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Melissa Spencer

Flower Farmer

Melissa Spencer is a flower farmer, writer and dirt-worshipper living in the Monadnock Region of Southern NH. She lives with her humorous husband, a trio of free-range children (2 home, 1 flown), felines Calvin & Hobbes and a flock of chickens. She is working to become a good steward of the land while living, listening and working her flower farm, Ripple Cut Flowers. Her first flower memory is spotting a patch of pink lady’s slippers in the woods and bringing home the wildest bouquet of beauty she had ever seen, to gift to her mom. Melissa believes plants and flowers to be magical, medicinal, graceful, joyous and full of the power to heal. And, she knows better now not to pick the lovely lady’s slippers she finds in the forest. For more of life on a flower farm, follow on Instagram @ripplecutflowers.