A Mandala Garden Plan and Layout: A Unique Spiral Garden

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A vegetable garden that encourages reflection

Leah V. from Parkland County, Alberta, Canada and Catherine Boeckmann
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What a unique spiral garden! A mandala garden is not only is beautiful and bountiful but also encourages reflection. See Leah’s story, garden plan, and photos for inspiration.

A mandala garden is round in design. A great solution for smaller plots of land, it’s a way to grow more vegetables in less space. This design is also good for gardeners with compacted soil and works well to capture run-off and retain water.

Beyond the physical benefits, these spiral gardens interconnect nature and art, encouraging more relaxation and contemplation.   

Leah’s Garden Story

I designed a beginner Mandala garden this year with the Almanac Garden Planner. This approach to garden design incorporates herbs, flowers, and vegetables. 

The garden is planted in concentric circles to create a new feeling in the garden, encouraging wandering as well as reflection time standing in the middle, taking in everything. 

This shape also cuts down on watering time and makes weeding much easier! Empty areas in the plan are necessary to allow for space to stage and store harvests on long gardening days.

I hope everyone enjoys some photos of my “crazy round garden” growing in progress. 

Here is the link to my garden plan. Note that I adjusted some crop locations given soil and light conditions.

–Leah V.

The Vegetable Garden Plan

(Parkland County, Alberta, Canada)

See the full garden plan and plant list.

The Results! Beautiful Garden Photos

Emerging Mandala garden
One month into growing
Garden growing and near its height!
Back-quarter of garden.

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