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How to Cook Apple Tarts Recipe

Catherine Boeckmann

Choose whatever apples you like for this Open-Face Apple-and-Almond Tart. Ginger Golds, Empires, Corlands, Macs? Watch how to prepare this easy one-crust recipes.

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ccmartin (not verified)

12 years 5 months ago

How much almond paste? How much brown sugar?? I can guess amounts of spices (to taste), but would like more specific guidance for how much paste it takes to roll out into the right sized round and at least a suggested amount for the brown sugar. Thank you.

Hi there, please see the recipe above. Just click on "Open-Face Apple-and-Almond Tart", and you will be taken to the recipe page. Enjoy!

Thank you for your help - don't know how I missed the link the first time. Nevertheless, recipe still a bit vague re amount of almond paste, and even the recipe for the paste does not indicate how much it makes. But again, thank you for your quick response.

Marcia Spencer (not verified)

13 years 3 months ago

Sounds so yummy I am going to try it today.
I have disabled hands and it will be easier.