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What's the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

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Pick a gift for a loved one, using astrology

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s tempting to grab a card and quick bouquet at the grocery store on the way home, especially when you’re not sure what to get for your boo. Learn which gifts are best for your loved one’s zodiac sign.

Every zodiac sign has a unique personality. This means flowers might work for some, while others might feel differently. Once you know someone’s astrological sign, you can get an idea of what they might like. Results: swoon-worthy gifts they’ll never forget! Keep this list handy, and you’ll never be at a loss for that perfect Valentine’s prezzie!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts by the Zodiac

We’re all about celebrating love, though the original Valentine’s Day had a dark side.

Aries: Aries loves excitement and thrills. This means you must think outside of the heart-shaped chocolate box. Instead of the usual dinner date, spend a day at the amusement park riding every roller coaster. Or take a spontaneous road trip to somewhere they’ve never been. Because Aries likes being first, reservations at the newest restaurant will capture their attention. Best gifts are luxe candles (hello, Fire sign), statement jewelry, or scarlet anything.

Taurus: Gentle Taurus loves comfort and luxury. It’s tempting to take them out to the fanciest joint in town for surf and turf. But how sweet would it be if you cooked them something at home? Search recipes for something rich that requires time spent in the kitchen. Serve it up on beautiful dinnerware with flickering candles and soft music. Don’t forget a Valentine’s Day dessert! A decadent chocolate dessert or other tasty treat will surely win their hearts! For presents, Taurus will never turn down fluffy robes, satin sheets, or gift cards for their favorite spa.

Gemini: Single Geminis often have more than one admirer waiting in the wings, so you need to keep them interested. Even partnered Twins get quickly bored. The key to keeping these fickle folks focused on you: you must woo them through their busy minds. A first-edition hard copy of poetry will capture their attention. Tickets to a film festival, quick trips to a nearby city, or long days meandering through an art museum talking about the latest exhibit are all good bets. Because they rule the hands, a set of beautiful lotions or a couple’s manicure are top-notch, too.

Cancer: Tender-hearted Cancers love handmade or sentimental gifts. A song or poem written for them will warm their hearts. They won’t care if you cannot rhyme or carry a tune. It’s the thought that counts. Lockets are great presents. Put pictures of you and them - or beloved pets inside. They’ll cherish it forever! Other ideas: cozy slippers, homemade bonbons, a freshly picked bouquet from your garden, or a night spent away from home at a quaint bed and breakfast.

Leo: When it comes to Leo, your Valentine’s gif must stand out. Lions want to be dazzled, so plain won’t work. Instead, think sequins, bright colors, and all the bling! It doesn’t need to be expensive; it just needs to look like it is. Jewelry is always an option. But also cashmere scarves, gold cuff links, vintage embroidered kimonos, or tickets to the hottest show in town. If you decide it must be flowers, don’t skimp. Look for roses in a memorable shade. Or fill the room with the reddest you can find. The bigger, the better.

Virgo: If Virgo had a love language, it would be “acts of service.” They are do-gooders and always willing to step in when they see a need. It’s hard for them to accept help, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil them! Start off with a service they enjoy: a favorite meal delivered, spa day gift certificates, or an astrology reading. Also, look for things you can do together, such as a visit to a botanical garden or complex puzzles with a glass of wine. End the day with a back rub, and you’re golden!

Libra: Libras are the ultimate romantics. After all, they are ruled by Venus! Luxury beauty items, gorgeous sweaters, creme brûlées, or souflées for dessert and dinners by candlelight are always winners. Because “we” is important to them, they’ll love the opportunity to bond over couple’s activities such as cooking classes for two or rooftop picnics. No matter what you give them, they’ll want to share. It’s what they do best.

Scorpio: Scorpios are fun to shop for, especially on Valentine’s Day. They adore anything naughty, so invest in sexy lingerie, massage oils, silk sheets, or musky candles. Books never fail, especially erotic poetry or mysteries. A deck of Tarot cards will make them smile, too. If your Scorpio prefers activities, look for out-of-the-way places, secret haunts, and dark clubs. A night spent under the stars in a remote location with a bottle of merlot could lead to lots of snuggling.

Sagittarius: For fun-loving Sagittarius, you can never go wrong with events. Tickets to a favorite sport or concert never disappoint. They are lovers of the outdoors, so take them hiking and bring a picnic basket. You might also consider travel. It’s their kryptonite! Whisk your Sagittarius away to a far-flung location with plenty of sun, and they’re yours. These fiery folks are animal fanatics, making splurging on a puppy or kitten tempting. While that might seem like a great idea, ensure it’s what they want. They might already have a menagerie!

Capricorn: Capricorns want quality over quantity, so choose your Valentine’s gifts carefully. A classic piece of jewelry such as a tennis bracelet, watch, or nameplate necklace will always do in a pinch. Fine restaurants are a safe bet, but try something outside their comfort zone instead of the usual. Shake it up a little. For example, a karaoke bar might get them to loosen up. Or try a molecular gastronomy joint. That will get them talking long after the date is over. Another great idea: recreate your first date. This brings out their sentimental side, something they rarely show.

Aquarius: Aquarius is the non-conformist of the zodiac, so their Valentine’s gifts shouldn’t be run-of-the-mill. Hand-crafted mix tapes, funny T-shirts, or a vintage Polaroid camera will grab their attention (and heart). They’re also mad about technology. While a new cell phone might seem like the obvious choice, think instead of a Cameo greeting from their favorite celebrity or a new messenger bag for their laptop. Aquarius is associated with humanitarianism, so a donation to their favorite cause is always a terrific option. If they prefer an event, consider an evening gazing at the cosmos at the local conservatory.

Pisces: Dreamy Pisces loves to be romanced! Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to pull out all the stops for these tender Fish: new vinyl with a retro turntable, a bouquet of fragrant lilies, your favorite perfume, or a box of pink macaroons are fantastic options. Because they adore creative anything, movies, concerts, or trips to the art museum work well. Pisces rules the feet, which means gift certificates for pedicures are also excellent choices. If they’re hinting at a trip, book something near water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a secluded beach or hotel with a pool—as long as it is with you.

Learn more about yourself (and loved ones) based on the zodiac sign!

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