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Vegetable Garden Planner Reviews: Lisa S.

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Raised garden with various plants

Raised Bed Garden Plot Plan

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What an amazing result for this first year garden! Functional and beautiful, this plan yielded over 3000 pounds of produce! Take a look at Lisa’s garden plan and photos.

Lisa Sangam and her husband are from Cupertino, California. Their first-year garden plan is truly impressive, mixing both vegetables and companion flowers. They have plans to expand it, growing even more with succession planting of crops. 

Lisa’s Review of the Garden Planner

We are ecstatic with our first year. I had never gardened before and my husband had dabbled on a much smaller scale. We really wanted our backyard to be productive and full of life with hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and birds. We got lots and lots of rewards with so many yummy vegetables that tasted so much better than the grocery store. And we reduced our bill by $250 for 2 months in a row! That was really cool to see documented and make happen. Next year, with better planning, we hope to do better, using succession planting. We also have a much better idea of things we need more of and things to have fewer of, so that we buy even less. We could not have done this without the Garden Planner. I just entered my yard measurements and we knew exactly how many beds we needed, the best things to plant by each other, and how many to plant in an area. I can’t tell you how instrumental that was for our first year. We wouldn’t have been as successful as we were. I am excited to start planning for next year! Thank you again for providing such a wonderful tool to use, and also for the enhancements I see from time to time when I log in.”—Lisa Sangam

Lisa’s Vegetable Plot Plan

See full garden plan details and plant list.


The south side of the yard is not complete as I plotted it for lots of fruit trees and am buying them in the fall this year. I will be working on learning the espalier method. My husband took a video of the garden!

What you see in the video and on the plan:

  • 3 blueberry bushes / behind you quickly see the passion fruit vine
  • Raspberry patch / behind are 2 plums and the clover patch
  • 1st bed is 4 tomato varieties with borage
  • 2nd bed ­ front to back: Brussels sprouts, yellow squash, 3 varieties of eggplant
  • 3rd bed ­ front to back: cabbage, okra, kale, radish
  • 4th bed ­ front to back: sweet potato, spinach, cabbage
  • Then you see (almost cannot see amaranth), prepared pot for squash, banana plant
  • 5th bed ­ front to back: cucumber, bell pepper, zucchini, broccoli, 3 varieties of peas
  • 6th bed ­ watermelon, cantaloupe
  • 7th bed ­ onions (4 varieties: garlic geisha, leeks, 2 red onions)
  • As he is turning, you see 1 Cherry and 2 Pear trees
  • Corn bed

Then the side flower area, with lavender, poppy and dahlia

  • Pots­ front to back: bee balm, jalapeno peppers, thai peppers, 
  • strawberries, parsley, cilantro, lettuce
  • then he walks to the back fence, where you see butterfly bush
  • male and female kiwi vines.

A Few Photos of the Results






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