A Drought-Tolerant Garden Plan and Layout

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Sunflowers Sky High!
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Successfully gardening in a dry, hot climate

Rachel from Goodwell, Oklahoma and Catherine Boeckmann
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If you live in a dry place or deal with drought, this garden plan will inspire you! Rachel and her husband used both row and container gardening, drip irrigation, and drought-resistant plants. We love the mix of vegetables and flowers.

Rachel’s Garden Story

My husband and I live in Goodwell, Oklahoma—a place that only gets an average of 17 inches of rain a year.

With our climate, we put a lot of effort into planning and maintaining our garden. We use drip hoses to conserve water, create strong, drought-resistant plants, and keep the garden small for easier maintenance. We also practice companion planting to nurture plant health. 

This garden is for the two of us; some containers are used where we cannot plant in the ground. We fenced the southwest corner and the west side with a wicker fence. And we have a small hoop house on the north side (which makes a great windbreak).

We had a plague of squash bugs that destroyed our pumpkins, cucumbers, and winter squash, but everything else performed wonderfully, thanks to the Garden Planner.

The most unusual thing we grew this year was cauliflower, and the most impressive thing we grew was a giant sunflower that grew up to 12 feet tall.

Enjoy the photos! My husband is standing in front of the giant sunflowers before they bloom. He is 6 feet tall. The sunflowers got even taller after that!

Rachel’s Vegetable Garden Plan

(Northwestern Oklahoma)

See full garden plan and plant list.

The Results! Beautiful Garden Photos

A wicker fence
Drip irrigation
Combining row and container gardening
Sky-high sunflowers!

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