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The Best Flowers For Your Zodiac Sign

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The best flowers for your zodiac sign, bunches of bright flowers
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Find your Zodiac flower!

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Flowers lift spirits. Nothing is more beautiful than a garden filled with blooms or a vase of freshly picked posies. Find out which flowers are best for each zodiac sign. Imagine your loved one’s delight when you arrive with the perfect birthday bouquet. (Remember: You can buy flowers for yourself, too.)

According to Feng Shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters of Simple Shui, “They (flowers) exude a high frequency—which gives us more energy and makes us feel better. They lower our stress and can actually help us heal. My other favorite reason to have fresh flowers in the home is they express abundance. Listen to the excuses people have for not buying them, and it usually comes down to cost. However, by bringing “wealth” into your home with regular consistency, you actually build up your stamina for being more comfortable with wealth and the opportunities for it to accumulate in your life!”

Whether you want to pick the ideal floral arrangement for your sweetheart or yourself, astrology can help. Each sign is associated with a different flower (or two). These blooms represent the characteristics of the zodiac sign. For example, the orchid matches the unique persona of nonconformist Aquarius.

Zodiac Flowers by Sign

Aries Flowers

Passionate Aries are the first sign of the zodiac. Always ready for adventure, these fiery folk rarely sit still. Rams also exude confidence. Sometimes, this can come off as arrogance, but don’t be fooled: underneath that bravado, they’re Lambs. 

The traditional flower for Aries is Honeysuckle, which tends to bloom early. These pretty flowers represent happiness and affection, something Aries expresses with passion. Tulips are another great option. Like Honeysuckles, they are one of the first flowers to arrive, just like Aries.

Credit: MyOcean

Taurus Flowers

Steady, grounded, and reliable, Taurus is always there when the chips are down. Reward these sturdy Bulls with Poppies. This flower is similar to Taurus in that it’s vital. Poppies also symbolize remembrance, an acknowledgment of Taurus’s long memory. Sentimental to the core, they never forget a kindness. Taurus will also appreciate the delicate Lily of the Valleys, the ideal flower of springtime.

Gemini Flowers

Lavender is associated with Gemini. This purple beauty matches Gemini’s sparkly, bright vibe well. Twins are adaptable, something Lavender is known for as well. For example, Lavender can be used for decoration, aromatherapy, and food or beverages! 

But here’s another thing to know about Geminis: many are high-strung with sensitive nervous systems. Lavender provides calm, something they need. Another flower for Gemini is Lilacs. The scent will lift their spirit on gray days.

Cancer Flowers

Tender-hearted Cancers are the caregivers of the zodiac. Home and family are everything to them, so it’s no surprise to find them in nurturing roles. They are also fond of reminiscing about days gone by. Their keen memories mean they’ll remember events right down to how they felt at the time. 

White roses are Cancer’s flower. These fragrant beauties symbolize purity, loyalty, and love, qualities that align with Cancer’s sensitive nature. Because the moon rules Cancer, Moonflowers are an obvious choice. Their gorgeous trumpet-shaped flowers open up in the moonlight. Perhaps plant a Moon garden!

Leo Flowers

The Sunflower is Leo’s official flower. Not only is Leo ruled by the Sun, but the yellow petals are similar to the shape of a lion’s mane. Sunflowers are bright and cheerful, just like Lions. They also represent loyalty, joy, and positivity, characteristics that every Leo possesses. 

While this bold bloom is the obvious choice, any flower will please Leo, provided it’s big and vibrant. When it comes to regal Lions, you never want to skimp.

Credit: Natalia Deriabina

Virgo Flowers

Unlike showy Leo, Virgos are reserved. These shy wallflowers prefer to blend into the background, preferably in a service role. They love to handle all the details, something they’re naturally adept at. Many go into healing or teaching professions, where they can care for others and micromanage the small stuff. 

Buttercups are Virgo’s flower. These yellow posies represent innocence, which makes sense for those born under the sign of the Virgin. Elegant chrysanthemums are also a fantastic choice for these perfectionists. They symbolize devotion, a quality associated with Virgos.

Credit: Juli Kom

Libra Flowers

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Libra. Passionate romantics, Libras also care about justice, harmony, and balance. So, it’s no surprise that Libra’s flower is the Rose, the ultimate symbol of love and courtship.

Some Libras don’t want something typical like a rose. Look for other flowers that match their classy, refined personality and exquisite tastes: graceful Dalhias, gorgeous Lilies, or beautiful Peonies will win their hearts.

Scorpio Flowers

Mysterious Scorpios rarely show their true selves to the world. You have to earn their trust. Loyalty is a must. They will not tolerate deception or unreliability. Don’t let them down if you want to remain in their good graces. Once they open up to you, they’ll show remarkable vulnerability. 

Geraniums are a symbol of protection, which aligns with Scorpio’s need to guard their privacy. Gardenias work well for Scorpio, too. The beautiful fragrance will make them swoon, plus Gardenias signify trust.

Gardenia. Credit: Apolofoto

Sagittarius Flowers

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius folks tend to be optimistic and idealistic. They’re always looking at the bigger, brighter picture. 

Carnations are a “feel-good” flower that matches the Archer’s cheery nature. They can grow in all sorts of conditions, which is an adaptable quality Sagittarius shares. These adventurous folks love to see the world, so you might also consider an exotic flower like the Bird of Paradise. The brilliant-colored petals will remind them of far-away travels.

Capricorn Flowers

The hardy mountain goat symbolizes Capricorn. These ambitious souls are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals, no matter how large the challenge. 

The pansy is Capricorn’s official flower. This winter bloom can handle tough conditions—in fact, it can grow even in the harshest climate. Capricorns love classics, so you can never go wrong with a bouquet of red roses.

Credit: Prostock-studio

Aquarius Flowers

Aquarius isn’t interested in blending in. They are nonconformists and prefer to set the trends. When it comes to fashion or musical tastes, they’ll always know what’s in before the rest of the world figures it out. 

Orchids are perfect for Aquarius. They’re unique stunners that stand out amongst other flowers. Another great option is the Tiger Lily, a bright-colored bloom that will get Aquarius’s attention.

Pisces Flowers 

Sensitive Pisces live in their feelings. Empathy, compassion, and intuition come naturally to these watery fish folk. Even though they’re emotional, they are also adaptable. They can go with the flow when needed. 

The Water Lily is their flower because it thrives in bodies of water such as lakes. You might also want to consider a Lotus. Like Pisces, its beauty emerges under challenging conditions.

Credit: Praew stock

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