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Become a better gardener! Discover our new Almanac Garden Planner features for 2024. It’s easy, fun, and free to try!


For the 2024 gardening season, we have some brand-new “before and after” garden photos! Who doesn’t enjoy a good garden makeover? From a raised bed garden to a pollinator garden, take a look at these beautiful garden pics!

We hope you get inspired! Most of these Almanac gardeners started with a patch of ground! We say, “Well done, Almanac gardeners.” 

Garden Plans and Photos

Note: All the Almanac gardeners used our online Garden Planner

1. A Raised Bed Garden

The 100% organic garden by M. Spalding features four small raised beds and a small greenhouse. The gardener used the companion planting feature for the first time and claimed they had almost no pests! See the garden plan and photos.

2. A Classic Backyard Garden

Kenny R. uses wide rows to make his row garden easier to maintain. He says, “Apparently, I have a very green thumb, yet I’ve lived my whole life of 55 years and never knew it. If I can do this, anyone can!” See Kenny’s garden.

3. A Southern Vegetable Garden

Mrs. Johnnie S. started out as a complete beginner gardener and took on the task of creating a sustainable garden with all the vegetables that her family eats. See her wonderful raised bed garden using metal beds!  

4. Raised Beds With String Tomatoes

This raised bed garden by David LaBrie and his wife gives them fresh vegetables throughout the summer and fall, and the raised beds are easy to maintain. We’re especially impressed by the way he grew his tomatoes up a string successfully. Take a look.

5. A Raised Bed Garden

Like many folks, Lynn started gardening during the pandemic and now finds much fulfillment in growing luscious vegetables for her family. She also enjoys companion planting. See Lynn’s garden journey and what she’s learned (good and bad) along the way.

6. A Terraced Garden

Have you ever had a garden on a slope? Experienced clay soil? Sonya clearly met these challenges. See her terraced raised bed garden with beautiful vegetable and flower garden photos that show us the results of successive gardening from spring through autumn!

7. Backyard Row Garden

See Mr. Shannon J. Hughes’s classic backyard vegetable garden (and awesome dog, Cleo!) with some smart ideas, such as his wide rows for easy maintenance.

2021 and 2022 Almanac Gardener Submissions:

8. Traditional Backyard Garden Review

Christine Marie discovered how valuable flowers, especially edible flowers, are in the vegetable garden. Bringing in pollinators, adding beauty, and producing edible flowers for salads are wonderful benefits. See Christine’s garden.


9. Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Review

Lisa Sangam and her husband wanted their backyard to be productive and full of life with hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and birds. We got lots and lots of rewards with so many yummy vegetables that tasted so much better than the grocery store. And we reduced our bill by $250 for two months in a row! See Lisa’s garden!

10. Raised Bed Mixed With Traditional Rows

Greg Morse from northern Minnesota tackled the challenge of a short gardening season by making raised beds out of old shingle pallets and incorporating both rows and square-foot gardening all together. See Greg’s garden.

garden-planner-text-ad_full_width.jpeg4. 11. Container Garden Review

Angela and her husband built a taller raised bed garden to make it easier on her back, with two very large containers to sit in front of the garage door. See Angela’s garden

12. Traditional Backyard Garden Review

Christine created three garden plans and especially values the plant lists, spacing, and timing that the Garden Planner tells her. See Christine’s garden.

13. Teaching Garden Review

Augustín used the Garden Planner to create demonstration gardens to help Master Gardeners study different aspects of vegetable gardening. See his garden plan.

14. School Garden Review

Lauren Jones used Almanac Garden Planner to create a whole program for the students! The Garden Planner helped them stay on task with planting and harvesting. See Lauren’s garden plan and photos!

15. Community Garden Review

Robert Wiggins works for a nonprofit in Colorado Springs, Colorado, growing food for people in food deserts. See Robert’s garden plan and some pics!

16. Raised Bed Garden Review

Nancy Eggin from Parker, Colorado (Zone 5b) planted in newly constructed raised garden beds this past season (2022) and loves the crop rotation feature as she plans out 2023. See Nancy’s garden.

Where to Get the Garden Planner

With the online Almanac Garden Planner, create your garden plan right on your computer. This year, it’s gotten even better, letting you choose from drop-in beginner garden plan templates, plus LIVE chat support from gardeners! Plus, our 7-day trial allows you ample time to plan your first garden for free!


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