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Vegetable Garden Planner Reviews: Christine M.

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Traditional Backyard Garden Plot Plan

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Almanac Garden Planner

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The garden planner review by Christine highlights the edible flowers that can be mixed into the vegetable garden, attracting pollinators. See how it’s done! Here is her garden planner review, garden photos, and plot plan. 

Christine’s Review of the Garden Planner

I’ve been gardening for over 30 years but have recently discovered how valuable flowers, especially edible flowers, are in the vegetable garden. Bringing in pollinators, adding beauty, and producing edible flowers for salads are wonderful benefits. The basil was especially productive this year. I started it from seed and have bundles to give away. Allowing some of the herbs to go to seed delights the bees.”

—Christine Marieg from Denver, Colorado

Christine’s Vegetable Plot Plan

Vegetable layout designed with the Almanac Garden Planner


A Few Photos of the Results

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