Kissing Benefits and Five Types of Kisses!


All about kissing facts and folklore

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Throughout history, the kiss has been used to express a range of emotions. What makes a pucker so powerful? The Old Farmer’s Almanac shares some lip lore from around the world that may answer that question!

Kissing Folklore and Luck

A kiss is just a kiss … or is it? Are you familiar with this folklore?

  • For good luck in gambling, kiss the cards before the game begins.
  • To protect yourself from lightning, make three crosses in front of yourself and kiss the ground three times.
  • In some areas of England, it is believed that a newborn will be influenced later in life by whoever who gives it its first kisses.
  • If you drop a piece of bread on the floor, kiss it when you pick it up to avoid bad luck.
  • Danish custom says that it’s a bad omen when the first person you see in the morning is an old woman. Should that happen, you must kiss her to avoid bad luck.

Ever wondered why we kiss under the mistletoe? Find out!

Benefits of Kissing!

According to a study by German psychologist Dr. Arthur Sazbo, people who kissed their spouse goodbye in the morning:

  • missed less work due to illness
  • had fewer auto accidents on the way to work
  • earned 20 to 30 percent more money monthly
  • lived approximately 5 years longer than those who did not

By definition, a kiss takes two, so you’ll want to find a friend before you read on …

Types of Kisses

German dictionaries list more than 30 types of of kisses, including a word, nachküssen, for “the making up for kisses that have been omitted.” Here are a few variations from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Book of Love that you’ll want to explore.

1. The Butterfly Flutter
Place your eye within a breath of your partner’s cheek. Open and close your eyelids against her skin. If this is done correctly, the flutter sensation on her cheek should match the one in her heart.

2. The Bumper Kiss
Effective when following your lover in a separate car. Wait until he stops his vehicle at a traffic light, then gently ease your car up to his and nudge his bumper. The jolt will jump-start his heart and suggest more intimate nuzzlings to come. (WARNING: Do not use the Bumper Kiss on the vehicle of an unknown driver.)

3. The Hickey Kiss
It may take some practice to create a personalized hickey, in the shape of, say, your favorite sailing ship. No need to get fancy. The main objective is simply to avoid drawing blood while leaving a mark that will prove to your sweetheart (and all her girlfriends) that last night’s interlude was not a dream.

4. The French Kiss
Some call this the “Soul Kiss,” because the life and soul are thought to pass through the mouth’s breath in the exchange across tongues. Surprisingly, the French call this “The English Kiss.”

5. The Last Kiss
In ancient Rome, custom had it that the Last Kiss would capture the soul of a dying man and keep it alive on the lips of his lover.

We hope that you enjoy trying out these fun techniques from the Book of Love, written by Christine Schultz and The Old Farmer’s Almanac editors.

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