Vegetable Garden Planner Reviews: Greg M.

Traditional Backyard Garden Plot Plan

April 4, 2020
Greg's Garden

Greg grew most of his family’s food for the year in his backyard garden, building raised beds out of pallets and old shingles!  See his garden layout plus some beautiful garden photos for ideas and inspiration.

Greg Morse from Bagley, Minnesota created a large 34’ 11” x 34’ 11” backyard garden using both traditional rows and raised beds made out of pallets. His garden also included mobile pallet planters as well as drip irrigation, row covers, and a hoop house.  As you can see from the photos Greg submitted, it’s been a very productive garden! He’s be happy to hear from other northern gardeners.

Greg’s Vegetable Plot Plan

“Raised beds made out of shingle pallets cut in half, height 20”. Rows and square foot gardening incorporated all together. Lots of plasticulture used to extend cold, short northern growing season.”

Vegetable layout designed with the Almanac Garden Planner. See his full plant list here!


Greg’s Garden Photos!









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Pallet Garden Design

Sure would have been nice to have a link on how to build these pallets into a garden. Beautiful design!


What mixture of soil, compost, etc. and ratio Is used in the vegetable plots?


Hi, I was wondering how they dealt with the gaps between the wood planks of the pallets, didn't the soil escape through those gaps? Please let me know, I want to do this and I have plenty of pallets. Thank you!

Greg's pallet boxes

Does Greg line the sides of his boxes with plastic?


The Editors's picture

Yes, Greg lines his beds. Lots of plasticulture used to extend cold, short northern growing season. In his plan, Greg says that he welcomes questions from other northern gardeners at: