Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

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Make conversation heart brownies for Valentine's Day!

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Our Favorite Cookies, Sweets, and Other Valentine's Treats


Around Valentine's Day, the aromas of chocolate, flowers, and love linger in the air! Here are some of our favorite Valentine's recipes that you can make at home this year—including chocolate lava cake, mini-heart pies, classic sugar cookies, heart brownies, easy turtle candies, and more. Plus, we have Valentine's Day breakfast and dinner recipes. Get some great ideas!

Valentine's Day Dessert Ideas

Strawberry Hand Pies 
Go old-school with these mini jam-filled Valentine heart pies. Fill with strawberry jam (or a similar filling of your choice). Serve warm and toasty.

Strawberry hand pies by Sam Jones/Quinn Brein
Photo by Sam Jones/Quinn Brein

Valentine's Day Brownies

Chocolate is always a good idea–so look no further than these scrumptious conversation heart brownies!

Photo by Sam Jones/Quinn Brein

Classic Sugar Cookies 
Use this classic sugar cookie recipe to make delicious cookies that can be shaped and decorated however your heart desires!


Chocolate Truffles 
There's no need to buy expensive truffles from a store when you can make your own luscious candies.


Easy Turtle Candies 
These "Poor Man's Turtles" are easy and addictive! Watch our video below! Here's the Turtle Candy recipe.

Best Butter Cookies
These cookies are crisp and buttery, and they keep well—if you can keep them hidden for long enough! 

Best Butter Cookies. Photo by Sam Jones/Quinn Brein.
Photo by Sam Jones/Quinn Brein

Chocolate Lava Cakes 
An aura of mystery surrounds this showstopping dessert, which is probably why so few cooks try to make it at home. In fact, it's easy to make if you pay close attention to the baking time.

Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner

Toll House Cookie Pie 
This Toll House Pie recipe is an easy one that everyone loves. It tastes like a giant chocolate chip cookie!

Photo by Sam Jones/Quinn Brein

Raspberry Honey Cake
This raspberry honey cake is beautiful, isn't it? Find easy cake recipes that are this delicious (and not out of a box) is amazing! 


Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Strawberry Crepes
Cut the strawberries into heart shapes for added Valentine's Day panache!


Real Hot Chocolate 
Serve breakfast or dessert with real chocolate—and add whipped cream.


Valentine's Day Dinner

A wise man once posed the question: "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?" In light of this, here are a few Valentine's Day dinner ideas to balance out the delicious desserts above.

Chicken in Chocolate Sauce Piquante 
This recipe, similar to a chicken mole, is sure to spice up your Valentine's Day dinner!

Credit: Playa del Carmen/shutterstock

Beef Tenderloin with Rosemary-Walnut Crust and Balsamic Reduction
An elegant and classic dish.

Apple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin
Marinate the meat the night before and just slip it in the oven when your special guest walks in the door.


Pair any main dish with a refreshing salad such as this Arugula and Watercress Salad with Orange-Poppy Seed Dressing—or one of these other great salad recipes!

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This is a great selection of recipes.There are several I want to make soon. I kept thinking when I was reading the beef tenderloin recipe, that it might be even better with a pork tenderloin.

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This is one of the better selection of recipes, although the calories much be off the records on some of them. They still sound delicious. There is a greater selection of egg-less recipes. Thanks for that!