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Fairy Garden
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Renae Ware

Renae's "Fairy Garden" layout and photos

Renae Ware from Boise, Idaho
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Renae’s joy of gardening in her “fairy garden” leaps off the page. This past season, her vegetable garden incorporated companion planting—which produced an abundant harvest! See Renae’s garden layout and beautiful photos.

Renae’s Garden Story

My garden passion started years ago in two very small spaces, about 4x6.  Last year, a gift allowed me to expand to a 30’x50’ garden space!

I set up my first garden using the Almanac Garden Planner because I had so much space I just didn’t know where to start. 

I spend almost every evening after work in the garden. It is such a peaceful and beautiful spot. I love seeing the change and growth that takes place every day.

I took pictures throughout the year from the vegetable starts just planted all the way through to the finish. (Note from editors: Photos can be captured in the Garden Journal!)

I grow everything from seed that I start in a small greenhouse. This year, we companion planted, and it turned out so great. We ended up with zinnias, bee balm, and marigolds that are six feet tall and, consequently, an abundance of fruit and vegetables!

Renae’s Fairy Garden Plan

(Boise, Idaho)

Renae’s Fairy Garden Photos 

Fairy Garden just planted. Not much to see yet, but structures in place!
Fairy garden now growing!
Fairy garden one month into the season.
Fairy garden (left) at twilight
Fairy garden (right) with squash plants near harvest!

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