Weather Wisdom for January: Can Animals Predict Weather? | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Can Animals Predict Weather?

Catherine Boeckmann

This week’s question: Can animals predict the weather? Join us for weather history, facts, and folklore.

After you watch this video, enjoy more animal and weather lore.

Roger Ockomon (not verified)

13 years 4 months ago

Humerous and good information. And with no advertising. woo hoo for that!
Enjoy the site and keep up the interesting information.

Kathy Wagner (not verified)

13 years 4 months ago

very good info I even learned something ;) ;-) :wink:

Brenda Adams (not verified)

13 years 4 months ago

Buffering needs work - too many starts & stops to be able to easily understand the audio portion. Sorry... :(