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What's New for 2024 in Garden Planning

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The World's Smartest Garden Planner

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Almanac Garden Planner

Become a better gardener! Discover our new Almanac Garden Planner features for 2024. It’s easy, fun, and free to try!


We’re excited to share some news for the 2024 garden season. From adding a mobile phone garden planner to extending our plant lists and pre-planned layout templates to adding weekend hours for our LIVE chat, we’ve got lots of news for all our gardeners out there!

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The World’s Smartest Garden Planner

It looks like a fun garden game, but the online Almanac Garden Planner is real. It’s your shortcut to becoming the best gardener you can be with the world’s most popular garden planning tool. 

It’s the best way to both plan and manage your vegetable garden all year round. Gardeners reap more harvests yearly and experience fewer pest problems. 

Garden Planner Tools

Here are the Garden Planner tools and features that you may already know about:

  • Layout templates created by our in-house gardening experts. No more muddling through pencil and paper or spreadsheets and trying to back out frost dates.
“Feed-Your-Family” Garden Layout (designed by us for YOU!)
  • Personalized planting calendar with sowing, planting, and harvesting schedules, all calculated to your local frost dates and day length.

  • Automically-calculated spacing for your plants for a better harvest.

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  • A Companion Planting feature that pairs the right plants together for better growth and fewer pests.
  • A plant list to shop for the right number of seeds, plants, and equipment (saving you more money)
  • A LIVE chat feature to get your questions answered by our in-house gardeners (within minutes)
  • Email reminders (twice a month) of what needs planting from your garden plans. The email updates keeping you on track will help lead you to a great harvest. 
  • Weekly seasonal tips, videos, and articles written by our team of acclaimed gardening experts.
  • Over 440 high-quality How-To videos demonstrating all the gardening techniques you’ll ever need—and more!
  • Detailed advice on how to avoid pests eating your precious crops
  • A Garden Journal to track what works best in your garden. Add notes, photos, and harvests. Need to find notes or photos from previous years? Find just what you need easily because the journal has a comprehensive search tool.


What’s New in 2024

Yes, we keep adding new features to the world’s best garden planner:

1. Plan on Your Phone, Too!

Discover our new, long-requested mobile phone garden planner. Now, the planner works on all devices (PC/Mac, iPad, phone), so you can go from your coach to the garden and make changes on the go.    

2. Personalized Gardening Support

This year, it will be like having your own personal gardening expert on call.

Our team (all experienced gardeners) will also answer your gardening questions SEVEN DAYS a week via Live Chat. Even on weekends! We tested this last year, and wow, it was successful!  

Our expert gardeners are on our own team, and it’s an incredibly valuable resource, especially for beginners with many questions. 

3. Garden Guru

Our new “Garden Guru” section includes hundreds of videos that guide you through the best way to grow each crop, avoid pests, and get the most from your garden.

4. Massive Extension of Plants 

Now, the Garden Guide includes specific growing advice on 21,400 varieties of 408 vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers (and counting!)—written by experts.

This not only includes all your vegetables but also perennial fruits, annual and perennial flowers, ornamental shrubs and grasses, and vines.  

With every plant, we automatically calculate spacing, the count needed, planting times, and harvest times

5. New Garden Layouts Including SFG

Last year, we started offering pre-planned gardening templates. And they were very successful! Over a third of our gardeners started with a layout template that was designed by our in-house garden experts.    

If you’re unsure how to start from scratch, our pre-planned gardens will get any beginner going in minutes! Additionally, you can always start from one of these templates and then swap in different plants if there are ones you would prefer to grow (rather than having to stick with the selection in the sample plan).

We now have NINE layout options, including our new Square Foot Garden (SFG) template. Not surprisingly, the Beginner Garden is the most popular—followed by the Feed-Your-Family Garden.

  1. Beginner Garden,
  2. Salad Garden,
  3. Low-Maintenance Garden,
  4. Herb Garden,
  5. Feed-Your-Family Garden,
  6. Balcony Garden,
  7. North American Heirloom Garden,
  8. Square Foot Garden
  9. Pollinator Paradise Garden

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Your free 7-day trial includes:

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As part of your trial, you can create and print your garden plan and keep it forever, no matter what you decide. No download is required. No obligations. Cancel at any time. We only ask for payment details if you decide to keep using the Garden Planner after the free trial. 

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