisces. 

String of Dolphins or Dolphin Necklace (Senecio peregrinus)
Can you see the dolphins frolicking? Credit: A. Sukhamwang

How do you like your plant partners? What’s not to like? Now, see how to be a good plant parent with our Houseplant Care Guide.

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