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Peas and Pea Pods


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Peas are a popular, tasty, cool-season crop. Here’s how to grow peas in your garden!

There are three varieties of peas that will suit your garden and cooking needs: 

  • Pisum savitum, which includes both types of garden peas: sweet peas (inedible pods) and snow peas (edible flat pods with small peas inside).
  • Pisum macrocarpon, snap peas (edible pods with full-size peas).

Pea plants are easy to grow, but have a very limited growing season. Furthermore, peas do not stay fresh long after harvest, so enjoy them while you can!


  • To get the best head start, turn over your pea planting beds in the fall, add manure to the soil, and mulch well.
  • As with other legumes, pea roots will fix nitrogen in the soil, making it available for other plants.
  • Peas will appreciate a good sprinkling of wood ashes to the soil before planting. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting.
  • Sow seeds outdoors 4 to 6 weeks before last spring frost, when soil temperatures reach 45 degrees F. Here are some more tips on when to start planting peas.
  • Plant 1 inch deep (deeper if soil is dry) and 2 inches apart.
  • Get them in the ground while the soil is still cool, but do not have them sit too long in wet soil. It’s a delicate balance of proper timing and weather conditions. For soil that stays wet longer, invest in raised garden beds.
  • A blanket of snow won’t hurt emerging pea plants, but several days with temperatures in the teens could. Be prepared to plant again.
  • Peas are best grown in temperatures below 70 degrees F.
  • Check out this video to learn how to plant peas early while soil is cold.


  • Make sure that you have well-drained, humus-rich soil.
  • Poke in any seeds that wash out. (A chopstick is an ideal tool for this.)
  • Be sure, too, that you don’t fertilize the soil too much. Peas are especially sensitive to too much nitrogen, but they may like a little bonemeal, for the phosphorus content.
  • Though adding compost or manure to the soil won’t hurt, peas don’t need heavy doses of fertilizer. They like phosphorus and potassium.
  • Water sparsely unless the plants are wilting. Do not let plants dry out, or no pods will be produced.
  • For tall and vine varieties, establish poles or a trellis at time of planting. Look at this video to find out how!
  • Do not hoe around plants to avoid disturbing fragile roots.
  • It’s best to rotate pea crops every year or two to avoid a buildup of soil-borne diseases.



  • Keep your peas well picked to encourage more pods to develop.
  • Pick peas in the morning after the dew has dried. They are crispiest then.
  • Always use two hands when you pick peas. Secure the vine with one hand and pull the peas off with your other hand.
  • Peas can be frozen or kept in the refrigerator for about 5 days. Place in paper bags, then wrap in plastic.
  • If you missed your peas’ peak period, you can still pick, dry, and shell them for use in winter soups.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

If a girl finds nine peas in a pod, the next bachelor she meets will become her husband.

St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day for growing peas. Find out how to grow peas when there’s still snow on the ground with this humorous video.


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snap peas

I just harvested peas from my terrace,beautiful. When I cooked them,ALL were very tough& stringy& inedible. The peas inside were good but the entire pod was to be eaten. What did I do wrong?

snap pea harvest

It might be that you harvested them too late. For snap peas, you don’t want the peas inside to develop quite so large as garden (English) peas, or the pods sometimes get tough. Some gardeners like to harvest them when the peas are about ½ mature size.

Peas, please!

My daughter begged me to buy some pea seeds at the dollar tree and add them to our garden this year since we expanded and added a larger raised bed after the very successful season we had last year for first time gardening, so I obliged and did a planting along with my bush beans. I have to admit that I didn't look into how they grow, but I staked them based on an experience with one snap pea plant I bought to test last year, and I'm so glad I did! Now they're growing so strong that I had to attach more stakes together and rig an arch/DIY trellis on the fly for them! I have my first pod growing so hopefully that will continue our success! 9+ plants for a 25 cent pack of seeds is probably the best bargain I've found all year! Possibly this decade!

Yellowing leaves on pea plants

Help! I just moved my seedlings into the ground about two weeks ago and have noticed the plant and leaves are turning yellow! We have had a pretty hot streak this week, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Any suggestions? I'm in Coarsegold, California.

yellow leaves

Pea leaves can turn yellow for several reasons. Most likely, however, it is the stress of establishing themselves in hot weather (they like cool). You might provide a little partial shade, such as shade cloth, during the hottest time of day to help them recover, and make sure they have a proper amount of water. Also check for any pests, such as aphids, that might be attacking.

Peas finished or not producing?

I'm in the Dallas area and planted peas the last week of March. Full growth, some pods, then the army of aphids. I resorted to the insecticide method for control and won. Very few flowers and pods now. Is my season over or did the aphids steal my crop?

Peas & beans not germinating

I've been gardening for many years.
The past couple of years I am suddenly having an issue where my legumes, peas & beans, are not germinating. I am growing in a large raised bed. I always use nitrogen innoculant with legumes. I've planted several varieties of each, fresh seed. I think sometimes they may be rotting in the soil as no sprouting & if I dig them up often the seed is gone. Watering normally etc.
Very odd, I'm totally puzzled add too what is going on and how to resolve it.
Any suggestions?

seed troubles

Could an animal, such as a mouse or vole, be eating the sown seeds? Sometimes they are known to eat pea seeds and others in the garden. To control, here are some suggestions:
Birds and squirrels may also be a problem.
Make sure that the seeds are planted at the correct depth and optimum conditions are provided. Also check to make sure that the soil is not too cold; if planted too early, beans, for example, will not germinate well. They like soil temperature at least 60F, and on up to about 85F. Peas like it around 75F, but can germinate at between 40 and 85F; at less optimum temperatures, they’ll germinate more slowly.
Hope this helps!

No sign of pests

The soil is totally undisturbed, no signs of digging, holes in the ground, nothing. I only plant peas & spinach in cool spring weather. The beans have to wait till it's warmer. Planted peas 2.5c weeks ago, 2 different kinds, followed depth instructions. Spinach germinated just fine. Not a single pea plant or sprout. Just bizarre

peas being cut off

my peas were being cut off and we found that a rabbit was eating them.

rabbits in the peas

Our best recommendation is chicken wire fencing. It may be too late for the peas, but it’s not too late to secure your later crops (greens? lettuce?). Dogs, cats, red/black pepper, garlic powder, even human hair are suggested many times, but the fence may be the most effective.

Snow peas

My snow peas are being cut off after emerging. They are less than an inch tall. What could be doing that and what can I do to prevent it? Thank you!

rabbit defense

Our best recommendation is chicken wire fencing. It may be too late for the peas, but it’s not too late to secure your later crops (greens? lettuce?). Dogs, cats, red/black pepper, garlic powder, even human hair are suggested many times, but the fence may be the most effective

Luscious vines, no peas

I have a beautiful 5' fence in the middle of my garden, which is thick and full of pea vines, but very few peas. They have always produced well in winter (in Arizona), organic, heavily composted soil. Last year I added about 300 lbs. of coffee grounds to the soil and did not solarize during the summer, as usual. Would either of these affect the production of peas? It looks like every seed germinated and flourished.

peas, please

Peas do not need—or usually want—”good” soil, which is to say the kind of soil that so many other plants love—composted soil. Peas perform best with little attention. The coffee grounds, especially such a quantity may have upset the balance of your soil, adding nitrogen which encourages leaf/foliage growth. Sounds like a little too much of a good thing. In future, compost the coffee grounds and use the results on other plants.

Oregon Sugar Pod II

I am currently germinating my peas (don't ask why, it's science-related) and I very stupidly put them in a water temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you think I should restart or is there a chance that the peas could sprout?

Peas in hot water

Hmm. 102F is lukewarm water. I’m not sure if the seeds will be happy, but if they were not in the warm water for long, some may still sprout. However, I think you might get reduced germination rates. Peas do not germinate well above 85F soil temperature. Being exposed to overly warm temperatures may also cause other physiological changes. For the sake of a science experiment, it might be better to start over. You could still test these as well, too, to compare (might be an interesting experiment in itself). Good luck!

how big

i have a small pea plant growing in a small pot and i am wondering if they get really big so i know to transplant it soon.

Transplanting Peas

Although peas don’t like their roots disturbed, and therefore usually are planted directly in the garden, gardeners have had success growing them indoors and then transplanting out when weather is more cooperative. To do this, there are several methods, one of the most common being starting the seeds in peat pots which can then be transplanted, pot and all, into the garden; the pot will disintegrate over time, which lessens the disturbance to plant roots. Another method is described here:

How big a pot you’ll need and when you’ll need to transplant will depend on the variety of pea, the size of the current pot, and whether you plan to grow your peas outside or if they will be completely container-grown. In general, bush peas can grow about 18 or so inches high. There are also those that grow up to about 24 or 30 inches. Pole types can grow 4 to 6 feet, or more, and will need support. You can transplant peas into the garden any time after they are 4 inches tall; or about 4 to 6 weeks after starting seeds. Place in the garden no earlier than 4 weeks before the last expected spring frost.



Do older peas or beans germinate better in warmer soils?, soaked ? inoculated?
Have had some luck with warmer soils on non soaked or inoculated beans and peas.

Germinating older seeds

I’m not sure if an inoculant would help the seed to sprout; it’s my guess that it is more to help the plant once it forms roots (which is where the nitrogen-fixing bacteria make their home). However, soaking and warmth often can encourage older seeds that are still viable to sprout. You might try soaking the seeds overnight in warm (not hot) water, and then planting in warm soil. Beans especially like soil temps around 80 to 85F. Peas like soil temps around 75F. Good luck!

Looking for Bibliography Resources

May you please help us find the Author of this internet article and date of publication? This article is good for my school science fair but I cannot find the Bibliography Resources. - Thank You

“The Old Farmer’s Almanac” is

“The Old Farmer’s Almanac” is the author. This article is constantly updated so you could use the current year as the retrieval date. This is a Web site so you wouldn’t follow the traditional reference style.  Use the article title in double quotes, and then add the URL (link) of this page. 

good afternoon

what month is a good time to plant snap pea and green bean.

Thank you

When to Plant

The best time to plant depends on your location. Go to our planting calendar (click here) and enter your location to find the best months for you for snap peas and green beans.

Pulling Finished Pea Plants

What is best to do with the pea plants after they are finished producing? Do I wait till they turn yellow, or can I pull as soon as the crop is finished? I didn't know if, like soybeans, they add nutrients to the soil simply by growing there. In which case the longer they grow, the more they'd be beneficial to the soil. I noticed that though my plants are now finished bearing (late July) they are actually putting out new growth from the base of the plant. This surprised me and I wanted to know more about the benefits of leaving the plants in the soil. I was planning to use their bed for planting fall(ish) beets.

Did you get an answer?

Hi, Eva, I have every question you asked here too!....When to pull up? Should I leave them? Why the new growth? And one question now to add...did you get an answer? Cheers Annie

Turn over your pea planting

Turn over your pea planting beds in the fall, add manure to the soil, and mulch well. As with other legumes, pea roots will fix nitrogen in the soil, making it available for other plants.


Here is a stupid question, I have never planted peas before and I dont know what kind they are. They are long and have a dark color on the tips. We opened one and they looked like a bean. Any suggestions/ideas out there.

Snap peas

I live in western NY. Can I grow snap peas in mid July? I already grew them this spring but would like to get a second crop from them.

second crop of peas

Peas like cool temperatures. When sown in the heat of summer, the plants will take longer to mature, and sometimes you won’t get as good a yield. Yet, some gardeners have had success. Check the days to maturity for the variety that you’d like to grow, and add about 1 to 2 weeks to that amount of days; count that amount backward from your first expected fall frost. Choose varieties that are resistant to powdery mildew, as that can be more of a problem with later crops. Keep the plants out of direct blazing summer sun, by providing shade cloth or similar. Add compost and mulch to retain moisture. Good luck!

Mixing varieties and harvest

Help, I planted sugar snap and snow peas together. Now I don't know which is which and I'm afraid to harvest the snaps when they aren't ready or leave the snows on the vine too long. I can't tell them apart. Any suggestions?

snaps vs. snows

If the varieties that you have planted are similar (same color, height, habit), then try bending a pod on each: snap pea pods are crisp and snap when bent, while snow pea pods are more flexible and not easily snapped. The snow pea pod may also be a bit more translucent.

i cant grow corn


fall planting of peas

Do you have to dry the peas from spring harvest to replant in the fall?

saving pea seeds

If you plan to save seed from your spring crop of (open-pollinated) peas, you can leave the peas on the plant until they dry and rattle in the pod, then harvest (before pods open). Set the pods out on a tray indoors to dry 2 more weeks, then remove the peas from their shells, place in an envelope, label and date, place the envelope in a glass jar, along with a tiny cloth bag or tissue filled with a little powdered milk to absorb moisture, and seal tightly. Store in a cool, dry place, such as the refrigerator.


I found 9 peas in a pod and I'm on 18 boyfriend

I am not a farmer.Because I

I am not a farmer.Because I have no land of cultivation,though I like farming.I am making mini kitchen garden in others corn field.


Cold tempatures

Live in South East Arkansas - Direct sow in the first part of October - Plants look great 3" - This winter we will get down for short periods (Jan. Feb.) 15 for a low - do I need to cover the plants? First time for peas-Thank

Peas in winter

Hi, Rusty,
 Certainly if a freeze is expected, cover the peas. If temps stay below freezing for very long (hard to say exexactly what that means, but more than a passing overnight), you might lose the plants. Similarly, the plants can take a little snow … but clear it off and away from them as soon as you can. Overall, think of this as an experiment and take what you get. Remember, too, that we here in New Hampshire are envious of your even trying to grow this time of year.

green peas cultivation

I am from punjab, india. I have sown peas on 18 september 2015 and after one week they grown partialy
(25% of total area). should I waited for them for more time to come out or its ok.

good post harvesting

good post harvesting

I believe I can plant sugar

I believe I can plant sugar snap peas by September 1 for harvest in November. I live in zone 8 (Fayetteville, NC). Will this work?

It's recommended to plant the

It's recommended to plant the peas about 70 to 90 days before your average earliest hard-frost date depending on variety. Your average first fall frost date is around Nov. 5.

I'd like to try growing some

I'd like to try growing some variety of stringless snap pea indoors under LED grow lights in my aquaponics system, in which I keep the temp in my tilapia tank at 76degrees F and use 1/4" lava as the media in my grow beds, which flood and drain roughly 3x/hr. Do you have any advice?

I live in Las Cruces, NM and

I live in Las Cruces, NM and want to know if I can plant peas, in large flower pots, in my garden in November when my tomatoes are finished. Have lived here for 22 years and never planted peas because of the heat, however, now that I'm retired and have more time, thought I would like to try peas when the weather cools off quite a bit...say somewhere in the 70's during the day.

Hi Ruth, In your area, peas

Hi Ruth, In your area, peas are not common but they can be planted in mid-January through mid-February. Hope this helps.

I planed my edible pod peas

I planed my edible pod peas in late April. (Indiana)It is now early July. The vines are tall and healthy, but no flowers! Last year I planted them exactly like this year, and I had tons of peas by now. What do they need to flower and produce peas?

Is it the same variety as

Is it the same variety as last year? Check the seed package for days to maturity. That said, weather can cause delay in blooms. If the plants are healthy you just need to be patient. When the time is right blooms develop very quickly and you may have blooms and pods in just a couple of days.

I've been growing various

I've been growing various types of peas and other veggies for a few years now. I know this kinda off topic, but I've been curious what farmers do for a trellises. Mass production seems like quite the task. Thanks for any info!

One of my neighbors at the

One of my neighbors at the community garden just pounds tall stakes in the ground and ties heavy twine. He attaches the vines to the twine (with twine) as they start to grow vines. I've also seen a rubber like netting tied to stakes about 5' high.


I MESSED UP AND SPRAYED MY PEAS WITH A FUNGICIDE AS THEY WERE SHOWING SIGNS OF DISEASE.I later fond out that it wasn"tlabed for peas plus I messed up tsp/tblsp.I went and sprayed with water to rinse it off about 6 hrs later.I had pods on sugar snaps and threw them away-garden peas just starting to bloom.Orho lady,reading from script,said discard crop.Is it lost.Plant don"t seemed to be harmed

I have peas that are growing.

I have peas that are growing. Once they start growing, when do you know to harvest them?

Good question. You harvest

Good question. You harvest garden peas when the pods are swollen. You'll have to open a couple up to test each day!
The pods on the lower part of the plant mature earliest. Once the pods are ready, you'll harvest quickly--probably 3 harvests within 2 weeks.

I live in Ohio and its June,

I live in Ohio and its June, I just planted sugar ann. I was wondering if its to late??

You can certainly try it, but

You can certainly try it, but generally the soil's too warm for peas. They are a "cool-season" crop that is planted in the early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. See our Planting Table for best days to plant peas in your area:

I planted Green Arrow Peas

I planted Green Arrow Peas Mid March in North Central AL. A little later than I wanted but they seem to be doing very well. Will have first harvest in a day or so. They are blooming and producing from the top down which is contrary to what I have read here. Can anyone tell what's up with that?

Can I expect blooms & Pods lower on the plant?

Also a few of the plants have the most beautiful purple blooms but most of the others are white.

According to one source,

According to one source, Green Arrow peas in particular produce heavily at the top of the plant for easy picking. Can't explain the comment below at this time but will look into it.
About the plant's flower colors: after a quick look into Medelian genetics, we think that it's a result of pollination. It should have no effect on the peas.
You probably know that Green Arrow is an ideal soup pea. Enjoy!

Do pea plants need to be

Do pea plants need to be pollenated?

yes peas need to be

yes peas need to be pollinated

Pollinating peas

I have grown Alexander peas from seed and then transplanted into the greenhouse in May. They are not touched by pollinators, including myself. They have always produced peas.

I planted pea plants that are

I planted pea plants that are supposed to grow to be 2.5 feet tall. I did not plant with any support and now the plants have fallen over. Is it too late to put on a rod or pole?

no it is not to late to stake

no it is not to late to stake the peas, they will heal and grow better.

Hi! I live in Maryland, and I

Hi! I live in Maryland, and I just sow my sugar snap peas today as of May 5. Is it too late?

No, it is not too late. Good

No, it is not too late. Good luck!

I planted my sugar snap peas

I planted my sugar snap peas at the recommended date of about March 1 for KY. It is May 3 and they look very healthy, about 12-15" tall, but no flowers yet. When can I expect them to flower and how long from flower to harvest? Thank You

You should be fine. Peas

You should be fine. Peas planted in March are ready to harvest in May.They grow most of this time and don't flower. Once they flower, it only takes about 10 days to harvest.

So I have 4 and a half

So I have 4 and a half chickens (4 regular and a banty..Lol). They have been living in about a 6 X 4 run for about 9 months. There has regularly been hay grass clippings and, yes, chicken poo added throughout that time. They have it nice and churned. I just moved them over so they have fresh grass and was thinking of putting peas in that spot. But now I am worried about too much nitrogen...Do you think peas would work there? If not...any suggestions?

It's best to let the chicken

It's best to let the chicken manure age over the season and over winter, leaving the area to lie fallow, then use that area for planting next year. Fresh chicken manure might burn plants or carry disease. Some chicken manure in your recently vacated chicken plot might be appropriately aged, but more recent samples would not be.
The Cooperative Extension has these recommendations to reduce risk of disease: "If you must use raw manure in the garden, apply it according to the 90/120 day rule. If the manure touches the edible plant part, like watermelons, apply it at least 120 days before harvest. If edible parts are high above the soil, like corn, apply it at least 90 days before harvest."
As to peas, they do not need very much nitrogen. If they grow in high-nitrogen soil, they may produce more leaves and less pods, and may be more susceptible to frost. Heavy nitrogen feeders include cucumbers, melons, squash, corn, cole crops, greens, and onions.

Hi, I live in Brooklyn New

Hi, I live in Brooklyn New York and am locked out of my community garden until sometime in April... this is the first week the temperatures are going to stay above 40 so I feel like it is time to sow my peas, however I might be forced to wait until mid-April... will that be too late?

Mid-April will not be too

Mid-April will not be too late. And as an added bonus, if you are gardening by the Moon signs, mid-April is the perfect time to plant peas.

Hi, Amazing website! I

Hi, Amazing website! I planted my peas (Little Marvel) about a week ago in North Vancouver, but I think I sowed too many as I sowed them only about 0.5-1cm apart. Is it OK to thin them when they come up or will it damage the plants intended to stay? Thanks!

Lucky you, Micky! Pea season

Lucky you, Micky! Pea season will be late here in New Hampshire.
You probably did sow them too close together. And, yes, you might damage the sprouts if you pull them out (pea roots a relatively shallow).
So instead of pulling the roots, cut the seedlings' stem at ground level with scissors. Any little bit of growth, if any, that ensues is not likely to survive.
Good luck with the harvest!

hello, i live in Delta BC

i live in Delta BC Canada which is zone 4 or 5 i think. it is february 22 and i just direct seeded sugar and snow peas as well as shelling peas and sweet peas. the ground does not freeze over and the day temps are around 52F and sunny with the night temps around 40-45F. i added mushroom compost, peat moss and rock phosphate. we haven't had any rain but the soil is not too dry. should i water in the peas? and if so, how mush and how often?

thanks every so much! great site, i enjoy reading the posts!

Hi Linda, We envy you. Here

Hi Linda,
We envy you. Here in NH we still have 3 feet of snow on the ground. Just keep the soil moist. Do not overwater.

I planted my peas 90 days

I planted my peas 90 days ago. They are large, beautiful with small flowers all over, but no peas, not one. What am I doing wrong.

Try shaking your plant a bit

Try shaking your plant a bit or poking the flowers. While peas may be a self pollinating plant, sometimes they need an extra bit of help.

My pea plants leaves are

My pea plants leaves are turning white, I live in Islamabad, Pakistan I planted them in september

I sowed peas and they

I sowed peas and they germinated well indoor however i just moved them outdoor and see that they are like dying all lose leaves the stem is still standing but is about to lose please help

Peas are not grown from

Peas are not grown from seedlings because they do not transplant well.
Also, we are not sure where you live, but peas are usually best seeded in the early spring a few weeks before the last frost when it's thawed enough to dig.  Or, if you live in an area with mild winters, peas can be planted in the fall about 8 to 10 weeks before the first frost.

I'm an American living in

I'm an American living in Indonesia. I'm in the Jakarta area.

Can you suggest pea varieties that will do well in this tropical climate?

My pea plants are vigorous

My pea plants are vigorous and productive but today I discovered many of them severed about 2 - 3 inches above the ground. Would this be the work of mice? We have many of them about this year. Would mesh wire stop them? What size mesh and how deeply does it need to be buried? What else could the problem be? We live in the south Yukon Territory.

Hi, Clara: As you surmise,

Hi, Clara: As you surmise, this could be any number of things, from worms to mice/rats/squirrels to deer. Assuming that you have looked for tracks from the bigger critters and found none, you might also consider other suspects: birds, such as sparrows and finches. If it's possible in your garden, identify some still good plants where you can carefully smooth the soil. Sprinkle a dusting of powder or flour and just see if any tracks show up, just to check. At the same time, set yourself up a little scarecrow and be prepared to use some hardware mesh or perhaps bird netting, as the case may be. If necessary, you need to bury your mesh or old screening at least 6 inches deep, but hopefully some anti-air-craftiness will prove simpler, cheaper, and just as effective.

I just removed all my old

I just removed all my old purple hull plants, tilled area and replanted. Plants have already started growing after just two days. This in 3rd week of July in S.C. and wondering will they produce or will it be too hot....avg. temp. = 90-100 now around 80 nights.

Should be fine,most southern

Should be fine,most southern peas or Crowder,cowpeas love the hot weather in SC you'll have to keep the deer out of them,same trouble we have in Texas good luck with them

Hiya! I had some snap peas

Hiya! I had some snap peas that I harvested from my garden a while ago (a week or two?)in the fridge. Just took them out for a snack and some of them are sprouting! Can I plant these peas and expect to get...peas? It is a little late in the season...I live on Long Island, NY but I would love to try it if it can work!

We love peas off the vine!

We love peas off the vine! They are so sweet we can barely get them in the house. Perhaps garden peas are the most different than supermarket peas?
First, you may have noticed that peas taste wonderfully sweet off the vine but turn to starch very quickly. You want to eat peas quite quickly. Once peas are shelled they rapidly lose their sweet flavor, and it's best to shell then pop them directly into the pan! Another option is to freeze them right away.
You would not plant this sprouted pea right in the ground. However, you can harvest peas for replanting. The trick is to grow them on the vine for a few weeks longer than you would if you were going to eat the peas. Let them dry out. When the pods are brown, remove the seeds and place in a dry, cool place until completely dry and no moistness is left. Put in a bag and save to replant in the spring!

Iam Turkish living in USA MO

Iam Turkish living in USA MO We cook peas just like green beans.,when they are green and put some olive oil vinager and garlic Try them very good

Hi, I wish I had read your

I wish I had read your advice before I removed very swollen snow peas with seeds from my plants. The pods were still very green. The seeds are very large. When I tried eating the pods they were tough and the seeds were not as sweet as they usually are. I have removed the seeds from the pods. Will they sprout if I plant them now? Or if I air dry them, will they sprout if I plant them then?

Can snap peas be planted in

Can snap peas be planted in August on Long Island, NY for a fall crop or can they only be successful if planted as an early spring crop.? Thanks!

Peas are cool-season crops.

Peas are cool-season crops. You can try planting in the fall and they'll grow when temperatures are between 60 F to 75 F. It's just that spring crops usually have a greater yield; sometimes the fall temps get surprising warm!

Can I soak my peas for a few

Can I soak my peas for a few days to speed up germination?

Hi, William: Overnight is

Hi, William: Overnight is fine, but a few days is really not necessary at this time of year ... get 'em in the ground, and they'll grow great!

how long does it take for

how long does it take for green peas to grow

The days for green peas to

The days for green peas to grow depends on the variety and the 'days to maturity' will listed on your seed packets or any online seller. However, soil temperature will also greatly influence your timing. If the is 40 degrees F., pea seeds may take more than a month to sprout, while at 60 degrees F. or above, they take about a week. 

generally about a week with

generally about a week with the right temperature

We have chosen to plant

We have chosen to plant heirloom 'Early Frosty' peas in our first year garden. So far they have all sprouted and look good (fingers crossed). I will be adding a hanging string trellis by next week. We live in the 5b MI zone area. What category do they fall under, 'Sweet'/'Snow'/'Snap'? Thanks in advance.

This is a shell pea—sweet and

This is a shell pea—sweet and great for freezing, too. Make sure your trellis supports a vine that can grow up to 3 feet. Harvest just before pods are completely filled. Not the easiest variety to pick, but one of the easiest to shell.

really goood i love snow peas

really goood i love snow peas

where do you plant peas

where do you plant peas

In the ground, duh

In the ground, duh

I started my pea and green

I started my pea and green bean plants inside about mid March can I plant them outside yet? I live in southern Indana. Thanks

Peas will tolerate chilly

Peas will tolerate chilly nights but the beans need a bit warmer weather. If you have no more frosts or cold nights transplant the peas and the beans can follow in a week or two.

We planted our peas the end

We planted our peas the end of Feb. and last night started to harvest them. We want to know if they will produce more peas or are they done and we need to replant more seeds?

They may produce a few more

They may produce a few more peas. Pod set always proceeds from the bottom of the plant to the top. When only pods at the stems tips remain there will be no more peas. It's always a good idea to plant a row of peas every two weeks in the spring to have a longer harvest.

Help! One of my snow pea

Help! One of my snow pea vines has snapped in two places and that vine has a few peas growing on it. My question is what will happen with the snapped vine and what should I do?

By now you probably know if

By now you probably know if the vine grew more new shoots. It depends on where the vine snaps if it is going to survive.

Hi, I bought 7 dried pea

Hi, I bought 7 dried pea straw bales to use as mulch to condition some soil on our property(i live in Australia). over an area approx 4 metres wide x 15 metres long. I laid out the pea straw then covered it in eucalyptus wood mulch. I planned on that being a base for building a row of vegie beds. We got a good dose of rain and all the pea straw has generated fresh green pea sprouts. are these sprouts viable and able to grow and produce peas ? or should i just remove them. Im very surprised to find the hale bales have produced live sprouts.

No probs with the straw off

No probs with the straw off shoots. A pea is a pea is a pea.

Thank you

Thank you

black eyes peas hi when can I

black eyes peas
hi when can I start planting.
my black eyes peas.

Your planting time depends on

Your planting time depends on where you live. In places like South Carolina, planting is often in April. Black-eyed peas are a warm-season crop requiring warm soil temperature (at least 60 °F) for the best germination and emergence.

Hi all, Thank you for an

Hi all, Thank you for an interesting site.
I have planted my peas 6 weeks ago (I live down under) and they have been growing well and are about 4 inches high. However, I notice that many have gone to flower. Is this the end of my plants? Do i need to start again?
Thank you.

I'm not much of a gardener

I'm not much of a gardener yet, but without flowers you'll get no fruit, or in this case, yummy peas.

no the end isn't near . Peas

no the end isn't near . Peas will grow up to 4 feet high flowering all the way , just keep them watered.

About how much time does it

About how much time does it take for a pea plant to grow?

The days of maturity for a

The days of maturity for a pea plant depend on the variety chosen but it will range from 55 to 70 days from seeding to harvest.

i think peas wil take 60-80

i think peas wil take 60-80 days to mature

how much rainfall(in cm)is

how much rainfall(in cm)is required for the production of peas?

We have planted bush peas &

We have planted bush peas & something is eating them. Haven't seen anything around them, what could be eating them? This also happened last year. Thanks for your help.

You need to identify the

You need to identify the pest.  Go out very late at night or very early in the morning with a flash light and look for slugs, a common culprit. if you see slugs, you can put slug pellets and crush eggshells around the base of the plant. If it's not slugs, look carefully at the plant. Are the leaves being eaten? Large holes or small holes?  Describe the damage as different pests chew plants in different ways.

Easy way to find out if you

Easy way to find out if you have slugs and get rid of them is to bury a pie pan in the ground so that the rim is level with the ground and fill it with stale beer. The little alcoholics will crawl in and drown themselves for you. You can also kill them by sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth on the ground around the base of the plant or using a dust applicator to apply it to foliage. Works on aphids,thripes,ants and many others. Reapply after rain or watering. Use only the "food grade" DE. Cheapest rates are the farm stores. Totally non toxic. Many people eat it as a nutritional supplement. As long as the package says "food grade",you have the right one.

Hi, I let some of my beans

Hi, I let some of my beans and peas stay on the vine longer for harvesting next year. when I picked the pods off the plants(or vines) I I took the beans and peas out of the pods! I did not know I was suppose to leave the pod on till they dried! did I ruin my seeds or will they be fine for next year? thanks

We're not sure if the seeds

We're not sure if the seeds will be viable. You should do a germination test and see how it goes.
As you've discovered, the pods should ripen on the plants until they’re dry and starting to turn brown, with the seeds rattling inside. This may be as long as a month after you would normally harvest the peas or beans to eat. You can even leave the seeds in the pods until planting time.

I started my peas with

I started my peas with everything else this year the first week of May. They were going just fine and then overnight they all seemed to turn brown and dry up everything else is still green and growning; it happened last year too. What happened and how do I stop it??

It sounds as if you have a

It sounds as if you have a fungus disease, powdery mildew. If the plants are too infected, you'll need to discard them. Don't plant peas in the same place next year. Next spring, plant peas early (in March even if there's snow as long as it's not soggy), Watch carefully for mildew (whitish color) and spray a mix of 9 parts water to 1 part powered milk to avoid this problem. Also,be sure to water peas early in the day and water at the soil line not overhead to avoiding wet leaves. Also, buy a  disease-resistant variety such as Sugar Ann.

I asked my husband for some

I asked my husband for some wood for my pea vines to crawl up. Im in ma I believe zone 4/5. I was hoping that it was not too late to plant. Should I just wait until the spring?

In your zone, the traditional

In your zone, the traditional time to plant peas is St. Patrick's Day (even if there's snow)!  It's a springtime veggie. Wait until next year for best success. They prefer a cool, long spring.

I planted my peas at the end

I planted my peas at the end of june and they seem to be growing just fine. and I was just wondering if something is wrong. Utah

Sounds good! Not clear what

Sounds good! Not clear what your question is.

I have waited way too long to

I have waited way too long to pick my peas. Are they still all right? Some are a little wrinkly but they taste all right

Sure, you can still pick 'em

Sure, you can still pick 'em and eat 'em, but they may not taste as good. Up to you! The earlier you pick, the more production you'll get.

Peas planted and grow next to

Peas planted and grow next to a four foot fence. They grow another 2 feet beyond the top of the fence and of course fall over. What can I do to prevent this? Not sure of the variety of peas, I keep last years stock for seed. Langley, BC

Some pea varieties get tall

Some pea varieties get tall -- we'd go with a 5- or 6-foot trellis next year. Some readers use electrical metal conduit with netting.For now, could you add some stakes or trellis material atop the fence?

After picking my garden peas,

After picking my garden peas, will more continue to grow on the vines or should I plant new seeds?

They will keep producing! You

They will keep producing! You want to harvest regularly to encourage more growth.

Yes, Pick your peas often

Yes, Pick your peas often (every other day) and they'll produce more!

My father is an experienced

My father is an experienced gardener in Texas zone 9. He has a good crop of cream peas that are blooming making pods but the peas are shriveling up. Would like to know what could be making this happen?

The usual reasons for pods

The usual reasons for pods and seeds appearing shriveled are Stink Bugs and Pea Leafminers – These insects,like the aphids, suck the juices out of the developing pods. However, you should properly identify before treating; some stink bug species and their
close relatives are beneficial insects; call the Texas AgriLife Extension Service at 854-9600 for more information.

I grew my peas and I don't

I grew my peas and I don't know how to store them. My refrigerator broke and I do not know what to do. I am saving them for a family reunion. Help, please.

If you already picked the

If you already picked the peas you need to store or preserve them. Fresh peas don't keep long at room temperature. Here are your option. Find a friend who has room in her/his freezer. Borrow a dehydrator and dry the peas or can the peas. Good luck!

My peas are growing okay,

My peas are growing okay, although they are yellowing on the new growth. Am I giving them too much water? Are the sun's UV rays to much for them? Do they need to be fertilized. I live in Colorado, where the UV index is high, should I shade my peas? Help, I'm a novice gardener trying to make a garden work in a high altitude, very dry climate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If anyone has an answer for

If anyone has an answer for this I am also having the same issue. Live in Wyoming so I have the high altitude, UV index, and dry conditions. I have been following a strict watering schedule for best results from my garden and my peas have shade first thing in the morning but full sun the remainder of the day. HELP

Have you tried a light

Have you tried a light fertilizer yet? yellowing can mean a possible soil deficiency. Mine were looking a bit peckish so I put some seaweed fertilizer on em and now they are going gangbusters!

I have peas planted and they

I have peas planted and they aren't blooming, what could the problem be? They have been planted for at least 2 months. They are very tall plants lots of leaves but no blooms.

Phosphorous will encourage

Phosphorous will encourage blooms. Use a fertilizer that is high in phosphorous or sprinkle bone meal around your plants.

Frosty peas

Have 2" tall pea plants in pots inside where temp is in low 70's with window and artificial light. live in southeast texas where days are in mid 80's right now. Would it be ridiculous to put plants in refridgerator at night?

root depth

Can I grow peas in a tub? As my ground is very waterlogged. I have a south facing, sunny garden but the corner I have for the peas is also low lying and swampy and I don't know how deep the roots need to go. Thank you

re: root depth

I have grown peas with much success in containers, including an 8 inch deep hanging basket and 12 inch pot. Choose smaller varieties, such as Oregon Sugar Pod as the vines only grow to about 3 feet.

What do I do after fruiting period ends?

I have planted snow peas and they are coming to the end of the fruitng period. What do I do with them now? Should I cut them back to soil level? If I do, will they grown back again? Any advice would be appreciated as they are now just taking nutrients from the soil and stunting growth of the other plants near by. Thank you

Pea care after harvest

Snow peas are annuals, so they will not grow back again next year; you'll need to sow more seeds next year for a new crop.

When you are through with this year's harvest, you can cut the pea plants back down to the ground and then compost the tops. Because the peas are legumes, they have nitrogen-fixing bacteria within their roots. Once a plant dies and decays, the nitrogen in the roots will return to the soil, allowing it to become available to other plants.


If you Inoculate your Pea's they will actually supply Nitrogen for your Warm Season Crops. I would prepare the area to be planted. Then Soak Pea Seeds over-night. The next Day Inoculate Pea Seeds and Plant as Packet instructions. When temperatures are at steady 70°-75° Pea will not produce anymore. Now, I usually Plant Corn right into the area as Corn is a heavy Nitrogen feeder.

Too Many Pea Seeds

This year I planted both Snow and Sugar Snap varieties of peas. I let the end of summer pods dry on the vine for seed, but when i shelled them I found I had WAY more seed than I can use next year or even the next few years. Can snow and snap pea seed be used as dried peas for cooking? Or are they poor quality as dried peas?

drying peas

For best quality, use shelling peas to dry for use in cooking; there are even varieties of shelling peas that do especially well for this purpose.

The texture and taste of the snow and sugar snaps will likely suffer when dried, but, as an experiment, you can certainly dry and cook up a small batch to see how they turn out. Otherwise, perhaps you can donate your extra peas to friends or a garden club for planting next year.

Sowing seeds in fall

I am trying to plan my first garden for planting in the fall. Is it possible to plant these seeds in August/September?? Any other suggestions for other crops with planting August/September planting times would be much appreciated =)I'm in zone 7

fall crops

Some gardeners are successful in planting a fall crop of peas, although it will depend on several factors. Peas like it cool, and planting in August/September usually means that they'll be starting out in warm weather. Select varieties that mature quickly and time your planting so that the plant will flower before a frost hits. You might provide row covers or other shading in warmer weather. As for other fall crops, you might be able to plant broccoli, kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, beets, or carrots. For other ideas for your area, you might ask a local nursery or your county's cooperative extension.

Shelling Peas

I am novice gardener. I harvested 50 or 60 pea pods from my garden. I don't know how to shell them. Any help appreciated.

Happy to help! First, rinse

Happy to help! First, rinse the vegetable. To shell, pinch off the stem. Then, pull the string down the length of the pod to open it. Push out the peas with your thumb. Rinse off your peas!
We like to steam for 2 to 3 minutes (don't overcook).

Harvesting peas for planting

What do I need to do to the peas, if I want to plant my harvest back in the ground as soon as possible?
Do they need to be dried, for how long?
Or can I just plant them again right away.

saving pea seeds

Peas are a great choice for seed saving. Just let the pods ripen on the plant until the pods turn brown and start to dry up. This often takes about 1 month after you'd normally harvest. Spread out the pods indoors and dry for 2 weeks before shelling. Or, you can dry the pods and plant whole in the ground when it comes planting time. In the meantime, store seeds in a tightly-closed glass container in a cool, dry place such as the fridge.

Harvesting peas for planting

instead of harvesting the peas, cut then down and wait for the pea plant to dry out for about 3 days then pick them out the peas will then be ready for harvesting.

Picking Peas

A pair of barber scissors makes pea harvest easier on you and the pea vines. Just snip the pea away from the vine just above the pod. No tugging or crushing future peas.

Sugar Ann & Daddy's

Hi! I have both Ann & Daddy Peas and I live in Marion County Fl. Can I start planting them near the end of the Sept. as October is when we start with cooler weather?

pea planting

For all who wish to start planting peas, please see our Best Dates to Plant chart which is customized to your city:

Botanical Name: 

Pisum sativum

Plant Type: 

Sun Exposure: 

Soil Type: 

Soil pH: 

Hardiness Zone: 

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