Easy Sugar Cookie Recipes

Best Cookies for Decorating!

December 6, 2016
Christmas Sugar Cookies

These 10 basic sugar cookie recipes offer a delicious treat for any gathering of family or friends—and are great for decorating!

Tried and true, sugar cookies are an American favorite! This tender, sweet cookie is perfect for the holidays or a child’s birthday, covered in royal icing.

We have many variations on this page—just because everyone has their favorite sugar cookie recipe. Try them all and find yours!

For a twist on a classic cookie, try our Lemon Sugar Cookies or Brown Sugar Cookies recipes below.

Sugar Cookie Recipes

Classic Sugar Cookies Recipe 
Easy and delicious, sometimes basic really is best.


Rolled Sugar Cookies 
A variant on the classic sugar cookie above, these cookies are also simple and delicious, and are great for decorating.

Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies 
The classic sugar cookie, with a bit of an old-fashioned spice. 


Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Grandmother’s Simple Sugar Cookies


Ethel’s Sugar Cookies from Betty Crocker Cookie Book

Bill and Barbara Richardson’s Biscochitos

Red Rustic Sugar Cookies

Brown Sugar Cookies

Lemon Sugar Cookies

More more delicious recipes, see our Easy Christmas Cookies!


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