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Radishes are a hardy, cool-season vegetable that can produce many crops each season due to its rapid days to maturity. Radish seeds can be planted in both the spring and the fall, but growing should be suspended in the warmer months. Overall, radishes are a very easy vegetable to grow.


  • Plant 4-6 weeks before the average date of last frost, after aged manure or organic fertilizer has been worked into soil.
  • Directly sow seeds ½ inch to an inch deep and one inch apart in rows 12 inches apart.
  • After they have sprouted, thin to about 2-inch spacings. Crowded plants will not grow well.
  • Radishes need sun. If they are planted in too much shade—or even where neighboring vegetable plants shade them—they put all their energy into producing larger leaves.
  • Practice three-year crop rotation.
  • Plant consecutively every two weeks or so while weather is still cool for a continuous harvest of radishes.
  • Plan on a fall planting. You can plant radishes later than any other root crop in late summer or early fall and still get a harvest.


  • Radishes require well-drained soil with consistent moisture. Keep soil evenly moist but not waterlogged.
  • Thin radishes to about two inches apart when the plants are a week old. You will be amazed at the results.



  • Radishes will be ready to harvest quite rapidly, as soon as three weeks after planting for some varieties.
  • Do not leave in the ground long after their mature stage; their condition will deteriorate quickly.
  • Cut the tops off short, wash the radishes, and dry them thoroughly. Store in plastic bags in the refrigerator.
  • Radish greens can be stored separately for up to three days.

Recommended Varieties

Wit & Wisdom

Don’t be afraid to plant radish seeds that are up to five years old. All may not germinate, but you’ll have plenty that will.


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School project

I was wondering how much water exactly should a radish get. My type of radish is Scarlet Globe.
From AM

watering radishes

Watering depends on your type of soil. Right after planting, water seeds thoroughly as you’ll want moist soil down to 6 inches deep. Keep seeds moist until they sprout. Thin the plants to an inch apart soon after they come up. In normal weather and with normal soil, radishes should get an inch of water per week. (A trick: Put out an empty can of tuna and measure how much rain water falls to see if you get an inch.) In hot and dry weather, you’ll probably need to water more often. To see if soil is moist, put your finger in the soil up the first knuckle. It should feel moist, not dry.

growing grass

sorry this isn't a gardening question but I'm hoping you might be able to help, I seeded a new lawn and covered it with straw and now the grass is growing well so my question is how long do I keep the straw covering the new grass? I can see the grass peeking through the straw and it is coming in really well but I don't want to take the straw off to soon and have the grass stop growing, does anyone know how long to keep the straw covering the new grass?


I want to try growing radishes but the packet doesn't say how many seeds to plant, what do you recommend? Also how do you know when to pick the radishes, I know this will sound stupid but up until last season I never had a garden or ever grew anything but will the radishes grow above the dirt or in the ground this is why I asked about knowing when to pick them? I've been trying to learn as much as I can about veggie garden's and how to grow the food's my family likes and this site has been helpful and believe me I need all the help I can get, thank you.

radish tips

How many seeds you plant will depend on the size of your garden and how much you like radishes. :0) Recommended spacing is to plant seeds about an inch apart, and then when they sprout, to thin them to about 2  or 3 inches apart. This is a general guideline for spring radishes (which are planted in early spring, and sometimes also in late summer/early fall). Winter types, which are larger, can even be thinned to about 4 or 5 inches apart (these are often planted in summer for a fall harvest, and take longer to mature). No matter what type you plant, you will see the leaves (also called tops or greens) grow above the soil while the swollen root will develop mostly below the soil. However, you may see the upper part of this root poking out above the soil. The swollen root may be round, or cylindrical like a carrot, depending on what type of radish you grow. For spring radishes, harvest as soon as it is mature; check the days to maturity on the seed packet for an idea; for spring radishes, usually they are ready when the roots are about 1 inch across or a little more. If left too long in the ground, they will get tough. Winter radishes can keep in the ground for a few weeks after they are mature, if the weather is cool (but harvest before frost). Hope this helps!

growing radishes in pot

I was wondering how big of a pot I would need to grow radishes. I can't grow them outside because it's too cold.

containers for radishes

How big a pot would depend on how many radishes you’d like to grow in one container. The pot should be at least 6 inches deep (4 inches may do for the smaller types of radishes). Make sure that the container has drainage holes. Check the recommended spacing for the radish variety that you’d like to grow, and then you can plan the width of the pot. Window boxes often do well, for example.

pH Levels

What level of pH is preferred by radishes?

Radish pH

Radish prefer a pH of 5.8 to 6.8. They also need well-drained, loose soil high in organic matter, no stones, and plenty of moisture.


i want to know about onion in nepal at hill

Asparagus , fertilizer

What is the best fertilizer for asparagus?

asparagus fertilizer

What fertilizer you use will depend in part on your soil’s pH. Asparagus does best in soil about 6.5 to 7.0, but also does well up to 8.0.

Compost and aged manure are helpful when preparing beds. When the first year’s growth just starts in early spring, add a fertilizer with a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, or, as some gardeners prefer, add fertilizer higher in phosphorus and potassium than nitrogen. Bone meal might be included in the mix. For established plants, side dress with balanced fertilizer just after harvest in late spring/early summer. If fronds look yellow in their prime, you can use a fertilizer a little higher in nitrogen. Be sure the fertilizer does not touch established plants, or it may burn them. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Adding compost each year, and mulch, will help keep plants happy.

For more information about asparagus, see: http://www.almanac.com/plant/asparagus

Adapt growing radishes to a classroom

Thanks for the great details. I was wondering if you had some advice for adapting their growth to a classroom? I would love to have my pupils grow radishes so they can learn the life cycles of plants and even get a tasty treat once they've grown.

Thanks in advance.

radishes in the classroom

Hi NJ,

There are several experiments that you can do with fast-growing radishes to teach students about plants. Search online for “radish” and “classroom” and similar keywords for some ideas. Depending on the age of the students, you might consider experiments such as demonstrating how plants turn toward the light or roots toward the water, what does the plant do in darkness/why does it need light?, the germination process (take a time-lapse video? make drawings of the stages? do the seeds germinate better in warm temperatures or cold? in light or dark?), growing radishes in a raised bed or container to have kids learning about the process of gardening and talk about where our vegetables come from, what are those baby leaves called (cotyledons) and what do they do? How do radish varieties differ (grow several to demonstrate)? … There are lots of fun activities! Hope this helps!

Radish leaves have silver spots?

This morning my radish greens had silver patches (some round, some long) in the middle of the leaves. The patches are silver on both sides, thinner than the leaves, and very dry and brittle. I can't find anything about it on google. Any idea on what this could be?

I'm growing the radishes on a balcony in Toronto, ON.

leaf spots

It’s hard to know, especially without seeing a picture. Have you noticed any pests, such as thrips? Pests that suck sap can sometimes leave tissue with silvery spots. Fungal troubles may also do this. Has there been any extreme temperatures? Environmental conditions can also cause leaves to become spotted. Sometimes pesticides, or just a droplet of water left on a leaf in the hot sun can damage tissue.

Planting Radishes for First Time

This is my first time planting radishes, and so I started them inside, not knowing they grow so quickly. I am in Northern Alberta, Canada, and we still have a risk of frost for another month yet. I planted the seeds 1 week ago. What should I do with them until I can get them outside?

Welcome to Indoor Gardening

Hi, Melissa: All is not lost! Just grow these indoors, making sure to follow the proper procedures for light, water, and thinning. Then plant your second crop outdoors when the time is right. Way to get a head start on things, and thanks for asking!

Radish harvest

I planted radish seeds for the first time this past Fall. Nothing much happened until we had some freezing Winter temps and then - bamm! - they popped up real fast, and now some are quite tall and getting flowers! I read all the posts here and have a better understanding now of how to grow them "correctly" - but I still don't know how to tell when they are ready to harvest! Do the radishes show above the dirt? Or do I have to pick one willy-nilly to see if a radish is there? How do I know when it's time??

harvesting radishes

Some radishes may show a little above the soil but others might be hidden. You can dig gently around the root and check how large it is. In general, radishes should be about 1 inch in diameter, but it will depend on the variety–the seed packet will also tell you how many days to harvest for that particular variety, so that you will have a guideline. If a radish is left in the ground too long, it will become pithy and the flavor will become hot.

Watering Habits?

How often do I water my radishes?

How often to water radishes

When you water radishes depends on your soil and the weather. In general, the soil needs to stay consistently moist. Otherwise, the radishes will get too spicy. Put your finger in the soil to your knuckle and make sure it’s moist at that level. Radishes need to be watered every week in dry spells.

I have white patches on

I have white patches on radish leaf. Hw to solve this problem

I have quite the opposite

I have quite the opposite problem. The previous owners planted radishes around tomatoes to keep the bugs away. Now, the radishes have taken over the whole gardening bed. I still have my other vegetables growing but I am nervous that these green leafy radishes will try to root around my other vegetables and steal nutrients. They keep coming back every year now. Any ideas?

Radishes do self-seed. You

Radishes do self-seed. You need to pull them out as soon as you see them. Do NOT wait until they form flowers and seed again. "Weed" them ruthlessly until they are eliminated.

It's tough when they are

It's tough when they are small. They are starting to get to the point where I can easily pull them out now. I'm guess I will have to do this again next year after we till the soil?

We have radishes that are

We have radishes that are about to be ready for picking, One of them is green. Why would one out of 50 be green?

I live in Wa. state this

I live in Wa. state this reason is my first try at growing veggies. i have good soil in my garden when i planted my radishes i put a inch deep thumb print about 2 inches apart and randomly put several seeds in each hole and covered them. they are now sprouting into tiny clusters or bouquets of radish greens. they are about ahalf inch tall. What do i do now. i dont understand what thinning is in fact ireally dont know anything

Hyuk Ro, You will need to

Hyuk Ro,
You will need to remove all seedlings except 1 per 2 inch area. I do the same thing with lettuce, or other small-seed varieties, where they start to grow in small clusters. Now is the time to make sure there is just 1 plant per cluster (preferably the healthiest, strongest looking seedling). Just grab the others by the thumb and forefinger, and gently lift them out. If all sprouts come along as you thin, just return one that is still intact back to its hole. Hope this helps.

is it ok if i'm going to

is it ok if i'm going to plant bitter melon on the both side of the area where i planted radish?

It might be OK, if you allow

It might be OK, if you allow enough space between the radish bed and the bitter melon. If you will be using trellising for the bitter melons (these are vigorous vines), be sure that it won't block the light of the radishes (on the north side might work best). If the radishes and bitter melon are planted around the same time (and you don't plan succession plantings), the radishes will mature much faster and be harvested (around 3 to 4 weeks, depending on variety) by the time the bitter melons are forming flowers (about 5 to 6 weeks). Bitter melon harvest may be in about 2 to 4 months, depending on variety.

I live in NJ (zone 6), have a

I live in NJ (zone 6), have a big yard and am very lazy. I also love to cook and eat. I have adopted a strategy that seems to work. Anywhere I see weeds growing in my yard I have planted mint, thyme, oregano, lemon balm, chives, sage, rosemary, lovage, etc. I now have an abundance of things to cook with. They keep spreading and taking over the weeds.

I just started planting horseradish, onions, leeks, and garlic which seem to like my strategy.

Are there other vegetables that require minimal care that will spread like weeds!

Perhaps radishes, carrots, beets, parsnips, yams, sweet potatoes.

Radishes and carrots do not

Radishes and carrots do not spread very well. However, yams and sweet potatoes do.
Remember that they prefer warm weather (so plant after last danger of frost), but they are vines that need several feet in at least one direction for their vines and large leaves. They are low-lying, so don't plant where other plants will give them too much shade.

It's already been 7 days and

It's already been 7 days and none of my radish seeds have germinated?

Depending on how deep the

Depending on how deep the seeds were planted, the soil temperature, the age of the seeds, their health, how closely they were planted, and other factors, they may take about 3 to 12 days to emerge. Hopefully, yours will come up in the next few days!

What would happen if I

What would happen if I planted the whole radish.

Radishes will not spread

Radishes will not spread through the root system say like a potato would. Instead the main means of propagation is from seeds. It would be much more efficient to obtain seeds to plant. if you have a radish in the ground and it sprouts leaves you may eventually get seeds. Beware of moths that love radishes and will lay eggs on various plants in your garden.

how much water (exact amount)

how much water (exact amount) do you need and how frequently do you need to water your radish seeds?

I just planted radishes for

I just planted radishes for the first time. My son says one seed yields one radish. Is this true?

Yes, one seed produces one

Yes, one seed produces one radish.  You do want to plant extra seeds to make sure they "take."  Plant 2 to 3 seeds per inch--and a week after you see the sprouts, then thin down to one seeding per inch.

Oh my. I have more planting

Oh my. I have more planting to do! Is it the same with carrots? One seed- one carrot? Sorry, I'm new to gardening.

Yes, carrots are the same. If

Yes, carrots are the same. If you are new, it might help to use a Garden Planner. It will show you how many plants fit each space or garden bed. We have a free 30-day trial right now--ample time to plan your garden. Click here: gardenplanner.almanac.com

first time planting the red

first time planting the red small radishes from the market for their leafes, indoor. they grew nicely fast, question is, how much can they grow that i can steel have leafes? meantime, all that grew 3 long leaves, i took and left just one long leaf to each radish..? they steel have few small leaves on them but i left 1 long and took when there were more then 1 long..some of the long leaves now seem 20 cm, some 15..how to keep them from dying, the leafes are great..how to creat as much leafes to eat as possible and leave the plants alive? (no sun here).

I live in Ga. on the coast

I live in Ga. on the coast and use raised beds. I have planted 2 diff. types of radish. They just put down roots, but that is all, they never bulb up to produce a enlargement, just long skinny tough roots??

The most common cause of

The most common cause of radishes growing only tops is hot weather. Also planting too thickly and not thinning between plants will causes radishes not to develop. Radishes can handle a little shade but need several hours of direct sun light to develop.

Hi! I am doing a science

Hi! I am doing a science experiment to see what potting media would be best for radish seeds to grow. Using potting soil, rocks and sand, I planted 2 seeds in 10 separate containers for each potting media. I used a plastic cup to initially observe growth. I have had some surprising results in each of the potting media. I would like to see how each harvest. Can I transfer the seedlings to the ground without problems?

Thank you.
Lana 6th grader

So, in my science class we

So, in my science class we started planting radishes in class as an experiment, and I have a question about how its grown, Are they able to grow in sand?

I left a bunch of radishes in

I left a bunch of radishes in the ground all summer and many of them either split or bolted as I expected. My question lies in whether or not I can eat the radishes that seem to have either formed from the splits as separate bulbs, or from fat stalks that look like bulbs that failed to form as the radishes tried to bolt. The bed is a first year hugel mound with a 2' bed of cottonwood under soil from a arguably 100 year old sod zone. Fantastic results with everything, just wondering if I can use these second triers for pickling with beans. The beans I left have since flowered in the same bed now that the weather cools too as I left the last beans on the vines to form seed for next season. Sod makes rad soil! Thx in advance for your input! Cheers!

If the radishes have been in

If the radishes have been in the soil all summer they may not taste very good. Usually the radishes get "woody" and dry after they have bolted. You can taste them and see if they are edible. If they taste OK you can use them in pickles.

What year was this article

What year was this article written? I would like to make an in-text citation for this article.

Thank you. This plant page

Thank you. This plant page was first published in January of 2010. As it's a "living" Web page, it's probably been updated since then.

Thank you!

Thank you!

hi,i planted some radishes

hi,i planted some radishes first time this year and i am about to plant some more this days BUT,the already planted ones have small and extra helthy round nice red radishes with pretty big leaves ,BUT i am worried because they are to small ?? about 1,5cm in diametar the BIGGEST ONE any help ?? please,faster,im hungry :8

We have picked and eaten some

We have picked and eaten some lovely radish, but now we have noticed that some (both small and large) are splitting open in the garden. Is this too much water or something we are doing wrong?

Radishes are best picked when

Radishes are best picked when relatively young and small (usually staring when roots are less than 1 inch in diameter) or they get spongy and taste hot. If your radishes are splitting, then they are getting too old.  You also want to provide consistent moisture as uneven bouts could also cause splitting.

Hi i don't know how to

i don't know how to produce seeds from radish help me please

I left some radish bulbs in

I left some radish bulbs in the ground just to see what would happen. They flowered (very pretty little white and pink flowers) and then once the flowers dropped off little pods formed. I opened a pod yesterday and inside was a small round seed. I am going to treat the pods like peas or beans and let them grow until they start to dry out and then pullup the entire plant, seperate the seeds from the pods and let them dry before storing them for the summer. This is all off the top of my head, hope it helps give you some ideas.

I plant watermelon radishes

I plant watermelon radishes in late April in the Puget Sound area. The grew great with giant healthy leaves.....but no roots! The area I planted them in has worked with other types of radishes before. I suspect I over fertilized using Miracle Grow several times. Comments?

They may have depleted the

They may have depleted the calcium if you plant them in the same place year after year,try adding ground up egg shells to the bed

When harvesting my radishes

When harvesting my radishes they were irregular in size, shape (not rounded) and looked black! The prior season I had perfect radishes! What gives? My husband did say he tilled gypsum into the soil where I had them planted. Could that have been the culprit?

You may wish to bring a

You may wish to bring a sample to your cooperative extension service office. Radishes rarely have pests or problems. The only time the root can have a black color (unless it's meant to be a black radish) is black rot, which starts at the root. This is caused by a soil-borne fungus. The solutions are crop rotations every 3 to 4 years (so do not plant radishes in this spot for a while!) and good soil drainage so they don't get wet feet. The long-rooted radish are more prone to this disease; the rounded types are usually safer.

Hi! I accidentally planted my

Hi! I accidentally planted my radishes (red belle?) without knowing that they were a cool weather crop ( it's June in Florida... Hot and humid) I just harvested a couple and they are extremely spicy. Is there some way I can still use them? Or are they a lost cause and should go to my compost pile?

The main trick to having

The main trick to having milder radish flavor (versus hot and spicy) is to harvest them as soon as they're mature. Don't leave them in the ground or they get hot and woody. In addition, they taste better when you grow them in cooler weather and keep the ground moist. Otherwise, you get what you get!  Frankly, they grow SO quickly that you can seed every few weeks.The best time for Florida is September through March.

Hello, I planted radishess in

Hello, I planted radishess in April, in the San Fernando Valley, zone 19 I believe. I followed the advice of a local greenthumb 'expert' using 1/2 chicken manured and 1/2 potting soil sewn 3 inches apart, an inch deep, all 40 seeds sprouted, grew about an inch, and abruptly stopped. They won't die, but they won't grow. I have even spaced them out even further, with less manure in the mix, nothing. They just sit there. They get about 6-7 hrs of good strong sun a day, and I water them to moisture in the AM. I am trying to convince my wife that only oranges and porn stars grow in the San Fernando Valley, but she insists.

I just pick my radishes hear

I just pick my radishes hear in sydney and the were great tasted fresh and crispy little spice size was was about 4inches i grown them mushroom compost and pick them at 4weeks old the best crop i have ever had the onlything i did
was use ash from the fire would that make any difrence

What's wrong with spicy?

What's wrong with spicy?

advantage of using the

advantage of using the treatment of thinning of white redish?

My radishes are very hot from

My radishes are very hot from my first harvest. Planted three weeks ago and have had sufficient rain, but the weather has been hot and cold from one week to the next. Any ideas why they would be so hot to taste.

Hello, I live in Kansas and

Hello, I live in Kansas and it is currently late May. I planted my radishes 4 days ago in my garden just because I completely forgot about them while I planted the rest of my garden last month. Well anyways, I planted the seeds 4 days ago and this afternoon pretty much all of the seeds I planted came up. Kansas has been random this year on temp, two weeks ago it was 86 degrees and the next night we got down to 35, Its been hell trying to get this garden going. How do you think my radishes will do? its looking like it will be 70-85 for a few more weeks.

Radishes can become stronger

Radishes can become stronger in flavor and pithy in warmer temperatures. With the longer daylength and warmer temperatures, they also bolt (send up a flower stalk) faster; in this case, the growth of the radish root slows. Radish plants like air temperatures between 50 and 65, ideally. Some cultivars are more heat tolerant. Perhaps the best you can do is try to keep them cool; use row covers or similar during the hottest part of the day. Keep the soil consistently moist (not soggy). Be sure to thin them to recommended spacing so as not to stress the plants with overcrowding (pinch seedlings off at the base, rather than pulling them up). A Kansas Cooperative Extension article recommends planting in mid- to late March and early September, so if this crop doesn't fair well, you'll at least have another opportunity for a fall crop.

It's about 100degresse right

It's about 100degresse right now in south california should I get the seeds now?
What temp should i plant it at

Yikes, Ken! Most radishes are

Yikes, Ken! Most radishes are cool-weather plants that like 55°F to 85°F for germination and 50°F to 65°F for growing. Hot temps can cause radishes to bolt (go to seed) quickly. If they do grow, the radishes are liable to be bitter and ... well ... hot. At the very least, wait till it cools off at least a little. Better yet, try to find a hybrid that works fine in heat, such as Rover.

I just bought some radish and

I just bought some radish and celery seeds. It's currently the beginning of May. I live in Western Canada. Would it be all good to plant them now? If so, when would expected harvest be?

We're Curious, too! Where in

We're Curious, too! Where in western Canada are you? As you may know, planting times are based (among other things) more on north-south location than east-west. Go to "Gardening" above and click on "Best Planting Dates for Seeds." Then enter your town and province to get the ranges for a number of veggies. Also check out "Frost Dates Calculator" to get your approximate growing seasons for radishes and celery. Check your seed packets for time to maturity, but in general radishes (easy to care for) take 3 to 4 weeks and celery (harder), 3 to 4 months. The short answer: Yes, get planting!

We are growing French

We are growing French Breakfast radishes for a science project on the effects of acid rain and are wondering how much soil they need (metric system please!), and the depth of the soil we need. Would 2/3gallon pots work well? We are also wondering how much water they need every day (in mL). Thank you so much!
Eliza, Michal and Sophia

I presume that all radishes

I presume that all radishes are the same. I would like to plant horseradish to harvest the roots. Does the same planting tips and schedule apply

Hi John, Horseradish is a

Hi John,
Horseradish is a perennial and usually planted as root cuttings. Plant in a container or in a spot where they won't be disturbed, possibly in the border of the garden. Horseradish needs little or no attention in order to thrive. It likes a sunny spot and water once a week during dry spells. You can harvest horseradish one year after planting.

I just planted my radishes 2

I just planted my radishes 2 days ago, they haven't sprouted yet. Is that normal? And not only that how much water do you water? I'm doing half a gallon or something a day, that's too much right? And I also need tips on how to not let the rabbits devour my radishes, thanks for the time!

Get a decent .177 or .22 cal

Get a decent .177 or .22 cal air rifle putting out about 700fps for the 22 or 900fps for the 177 and find a hidden place to post up. While your waiting for the rabbits to show up, you can read up on how to gut and clean them and rabbit stew recipes.

My radishes came up...the

My radishes came up...the stems are above the ground about an inch then the leaves begin...do I need to put more soil to the beginning level of the leaves or leave the plants as they are?

Radishes aren't very picky

Radishes aren't very picky and they should grow easily. If the roots are above the ground, your soil might be too compact. Add some sand.

Alternatively, you can

Alternatively, you can research "double digging" and loosen up your soil

Does anyone know if the

Does anyone know if the radish and beet seeds I planted will survive freezing temps and light snow? I have the radishes covered with a row cover and beets covered in a hoop house. I had them in the ground maybe 6 days before the unexpected snow/freezing temps, and they had not germinated yet. Will I most likely need to re-sow?

They may have survived. Wait

They may have survived. Wait and see if they will start growing. If they come up sparse you can fill in the gaps with more seed.

Can I cut the green leaves of

Can I cut the green leaves of the radish while the radish is still not matured and still in the fields.

The leaves are the key to

The leaves are the key to growth, so your answer is no.  Harvest as soon as roots reach edible size and harvest quickly. You can use the greens, too, in many recipes.

Zero. The only time you cut

Zero. The only time you cut the radish leaves is when you harvest the tuber itself.

What about the amount of

What about the amount of water? Radishes are not on your watering chart. Thank you,

It really depends on your

It really depends on your soil type; radishes need about 1 to 1-1/2 inches of water a week. What's most important is to water consistently; avoid moisture fluctuations or you'll slow growth and get a bitter taste. You have watered enough if you can press a handful of soil into a firm ball and your finger marks make an imprint on the ball. Your hand will feel damp but not moist, the soil doesn’t stick to your hand, and the ball is pliable.

Water is very important to

Water is very important to radishes. Always water in thw morning. If yours leaves turn yellow; you have watered too much.

Hi, after 5/7 days of

Hi, after 5/7 days of plantation small leaves are coming from the seeds.
But there are at least 15- 20 small plants as a bunch coming at a single place.

Should I remove all but one. What is the best time to remove the crowed plant's leaving only one.

Can I use the removed plant to grow somewhere else.


See the planting information

See the planting information above. (Thin to about 2-inch spacings. Crowded plants will not grow well.) No, you can't transplant but you can eat the thinnings.

Hello it's my first time

Hello it's my first time growing radishes and I have no idea how to tell when they're ready to pick. They just started showing and they're about an inch to two inches above the ground.

One way to prevent this is to

One way to prevent this is to lay out a long strip of toilet paper and place seeds on it. the white background makes it easier to see the seeds and the paper detiorates rapidly.

I harvested seeds from my

I harvested seeds from my radish plants...I was wondering if i can use them to make sprouts or if i need "sprouting seeds"

Yes, you can save radish

Yes, you can save radish seeds and replant unless they've been cross-pollinated.

hi im a farmer in the

hi im a farmer in the Caribbean only weather we have is sun and short amount of rain I am going to try radish for first time my question is how many seeds to a hole

I planted my first garden

I planted my first garden this spring. I have been watching my radishes closely. I've have about 5 that could be eaten. The rest have not developed and now plants have bloomed. What to I do? What did I do wrong? Please Help

Radishes can be eaten young

Radishes can be eaten young -- no more than 1 inch in diameter. Radishes can bloom if the weather is too hot; some of the spring varieties do best in cool temperatures. You may need to plant this variety earlier.
Another reason that radishes don't develop is because they are seeded too closely and they are not thinned enough.

I had the oppocite problem of

I had the oppocite problem of many on here. I planted carrots and radishes in alterniate rows--- but way too late. In fact I think I planted around the first week of June. The only thing that came up were three radishes all in a row. My garden is very rich and unfortunatly produces ALOT of weeds. I concentrated on weeding around my squash and potato plants and as the area of the radishes was mostly bare - let it go. I recently (this weekend) weeded that area and rediscovered the radishes. They still were nice little plants - they hadn't bolted or anything... but the radish was coming up through the ground and they were huge! One is about the size of my closed fist. My mom told me I waited too long... but the plants themselves didn't look like it --- I've never done radishes before and I guess I thought much like garlic or onion you let the tops die first. (guess not!) So.... does this mean I have alot of potassium in the soil? And my mom said they would be too tough to eat... which is why I googled harvest time. I wanted to know the time to pull them from when I first see the plant sprout so I don't have it happen again and I get nice little radishes. I'll try to plant again in the fall.

Spring radishes are ready to

Spring radishes are ready to harvest 21 to 60 days after sowing. They mature rapidly so you do want to keep an eye on them.
The best way to determine when the radishes are ready to harvest is to simply push back a little soil to see if a bulb has grown and then pick and taste a few.
The roots are mature when they push out of the ground a little and measure about 1 inch across. 

My radishes are spicy or

My radishes are spicy or acidy. I'm not sure what I did wrong. This is my first time planting a garden.

Radishes are spicy and

Radishes are spicy and acidic.  However, they can be "hotter" if they are growing too slowly or they are too old. Also, select a mild variety of seed.

I thinned my radishes to the

I thinned my radishes to the correct measurements and they look great except, they haven't rounded. They are just long and thin red roots... Is this normal, does it mean they are still growing? Cause I've already had a couple pretty good round ones... so please help!?

Radishes are a cool weather

Radishes are a cool weather crop. In warm weather they bolt more quickly and put most of the growth into the tops. If your tops are growing and you are not getting radishes it's best to remove the plants and reseed in a shady area or wait until the weather turns colder.

Some of the radishes have

Some of the radishes have worms in them. What can be put in the soil to stop this problem or can something be sprayed on the plant.

Here are some ideas: Manual:

Here are some ideas:
Manual: Dust plants with diatomaceous earth.
Biological: Rove beetles are predaceous on root maggots.
Chemical: Treat with a registered insecticide. Consult with your local cooperative extension or nursery.
Rotate your crops as best you can; root maggots overwinter in the soil and you want to move the host plants.

When I harvested my radishes

When I harvested my radishes they were brown and not red but still white in the center. Why are they brown?

There is a radish variety

There is a radish variety that has brown skin versus red. Otherwise, if they are nice and firm inside, we don't know.

I actually didn't need to ask

I actually didn't need to ask my question as for others already have. Good answers, thank you very much! I do believe my radishs have too much nitrogen. The seedlings were thinned out and in full sun, they grew fast but not many have nice radish bulbs, but tall and beautiful greens, and now starting to flower. Theones with bulbs are hard and stemmy inside, so what besides commercial fertilizer can I ammend the soil with for more potassium? thanks

Having too high a nitrogen

Having too high a nitrogen content in the soil is the classic issue with radish growing. The most common organic sources of phosphorus include steamed bone meal, rock phosphate, and horse, cattle, or poultry manure. Just keep in mind that natural fertilizers provide relatively low amounts of nutrients, as compared to commercial fertilizer so it's more important to have the right soil from the start. If you use fertilizer, work in about 10 to 15 pounds of 5-10-5 per 1,000 square feet of garden.

can i plant a radish from the

can i plant a radish from the produce at a grocery and will it produce any radishes or do i need a package of seeds?

You direct seed radishes.

You direct seed radishes. Make sure they get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight and soil that is low nitrogen and high potassium.

i don't understand. do i need

i don't understand. do i need seeds? or how do i get a seed from a radish? Ex I know apples, peaches, tomatoes have seeds but where are radish seeds? i know dumb questions but i'm new to this gardening thing...

Hi, Brooklyn, Ah, we think we

Hi, Brooklyn, Ah, we think we understand what you want to know. You need to go buy a seed packet to start radishes. Buy a variety that is an "early" season radish. Plant a certain number of seeds to eat this season plus some extra that you will not pull out of the ground. Instead, you'll let these extra plants "go to seed." Let them get tall and ugly until they sprout seed "pods." Next, let the seed pods dry on the plant. When the seed pods are dry, pull them off the plant. The pods will last a while. To save the seeds, just break open the radish seed pods. You may need a nutcracker to crack them open. The tiny radish seeds are inside the pods. Save your seeds in a cool, dry place until you are ready to harvest.

You can plant the tops from

You can plant the tops from radishes purchased at the grocery. If kept in full sun, they will flower and produce many seed pods.

How much potassium do radish

How much potassium do radish seeds need to grow?

Is production one radish per

Is production one radish per plant? I germinated outside of a planter bed but looks like I can plant directly in my planter bed. I'll give that a try and plant more seeds.

Most gardeners grow one root

Most gardeners grow one root per plant. Traditionally, radish seeds are sown directly into garden soils because they mature so quickly.

I'm liking the results from

I'm liking the results from the questions asked by folks, keep up the good work folks, you're very infomative. Thanks much!

Hear Hear! It is wonderful to

Hear Hear! It is wonderful to see the Almanac community sharing tips and advice. With so many Web pages, we editors couldn't do it all and we learn so much from our readers, too!

This is the first year we

This is the first year we have grown n found all your comments helpful thanks everyone. Looking forward to our juicy crop.

Radishes are looking when we

Radishes are looking when we pick them but in the fridge they get spongy and sometimes split open after only a couple of days. Whats up with that?
I know the ones i buy from the store are older that that but they stay good in the fridge for close to a week

Keep them in water in a

Keep them in water in a Tupperware bowl with about an inch or so of water. This will prevent them from cracking and also keep them moist and un-squishy! Change the water if you don't eat them after a week, mine keep in water for a few weeks like this.

I planted radishes this year.

I planted radishes this year. Can I get seeds from these plants?

You can let the radish form a

You can let the radish form a seed stalk with pods (at this point, the radish itself will not be tasty to eat), and leave them on the plant to dry as long as possible. If necessary, you can pick the maturing seed stalk and hang it up in a cool, dark, dry place to finish drying. The pods will turn brown. Once the pods are fully dry and brown, you can break open the pods (you might need to use a mallet on some of the pods), gather the seeds, and store them in a container in a cool, dark, dry place for up to 4 years. (Note that this method should work fine with an heirloom variety, but if your mother plant was a hybrid, the seeds may not produce offspring with the same features.)


How far apart should I plant each seed?

In general, plant radish

In general, plant radish seeds one inch apart. Some varieties will need more space; check the seed packet for recommendations for your particular variety.


How do you know when to harvest? I have the same issue as the previous post I think. Great looking plants, starting to flower, but no bulbous radish. Just thin red "radishy" looking roots.

In "normal" conditions, you

In "normal" conditions, you need to check roots often for usable size (when roots are less than 1 inch in diameter) and young. Pick quickly as radishes will not remain edible for long and get spongy. If you have all tops and no bulb, the usual reasons are: 1. seeds are too crowded/lack of thinning, 2. weather too hot for spring-variety radishes.


same problem...nice plants..actually they are starting to produce seed heads..? but no bulbs just long red roots..?? can you eat radishe greens?

Yes, radish greens are safe

Yes, radish greens are safe to eat and can be stored separately for up to three days.

Thank you for your interest in the Old Farmer's Almanac and our Web site.

I would say your nitrogen is

I would say your nitrogen is to high

Also if they are producing

Also if they are producing seed heads I think they are to old, pick them sooner. And yes you can eat the greens, very healthy. More vitamins in the greens than the bulb.

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The entire radish plant is

The entire radish plant is actually edible! Root, leaves, flowers, and even young seed pods!

Just harvest radishes as soon

Just harvest radishes as soon as they reach the size you like. You may have to experiment. Pull all of them before they get tough and pithy. Trim off the tops and store in plastic bags in the refrigerator.


I planted some radishes this year and over 1/2 of them grew real tall and flowered, without producing a radish! what's up with that?

Radishes need to be planted

Radishes need to be planted one inch away from eachother to ensure that there is enough room for the roots to grow.

Also, there's a chance that the soil is to acidic, causing only the leaves to grow. Next year, skip out on the fertilizer or test the pH levels of your soil to know how to properly create a more neutral soil.

Thank you for your interest in the Old Farmer's Almanac and our Web site.

All tops and no bulbs is

All tops and no bulbs is usually because 1. they were seeded too thickly/not thinned, 2. too hot for a spring variety, or 3. too much shade. Another reason is related to the soil: too much too much nitrogen and too little potassium. Radishes prefer the opposite.

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